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Adolph R. Abel

Adolph R. Abel
birth: 20 Apr 1894 in Mosedis, Lithuania to Isaac Abel and Chana Riwa Levin
death: 20 Sep 1979 in Marion, Indiana
burial: Estates of Serenity, Marion, IN

marriage: 20 Apr 1921 Cincinnati OH
Jennie R. Dennis
birth: 1 Oct 1902 Bazar Ukraine [Russian Empire] to Gedaliah Dennis and Rachel Leah nee Golinsky
death: 25 Oct 1994 Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana
burial: Estates of Serenity, Marion County, Indiana

Children of Jennie R. Dennis and Adolph R. Abel:

  • Annette Suzanne Abel 1922-1990 born Zanesville OH died Marion IN, two spouses Sam Fox and Jason Klain
  • Milton Allen Abel 1923-1987 born Zanesville OH, died Indianapolis IN, wife Annette nee Gruber 1923-2008, born Cincinnati OH, d. Boca Raton FL, buried Fishers IN

Ancestor here lived in:

Marion County, Indiana

Other Information:

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Jody Tzucker

Margaret Healey

Margaret Healey
birth: 18 Sep 1861 in Indianapolis to Oliver Healey and Mary Sullivan
death: 26 Feb 1951, Park Ridge, NJ
burial: Oak Hill Cemetery, Nyack, NY

marriage: 14 Aug 1894
Thomas C Dexter
birth: 6 Feb 1848 in Wadam, IN to William P Dexter and Anna Barbara Wunderlich
death: 10 Oct 1928, New York, NY
burial: Oak Hill Cemetery, Nyack, NY

Children of Margaret Healey and Thomas C Dexter:

  • Marie Gertrude (1897–28 June 1990) married William Griffith
  • Thomas Albert (1899–1993) married Josephine Mildred Walters
  • Margaret (1902–1986) married Francis Louis Cavalli

Ancestor here lived in:

Indianapolis, Marion County, IN

Additional Information:

Margaret Healey was working at William Burford’s bookbindery when she met Thomas Dexter, a salesman for his brother Talbot’s company, the Dexter Folder Co. Talbot Dexter invented the folding machine for newspapers in 1880 in Des Moines, Iowa, but moved his factory to Fulton, New York, and then to Pearl River, New York, in 1894. Margaret emigrated from Indianapolis, Indiana, to Pearl River, Rockland County, New York, in 1894.

Submitted by:
Barbara Dexter Schwartz

William Poland

William Poland
birth: 1788 Virginia
death: Jan 2, 1856 Wayne Township, Marion County, Indiana
burial: Bethel Cemetery at Concordia Cemetery 2703 S. Meridian St., Indianapolis, IN 46225

marriage: Jan 17, 1810 Highland County, Ohio
Mary Swadley
birth: 1793 Virginia to Nicholas Swadley and Elizabeth Hevener
death: Apr 22, 1855 Wayne Township, Marion County, Indiana
burial: Bethel Cemetery at Concordia Cemetery 2703 S. Meridian St., Indianapolis, IN 46225

Children of Mary Swadley and William Poland:

  • Matilda Poland B: abt 1811 D: bef 1870 M: Job Troth
  • Phebe Poland B: 2 Feb 1812 D: 10 Jul 1833
  • John A Poland B: 2 Feb 1812 D: 2 Oct 1886 M: Anna Symmonds
  • William Poland Jr. B: 1 Jan 1815 D: 9 Mar 1863 M: Hester Murphy
  • Nicholas Poland B: 18 Jan 1817 D: 6 Oct 1881 M: Elizabeth Candace Brassfield
  • Peter Poland B: 1818 D: 1819
  • Catherine Poland B: 1821 D: 20 Apr 1882 M: Benjamin Thomas Newman
  • Nathaniel Poland B: 1 Apr 1823 D: 9 Apr 1882 M: Lydia Rickabaugh
  • Mary Poland B: abt 1824 D: ?? M: George Evans
  • Elizabeth Poland B: 1826 D: 4 Jun 1880 M: William McBee
  • Samuel H Poland B: 15 Nov 1828 D: 8 Mar 1915 M1: Mary Sophia Brown M2: Elizabeth Ayers
  • Henry Poland B: 8 Aug 1831 D: 16 Mar 1915 M: Salinda Flanagan
  • Mahala Poland B: 1834 D: 17 Apr 1887 M: Jacob Stamm
  • Martin Van Buren Poland B: 11 Apr 1835 D: 5 Oct 1889 M: Rachel Lyons

