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Fred Willard Taylor

Fred Willard Taylor
birth: 16 Dec 1886 in Young America, Cass, Indiana to John William Taylor and Mary Catherine Turner
death: 14 May 1968 in Hillsdale, Hillsdale, Michigan
burial: Toledo Memorial Park, Sylvania, Lucas, Ohio

marriage: before 1910
Ursula McCreary
birth: 07 January 1887 in Groomsville, Tipton, Indiana to Alfred Ross McCreary and Hannah Smith
death: 14 October 1982 in Sylvania, Lucas, Ohio
burial: Toledo Memorial Park, Sylvania, Lucas, Ohio

Children of Ursula McCreary and Fred Willard Taylor:

  • William Alfred Taylor Born 1910 Died 1995 Audrey Hilda Green
  • Marjorie Genee Taylor Born 1912 Died 1983 William James Thomsen
  • Mary Catherine Taylor Born 1917 Died 2002 Benjamin Adam Schultz
  • Winnifred Sue Taylor Born 1919 Died 1986 1. R. J. Garn 2. R. Stomatovich 3. R. Crabtree 4. P. Reitinger
  • Hannah Louise Taylor Born 1921 Died 1997 John A. McNeil
  • Richard Earl Taylor Born 1927 Died 2017 1. Shirley Anita Brewer
  • Living

Ancestor here lived in:

Fred Willard Taylor lived in Young America from birth in 1886
1900 to 1930 in Kokomo, Howard, Indiana
1938 South Bend, Indiana

Ancestor also lived in:

1930 Lucas County, Ohio
1940 Wheaton, Illinois
1955 Hillsdale, Hillsdale, Michigan

Other Information:

Fred worked in Brass companies his adult life. Working his way up from the line to being a supervisor. He worked for Bunting Brass, the Hale Chrome Co., and the Vacuum Can Co. He was an outdoorsman. At one time Fred left his family in Indiana, and went out to Soldier Summitt, Utah to try his hand at being a cowboy and possibly resettling his family there. That did not pan out well and he returned to his wife and 3 children. Fred and Ursula had 7 children and 30 grandchildren at the time of his death. The 30 grandchildren gave them 50 great-grandchildren, 56 great-great-grandchildren, and 21 great-great-great-grandchildren.

Submitted by:
Pamela Taylor-Bollinger
Email: pambo1945@hotmail.com

Lewis W. Rice

Lewis W. Rice
birth: 24 November 1823 in Shelby, Kentucky to Jesse Rice and Martha Wilcoxson
death: 15 February 1896, in Bowling Green, Washington Township, Clay, Indiana
burial: Bowling Green, Washington Township, Clay, Indiana

marriage: 5 September 1844 in Clay, Indiana
Ann Miles
birth: 22 July 1826 in Parke, Indiana to Samuel Miles and Hannah Ghormley
death: 15 Feb 1896 in Bowling Green, Clay, Indiana
burial: Bowling Green, Clay, Indiana

Children of Ann Miles and Lewis W. Rice:

  • James Miles Rice 1845-1901 m. Emma Jeffries
  • Jesse J. Rice 1846-1921 m. Indiana Hawkins
  • Jane Rice 1848-1936 m. Marrimon Zenor
  • Samuel Rice 1850-?
  • Caroline Rice 1852-? m. Levi Mendenhall
  • Enos Rice 1854-?
  • William Hickson Rice 1856-1941 m. Florance Ann O’Brien
  • Emma Rice 1863-1945 m1 William Godfrey m2 Finley Day m3 James Bohannon m4 William Seymour
  • Ulysses Grant Rice 1865-1936 m. Cora Smith
  • Anna Rice 1868-1922 m. Milton Oberholtzer
  • Hannah Rice 1871-?

Ancestor here lived in:

1844 Clay, Indiana
1844-1896 Bowling Green, Washington, Clay, Indiana

Other Information:

Also lived in Shelby, Kentucky.

Submitted by:
Sharon Rice Barnes
Email: barnes@lclark.edu

Argus Luster Ormsby

Argus Luster Ormsby
birth: 18 Feb 1894 in Wells Co., IN to Alonzo Eugene Ormsby and Mary Elizabeth Archbold
death: 24 Nov 1967, at Fort Wayne, Allen Co., IN
burial: Prospect Cemetery, Ossian, Wells Co., IN

marriage: 15 Jan 1920, Fort Wayne, Allen Co., IN
Leona Sophia Gallets
birth: 29 Nov 1898, at Alleghany Co., NY to Marcus H Gallets and Phoebe Mary Green
death: 29 Oct 1968, Fort Wayne, Allen Co., IN
burial: Catholic Cemetery, Fort Wayne, Allen Co., IN

marriage: 21 Apr 1924 in Michigan City, LaPorte Co., IN
Hattie Mary Buerkley
birth: 9 Jan 1897, Payne, Paulding Co., OH to Joseph and Mary E (Matthews) Buerkley
death: 5 Mar 1940, Richmond, Wayne Co., IN
burial: Prairie Grove Cemetery, Fort Wayne, Allen Co., IN

marriage: common law marriage
Edna Chloe Mann
birth: 8 Dec 1914, Darke Co., OH to William Harvey and Sarah Catherine (Wise) Mann
death: 20 May 2003, Fort Wayne, Allen Co., IN
burial: Prospect Cemetery, Ossian, Wells Co., IN

