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Aaron Stanley

Aaron Stanley
birth: 28 May 1803, Guilford County, North Carolina to Michael and Mary (Gurley) Stanley
death: 4 May 1883, Spiceland, Henry County, Indiana
burial: Circle Grove Cemetery, Spiceland, Henry County, Indiana

marriage: 19 Jan 1826, Vigo County, Indiana
Mahala Stanley
birth: 6 Jan 1809, Stokes County, North Carolina to John and Elizabeth (Dicks) Stanley
death: 9 Mar 1870, Spiceland, Henry County, Indiana
burial: Circle Grove Cemetery, Spiceland, Henry County, Indiana

Children of Mahala Stanley and Aaron Stanley:

  • Eliza Jane Stanley (1827-1870). Md. 1848, Mordecai H. Unthank
  • Michael Stanley (1829-1904). Md. 1854, Lydia Jane Bell
  • Minerva Stanley (1831-1835)
  • Verling K. Stanley (1833-1915). Md. 1866, Josephine A. Talbert
  • Hannah A. Stanley (1837-1901). Md. 1857, Joseph W. Holloway
  • Martha E. Stanley (1840-1874)
  • Maria Emily Stanley (1844-1927). Md. 1870, John William Fawcett

Ancestor here lived in: Sullivan County, Indiana 1825-1827
Wayne County, Indiana 1827-1830
Henry County, Indiana 1830-1883

Guilford County, North Carolina 1803-1825

Other Information: Aaron and Mahala were members of the Society of Friends (Quakers). Aaron was a farmer, and owned much land in Spiceland.

Submitted by:
Ruth Stanley Kuntz

Edward Alphens Stanley

Edward Alphens Stanley
b. 9 June 1865, Kokomo, Howard County, Indiana, to William P. and Sarah F. (Conner) Stanley
d. 13 May 1958, Charles City, Iowa

m. 12 February 1889, DeSoto, Dallas County, Iowa
Dora Belle McKibben
b. 30 August 1870, Winterset, Iowa
d. 11 November 1951, Shell Rock, Iowa

Children with Dora Belle McKibben:
• William Harvey (b. 1890)
• Earnest Ray (b. 1892)
• Mabelle May (b. 1894)
• Lyle Dale (b. 1896)

Edward left Indiana in 1890.

Submitted by:
Joyce E. Hodges
Bonner Springs KS
E-mail: jehodges@moose-mail.com

Sarah F Conner

Sarah F. Conner
b. 4 May 1835, to Jesse and Ester (Furnas) Conner
d. 1892, Iowa

m. 9 January 1864
William P. Stanley
b. 11 November 1828
d. 12 November 1865, Kokomo, Howard County, Indiana

Children with William P. Stanley:

  • Edward Alphens

Sarah came to Fairfield, Hendricks County, Indiana, on 23 October 1834. She also lived in Kokomo, Howard County, Indiana, before moving to Beech Grove, Marion County, Indiana. She emigrated from Marion County in 1890.

Submitted by:
Joyce E. Hodges
Bonner Springs KS
E-mail: jehodges@moose-mail.com

Patrick E Woods

Patrick E Woods
b. 10 January 1822, Gibson County, Indiana, to John Woods
d. 1 December 1804, Richland County, Illinois

m. 4 June 1846, Gibson County, Indiana
Mary J. Hawkins
b. 20 June 1829, Indiana
d. 8 April 1914, Clay County, Illinois

Children with Mary J. Hawkins:

  • Eliza
  • Zachariah
  • Malinda married [–?–] Stanley
  • Benjamin
  • Elizah
  • Annie married [–?–] Pohoroff
  • William
  • Mary married [–?–] Slack
  • Martha married [–?–] Jackson
  • Sarah married [–?–] Breedlove
  • Rachel marrid [–?–] Carter

Patrick emigrated from Indiana in 1852 to Jasper County, Illinois.

Submitted by:
Randall M. Grove
Dix IL

Milton Routh

Milton Routh
b. 29 August 1833, Randolph County, Indiana, to James Henry and Mary (Hooten) Routh
d. 27 July 1898, Wilson County, Kansas

m. abt. 1860, Henry County, Indiana
Elizabeth Stanley
b. 16 October 1843, Henry County, Indiana
d. 14 October 1917, Wilson County, Kansas

Children with Elizabeth Stanley:

  • Abraham Lincoln
  • John
  • Emma Jane
  • Ollie Mae
  • Orpha
  • William
  • Jacob
  • Franklin

Submitted by:
Jean Wood Cobb
Lynchburg VA

William Allison Wood

William Allison Wood
b. 1 November 1860, Liberty, Henry County, Indiana, to Benjamin and Eugene (Hodgson) Wood
d. 29 December 1954, Osage County, Oklahoma

m. 28 February 1886, Wilson County, Kansas
Emma Jane Routh
b. 4 August 1866, Henry County, Indiana, to Milton and Elizabeth (Stanley) Routh
d. 5 August 1954, Osage County, Oklahoma

Children with Emma Jane Routh:

  • Ora Elizabeth (1887-1949) married Warren Cress
  • Della May (1888-1939) married Clifford Wells
  • Gladys (1891-1922) married Ray Rex
  • Rex (1893-1958) married Fannie Kamm
  • John Franklin (1897-1960) married Faye Cole
  • Moses (1895-1984) married Marie Kamm
  • Oval (1900-1972) married Bertha Clyde Edmundson
  • Pauline (June 1902-December 1902)
  • Dorothy (1904-1929) married Marion Hall
  • Oren Milam (1909-1950) married Margaret Fanning

William Wood’s father emigrated from Ohio to Delaware County, Indiana, with his parents. After his parents died in 1875, the orphaned William lived with the Milton Routh family in Henry County, Indiana, and moved to Wilson County, Kansas, with them in 1880. In 1886,
William married the Routh’s daughter Emma Jane.

