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David Honeyman

David Honeyman
b. 26 March 1802, Hampshire County, Virginia, to Charles and Barbara (Moore) Honeyman
d. 18 March 1874, New Boston, Mercer County, Illinois

Elizabeth Sterling
b. Fayette County, Pennsylvania

m/2. 10 September 1823, Fayette County, Pennsylvania
Isabella Long
b. 15 September 1800, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, to Andrew and Jemina (Santee) Long
d. 11 September 1855, Union County, Indiana

m/3. 24 September 1857, Union County, Indiana
Jane Long Malaby Noble
b. 5 March 1815

Children with Isabella Long:
• John Long (1825-1875) married Sarah Jarvis
• Mary Ann (b. 1826) married (1) Samuel Coffman, (2) William Kennedy
• Sarah Jane (1828-abt. 1884) married Zachariah Eikenbary
• William Jackson (b. 1830) married (1) Martha Jane Swallow, (2) Frances America Swallow
• Elizabeth (1832-1907) married Samuel David McCann
• Rebecca Emma (1834-1916) married William Andrew Jarvis
• James Oliver (1837-1842)
• Ellen M. (1839-1863) married James V. Lyons
• George Washington (1841-1915) married Caroline Coe
• Louisa C. (b. 1844) married Thomas Jackson

Children with Jane Long Malaby Noble:
• Isabelle V. “Belle” (1859-1877)

David was in Union County, Indiana, by November 1828 and left in 1864 by wagon train for Mercer County, Illinois. His wife Jane moved to Mercer County, Illinois, after her first husband’s death and had left a married daughter there; she had brought her young sons from her second marriage back to Union County with her.

David was a strong Democrat, but also a peace Democrat, who thought the issues surrounding the Civil War could be solved by negotiation.

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Nadine D. Holder
Sierra Vista AZ
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Margaret Goldthwaite

Margaret Goldthwaite
b. 15 January 1892, Marion, Grant County, Indiana, to Edgar Louis (1850-1918) and Candace Leah (1860-1956) (Zombro) Goldthwaite
d. 28 July 1969, Durham, North Carolina

m. 15 September 1922, Marion, Grant County, Indiana
Frank Byram Dilts
b. 4 August 1878, Ringoes, Hunterdon County, New Jersey, to William Fisher (1878-1933) and Amy (Swallow) Dilts
d. 10 June 1960, Durham, North Carolina

Children with Frank Byram Dilts:
• Elizabeth “Biz” (1923-1997) married (1) Wallace Goff Kibbee, (2) Carleton Williams
• Edgar Louis (b. 1929) married Shirley Sykes
• Charles Robert (b. 1931) married (1) Anne Marie Rogers, (2) Lynne Sherrerd

The family lived in Marion, Grant County, and Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, before emigrating about 1920. Margaret was a YWCA secretary in Indianapolis and in Los Angeles, where she helped found the Studio Club, a residence facility for star-struck young women of limited means. She was also a teacher of Latin, German and algebra. She was active in many civic organizations in Durham, North Carolina.

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