Children of  Argus Luster Ormsby and Leona Sophia Gallets:

  • Mary Carol Ormsby, b. 1918, d. 2013, m. (1) Kenneth Merriman Smith, (2) Donald Charles Fechner

Children of  Argus Luster Ormsby and Hattie Mary Buerkley:

  • Waneta Rae Ormsby, b. 4 Aug 1924, d. Living, m. (1) John Pershing McConnehey, (2) Samuel Forrester Cummick
  • Infant Son Ormsby, b. 4 Jun 1928, d. 4 Jun1928

Children of  Argus Luster Ormsby and Edna Chloe Mann:

  • Catherine Elizabeth Ormsby, b. 17 Dec 1935, Darke Co., OH, d. Living, m (1) Philip Jerome Wilson, (2) Francis William Merritt , (3) Ivan Harold Hurless, (4) Kenneth Alan Williams
  • Judith Elaine Ormsby, b 10 Jan 1941, Fort Wayne, Allen Co. IN, d. Living, m. Robert Erwin Richter
  •  Nancy Lou Ormsby. b. 24 Jun 1942, Fort Wayne, Allen Co., IN, d. Living, m. Keith Allan Henninger

 Argus Luster Ormsby lived in:

  • Ossian Wells County, Indiana
  • Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana

Submitted by:
Judith E Ormsby Richter
Email: judyri@ligtel.com

John Vestal Smith

John Vestal Smith
birth: 6 Nov 1831, Lawrence Co., IN to Peter Smith and Margaret (Ford) Smith
death: Odon, Daviess Co., IN
burial: Odon Cemetery, Odon, Daviess Co., IN

marriage: 24 Jun 1851, Lawrence Co., IN
Susan A. Collins
birth: Oct 1834, Monroe Co., IN or possibly in TN, to Samuel Collins and an unknown mother
death: 22 or 27 May 1908, perhaps in Mitchell, Lawrence Co., IN
burial: Mitchell, Lawrence Co., IN

Children of John Vestal Smith and Susan A. Collins:

  • Eva M Smith, 1853-1876
  • Erma Smith, 1853-1974
  • Josephine Smith, 1856?
  • Charles Smith, 1863?
  • Margaret Emmeline Smith, 1852-1874

John Vestal Smith lived In:

Near Bedford in Lawrence County and also in Mitchell, Lawrence County, Indiana.

Other Information:

“John V. SMITH, editor of the Prairie Scorcher, of Odon, Ind., was born November 7, 1831, in Lawrence Co., Ind.,near Bedford. He is one of a family of three sons and six daughters of Peter and Margaret(Ford) SMITH. John attended the district schools about three months during the year, and remained at home with his parents as long as he remained single. July 24, 1851, he wedded Susan A. Collins, daughter of Samuel Collins. Mrs. SMITH was born in Monroe County, Ind., about 1831. To their union nine children were born, all of whom are deceased. During the war Mr. SMITH became one of the “boys in blue”, enlisting in…” —History of Knox and Daviess County Indiana (Goodspeed Publishing: Chicago, 1886), p. 854-5.

“JOHN V. SMITH: Death of This Well-known Gentleman at His Home at Mitchell
The death of John V. Smith of Mitchell, which has been expected for many weeks occurred Monday afternoon. He had been ailing for a number of years with diseases contracted while serving in the late war, and recently the affliction fastened upon him that dread destroyer consumption. He had been confined to bed about one month previous to his death.

Mr. Smith was a native of Lawrence county, and was fifty-six years of age. He belonged to a large and prominent family in Lawrence county. In 1866, he removed to this county, settling at Odon, where he was engaged in the mercantile business for many years, and conducted a newspaper — the Clarksburg Spy. He continued in the newspaper business until his death.

The deceased was an untiring worker, and always was hopeful that he would recover from his illness. He was a genial gentleman and an honorable citizen. Many an eye in the village of Odon was filled with tears at the announcement that John V. Smith had passed away. He was a member of the 120th Indiana; belonged to the Grand Army of the Republic, and also was a Mason.
Of his immediate relatives who survive him, there are his wife, and brother Dr. D. J. Smith, of Odon. All the children of Mr. and Mrs. Smith preceeded their father to their eternal home.