Ancestor here lived in: Wayne Township, Marion County

Other Information: Born in Virginia, but in Ohio from at least 1810 to 1828

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Jennifer Fancher

Harry Brown Alexander

Harry Brown Alexander
birth: 1 Sep 1878, Franklin, Johnson Co., IN to Milton Gregg Alexander and Laura Chambers
death: 18 Jul 1953, New Philadelphia, Tuscarawas, OH
burial: Evergreen Burial Park, New Philadelphia, OH

marriage: 4 Apr 1902, Greenfield, Hancock, IN
Anna Maria Witte
birth: 15 Oct 1879, Cumberland, Marion, IN to Friedrich “Fred” Wilhelm Witte and Maria “Christine” Hartmann
death: 24 Feb 1965, Dover Twp., Tuscarawas Co., IN
burial: Evergreen Burial Park, New Philadelphia, OH

Children of Anna Maria Witte and Harry Brown Alexander:

  • George Milton, 1903-1974, m1931 wife Ruth MOOS, 1907-2011
  • Frederick William, 1905-1990, m1935 wife Della Josephine MENAPACE, 1904-1995
  • Helen Vivian, 1910-2003, never married
  • Robert Donald, 1912-2002, m1939 wife Hazel Oneida CRAIG, 1917-2006
  • Harry Brown, Jr., 1916-2003, m 1941 wife 1: Jolan Mary BOTH, 1919-1960; m 1961 wife 2: Jean GOODMAN, 1916-2007

Ancestor here lived in:

Greenfield, Hancock Co. 1880-1899
Indianapolis, Marion Co. 1900-1902
Greenfield, Hancock Co. 1902-1903
Charlottesville, Hancock Co. 1903
Hillsboro, probably Henry Co. 1904-1908

New Philadelphia, Tuscarawas Co., OH, 1908-1953

Other Information: Earlest record for this Alexander family in Indiana is 1820 Franklin Co. Census (great grandfather James ALEXANDER). Mother Laura CHAMBERS arrived Franklin Co. with family from Maryland in 1835. Harry’s early jobs were in a bicycle shop and as a moulder at Home Stove Co. in Indianapolis. Started Witte & Alexander handle mfg. factory with father-in-law Fred Witte in Greenfield in 1902 and moved factory to Charlottesville in 1903. Started Hillsboro Novelty Works in 1906 in Hillsboro. Moved to New Philadelphia, Ohio c1908 and started Columbia Mfg. Co. (wood handles) 1908-1918. Foreman, American Sheet & Tin Co. New Phila. OH 1918-1933. Owned Diamond Handle Co. 1929-1953 and Alexander Insurance Co. 1932-1953. Served on New Philadelphia City Council for several terms and was President @death. Methodist; Knights of Pythias Equity Lodge 73 (Secy); charter member and Secy of DOKK (Dramatic Order of Knights of Khorassan)

Submitted by: Judi Baumgarner


Margerry Alice Scarborough

Margerry Alice Scarborough
birth: 29 Sep 1917 Five Point Marion Co to Cora Lee Minger and Frederick Minger
death: 31 Jul 2004 Indianapolis , Marion Co
burial: White Lick Cemetery, Mooresville, Morgan Co

marriage: 25 Oct 1942 Indianapolis Marion Co
Conner Rinker Jester
birth: 3 Nov 1914 Indianapolis Marion Co to Elsa Elizabeth Rinker and Herbert Conner Jester
death: 16 Jun 1995, Franklin, Johnson Co
burial: White Lick Cemetery, Mooresville, Morgan Co

Children of Margerry Alice Scarborough and Conner Rinker Jester:

  • Lucinda Jester Smith

Ancestor here lived in: Indianapolis, Greenwood.