Submitted by:
Jean Wood Cobb
Lynchburg VA

Wilson Brewer

b. about 1804, Virginia or North Carolina, to Thomas and Lucretia (McHough?) Brewer
d. December 1856, Webster City, Hamilton County, Iowa

m/1. 1826
Lucy Stanley
d. died during the birth of their son

m/2. 6 April 1837, Henry County, Indiana
Margaret Galliene Moore
b. 4 February 1816, Virginia, to Jonathan and Frances (Galliene) Moore
d. 26 March 1896, Webster City, Hamilton County, Iowa

Children with Lucy Stanley:

  • Andrew Jackson

Children with Margaret Galliene Moore:

  • Benjamin R.
  • Sara Jane married [—?—] Bonebright
  • William
  • Walter Wilson
  • Margaret M.

Wilson came to Henry County, Indiana, in 1808 and left for Iowa in 1848, where he founded the town of Newcastle, now Webster City.

Submitted by:
Dale L. Lange
Albuquerque NM

William Welling Bowerman

b. 15 September 1812, Duanesburg, Schenectady County, New York, to Silas and Anna (Welling) Bowerman
d. 19 September 1899, Decatur City, Decatur County, Iowa

m. 8 January 1931, Schenectady County, New York
Diadema Lester
b. 1815, Duanesburg, Schenectady County, New York, to Mordecai and Abigail (Rushmore?) Lester
d. 26 April 1901, Decatur City, Decatur County, Iowa

Children with Diadema Lester:

  • Catherine “Kate” (b. ca. 1832) married [—?—] Farmhurst
  • Esther (b. ca. 1834) married Josiah Long
  • Mary (1836-1877) married Isaac Paden Fish
  • Abigail “Abby” (b. ca. 1839) married O.J. Hyde
  • Ann Eliza (1841-1905) married Lemuel D. Spaulding
  • Diadema (b. ca. 1843) married [—?—] Brenning
  • William W. (b. ca. 1845)
  • Lunda L. “Lundy” (1847-1929) married (1) Darthula [–?–], (2) Emily M. “Emma” Bowerman, (3) Elizabeth M. “Lizzie” McGee
  • Earnest W. (1848-1929) married Julia Stanley
  • George “John” (b. ca. 1850)
  • Elva R. (ca. 1852-1913) married (1) Charles Starkey, (2) Arthur B. Owen
  • Selba (died young)
  • Adeline E. (b. ca. 1854) married James Hannah
  • Estella “Estie” (b. ca. 1856) married [—?—] Layton or Loncks

The family settled near Leavenworth, Crawford County, Indiana, by the 1860 census. They had come from Conneaut Township, Crawford County, Pennsylvania. They moved briefly to Wisconsin, then to Taylor County, Iowa, where they were for the 1870 and 1880 censuses. William and Diadema next moved to Quincy, Branch County, Michigan, then back to Iowa around 1890.

Submitted by:
A. L. Bowerman
Howe IN

Earnest W. Bowerman

b. 12 November 1848, Conneaut Township, Crawford County, Pennsylvania, to William Welling and Diadema (Lester) Bowerman
d. 18 December 1928, Kansas City, Missouri

m. 3 July 1870, Decatur County, Iowa
Julia Stanley
b. 5 May 1851, to Corydon and Ann E. Stanley

Children with Julia Stanley:

  • Claudie (1872-1873)
  • Edith Edna (b. 1873) married J. P. Mullin
  • Frank P. (b. 1875)
  • Roy W. “Willie” (b. 1881) (twin)
  • Ray E. (b. 1881) (twin)
  • Lillian (b. 1887)

The 1860 census of Jennings Township, Crawford County, Indiana, shows Earnest and his parents living there. Earnest was in Company F, 36th Wisconsin Infantry in the Civil War. He was a partial invalid as a result of his Civil War service and resided at times in the State Soldier’s Home in Beadle County, South Dakota. He lived in Iowa until 1906, then in Taylor, Decatur, and Davison counties, South Dakota, before moving to Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 1921.

Submitted by:
A. L. Bowerman 1820 W. 600N
Howe IN

Jonathan Jackson Robinson

Jonathan Jackson Robinson
b. 10 September 1818, Jackson County, Indiana
d. 28 September 1887, Franklin Township, Monroe County, Iowa

m/1. 4 October 1832, Jackson County, Indiana
Elsie Ross
d. 1852

m/2. 1854
Jane W. Coen
b. 20 November 1827, Dearborn County, Indiana
d. 14 December 1905, Marian Township, Franklin County, Nebraska

Children with Elsie Ross:

  • Mariah (b. 1843)
  • John (1847-1893) married Sarah G. Bryant
  • Jacob (b. 1849)
  • Naomi (b. 1852)

Children with Jane W. Coen:

  • Sarah Carrie (1856-1920) married T. F. Maher
  • Francis M. (b. 1857)
  • Ida Dora (1858-1931) married Aaron Jacob Harouff
  • George L. (1861-1927) married Emma Isabelle Gilliland
  • Lucinda Maver (b. 1866) married Charles H. Stanley
  • Cora (b. 1872) married [–?–] Ditton

Jonathon moved to Monroe County, Iowa, in 1854.

Submitted by:
JoAnn Goodacre
Springfield VA