Benjamin Chadsey

Benjamin Chadsey
birth: 8 Aug 1765, North Kingston, RI, to Richard Chadsey & Servia Reynolds
death: 8 Aug 1812 near Vincennes, Knox County, IN
burial: Buried on farm near Vincennes, IN

marriage: 24 Aug 1786 in Vermont
Jerusha Nichold
birth: 29 Oct 1764 in Vermont
death: 15 Feb 1815 near Vincennes, Knox County, IN
burial: Buried on their farm with spouse near Vincennes, Knox County, IN

Children of Jerusha Nichold and Benjamin Chadsey:

  • Sirrinda Chadsey (1 Apr 1788 Vermont – 1820) m. 1715 Mr. Hibbard
  • Susanna Chadsey (22 Nov 1791 Vermont – 18 Oct 1845 Vincennes, Knox, IN) m. 1809 Mr. Maleory
  • Jerusha Chadsey (25 Jun 1794 Vermont – 1865 Schuyler County, IL) m. 12 Jun 1816 Mr. Robert Harrison in Knox County, IN
    • m. 22 Jun 1839 Nathan Brooks in Schuyler, IL
  • Benjamin Chadsey II (18 Aug 1796 Vermont – Schuyler, IL 1883)
  • John Milton Chadsey (22 Nov 1798 New York – 7 Nov 1876 Santa Fe, MO) m. 1828 Margaret Mitchell in Parke County IN
  • Robert Nichols Chadsey (22 Feb 1801 NY – 1 Aug 1885 Rushville, Schuyler, IL)
  • Asaph Nichols Chadsey (24 Feb 1803 NY – 10 Aug 1835 AR)
  • Sophronia Chadsey (23 Dec 1805 NY – 9 Feb 1881 Schuyler County, IL)
  • James A Chadsey (24 Oct 1809 NY)

Ancestor here lived in:

  • Franklin County, VT
  • Essex, NY
  • OH

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Ann M Yochum

Kenneth Eugene Mason

Kenneth Eugene Mason
birth: 20 Jan 1920 in Indianapolis, IN to Fern Clark & Volney Ancil Mason
death: 23 Aug 1959 in Terre Haute, IN
burial: Highland Lawn Cemetery, Terre Haute, IN

marriage: 28 Feb 1946 in Dolphn, VA
Frances Colleen Gibson
birth: 21 Nov 1927 in Lawrenceville, VA to Lulu Virginia Lewis & William Cullen Gibson
death: 8 Dec 1968 in Terre Haute, IN
burial: Highland Lawn Cemetery, Terre Haute, IN

Children of Kenneth Eugene Mason and Frances Colleen Gibson:

  • Fern Eugenia Mason (1947)
  • Billie Virginia Mason (1948)
  • Betty Lee Mason (1951 – 2011)

Kenneth Eugene Mason lived in:

  • 1920 – 1928 Nashville, IN
  • 1920 – 1944 Indianapolis, IN
  • 1944-1946 Army Air Corps
  • 1948 – 1950 Nashville, IN
  • 1950 -1959 Terre Haute, IN
  • 1946 -1948 Virginia

Other Information:
An accomplished stand up base player. Played with big bands and small cowboy groups. He played with Bill Monroe in Nashville, IN. He was key to promoting and playing in the Terre Haute Park Band.

Fern Lalonde
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Virgil James Gilchrist

Virgil James Gilchrist
birth: 28 Mar 1900 in Richland Twp., Fulton Co., IN to William Jefferson Gilchrist & Millie Artemicia Mow
death: 08 Apr 1971 in Jeffersonville, Clark County, IN
burial: Walnut Ridge Cemetery, Jeffersonville, Clark Co., IN

marriage: 25 Oct. 1927 in South Bend, St. Joseph Co., IN
Alcie Elizabeth O’Dell
birth: 25 Oct 1903 in Montgomery County, IN to William Franklin O’Dell & Virginia Margaret Phelps
death: 18 Mar 1972 in Jeffersonville, Clark Co., IN
burial: Walnut Ridge Cemetery, Jeffersonville, Clark Co, IN

Children of Virgil James Gilchrist and Alcie Elizabeth O’Dell:

  • Claudia Marie Gilchrist m. Robert Eugene Deen
  • Margaret Jean Gilchrist m. Frank Duane Killebrew
  • Wilma Opal Gilchrist (11 Dec. 1930 – 01 May 2012) m. 27 Aug 1955 to Samuel Cline Gill
  • James Bruce Gilchrist (01 Jan 1933 – 04 Jan 2004) m. Katherine Joanna Wishard
  • Living
  • Robert Allen Gilchrist m. Patricia Sue McAllister

