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Mervin Aldean Cripe

Mervin Aldean Cripe
birth: 3 May 1919, Clinton Township, Elkhart County, Indiana to Clarence Ray Cripe and Edith Mae Swartz
death: 5 September 2002, North Manchester, Wabash County, Indiana
burial: Ulrey Cemetery, Kosciusko County, Indiana (beside Eel River Church of the Brethren on S.R. 14)

Constance and Mervin Cripe gravestone

Constance and Mervin Cripe gravestone

marriage: 20 August 1947, Gauley Bridge, Fayette County, West Virginia
Constance Maria Dewese
birth: 20 August 1927, Selma, Alleghany County, Virginia to Walter Osborne Dewese and Ada Kathryn Carter
death: 27 November 2009, North Manchester, Wabash County, Indiana
burial: Ulrey Cemetery, Kosciusko County, Indiana (next to Eel River Church of the Brethren on S.R. 14)

Children of Mervin Aldean Cripe and Constance Maria Dewese:

  • living child b. 1950
  • Peggy Jo Cripe b. 1951, d. 1959, buried Ulrey Cemetery, Kosciusko County, Indiana

Mervin Aldean Cripe lived on a farm in rural Clinton Township, Elkhart County, Indiana until he left home to go to college about 1938. He later lived in Kosciusko County, Indiana from 1954-1961 when he was pastor of the Eel River Church of the Brethren. He retired to the Timbercrest Retirement Home in North Manchester, Indiana in August 1993 and lived there until his death in 2002.

Mervin lived in Chicago, Illinois, while attending seminary at Bethany Theological Seminary (Church of the Brethren). He was pastor at the Swan Creek Church of the Brethren, near Wauseon, Fulton County, Ohio from 1949-1954. He was pastor for many years at the Brook Park Community Church in Brook Park, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland in Cuyahoga County. He lived there from 1961-1993.

Mervin attended Purdue University for three years from 1938-1941. He then participated in Civilian Public Service work for the duration of the war. He worked at the University of Maryland in the Dairy Department, spending time at College Park and at Bowie during his CPS days. By this time, he knew he wanted to be a minister, so he finished his college work at Bridgewater College in Bridgewater, Virginia in 1947. Here is where he met his wife. They had been introduced before, but got better acquainted while working together on a college play “The Corn is Green.” Mervin played Morgan Evans and Constance played Miss Moffat.

Submitted by:
Marian (Cripe) Corya

Elizabeth J. Hall

Elizabeth J. Hall
b. 1839, to Hiram F. and Catherine (House) Hall
d. 5 March 1908, Santa Ana, Calfornia

m. 12 March 1873
Jack D. Blair

Elizabeth came with her parents, a sister and three brothers to Kosciusko County, Indiana in 1846. Two later siblings were born in Kosciusko County before the family moved on to Kansas about 1866.

Submitted by:
Margaret Bobertz
P.O. Box 517
Platte SD

Sampson Wolfinger

Sampson Wolfinger
b. 14 June 1870, Ligonier, Noble County, Indiana, to John and Lydia (Huffman) Wolfinger
d. 28 September 1940, Constantine, St. Joseph County, Michigan

m. 21 August 1903, Goshen, Elkhart County, Indiana
Amanda Katie Smith
b. 26 February 1886, East Goshen, Elkhart County, Indiana
d. 11 February, 1945, Elkhart, Elkhart County, Indiana

Children with Amanda Katie Smith:
• Maggie D
• Charles A.
• Chester O.
• May E.
• Lydia E.
• Herman J.
• Gladys M.
• George E.
• Robert R.
• Mary A.
• Clifford R.

Sampson lived in Syracuse, Kosciusko County, Indiana, before emigrating around 1910 to 1920.

Submitted by:
Brenda Irene Wolfinger Woodling
Wauseon OH

Marilla Thompson

Marilla Thompson
b. 10 December 1849, Leesburg, Kosciusko County, Indiana, to Samuel and Sarah Thompson
d. 20 March 1919

m. 8 June 1879
John Williams
d. 9 July 1903, Lyndon, Osage County, Kansas

Children with John Williams:
• Sarah Lovella married Richard Schultz
• Harry Herbert
• Olive Gertrude
• Ira
• Samuel C.

Marilla left Indiana in 1870.

