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Mary Florence Condra

Mary Florence Condra
b. 5 March 1860, Rolling Prairie, Wills Township, LaPorte County, Indiana, to Patrick and Eliza (Jackson) Condra
d. 16 October 1937, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois

m. 14 October 1885, St. Peter’s, LaPorte County, Indiana
James Curran
b. 25 July 1852, Mishawaka, St. Joseph County, Indiana, to Patrick and Bridget (Smith) Curran
d. 16 November 1911, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois

Children with James Curran:

  • Irene (1886-1980) married Martin Reilly
  • Elsie (1888-1951) married Raymond Helfrick
  • Catherine Marie (1893-1940) married William Donahue
  • Helen Anna (1894-1976) married William Dewolf Cook
  • George Edward (1896-1988) married Jeanette Jacobs
  • Mary E. (1898-1968) married Fred Noel

Mary Florence’s family came to the United States in 1856 from Ireland. She moved with her children to Chicago after James died there in 1911. She worked briefly as a housekeeper at St. Felicitas Parish in Chicago.

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Ellen C. Courtney
San Francisco CA
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Garrett B Garrison

Garrett B Garrison
b. About 1798, New Jersey
d. 1 September 1875, Des Moines County, Iowa

m/1. 19 February 1823, Morgan County, Indiana
Nancy Williams
b. 29 November 1803, Tennessee
d. 8 Aug 1850, Florence Township, Louisa County, Iowa

Catherine Crutchfield

Mary Jackson

Children with Nancy Williams:

  • Margaret (1823-1890) married Joseph Ogle
  • Mary (1828-1860) married John M. Willson
  • Catherine (1834-1911) married William Rutter
  • Jonathan W. (abt. 1836 – bet. 1880/90) married Jane Elizabeth Walker
  • Sarah (1839-1854)
  • Garrett (1842-1850)
  • Louisa (1844-1916) married Samuel Edward Tutor
  • Milton (1847-1923) married (1) Edna L. Friend, (2) Alice B. Faith

Garrett’s family was in Indiana before 1823 when he married Nancy Williams. He had purchased land in February of that year in Greene Township of Morgan County. He moved to Iowa in 1836 and to Kingston in Des Moines County, Iowa, in 1852.

Garret was a farmer, and he served in the Black War in 1832 as a private in Benton County’s 40th MTDD Riflemen, Indiana Militia. He was appointed Louisa County, Iowa, School District #5 Monitor in 1847.

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Jesse Yale Norris
Sun City AZ
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Mary Bryant

Mary Bryant
b. 5 December 1827, Sullivan County, Indiana, to William and Elizabeth Bryant
d. 5 October 1889, Van Buren County, Iowa

m/1. about 1846
Zephaniah Donaho
b. about 1805, Pennsylvania
d. before 1857

William Barr
b. 1813, Ohio
d. 27 February 1882, Van Buren County, Iowa

Children with Zephaniah Donaho:

  • John William (1846-1909) married (1) Margaret Jackson, (2) Amanda Florence Hurst
  • Josiah (b. 1848)
  • Elizabeth (1850-aft. 1900)

Children with William Barr:

  • Amelia (1860-aft. 1900) married Charles Schooler
  • Emil (1862-aft. 1920) married Bertha Long
  • Emily (b. 1862)

Mary’s family immigrated to Turman Township, Sullivan County, Indiana, before her birth in the early 1800’s.

After her first husband died, Mary moved to Van Buren County, Iowa, where her sister Elizabeth Bryant and husband, John Baird, had settled. Her brother, Thomas Bryant, a disabled Civil War veteran also lived there.

In 1882, Mary was again widowed and her married daughter, Amelia, is living there as well.

Submitted by:
Jennifer Cruse
Terre Haute IN
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Patrick E Woods

Patrick E Woods
b. 10 January 1822, Gibson County, Indiana, to John Woods
d. 1 December 1804, Richland County, Illinois

m. 4 June 1846, Gibson County, Indiana
Mary J. Hawkins
b. 20 June 1829, Indiana
d. 8 April 1914, Clay County, Illinois

Children with Mary J. Hawkins:

  • Eliza
  • Zachariah
  • Malinda married [–?–] Stanley
  • Benjamin
  • Elizah
  • Annie married [–?–] Pohoroff
  • William
  • Mary married [–?–] Slack
  • Martha married [–?–] Jackson
  • Sarah married [–?–] Breedlove
  • Rachel marrid [–?–] Carter

Patrick emigrated from Indiana in 1852 to Jasper County, Illinois.

Submitted by:
Randall M. Grove
Dix IL

Anna Smith

Anna Smith
b. 18 January 1825, County Kent, England
d. 15 July 1874, Valley Falls, Jefferson County, Kansas

m/1. 29 January 1842, Dearborn County, Indiana
Hugh Evans
b. October 1815, Wales
d. 16 August 1859, Miller Township, Dearborn County, Indiana

m/2. 26 February 1852, Dearborn County, Indiana
Ezekial Jackson

Children with Hugh Evans:

  • Martha Jane (b. 1843)
  • Kate Anna (b. 1845)
  • William Hugh (b. 1847)
  • Isaac Langdale (b. 1850)

Children with Ezekial Jackson:

  • James (b. 1852)
  • Charles (b. 1855)
  • Rhoda (b. 1857)
  • Margaret (b. 1860)

Anna emigrated from Indiana in 1870 to Valley Falls, Winchester County, Kansas. Both Hugh and Ezekiel were buried at Georgetown Cemetery in Miller Township, Dearborn County, Indiana.