Virgil James Gilchrist lived in:

  • 1900-1927 Fulton County, IN
  • 1928- 1939 St. Joseph Co., IN and Fulton Co., IN
  • 1943-1945 New Albany, Floyd County, IN
  • 1945- 1954 Jeffersonville, Clark County, IN
  • 1957-1971 Jeffersonville, Clark County, IN
  • 1939-1943 Vinita, Craig County, OK
  • 1954-1957 Reidland, McCrackin County, KY

Other Information:

Virgil dropped out of high school in the first part of his senior year and began his life’s work in construction. For a short time he took a job in IL, working on a horse farm and helping to train trotters and pacers. He loved sulky racing and frequently took his family to fairgrounds and race tracks where these horses were raced. He never bet on the horses, but simply loved to watch them run. Living in Jeffersonville, IN he often took out-of-town visitors to Lexington, KY to tour the thoroughbred horse farms in the days when visitors were allowed to walk through the barns and stables. In his younger days, Virgil was on the construction crew that built the football stadium at Notre Dame University in South Bend. During his working life, he worked as a carpenter and later as construction superintendent, building schools, churches and place of business. From the 1940s until his death, Virgil was very active in the Methodist Church, serving as lay leader, chairman of the official board, choir member and Sunday School teacher. He started teaching a class of junior high school students at Park Place Methodist Church and continued with that class until those students had children in junior high school. He was lovingly called “Pop” Gilchrist by that group, and at the time of his death, the class built a picnic shelter on the church property and named it in honor of Virgil J. Gilchrist. He loved working with young people, and he loved the Lord he served so faithfully.

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E Ann Grubb
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William Jefferson Gilchrist

William Jefferson Gilchrist
birth: 31 Mar 1869 in Richland Township, Fulton Co., IN to Thomas Gilchrist & Phoebe Keely
death: 20 Dec 1943 in South Bend, St. Joseph Co., IN
burial: I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Richland Center, Fulton Co., IN

marriage: 31 Dec. 1898 in Fulton County, IN
Millie Artemicia Mow
02 Jul 1880 Fulton County, IN to David B. Mow & Catherin Buehler/Beehler
19 Sep 1920 Richland Township, Fulton Co., IN
I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Richland Center, Fulton Co., IN

Children of William Jefferson Gilchrist and Millie Artemicia Mow:

  • Virgil James Gilchrist (28 Mar 1900 – 08 Apr. 1971) m. 25 Oct.1927 in South Bend, St. Joseph Co., IN to Alcie Elizabeth O’Dell
  • Byron Bruce Gilchrist (27 Jan 1903 – 07 Jan 1998) m. 18 Aug. 1928 in South Bend, St. Joseph Co., IN to Emma Berneice Pfeiffer

William Jefferson Gilchrist lived in:

  • 1869 – 1902 Rochester Township, Fulton Co., IN
  • 1902 Richland Township, Fulton Co., IN
  • In his later years he lived first with his son, Virgil and his family in Floyd and Clark Counties in Indiana, and then until his death, with his younger son, Byron and family in South Bend, St. Joseph County, IN.

Other Information:

Will GILCHRIST attended the old Burton Evangelical Church until the
family moved to Richland Township. Then he became very active in the Grand
View Evangelical Church in the Whippoorwill Community, serving in the
capacity of Sunday School Superintendent of that church for many years.

Will was described as “the sweetest-tempered, most gentle man in the
world,” by one sister of Elizabeth (O’DELL), Will’s daughter-in-law.
William was a handsome man, probably just under 6′ tall and of sturdy
build, but not heavy.

William always seemed to be standing at a distance from other people in snapshots, and most usually, he would be positioned to the right side of the photo. Will’s son, Byron GILCHRIST, in June, 1996, gave this report, “That right eye was injured from a severe bump Dad received and the bone deterioration that the injury caused. As a boy,
he hit himself in the eye with the leg of a milking stool. He had reached
across the back of one of the cows to get the stool down from where it was
hanging on the barn wall. The cow shifted her stance; he lost his grip on
the stool and a leg of the stool hit him in the eye. There was a clinic in
Michigan where Dad spent several weeks in treatment. He lost the sight in that eye, and maybe he did position himself that way in pictures to hide it or so that he could
best see the others people in a group.” The wedding picture of Will and Artie Gilchrist reveals a distinct difference in the appearance of that eye and the left one.

Although Will grew up on a farm and continued to maintain his father’s farm after Thomas was not able to do it, Will’s first love was carpentry. He did not want to be a farmer, but felt obligated to carry on for his father. He taught both of his sons to do both kinds of labor and both of them earned their living in construction work, but farmed enough to provide food for their families.

