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John McElroy, II

John McElroy, II
b. to Robert and Matilda (Trout) McElroy
d. 6 April 1887, Kankakee County, Illinois

m. 11 February 1840, Jefferson County, Indiana
Margaret Crozier
b. to James and Mary (Woods) Crozier
d. November 1871, Kankakee County, Illinois

Children with Margaret Crozier:
• Sarah (1849-1920) married Ben Roberts
• George McKee (1852-1939) married Lydia Cooper
• Julia E. (b. 1854) married James Smiley
• James (1857-1948) married Melissa Ann Hoyt Cooper
• Mary Frances “Mace” (1858-1939) married John Blackstone Cooper
• John, Jr. (1861-1938) married Cora Jane Cooper
• Edwin McLellan (1864-1938) (twin) married (1) Belle Sullinder, (2) Magda T. Kopstad
• Elvina “Allie” (b. 1864) (twin) married Harry Watkins
• Wilbur (1868-1899) (twin)
• Willis (1868-1929) (twin) married Katie Mann

John came Indiana in 1830 as a boy. He moved to LaPorte County about 1854 and to Kankakee County, Illinois, in 1860. He was a farmer, a stock breeder, and a member of the Presbyterian Church.

Submitted by:
Tammy Wilson
Newton NC
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George Humphreys

George Humphreys
b. about 1764
d. 10 April 1840, Edwards County, Illinois

m/1. about 1780
Frances Garrard
b. to Daniel and Elizabeth Garrard
d. 1836, Gibson County, Indiana

m/2. 25 February 1838, Clay County, Illinois
Mary Rose
b. about 1808
d. 4 June 1884

Children with Frances Garrard:
• Elizabeth married (1) Samuel Murphy, (2) John Severns
• Joseph (1784-1830) married Margaret “Peggy” Lynn
• Sarah married John Adams, Jr.
• Nancy married Peter Groves
• Uriah (1794-1842) married Rachel Gordon
• George married Jane Woods
• Dice married (1) William Brittingham, (2) John Taylor, (3) [–?–] Tomes, (4) John Dunning
• Elijah married Sabra Garwood
• Mariah married William Garwood

Children with Mary Rose:
• Martin Van Buren married Elizabeth Warmoth
• George Washington

George was a private in Captain Hughes Company of Colonel White’s 1st Regiment of Continental Dragoons, enlisting in the fall of 1781 at Williamsburg, Virginia. He came to White River Township, Gibson County, Indiana, from Muhlenberg County, Kentucky, about 1807. He moved to Illinois about 1837. Frances Garrard was the niece of the governor of Kentucky. Mary Rose married the second time in 1843 in Illinois, Pelic Hull, who died in 1850. In 1853, Mary was granted a pension of $100 per month from George’s Revolutionary War service. She later lived in St. Louis, Missouri, and Farmersville, Tulare County, California.

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Sharon Howell
Greenwood IN
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James Crozier

James Crozier
b. Ireland
d. 20 April 1873, Bourbonnais, Kankakee County, Illinois

m. Ireland
Mary Woods
b. Ireland
d. 1858, Kankakee County, Illinois

Children with Mary Woods:

  • John (b. 1825) married Mary Jane Ritchie (b. 1830)
  • James
  • Margaret (d. 1876) married John McElroy
  • Mary I. married John Hood

James was a weaver and a farmer. James and Mary came to America around 1824, first settling in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. They came to Jefferson County, Indiana, in 1835 and cleared their land. About 1853, they moved to LaPorte County, Indiana, where they rented land. In 1855, they moved to Kankakee County, Illinois, and settled near the town of Bourbonnais.

Submitted by:
Tammy Wilson
Newton NC
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Philip Carpenter

Philip Carpenter
b. February 1836, Indiana, to Thomas and Nancy (Collum) Carpenter
d. after 1900, probably Texas

m/1. 23 January 1855, Greene County, Indiana
Elizabeth Ooley
b. 1839, Indiana, to Elijah and Sarah (Newton) Ooley
d. about 1875, Indiana

m/2. 15 September 1875, Greene County, Indiana
Hannah E. Sims
b. October 1847
d. after 1900

Children with Elizabeth Ooley:

  • Salina (1859–bef 1870)
  • Ithamar (1862-1944)
  • Sarah (1864-1941) married (1) Jacob Staggs, (2) John Heinrich Kaiser, (3) Linza L. Woods
  • America (1867-abt 1932) married I. W. Wright
  • Eliza E. (b. 1870)

Children with Hannah E. Sims:

  • James A. (b. 1877)
  • Martha J. (b. 1879)
  • Kalie (b. 1887)

Thomas Carpenter came to Indiana from Kentucky. Phillip left Indiana with the children of his first marriage and his second wife, Hannah Sims. In Missouri, Phillip and Hannah had James; in Arkansas they had Martha; Kalie was born in Texas in 1887. By 1900 they were living in Cedar Township, Polk County, Arkansas.

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Mildred Holmes
Marysville WA
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Calvin J. Woods

Dr. Calvin J. Woods
b. 2 June 1819, Pulaski, Giles County, Tennessee, to Daniel Thatcher and Flavia (Reese) Woods
d. 14 May 1907, De Funiak Springs, Walton County, Florida

Pamelia Jane McCord
b. 1829, to William McCord
d. 1902

Children with Pamelia Jane McCord:

  • Sarah E. (1851-1880)
  • Ada (1853 – aft 1930) married [–?–] Peeples
  • Laura M. (1855-1947)
  • Lucius Zachary Taylor (1847-1849)

About 1842, Calvin, his father, and two brothers relocated to Centerville, Indiana. Calvin and his brother David had just completed Army service with General Zachary Taylor in the Seminole campaign in Florida where they were involved in at least the start of the Trail of Tears. Calvin studied at Waynesburg College in Pennsylvania, completing medical studies in Columbus, Ohio, and began practicing medicine in Centerville.

