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William Alexander Warthen

William Alexander Warthen
birth: 14 Jan 1795 in North Carolina to William Warthen (Wortham) and Phoebe Puckett
death: 1 Nov 1875 in Ray Township, Morgan County, Indiana
burial: Warthen Cemetery, Ray Township, Morgan County Indiana

marriage: 1818 in Overton Co, TN
Sarah W. Wadkins
birth: 1796 in TN to Samuel Wadkins-Amanda (name unknown)
death: 1858 in Morgan County, Indiana
burial: unknown

Children of Sarah W. Wadkins and William Alexander Warthen:

  • Amanda 1818-1888
  • John Alexander-1820-1883
  • Ira Smith-1821-1863
  • Pamelia 1823-1830
  • Polly Ann 1824-1914
  • Frances Laura 1825-1856
  • Permelia 1827-1925
  • William Simpson 1831-1913
  • Phoebe Puckett 1832-1899
  • Susannah J. 1832-1895
  • James J. 1834-1913
  • Sarah Wadkins 1836-1903
  • Laura 1835-?
  • Isaiah Bedford 1838-1927.

Ancestor here lived in:

  • Ray Township, Morgan county, Indiana. First shown in Indiana around 1830.

Locations where person lived outside of Indiana: 

Born in North Carolina, Tennessee 1814-1830, Indiana from around 1830 until death in 1875.

Other Information: Veteran of War of 1812 enlisted in Capt. David Smiths Company near Fayetteville, Tennessee. From Fayetteville, Tennessee, place of muster, he marched with the company to Fort Williams, Alabama, where he remained for the period of about four months and performed Garrison Duty. There were no battles in that district at that time. From Fort Williams he was furloughed beyond the time of his enlistment which he understood to be for the time of six months and permitted to return home in Overton County, Tennessee, where he was discharged. He was sent his discharge by his Captain from the home of the Captain at Sparta, Tennessee. William A. served from June 20, 1814 to February 2, 1815. Received land grant in Indiana for his 1812 service.

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Thomas Mason

Thomas Mason
b. about 1792, North Carolina, to Thomas and Elizabeth Mason
d. 21 September 1865, Ironton, Sauk County, Wisconsin

m/1. 22 may 1815, Wayne County, Indiana
Griselda “Grizzel” Elliott
b. 1796, North Carolina, to Job and Orpha (Griffin) Elliott
d. 1830-31 in Indiana

m/2. 12 August 1831, Delaware County, Indiana
Mahala Puckett
b. about 1807, Surry County, North Carolina
d. Ironton, Sauk County, Wisconsin

Children with Griselda Elliott:
• Malinda (1825-1876) married Meredith Beeson
• Elihu married Elizabeth Collins
• Elliott (Eliot) married Gincy Jackson
• Edith married William Bates and/or Isaac Macy
• Mary married Thomas Addington

Children with Mahala Puckett:
• Nathan (1832-1912) married Elizabeth Weeks
• Gilla (b. 1834) married Will Bundy
• Thomas Elwood (1837-1914) married Martha Ann Bundy
• Clarinda (b. 1840)
• Isom (b. 1844) married Margaret Thomas
• James (b. 1846-died during Sherman’s march to the sea)
• Falitha (Talitha) (b. 1849) married George W. Ganfield
• Mahala (1851-1930) married John Fraser

Thomas came to Wayne County, Indiana, about 1814- 1815. They resided in Chester, Wayne County; Mississinewa Township; Delaware County; Pleasant Township; and Grant, Elkhart, and Randolph counties. He left the state in 1853 from Grant or Howard County. Thomas and Mahala were among the founding families of the Quaker settlement at Baraboo, Wisconsin. He was a minister.

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