Submitted by:
Dr. Eric C. Stumpf
Burr Ridge IL

Hiram Walter Snider

Hiram Walter Snider
b. 23 October 1846, North Benton, Mahoning County, Ohio, to John and Elizabeth “Betsy” (Russell) Snider
d. 28 July 1918, Chelsea, Rogers County, Oklahoma

m/1. 28 April 1868, Bourbon, Marshall County, Indiana
Christena Gross
b. 1847, Ohio
d. Parsons, Kansas

m/2. 5 June 1890, Vinita, Craig County, Oklahoma
Annie B. Henry

Children with Christena Gross:
• Raymond (b. 1876)

Children with Annie B. Henry:
• Thomas Benton (b. 1892)
• Perry Edwin (b. 1893)
• Jerry Russell (1895-1909)
• Walter Isaac (b. abt. 1900)

Hiram came to Syracuse, Kosciusko County, Indiana, in 1853. He lived in Madison Township, St. Joseph County; Bourbon Township, Marshall County; and Scott Township, Kosciusko County, before leaving the state sometime after 1880. The family went to Telluride, Colorado.

After divorcing Christena, Hiram went to Vinita, Craig County, Oklahoma, where he met Annie. Annie’s father was one of the Cherokee participants in the “Trail of Tears” in the late 1830’s. In 1910, Hiram, Annie and the boys are in Rogers County, Oklahoma, living on their Cherokee Indian land allotment. By 1917, Hiram and Annie were separated, and he was living in Chelsea, Craig County, Oklahoma.

Hiram served in Company A, 35th Regiment, Indiana Volunteers during the Civil War. He enlisted at La Porte, Indiana. He filed pensions in 1881, 1883, 1898, and 1917. Annie filed as his widow in 1929.

Submitted by:
Shirley Miller Thompson
Etna Green IN

Austin Joseph Silsby

Austin Joseph “Asa” Silsby
b. 1832, New York, to [–?–] and Harriet Silsby
d. February 1897, Clarence, Cedar County, Iowa

m. 22 June 1853, Kosciusko County, Indiana
Sarah Ann Dewell
b. 11 April 1834, Wayne County, Ohio, to Solomon and Carolyn (Miller) Dewell
d. 3 August 1916, Mentone, Kosciusko County, Indiana

Children with Sarah Ann Dewell:
• Harriet (b. 1856) married Milton Fisher
• Richard W. (b. 1857) married Orpha Woolery
• Silas (b. 1860)
• Mary (b. 1863) married George W. Whetstone
• Michael Abraham (b. 1866) married Daisy Graham
• Melissa Jane (b. 1868) married Enoch Scott Cochran
• Alice married Noah A. Pontious

There may have been three more children. Asa came to Indiana before 1850 and lived in St.
Joseph and Kosciusko counties before moving to Cedar County, Iowa, in the 1860’s. He was a private with Company F of the Indiana Volunteers in the Civil War and a member of the Grand Army of the Republic.

Submitted by:
Cynthia Cockran Jones
Marietta GA

Elihu Harlam Mason

Elihu Harlam Mason
b. 23 March 1831, Wayne County, Indiana to Richard and Sarah (Jackson) Mason
d. 24 September 1896, Pemberville, Wood County, Ohio

m. 2 February 1852, Warsaw, Kosciusko County, Indiana
Nancy Kelly
b. 9 July 1822, Wayne County, Ohio
d. 27 November 1905, Prairie Depot, Ohio

Children with Nancy Kelly:
• Emma married [–?–] Hinds
• Edson Newton
• Issac
• Williard
• Ida married [–?–] Hoover

Elihu lived in Union City, Randolph County; Indianapolis, Marion County; and in Wayne and Kosciusko counties in Indiana before moving to Ohio shortly before the Civil War began. He first joined Company I, 21st Ohio Volunteers, then reenlisted in Company K, 21st Ohio Volunteers. In April 1862, he participated in the Great Locomotive Chase (capturing a locomotive deep within the Confederacy) and was among the 12 Andrews Raiders captured and taken to Knoxville for court martial. Elihu was imprisoned, escaped, recaptured, and eventually exchanged in March 1863. He received one of the first Medals of Honor granted by the U.S. and received a personal congratulations from President Abraham Lincoln.

In April 1863, he accepted a commission as first lieutenant in Company B, 21st Ohio, joining the unit in June. He was wounded in the hip at the Battle of Chickamauga where he was again taken prisoner. He was exchanged in December 1864. Due to his wound and disease, Elihu never returned to active duty, and was discharged in May 1865. He was active in the GAR.