With Dr. John M. Pritchett, he organized the Centerville Scientific and Literary Society as well as helping form the second Masonic Lodge in 1847. He joined the 19th Indiana Volunteer Regiment as a surgeon at the start of the Civil War. Governor Oliver P. Morton drafter Dr. Woods for duty with the Indiana Sanitary Commission and placed him in charge of supplying all Indiana troops to the south and west. After the war he served in Washington as a member of the medical board of pension examiners.

He lived his final years in Centerville but died in 1907 while in Florida. His body was brought back to Centerville for burial with Masonic honors. His death was noted by the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Submitted by:
David L. Woods
Hedgesville WV
E-mail: dlwoods70@earthlink.net

Daniel Thatcher Woods

Daniel Thatcher Woods
b. 21 September 1781, Kentucky, to Samuel Woods
d. 12 July 1850, California

m. 10 November 1803, Sumner County, Tennessee
Flavia Reese

Children with Flavia Reese:

  • daughter (b. 1808)
  • LeRoy (1809-1879)
  • Calvin J. (1819-1907)
  • David B. (1821-1849)

Daniel was a surveyor in Pulaski, Tennessee during his young married days. He relocated to Centerville, Wayne County, Indiana, about 1840. His son Rev. LeRoy Woods joined him from a post in Pennsylvania. Calvin and David joined him later and both were prominent citizens of Centerville.

Daniel and his son David left Indiana on 26 March 1849 with a wagon train bound for the California Gold Rush. David was killed by Indians shortly after they arrived in California. Daniel died shortly after David was killed, and both are buried in unmarked graves in Bear River Valley, California.

Submitted by:
David L. Woods
Hedgesville WV
E-mail: dlwoods70@earthlink.net

Patrick E Woods

Patrick E Woods
b. 10 January 1822, Gibson County, Indiana, to John Woods
d. 1 December 1804, Richland County, Illinois

m. 4 June 1846, Gibson County, Indiana
Mary J. Hawkins
b. 20 June 1829, Indiana
d. 8 April 1914, Clay County, Illinois

Children with Mary J. Hawkins:

  • Eliza
  • Zachariah
  • Malinda married [–?–] Stanley
  • Benjamin
  • Elizah
  • Annie married [–?–] Pohoroff
  • William
  • Mary married [–?–] Slack
  • Martha married [–?–] Jackson
  • Sarah married [–?–] Breedlove
  • Rachel marrid [–?–] Carter

Patrick emigrated from Indiana in 1852 to Jasper County, Illinois.

Submitted by:
Randall M. Grove
Dix IL

John Woods

John Woods
b. 1803, Indiana or Tennessee
d. about 1855, Jasper County, Illinois


Mary Riffy-Thomas
b. 1810, Virginia
d. 1898, Jasper County, Illinois

Children with [–?–]:

Children with Mary Riffy-Thomas:

  • Nancy married [–?–] Kittle
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • Francis
  • Lydia

John immigrated to Gibson County, Indiana, from Blount County, Tennessee, in 1807. He
then emigrated from Indiana in 1848 to Jasper County, Illinois.

Submitted by:
Randall M. Grove
Dix IL

James G Woods

James G Woods
b. 1820, Gibson County, Indiana, to John Woods
d. 1 October 1897, Cedar County, Missouri

m. 26 December 1840, Gibson County, Indiana
Mary Ann Taylor
b. 1824, Butler County, Kentucky
d. 14 May 1904, Clay County, Illinois

Children with Mary Ann Taylor:

  • Andrew J.
  • John D.
  • Timothy
  • Diana married (1) [–?–] Dilman, (2) [–?–] Miller
  • Catherine married [–?–] Harty
  • George B. McClellan
  • Stephen
  • Melinda

James emigrated from Gibson County, Indiana, to Smallwood, Jasper County, Illinois in 1848.

Submitted by:
Randall M. Grove
Dix IL

Lewis Hine

Lewis Hine
b. 14 November 1835, Salem, Stokes County, North Carolina, to John and Phebe (Phillips) Hine
d. 1 September 1912, Reeds, Jasper County, Missouri

m. 10 December 1856, Hope, Bartholomew County, Indiana
Susanna Reed
b. 5 November 1837, Bartholomew County, Indiana, to Thomas and Catherine (Ply) Reed
d. 5 July 1918, Reeds, Jasper County, Missouri

Children with Susanna Reed:

  • John L. (1857–1858)
  • Lewis Turner (1859–1949) married Olive C. Dale
  • Rufus W. (1861–1889) married Louisa Eugenia Johnson
  • Edith Augusta (1865–1939) married Parker Samuel Spencer
  • Eddy A. (1865–1865)
  • Thomas S. (1867–1940) married Trina Mason
  • Mary Jane (1869–1910) married Ed. C. Turner
  • Amos A. (b. 1871) married Fleeda Gohlson
  • George A. (1873–1949)
  • Ida Bell (1875–1940) married Finis Holmes Woods
  • infant (1877–1877)
  • Cora May (1878–1939) married George R. Clay

Lewis immigrated from Stokes County, North Carolina, in 1854 or 1855. He moved to Jasper County, Missouri, about 1866.

Submitted by:
Rebecca Spencer
Stotts City MO