Submitted by:
Patricia Tebow Maddox
Murrayville IL

Katherine Adele Pittman

Katherine Adele Pittman
b. 5 February 1871, Indiana, to Sherrod J. and Harriet (Dyre/Dyer) Pittman
d. 18 November 1950, San Diego, California

m/1. 16 August 1887, Madison, Jefferson County, Indiana
Lawrence Wilmer Jackson
b. June 1865, Bennington, Switzerland County, Indiana, to James Wallace and Elizabeth E. (Adams) Jackson
d. 25 June 1901, Jeffersonville, Clark County, Indiana

m/2. 9 December 1902, Clark County, Indiana
Kersey R. Battin

Children with Lawrence Wilmer Jackson:

  • Nest Harriet (1888-1962) married Hubert Victor Everly
  • Pauline Roberta (1890-1948) married Oscar Frederick Quarforth

Katherine moved to San Diego, California, before 1910.

Submitted by:
Jan Everly Williams
Honolulu HI
E-mail: jeverly@lava.net

Lanselot Knipe

Lanselot Knipe 
b. 18 March 1779, Soulby, Westmorland, England, to William and Mary (Steel) Knipe
d. 28 March 1847, Palmyra, Knox County, Indiana

m. 1802, Baltimore, Maryland
Elizabeth Jackson
b. 5 July 1779, Knock, Westmorland, England
d. 22 November 1849, Knox County, Indiana

Children with Elizabeth Jackson:

  • William M.
  • Nathan F.
  • Lancelot
  • Mary Elizabeth
  • John
  • Sarah
  • Thomas
  • Elizabeth
  • Joshua
  • Jane

Lanselot emigrated in 1828 from Wythe County, Virginia, to Palmyra, Knox County, Indiana, and in 1829 from Knox County, Indiana, to Vermilion County, Illinois.

Submitted by:
Johanna Nigra
Georgetown IL

Nathan Frank Knipe

Nathan Frank Knipe
b. 15 September 1804, Wythe County, Virginia, to Lanselot and Elizabeth (Jackson) Knipe
d. 14 May 1848, Carroll, Vermilion County, Illinois

m. 20 November 1825, Wythe County, Virginia
Mary Jane Rodgers
b. 18 October 1806, Wythe County, Virginia
d. 1851, Carroll, Vermilion County, Illinois

Children with Mary Jane Rodgers:

  • John Frank (1826–1909) married Mary Ann Smith
  • Elizabeth Jane (1829–1872) married John Mosier
  • Sarah (1831–1908) married James Merchant Keeble
  • William A. (b. 1832)
  • Mary (b. 1834) married John Arnold
  • Nathan J. (1836–1849)
  • Lanty (1838–1877) married Emma Ernest
  • Alexander (1841–1878) married Martha O. Rogers
  • Nancy Catherine (1844–1848)
  • Joshua (1847–1911) married Ameila Mirah Keeble

Nathan emigrated from Palmyra, Knox County, Indiana, to Carroll, Vermilion County, Illinois,
about 1835.

Submitted by:
Johanna Nigra
Georgetown IL

Nest Harriet Jackson

Nest Harriet Jackson
b. 29 December 1888, Indiana, to Lawrence Wilmer and Katherine Adele (Pittman) Jackson
d. 21 October 1962, Fairbanks, North Star Borough, Alaska

m/1. 3 January 1913, Oceanside, California
Hubert Victor Everly
b. 10 November 1888, Buckeye, Pocahontas County, West Virginia, to Milton McClellan and Nancy Clara (Overholt) Everly
d. 21 March 1975, Hoquiam, Grays Harbor County, Washington

m/2. about 1921
Arnold Palenske

Children with Hubert Victor Everly:

  • Hubert Victor (b. 27 March 1915) married Zoe Aasve Wist
  • William B. (b. 8 September 1917) married Eleanor Elizabeth Condon

Children with Arnold Palenske:

  • Helen
  • Arnold

Nest Harriet Jackson was a teacher. Her first husband, Hubert Victor Everly, was an optician. His father was a Methodist minister, and his mother was a seamstress. This first marriage was dissolved.

She lived in Clarksville, Clark County, Indiana, and moved to San Diego, California, before 1910.

Submitted by:
Jan Everly Williams
Honolulu HI
E-mail: jeverly@lava.net

Lorinda Eltzroth

Lorinda Eltzroth
b. 29 April 1822, Lanier Township, Preble County, Ohio, to Jacob and Elizabeth (Neff) Eltzroth
d. 3 June 1914, Providence, Rhode Island

m/1. 4 December 1845, Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana
William Fletcher Brady
b. to John and [–?–] Brady
d. Tipton, Indiana

m/2. 1854
Newton J. Jackson
d. 1862

David J. Kemp

Children with William Fletcher Brady:

  • Carthon J. married Josephine Clark
  • Samuel W. married Olive Rosengarten

Children with Newton J. Jackson:

  • Willard W. married Margaret Wakem

Lorinda’s first husband, William Fletcher Brady, was the son of John Brady, the first mayor of Muncie, Indiana. William died on the day he was elected city auditor.

Lorinda left Tipton County, Indiana, about 1890 after the death of her third husband to live near a son in Providence, Rhode Island.

Submitted by:
Nancy B. Fratt
Westfield NJ