The remains of John V. Smith were placed in a vault at Mitchell, Tuesday. He was laid to rest with Masonic honors, of which order he was long a member. In about one week, the body will be taken to Odon, and buried in the graveyard near the village so long his home.”  —”JOHN V. SMITH: Death of This Well-known Gentleman at His Home at Mitchell,” Daviess County (Indiana) Democrat, 31 December 1887, p.1.
Submitted by:
Linda Farbry
Email: lfarbry@gmail.com

Rebecca Genevieve Smith

Rebecca Genevieve Smith (went by “Genevieve”)
birth: 8 Jan 1907 at Matthews, Grant Co., IN to Harry J. and Jessie (Eward) Smith
death: 18 Sep 1994, San Antonio, Bexar Co., TX
burial: Unknown

marriage: 13 Apr 1935 in San Antonio, Bexar Co., TX
Weldon B. Wright
birth: 23 Jul 1900, Erath Co., TX to Joe Alec and America (Copeland) Wright
death: 23 Jul 1952, San Antonio, Bexar Co., TX
burial: Unknown

Children of Rebecca Genevieve Smith and Weldon B. Wright:

  • Nancy Suzanne Wright, b. 19 Jul 1939, m. Henry V. Brennan

Rebecca Genevieve Smith lived in:

  • Matthews, Grant County, Indiana
  • San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas

Other Information:

Genevieve and her family left Indiana by train in 1911 to resettle in San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas. She grew up there, attending Riverside Park grade school and Brackenridge High School. Prior to her marriage, Genevieve worked several jobs, but the job at a major radio station was the one she liked to talk about. After marriage and the birth of her daughter, Genevieve worked for thirty years with the San Antonio Independent School District.

Genevieve Smith, age 4, photo

Genevieve Smith, Age 4 1/2, Summer 1911, San Antonio, Texas










Submitted by:
Nancy Wright Brennan
Email: nwbrennan@sbcglobal.net

Harry J. Smith

Harry J. Smith
birth: 17 Nov 1869, probably in Randolph Co., IN to Stephen Alvaro and Suzannah (Epps) Smith
death: 12 Feb 1959, San Antonio, Bexar Co, TX
burial: unknown

marriage: 29 Jun 1892 in Converse, Miami Co., IN
Jessie Louena Eward
birth: 11 Sep 1866, Marion, Grant Co., IN to John William and Rebecca Jane (York) Eward
death: 14 May 1945, San Antonio, Bexar Co, TX
burial: unknown

Children of Harry J. Smith and Jessie Louena Eward:

  • Lucile Eward Smith, b. 5 Oct 1893 in Converse, Miami Co., IN, d. 11 Jan 1921, San Antonio, Bexar Co, TX
  • Laura Winifred Smith, b. 30 Aug 1897, d. 30 Jan 2003, m. E.A. Huebner
  • Rebecca Genevieve Smith, b. 8 Jan 1907, d. Sept 1994, m. W.B. Wright

Harry J. Smith lived in:

  • Randolph County, Indiana
  • Converse, Miami County, Indiana
  • Marion, Grant County, Indiana
  • Matthews, Grant County, Indiana
  • Roanoake, Huntington County, Indiana
  • San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas

Other Information:

Harry was born in Indiana and lived in Ohio. He returned to Indiana before his marriage. He worked as a carriage body finisher, a shoe dealer, and was a master mechanic for the Chicago, Indiana & Eastern railroad, which ran a short route in Indiana. Later, he was an auto painter. He could draw, play piano, and tell stories.

The family moved to San Antonio in 1911.

Harry J Smith photo

Harry J. Smith, about age 23









Submitted by:
Nancy Wright Brennan
Email: nwbrennan@sbcglobal.net

William Francis Huber

William Francis Huber
birth: 6 November 1850, Fayette Co., IN to Levi Reed and Eliza (Dungan) Huber
death: 23 July 1919, at Quincy, Owen Co., IN
burial: New Union “Carolina” Cemetery, Owen Co., IN

marriage: 27 August 1868, Owen Co., IN
Julia Ann Query
birth: 17 November, 1851, Owen Co., IN, to Daniel and Susannah (Cox) Query
death: 23 March 1943, Owen Co., IN
burial: New Union “Carolina” Cemetery, Owen Co., IN

Children of Julia Ann Query and William Francis Huber:

  • Daniel Harvey Huber, b. 31 Mar 1870, m. Eliza Jane Frazier
  • John H Huber, b. Aug 1873, d. 25 Feb 1919, m. Nellie I. Hood
  • Charles Ross Huber, b. 15 Apr 1878, d. 11 Feb 1958, m. Tressie Pearl McCullough
  • Laura Angeline Huber, b. June 1881, d. after 11 Feb 1959, m. Wilbur F Davis
  • Bertha Huber, b. unknown, d. before 23 July 1919
  • Hattie F Huber, b. 4 Feb 1886, d. after 11 Feb 1959, m. Haskell Smith
  • Clara E Huber, b. 17 Sep 1889, d. 14 mar 1979, m. Ernest Mugg
  • Bert T Lee Huber, b. 1 Mar 1893, d. 29 Nov 1979, m. Bonnie Pearl Edward
  • Willie Huber, b. unknown, d. before 27 July 1950
  • Rose Huber, b. unknown, d. unknown