Submitted by: Lucinda Smith

Herbert Conner Jester

Herbert Conner Jester
birth: 15 Aug 1883 Amo, Hendricks Co to Nancy K Matthews and Martin Monroe Jester
death: 31 July 1959 Indianapolis Marion Co
burial: Brooklyn Cemetery, Brooklyn , Morgan Co

marriage: 2 Dec 1909, Indianapolis Marion Co
Elsa Elizabeth Rinker
birth: 13 Aug 1888 Morgan Co to Ora Ruth Hadley and Eli Melvin Rinker
death: 5 Feb 1965 Indianapolis Marion Co
burial: Brooklyn Cemetery, Brooklyn , Morgan Co

Children of Elsa Elizabeth Rinker and Herbert Conner Jester:

  • Melvin Monroe Jester 1913-1913
  • Conner Rinker Jester 1914-1995
  • Wayne Edward Jester 1920-2008
  • Ruth Eleanor Jester 1927-2019

Ancestor here lived in: Hendricks Co, Marion Co

Submitted by: Lucinda Smith

Eli Melvin Rinker

Eli Melvin Rinker
birth: 4 Nov 1859, Morgan Co to Elizabeth Clark and John B Rinker
death: 10 Sep 1905, Morgan Co
burial: New Butterfield Cemetery, Morgan Co, IN

marriage: 17 Nov 1883, Morgan Co
Ora Ruth Hadley
birth: 15 Dec 1860, Mooresville IN to Margaret Ann Macy and Levi Simon Hadley
death: 4 Sep 1921, Brooklyn, Morgan Co
burial: Brooklyn Cemetery, Brooklyn, IN

Children of Ora Ruth Hadley and Eli Melvin Rinker:

  • Edna Margaret Rinker m Hobson 1884-1918
  • Myrle Rinker m. (Gregory) 1896-1968
  • Els Elizabeth Rinker 1888-1965

Ancestor here lived in: Morgan Co, Marion Co

Submitted by: Lucinda Smith

Kenneth Eugene Mason

Kenneth Eugene Mason
birth: 20 Jan 1920 in Indianapolis, IN to Fern Clark & Volney Ancil Mason
death: 23 Aug 1959 in Terre Haute, IN
burial: Highland Lawn Cemetery, Terre Haute, IN

marriage: 28 Feb 1946 in Dolphn, VA
Frances Colleen Gibson
birth: 21 Nov 1927 in Lawrenceville, VA to Lulu Virginia Lewis & William Cullen Gibson
death: 8 Dec 1968 in Terre Haute, IN
burial: Highland Lawn Cemetery, Terre Haute, IN

Children of Kenneth Eugene Mason and Frances Colleen Gibson:

  • Fern Eugenia Mason (1947)
  • Billie Virginia Mason (1948)
  • Betty Lee Mason (1951 – 2011)

Kenneth Eugene Mason lived in:

  • 1920 – 1928 Nashville, IN
  • 1920 – 1944 Indianapolis, IN
  • 1944-1946 Army Air Corps
  • 1948 – 1950 Nashville, IN
  • 1950 -1959 Terre Haute, IN
  • 1946 -1948 Virginia

Other Information:
An accomplished stand up base player. Played with big bands and small cowboy groups. He played with Bill Monroe in Nashville, IN. He was key to promoting and playing in the Terre Haute Park Band.

Fern Lalonde
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Thomas Gilchrist

Thomas Gilchrist
birth: 14 Apr 1839 – Jefferson County, IN to James Gilchrist & Mary Anderson
death: 26 Apr 1926 in Richland Twp., Fulton County, IN
burial: I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Leiters Ford, Fulton Co., IN

marriage: 11 June 1862 – Fulton County, IN
Phoebe Keely
birth: 04 Nov 1846 – Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN to  James Keely & Mary A. McKee
death: 04 Dec. 1895 – Rochester Twp., Fulton Co., IN
burial: I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Leiters Ford, Fulton Co., IN

Children of Thomas Gilchrist and Phoebe Keely:

  • James K. Gilchrist (10 May 1863 – 29 Feb 1906) m. 03 Jul 1889 in Muskingum Co., OH to Theresa E. Miller Painter
  • William Jefferson Gilchrist (31 Mar 1869 – 20 Dec. 1943) m. 31 Dec. 1898 in Rochester, Fulton Co., IN to Millie Artemicia Mow
  • Mary Anderson Gilchrist (13 Sep 1875 – 05 Jul 1949) m. 26 Feb 1893 in Rochester, Fulton Co., IN to John Ault

The following children are buried with Thomas and Phoebe Gilchrist, but there has been no documentation to prove they are their children; the markers on these graves give only the first name of each child.

