Maxine Dea Armstrong Arvin

Maxine Dea Armstrong
birth: 11 Apr 1917 at Trinity Springs, Martin Co., IN to John Sample Armstrong and Ila Sanders
death: 12 Feb 1993, El Paso, El Paso Co, TX
burial: Truelove Cemetery, Martin Co., IN

marriage: 26 Sep 1936, Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co., IN
Charles Robert Arvin
birth: 21 May 1914, Rutherford Twp, Martin Co., IN to James Albert Arvin and Bertha Zeta Kelley
death: 2 Jul 1974, Knox, Hardin Co., KY
burial: Truelove Cemetery, Martin Co., IN

Children of Maxine Dea Armstrong and Charles Robert Arvin:

  • John “Jack” Charles Arvin, b. 1939, d. 2015, m. Helga Beck
  • Living
  • Jan Marie Arvin, b. 1956, d. 2016, m. living

Maxine Dea Armstrong Arvin lived In:

Martin County, Indiana at Trinity Springs and in Rutherford Township. Her family home is now part of Crane.

She also lived in:

  • Wayne, Michigan
  • St. Albans, New York
  • Ft. Richardson, Alaska
  • Ft. Bliss, Texas
  • Tampa, Florida
  • Paris, France
  • Colorado Springs, Colorado

Submitted by:
Shannon Combs-Bennett

LaVon Lighthill

LaVon Lighthill
birth: 14 Jan 1927 to Robert James Lighthill and Sylvia L. Miller
death: 31 May 2001 at Panama City, Bay Co., FL

marriage: 25 Jul 1946, Huntington Co., IN
Almeta Belle Stotlar
birth: 23 Sep 1917, Fort Wayne, Allen Co., IN to George Wesley Stotlar and Gertrude Lydia Wyss
death: 27 Aug 1982 at Ridgecrest, Kern Co., CA
burial: U.S. Veterans’ Cemetery, Los Angeles, CA

Children of LaVon Lighthill and Almeta Belle Stotlar:

  • Donna Lynn Lighthill, b. 1947, m. Robert Charles Riegel (divorced)

LaVon Lighthill lived In:

Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana


  • Chula Vista, San Diego County, California
  • Santa Rosa, Santa Rosa County, California
  • Drew, Sunflower County, Mississippi
  • Panama City, Bay County, Florida

Other Information:

LaVon Lighthill was a Navy veteran, serving in the Pacific Theater of World War II. He was also a broadcast radio engineer.

Submitted by:
Donna Riegle

David McLean

David McLean
birth: 15 Sep 1870 in Scotland to Hugh and Margaret (Gray) McLean
death: 1950 at Hammond, Lake Co., IN
burial: Oak Hill Cemetery, Hammond, Lake Co., IN

marriage: 9 Sep 1896, Lake Co., IN
Mary Matson
birth: 1876 in Norway to Anton Matson
death: 1918 at Hammond, Lake Co., IN
burial: Oak Hill Cemetery, Hammond, Lake Co., IN

Children of David McLean and Mary Matson McLean:

  • Margaret Matson
  • George Anthony Matson, b. 27 Oct 1899, d. 24 Dec 1977
  • John Matson
  • James Matson
  • Paul Matson, b. 3 Feb 1913, d. 22 May 1997

David McLean lived In:

Scotland and Hammond, Lake County, Indiana.

Submitted by:
Mary Slaughter

Joseph Leo Quinn, Sr.

Joseph Leo Quinn, Sr.
birth: 15 Nov 1878 at Newark, Essex Co., NJ to Hugh Quinn and Catherine McKee
death: 24 Aug 1943 at Long Hospital, Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN
burial: Cresthaven Cemetery, North Section, Bedford, Lawrence Co., IN

marriage: 24 Jun 1903 at Newark, Essex Co., NJ
Annie Moir McKechnie
birth: 17 Mar 1875 at Bannockburn, Stirlingshire, Scotland to George McKechnie and Mary Allan
death: 06 May 1937 at Bedford, Lawrence Co., IN
burial: Cresthaven Cemetery, North Section, Bedford, Lawrence Co., IN

Children of Joseph Leo Quinn, Sr.and Annie Moir McKechnie:

  • Joseph Leo Quinn, Jr. b. 1904, d. 1976, m. 1935 to Mary Emma Spivey
  • Kathryn Mary Quinn, b. 1906, d. 1986, m. 1947 to Frank Ballard Pope
  • James Quinn, b. 1912, d. 1972, m. 1942 to Margurite Eileen Hortense Bunch

Joseph Leo Quinn, Sr. lived In:

  • 1878-1914: Newark, New Jersey
  • 1914-1943: Bedford, Lawrence County, Indiana

Other Information:

JOSEPH L. QUINN, superintendent and general manager of the McLaren Mill of the Ingalls group in the Independent Limestone Mills of the Bedford district, learned his trade as a stone worker in the East, and his experience has been with a number of notable stone working organizations over the country.
Mr. Quinn was born at Newark, New Jersey, November 15, 1878, and is a son of Hugh T. and Catherine (McKee) Quinn. His father came from Scotland to America in 1872. He had grown up in the famous district of Paisley, Scotland, where he learned the trade of calico printer. He followed his trade at Newark for many years and is buried in the Holy Sepulcher Cemetery in that city. His wife, Catherine McKee, was a daughter of James and Sallie (Toner) McKee, who came to America in 1880. James McKee was a shoemaker living at Brooklyn, New York, and both he and his wife are buried in the Calvary Cemetery in that city. The children of Hugh T. Quinn and wife were: Hugh and James, now deceased; Rose, of Newark; Sarah, William, John, Mary, all deceased; Joseph L.; Stephen, of Newark, who married Alice Brennan; and Catherine, deceased.
Joseph L. Quinn was a student in Saint Michael’s School at Newark form the age of seven to fourteen. His people were in very modest circumstances and for that reason and because of his self reliant spirit he was working to earn money as a small boy, carrying and selling papers when not in school. After leaving school he became an employee of the Street Railway Company, being what was known as tow boy, having charge of the extra horse used to pull the street car up a hill. Mr. Quinn by attending evening classes made up many of the deficiencies of his education resulting from his leaving school so early. He began his apprenticeship as a stone cutter with Barney Gerberich, being with him two years, then spent a year with J. J. Spurr & Sons, and when that plant went on a strike he finished his apprenticeship with the Passaic Quarry Company of Avondale [Nutley, Essex County], New Jersey. After two years there he was employed as a journeyman by William Gray & Sons of Philadelphia, returned to Newark and was with the George Brown & Company there from 1903 to 1913, and during the last eight years of this period was planer foreman.
Mr. Quinn came to Bedford, the capital of the Indiana limestone region, in January, 1914. His first work here was as planer foreman in Mill No. 3, and from there he was transferred to the McLaren Mill of the Ingalls group as superintendent and general manager.
Mr. Quinn married, June 24, 1903, Miss Anna Muir Mckechnie, daughter of George and Mary (Allen) Mckechie. Her parents are buried in the Arlington Cemetery in New Jersey. Mr. and Mrs. Quinn have had four children: Joseph L., Jr., who after graduating from Bedford High School spent two years in Purdue University and is now assistant engineer of the City of Bedford; Miss Kathryn, a graduate of high school, is an employee of the Indiana Limestone Company; Russell is deceased; and James is a student in the Bedford High School. Mr. Quinn is a member of the Independent Order of Forresters and the Catholic Benevolent Legion, and the St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church.

The above biography is from: Roll, Charles. Indiana: One Hundred and Fifty Years of Development. Vol. 5. Chicago: Lewis Publishing Co., 1931.

Submitted by:
Pamela Quinn Gibbard

David Daye Sleppy

David Daye Sleppy
birth: 16 Jan 1914, West Springfield, Erie Co., PA to Rev. David Daye & Minnie Francis (Buzza) Sleppy
death: 25 May 1995 at Meadville, PA
burial: Roselawn Cemetery, Meadville, PA

marriage: 27 Nov 1936
Ruth Vernice McGill
birth: 21 Jul 1916 in Meadville, PA to Clarence Arthur and Hazel Kathryne (Knapp) McGill
death: 8 Feb 2012 at Lancaster, OH
burial: Roselawn Cemetery, Meadville, PA

Children of David Daye Sleppy and Ruth Vernice McGill:

  • Kathryne Sue Sleppy, b. 12 Aug 1941, m. James Harvey Caldwell, 6 Mar 1962 at Paris, IL
  • David Thomas Sleppy, b. 13 Mar 1944, m. Gwendolyn Kathryn Hinds at Seymour, IN

David Daye Sleppy lived In:

1960-1962: Seymour, Jackson County, Indiana

Also in:

  • West Springfield, Pennsylvania
  • Polk, Pennsylvania
  • Linesville, Pennsylvania
  • Meadville, Pennsylvania

Other Information:

David Daye Sleppy came from lines of ministers on both sides of his family. His father was Rev. David Daye Sleppy and his grandfather was Dr. Milton Jacob Sleppy, both Methodist ministers. On his maternal side, his mother Minnie Frances Sleppy was a lay minister in the Methodist Church. Her father was Rev. Richard Alfred Buzza, also a Methodist minister.
Dave was to attend Allegheny College, but his father died suddenly and David had to quit school and work to support his mother and brother, William Carroll Sleppy, II who was nine years younger. He learned the tool and die trade at Talon, Inc. and eventually became part of the management team. He worked at Talon until he retired.
Dave was born in West Springfield, Erie County, Pennsylvania and lived in numerous places as his father was assigned to various churches which included Polk, Linesville, and New Castle, PA. The latter was where Dave graduated from high school. He and Ruth Vernice McGill were married at Grace Methodist Church in Meadville, PA Nov 27, 1936.
Dave was active in various Masonic and Shrine lodges. He was an avid golfer known for his putting skills. His family was everything to him and always came first. Dave and Ruth were equally avid and excellent card players, but they refused to participate in Masters tournaments because of the time it would take away from the family. He was soft spoken, intelligent and very loyal to his friends of whom he had many lifelong friends.
Dave had been taught that a man’s word was everything, so he was extremely honest. In her memoirs Ruth told of him refusing to eat with friends who would not properly tip waitresses. One time he drove back to a restaurant (approximately 15 miles away) because he realized the waitress had given him an extra nickel in change!
Every afternoon when he came home from work, he would spend two hours giving his total attention to his children. For years he ran a small tool and die shop in his basement, but he would not start working there until he had spent time with the children and the family had finished their supper. When he felt Ruth was getting too stressed from her responsibilities, he would arrange for a baby sitter and take Ruth for a weekend break in Cleveland or Pittsburgh.
Over the years he had many opportunities to move with Talon. One time the company wanted to send him to Georgia for a few years. He and Ruth made a visit to the proposed future home and where greeted by the Sheriff who was the city welcoming committee. The Sheriff showed them the home the company had picked out for him. Dave asked to see the school his children would attend and was shown a beautiful new school for white students. When Dave asked where the black students went, he was shown a shack on stilts. He immediately told the Sheriff that this was not the environment in which he wanted to raise his kids and immediately went back to Meadville. It wasn’t until 1960 when Sue had finished her first year of college and David had finished his junior year of high school that Dave moved to Seymour to help manage a plant purchased by Talon. Both kids married and stayed in the state, but Dave and Ruth moved back to Meadville in 1962.
Dave died May 15, 1995 and is buried at Roselawn Cemetery in Meadville, Pennsylvania.

Submitted by:
Kathryne Sue Sleppy Caldwell

Nathaniel Hayden Miller

Nathaniel Hayden Miller
birth: 12 Sep 1881 at Monroeville, Allen Co., IN to Milo Miller and Mollie Wiltsie
death: 16 Feb 1961 in Fort Wayne, Allen Co., IN
burial: Lindenwood Cemetery, Fort Wayne, Allen Co., IN

marriage: 19 Aug 1903, Fort Wayne, Allen Co., IN
Hattie Izola Evard
birth: 16 Feb 1886, Monroeville, Allen Co., IN to Clement Evard and Eliza Jane Sappington
death: unknown
burial: unknown

Children of Nathaniel Hayden Miller and Hattie Izola Evard:

  • Lamoine, b. 1905
  • Buelah, b. 1907, d. 1977
  • Silvia/Syvia, b. 1908, d. 2003
  • Fay, b. 1917
  • Don, b. 1921, d. 1981

Nathaniel Hayden Miller lived In:

Monroeville, Allen County, Indiana and Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana.

Submitted by:
Donna L. Riegel


Aden Martin Fehlman

Aden Martin Fehlman
birth: at Chicago, Cook Co., IL to Mathias Fehlman and Margaret Arnold
death: 20 Mar 1947 at Chicago, Cook Co., IL
burial: Maplewood Cemetery, Crown Point, Lake Co., IN

marriage: 1 Jan 1885, Crown Point, Lake Co., IN
Pearl Holton
birth: 9 Jun 1857, Crown Point, Lake Co., IN to Charles V. Holton and Margaret J. Cochran
death: 2 Apr 1940, in Chicago, Cook Co., IL
burial: Maplewood Cemetery, Crown Point, Lake Co., IN

Children of Aden Martin Fehlman and Pearl Holton:

  • Claire Ruby Fehlman, b. 11 Dec 1886, d. 24 Sept 1960, m. Emma Don Baker, 15 Oct 1909
  • May Ora Fehlman, b. 23 May 1888, d. about 1960, m. Hugh Keough
  • Margaret Jane Fehlman, b. 18 Dec 1890, d. 16 Apr 1970, missionary to Pakistan until age 81
  • Josephine Geneva Fehlman, b. 27 Mar 1892, d. 13 Feb 1927
  • Walter Fay Fehlman, b. 28 Aug 1895, d. 1951, m. Gertrude Pfirter, 15 Aug 1922
  • Gertrude Fehlman, b. 8 Sep 1898, d. 30 Apr 1973, m. John Alexander, 1925

Aden Martin Fehlman lived In:

1885- 1946: At 325 Vernon Avenue, Crown Point, Lake County, Indiana from the time he was married until he moved to Chicago in his old age to live with a daughter.

Other Information:

Wife Pearl when to Englewood to be with her mother for the births of May, Josephine, and Walter.

If you wish more information on the Fehlman and Holton lines, please contact the submitter at the email below.

Submitted by:
Jo Furman