Ancestor William Francis Huber Lived In:

  • 1850 – Born in Fayette County, Indiana
  • By 1860 – death in 1919 – Owen County, Indiana

Submitted by:
Randi Richardson
Email: GFTL@bluemarble.net

Arthur Emanuel Rarey

Arthur Emanuel Rarey
birth: 9 Jul 1886, in  Kokomo, Howard Co., Indiana to Emanuel Rarey and Alice Randall
death: 19 Nov 1970 in  Elwood, Madison Co., Indiana
burial: Albright Cemetery, Kokomo Howard Co, Indiana

marriage: 7 Mar 1909 in Howard Co., Indiana
Hazel Fern Miller
birth: 24 Aug 1891 Tipton Co., Indiana to Albert Miller and Vilena Jane Pickering
death: 28 Mar 1975 in  Windfall, Tipton Co., Indiana
burial: Albright Cemetery, Kokomo Howard Co, Indiana

Children of Arthur Emanuel Rarey and Hazel Fern Miller:

  • Dorothy Marie Rarey b. 19 Nov 1909, d. Sept 14, 1988, m.  Frank Armstrong
  • Deva Madilena Rarey b. 18 Jun 1911, d. 9 Jul1995, m. Samuel T. Frazee
  • Marjorie Alice Rarey b. 15 Jul 1919, Living, m. Donald H. Morelock
  • Delton Eugene Rarey b. 17 Sep 1924, d. 11 Jan 1960, m. (1) Bonnie Lou Smith, (2) Mary Lou McCuan

Ancestor Arthur Emanuel Rarey Lived In:

He lived in Howard Co, and Tipton Co., Indiana the majority of his life.

Other Information:

At the age of sixteen, Arthur Emanuel Rarey’s mother died and left all the children orphans. He was sent to live with his Uncle John. He became a farmer and owned 80 acres that was bought during the depression. His son, Eugene was killed in a train accident and it was devastating for him to get over.
His daughter, Marjorie loves to tell how she spit down his collar, while milking a cow because he had too many times squirt her as he was milking.

Submitted by:
Pamela J. Sullivan
Email: hurst_rare@yahoo.com

Adam Tschupp

Adam Tschupp
birth: 11 May 1863, Elkhart, Elkhart County, Indiana to Samuel S Tschupp, Jr.(1857 – 1932) and Lydia Emma Wise (1865 – 1961)
death: 3 Apr 1935, Warren Township, Midland County, Michigan
burial: Dale Cemetery, Beaverton, Gladwin County, Michigan

marriage: 7 Oct 1888, Elkhart County, Indiana
Lovina Ellen Martin
birth: 1867 to Moses Hosea Martin (1845 – 1928) and Delilah Miller (1841 – 1900)
death: 1928
burial: Dale Cemetery, Beaverton, Gladwin County, Michigan

Children of Adam Tschupp and Lovina Ellen Martin:

  • Walter Alvin Tschupp 1890 – 1950
  • Maurice Edgar Tschupp 1892 – 1975
  • Hattie Irene Tschupp
  • Wayne Tschupp 1893 – 1949
  • Lila Viola Tschupp 1895 – 1899
  • Sadie Ellen Tschupp Rellinger 1896 – 1990
  • Gaylon Tschupp 1898 – 1899
  • Dora Edith Tschupp Ray1901 – 1993
  • Bessie May Tschupp Wayne 1903 – 1988
  • Ida Belle Tschupp Smith1906 – 1968

Adam lived in Elkhart, Elkhart County, Indiana; Swan, Noble County, Indiana; Harrison, Elkhart County, Indiana; Nappanee, Elkhart County, Indiana; Union, Elkhart County, Indiana; Washinton, Elkhart County, Indiana; Bristol, Elkhart County, Indiana; Warren, Midland County, Michigan; Findlay, Ohio; and Beaverton, Gladwin County, Michigan.

Submitted by:
John Tschupp

Susan Tschupp

Susan Tschupp
birth: 30 April 1819, Stark County, Ohio to Jacob Tschupp and Hannah Miller
death: 24 Fed 1908, South Bend, St. Joseph County, Indiana
burial: South Bend, St. Joseph County, Indiana

James C. Smith
birth: 1819
death: 1892

Susan lived in Stark County, Ohio until about 1833 when she moved to St. Joseph County, Indiana after 1833.

Submitted by:
John Tschupp