  • Sideny (10 Mar 1876 – 28 Oct. 1876)
  • Nellie (17 Mar 1888 – 13 May 1889)
  • Edward L. (11 Jan 1890 – 25 Feb. 1890)

Thomas Gilchrist lived in:

  • 1839- Abt. 1850 Thomas lived in Hanover Twp., Jefferson County, IN
  • 1850 – 1902 Rochester Township, Fulton County, IN
  • 1902 – death in 1926 Richland Township, Fulton County, IN
  • 1846 -1853 Phoebe Keely Gilchrist lived in Indianapolis, Marion County, IN
  • 1853- death in 1895 Fulton County, IN

Other Information:

James Gilchrist, the father of Thomas and James Gilchrist conveyed nearly all of his farmland to his two sons and his daughter, Jennet Campbell in 1860. In 1881, the two brothers divided their 180 acres between them. When Thomas married, he and his wife remained in his parents’ home in Rochester Township. In 1890 James conveyed his share of the property to Thomas and Phoebe “for one dollar plus love and affection,” reserving for himself a life estate on the land that had belonged to him. Thomas sold the farm in 1902, after James’ death in 1897, and purchased 122 acres on the north side of the Tippecanoe River in Richland Township. On this property he built a log home where he remained until his death. In 1898 William Gilchrist, Thomas’ son, brought his bride to live with Thomas and Phoebe. William remained there after Thomas’ and Phoebe’s deaths, and for several years thereafter.

Submitted by: 
E. Ann Grubb
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Mark Rudman

Mark Rudman
birth: 19 Jan 1878, Sosice, Croatia, Austria-Hungary to Nick Rudman and Ana Hranilovic
death: 15 Jan 1958 at Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN
burial: Crownland Cemetery, Noblesville, Hamilton Co., IN

First marriage: 8 Nov 1909, Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY
Maud Harrison
birth: 1 Feb 1890, at Noblesville, Hamilton Co., IN to Henry Melvin Harrison and Alice Susanna Teeters
death: 4 oct 1932, Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN
burial: Crownland Cemetery, Noblesville, Hamilton Co., IN

Second marriage:
Alice Margaret Compton
birth: 29 Dec 1908, Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN to Wesley Albert Compton and Lillian May Toole
death:22 Aug 1997 at Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN
burial: Crownland Cemetery, Noblesville, Hamilton Co., IN

Children of Mark Rudman and Maud Harrison:

  • Francis Mark Rudman, b. 14 May 1910, d. Jan 1982, m. Claribel Evans
  • Alice Rudman, b. 11 Dec 1914, d. 11 Dec 1914
  • Carl Rudman, b. 29 Oct 1916, d. 3 jan 2012, m. (1) Imogene Cunningham, (2) Ruth Elizabeth Westerman, (3) Ann R. Ford

Children of Mark Rudman and Alice Compton:

  • Janet Anne Rudman, m. (1) Norman Eldred Lee, (2) William Ray Webb

Mark Rudman lived In:

  • 1878- 1895: Sosice, Croatia
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • 1902- Kansas City, MO
  • 1902-1904: Des Moines, IA
  • 1909- Indianapolis
  • 1910- Noblesville
  • 1912-1914: Indianapolis
  • 1914- Fort Wayne
  • 1915-1958: Indianapolis

Other Information:

Mark Rudman was a shoemaker. He owned and operated his own shoe repair shop in several places in Indiana. The place he had the shop the longest was at 52nd St & College Ave.

Mark and his first wife held a patent for a type of women’s heel (shoes).

Mark also had invented a type of a rubber cement and sold it under the business name of Rudman Manufacturing. (No proof of a patent for the rubber cement has been found.)

He played with various bands including the Vonneguet Hardware Band, and the Irvington Orchestra. He played the clarinet and the violin. His daughter Janet remembers going with him while he played with people along Massachusetts Ave in Indianapolis, Indiana in the 1940’s.

Submitted by:
Cheryl Cockrum