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E. Ann Grubb
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Thomas Gilchrist

Thomas Gilchrist
birth: 14 Apr 1839 – Jefferson County, IN to James Gilchrist & Mary Anderson
death: 26 Apr 1926 in Richland Twp., Fulton County, IN
burial: I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Leiters Ford, Fulton Co., IN

marriage: 11 June 1862 – Fulton County, IN
Phoebe Keely
birth: 04 Nov 1846 – Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN to  James Keely & Mary A. McKee
death: 04 Dec. 1895 – Rochester Twp., Fulton Co., IN
burial: I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Leiters Ford, Fulton Co., IN

Children of Thomas Gilchrist and Phoebe Keely:

  • James K. Gilchrist (10 May 1863 – 29 Feb 1906) m. 03 Jul 1889 in Muskingum Co., OH to Theresa E. Miller Painter
  • William Jefferson Gilchrist (31 Mar 1869 – 20 Dec. 1943) m. 31 Dec. 1898 in Rochester, Fulton Co., IN to Millie Artemicia Mow
  • Mary Anderson Gilchrist (13 Sep 1875 – 05 Jul 1949) m. 26 Feb 1893 in Rochester, Fulton Co., IN to John Ault

The following children are buried with Thomas and Phoebe Gilchrist, but there has been no documentation to prove they are their children; the markers on these graves give only the first name of each child.

  • Sideny (10 Mar 1876 – 28 Oct. 1876)
  • Nellie (17 Mar 1888 – 13 May 1889)
  • Edward L. (11 Jan 1890 – 25 Feb. 1890)

Thomas Gilchrist lived in:

  • 1839- Abt. 1850 Thomas lived in Hanover Twp., Jefferson County, IN
  • 1850 – 1902 Rochester Township, Fulton County, IN
  • 1902 – death in 1926 Richland Township, Fulton County, IN
  • 1846 -1853 Phoebe Keely Gilchrist lived in Indianapolis, Marion County, IN
  • 1853- death in 1895 Fulton County, IN

Other Information:

James Gilchrist, the father of Thomas and James Gilchrist conveyed nearly all of his farmland to his two sons and his daughter, Jennet Campbell in 1860. In 1881, the two brothers divided their 180 acres between them. When Thomas married, he and his wife remained in his parents’ home in Rochester Township. In 1890 James conveyed his share of the property to Thomas and Phoebe “for one dollar plus love and affection,” reserving for himself a life estate on the land that had belonged to him. Thomas sold the farm in 1902, after James’ death in 1897, and purchased 122 acres on the north side of the Tippecanoe River in Richland Township. On this property he built a log home where he remained until his death. In 1898 William Gilchrist, Thomas’ son, brought his bride to live with Thomas and Phoebe. William remained there after Thomas’ and Phoebe’s deaths, and for several years thereafter.

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E. Ann Grubb
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James Gilchrist

James Gilchrist
birth: 04 Nov. 1798/99 – Scotland
death: 13 Oct. 1876 – Rochester, Fulton County, IN
burial: I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Leiters Ford, Fulton County, IN

marriage: 13 Aug. 1826 – Jefferson County, IN
Mary Anderson
birth: 08 Sep. 1799 – Johnstone, Dumfries, Scotland to Thomas Anderson & Elizabeth Bridget Beck
death: 01 Jan. 1877 – Rochester, Fulton County, IN
burial: I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Leiters Ford, Fulton County, IN

Children of James Gilchrist and Mary Anderson:

  • Elizabeth Gilchrist (25 Jan 1828 – 17 Jan 1835)
  • James Gilchrist (1832 – 1897)
  • Jennet Gilchrist (16 Jun 1835- 04 Oct 1865) m. 19 Jan 1860 in Rochester, Fulton Co., IN to Christopher Campbell
  • Thomas Gilchrist (14 Apr 1839 – 26 Apr 1926) m. 11 June 1862 in Fulton County, IN to Phoebe Keely

James Gilchrist lived in:

  • Recorded in both his first and second papers for citizenship, James Gilchrist was “a native of Lennockshire, Scotland (assumed Lanarkshire). He arrived at Port of Baltimore in late June 1821.
  • 1826 Jefferson County, IN
  • 1845 Fulton County, IN

Other Information:

James and Mary Gilchrist were members of the Carmel Associate Presbyterian Church in Hanover Township, Jefferson County, IN. Their first child, Elizabeth is buried in the cemetery there in the block of graves of the Thomas Taylor family, neighbors of the Gilchrists and also natives of Scotland.