Submitted by:
Robert Mason Kipp
Gilbert AZ

John Wesley Kimbel

John Wesley Kimbel
b. 8 May 1847, Ohio, to Daniel and Elizabeth (Cole) Kimbel
d. 30 January 1919, Leonidas Township, St. Joseph County, Michigan.

m/1. 19 December 1868, Marshall County, Indiana
Margaret E. Hissong
b. about 1851, Indiana
d. 25 February 1873, Menson Township, St. Joseph County, Michigan

m/2. about 1876
Anna J. White
b. 1860, Michigan, to Amos and Clarissa White
d. 28 September, Leonidas, Michigan

m/3. 22 June 1881, Three Rivers, Michigan
Louisa J. Lamphier March
b. 1859
d. April 1883, Manistee County, Michigan

Emma Augusta Brand
b. 27 August 1869, Auburn, DeKalb County, Indiana
d. 12 December 1952, Centreville, Michigan

Children with Margaret E. Hissong:
• Lilly M. (1870-1876)
• George Lee (1873-1929) married Theresa Pauline Henrietta Piotrasch

Children with Anna J. White:
• female infant (1878-1878)
• Wesley John (1879-1970) married (1) Clara J. Wagner Marsac, (2) Marigam A. Monroe Ramsey

Children with Emma August Brand:
• Charles (1887-1955) married Emma [–?–]
• Daniel (1888-1949) married Jeanette Baldwin
• Arthur (1891-1957) married Alma Emilia Giehne
• Vesta (1893-1920) married Valma N. E. Brown
• Ezra R. (1895-1903)
• Clifford (1897-1903)
• Leathia R. (1898-1903)
• Ola F. (1900-1961) married (1) Harry Inman, (2) James A. Jordan, (3) Howard Ellis
• Ralph (1902-1971) married Glennys Moughton
• Katie Marie (1904-1974) married Lester George McAmis
• Earl (1905-1981) married (1) Florence [–?–], (2) Emma Bavin

John was living in Fairfield Township, DeKalb County, Indiana, by 1853. He left from Bourbon Township, Marshall County, Indiana before 1873. He also lived in Etna Green, Kosciusko County, Indiana.

Submitted by:
Sally Kimbel
Troy MI

Daniel Kimbel

Daniel Kimbel
b. July 1822, Ohio, to Francis Squire and Catherine (Hursh) Kimbel
d. 14 April 1904, Leonidas Township, St. Joseph County, Michigan

m. 8 February 1844, Seneca County, Ohio
Elizabeth Cole
b. 10 January 1822, Ohio, to John Cole and Elizabeth Burgess
d. 6 August 1886 in Cleon Township, Manistee County, Michigan

Children with Elizabeth Cole:
• Margaret Matilda (1845-1901) married (1) Alexander McClish, (2) Josiah Boyer
• John Wesley (1847-1909) married (1) Margaret E. Hissong, (2) Anna J. White, (3) Louisa J. Lamphier March, (4) Emma Augusta Brand
• Nancy Jane (1850-1933) married Noah McClish
• Catherine H. (1853-1933) married Royal Artemus McClish
• Francis Squire (1857-1942) married (1) Belle Craner, (2) Jennie McClish
• Daniel (ca. 1859-1888) married Mary Jane Ream
• Charles William (1860-1896) married Jennie McClish

The family was in Fairfield Township, DeKalb County, Indiana, by 1853. They lived in Etna Green Township and in Harrison, Kosciusko County, Indiana, before leaving in 1875 for Leonidas Township, St. Joseph County, Michigan.

Submitted by:
Sally Kimbel
Troy MI

John Fridley

John Fridley
b. 1815, Fayette, Seneca County, New York, to George and Catherine (Frantz) Fridley/Friedley
d. 31 December 1872, Junction City, Davis County, Kansas

Sarah Kuney
b. 1818, Fayette, Seneca County, New York
d. 16 May 1880, Junction City, Davis County, Kansas

Children with Sarah Kuney:
• Catherine
• Caroline
• Warren
• James
• Mary Ann
• Ellen
• Sarah Jane
• John
• Frances
• Lillian
• William

The family came to Plain Township, Kosciusko County, Indiana, in 1857 and left the state for Kansas in 1872.

Submitted by:
Nancy A. Salmela
Waukegan IL