Add Your Ancestor

Are your ancestors missing from the Once A Hoosier…Always A Hoosier project?

We invite you to add your Hoosier ancestors to our blog.

Does your ancestor (or anyone whom you have researched) meet the following criteria?

  1. Was the person born before 1950?
  2. Has the person died?
  3. Did the person live in Indiana at any part in his/her life OR was the person buried in Indiana?

If you answered “YES” to these three questions, simply fill out the Submission Form.

Please note that all submissions will be made public. Information on any living descendants should not include full names or date of birth for the security of those family members.

If you have any additional questions, please send an email to

1 thought on “Add Your Ancestor

  1. Laura Kay Neumann

    I have many family members from Ind. Since I am new to this I might need help. I have Neumann, Nipp, Schobin Weibert, family names. John Nipp built grist mills in Rush and Henry Counties. Any help you can provide to me is appriciated. LKN


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