Apparently James and Mary Gilchrist were well thought of in the Fulton County area where they lived. The obituary for James includes the following tribute:
“…Never was a neighborhood blest with more honest, accommodating
and useful neighbors than were Mr. and Mrs. Gilchrist. They died as
they had lived, loved and esteemed by all, and are at peace with God…”

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E. Ann Grubb
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John B. Knight

John B Knight
birth: 1839 De Kalb, Indiana, USA to David Brookens Knight and Mary Ann Boyle Knight
death: 26 June 1822, Umatilla, Oregon, USA
burial: Olney Cemetery, Pendleton, Umatilla, Oregon, USA

marriage: 26 January 1871, Umatilla, Oregon, USA
Mary Olera Harkness
birth: 07 May 1852, Monroe, Iowa, USA to Robert Harkness and Eleanor Gill Harkness
death: 16 April 1922, Umatilla, Oregon, USA
burial: Olney Cemetery, Pendleton, Unatilla, Oregon, USA

Children of John B. Knight and Mary Olera Harkness:

  • Elmer Burton Knight (1879-1951) m. Leta Unknown
  • Roy Brokise Knight (1884-1907)
  • Pearlie David Mitchel Knight (1880-1899)
  • Orlando Whitley Knight (1884-1907)

John B. Knight lived in:

  • De Kalb, IN
  • 1860 – St. Joseph, MI
  • Oregon
  • Washington
  • Umatilla, OR
  • 1920 – Pendleton City, OR

Other Information:

John served in Indiana Eleventh Infantry, Co. E, 1861-1862. He was discharged for disability.

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Lina M Zerkle
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Simeon Frank Hamman

Simeon Frank Hamman
birth: 23 March 1842, Stark, Ohio, USA to John Hamman and Margaret Frick Hamman
death: 03 September 1910, Lakeport, Lake, California, USA
burial: Hartley Cemetery, Lake, California, USA

marriage: 02 June 1866, De Kalb, Indiana, USA
Elizabeth Jane Wiley
birth: September 1848, Ohio, USA to James Wiley and Ellen Unknown Wiley
death: 27 February 1913, Lakeport, Lake, California, USA
burial: Hartley Cemetery, Lakeport, Lake, California, USA

Simeon Frank Hamman lived in:

  • Stark, OH
  • Franklin township, De Kalb County, IN
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Acton, Petaluma, San Bernadino, CA
  • Washington
  • Lakeport, Lake County, CA

Other Information:

While in Indiana Simeon’s occupation was as carpenter, farmer, and sawmill owner.
He served in the Indiana 88th Infantry, Co. A during the civil war 1862-1866.
He continued his work as a carpenter when they moved California. Simeon had a number of health reasons for moving. He also suffered from deafness.
While there he wrote many letters back to his brother, Daniel F Hamman, telling about Elizabeth’s and his life. When they lived north of Los Angeles in 1909 when the earthquake hit that city. It was felt fifty miles away in Lakeport.

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Lina M Zerkle

David Martin

David Martin
birth: 05 November 1813, York, Pennsylvania, USA
death: 28 July 1876, Allamakee, Iowa, USA
burial: Waterville Luthern Church Cemetery, Allamakee, Iowa, USA

marriage: 01 March 1845, De Kalb, Indiana, USA
Lydia Ann Shearer
birth: 01 May 1827, Stark, Ohio, USA
death: 23 September 1905, Allamakee, Iowa, USA
burial: Rossville Cemetery, Allamakee, Iowa, USA

Children of David Martin and Lydia Ann Shearer:

  • Harriet Elizabeth Martin (1845-1847) m. Daniel F Hamman
  • Missouri Martin (1847-1890) m. Jacob Shumaker
  • Hiram Herman Martin (1850-1908) m. Mary Naressa Thomas
  • Mary E. Martin (1853-1870) m. Frank Anderson
  • Ellen Martin (1856-1870)
  • Emily A Martin (1858-1937) m. Alvin Allen Forney
  • John D Martin (1861-Unknown)
  • Lydia Ann Martin (1864-1866)
  • Phoebe Caroline Martin (1867-1904) m. Harrie Hans Rongstad
  • Effie Luella Martin (1870-1944) m. Ben Rongstad

David Martin lived in:

  • York County PA
  • De Kalb, IN
  • Paint Creek Township, Allamakee County, IA

Other Information:

Daniel’s daughter, Harriet, moved back to De Kalb County to visit her Uncle John Martin. While there she married neighbor, Daniel F Hamman in 1970.

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Lina M Zerkle