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Lewis McClellan Walden

Lewis McClellan Walden
birth: June 1862, probably in Owen Co., IN to Zephania Walden and Nancy A (Abernathy) Walden
death: 16 Jun 1938, Owen Co., IN
burial: Chambersville Cemetery, Owen Co., IN

marriage: 9 Nov 1883, Owen Co., IN
Hattie Chambers
birth: 22 Jun 1864 in Indiana to Isaac and Lynne Chambers
death: 21 Nov 1964, Owen Co., IN
burial: Chambersville Cemetery, Owen Co., IN

Children of Lewis McClellan Walden and Hattie Chambers:

  • Pearl Walden, b. 1884, d. unknown, m. Emmett Rumple
  • Bert Walden, b. 1885, d. 1917, m. Mamie E Hawkins
  • Ralph Walden, b. 1888, d. 1973, m. Jennie Swafford
  • Charles R Walden, b. c1895, d. 1968, m. Mary M Allen

Lewis McClellan Walden Lived In:

It is believed that Lewis lived his entire life in Monroe and Owen Counties, primarily the latter.

Other Information:

This ancestor of no relation to the submitter.

Submitted by:
Randi Richardson
Email: GFTL@bluemarble.net

Clara Hawkins

Clara Hawkins
b. 30 January 1872, Indiana
d. 21 February 1945, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California

m. 15 June 1887, Washington, Daviess County, Indiana
Homer Beatty
b. 21 March 1867, Indiana
d. 15 July 1950, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California

Children with Homer Beatty:
• Maude
• Clara
• Nell
• Robert
• Frank

It is unknown when the family left Daviess County, Indiana, for California. Clara’s mother’s maiden name was Palmer.

Submitted by:
Susan Beatty Dillard
Medford OR

Elizabeth Donaldson

Elizabeth Donaldson
b. 7 April 1843, Lexington, LaGrange County, Indiana, to George and Nancy Emily (Norton) Donaldson
d. 13 April 1919, Crawford County, Illinois

m. 3 November 1861, Crawford County, Illinois
Thomas Middleton Shaw
b. 29 October 1836, Crawford County, Illinois, to Joseph M. and Narcissa (Middleton) Shaw
d. 30 December 1880, Crawford County, Illinois

Children with Thomas Middleton Shaw:
• Lydia Ann (1863-1914) married (1) Henry A. Folck, (2) Joseph Wolfe
• Laura (1864-1917) married Josephus Folck
• Nota (1865-1946) married Douglas Kincaid
• Andrew Jackson (1866-1948) married Annie Bartmess
• Narcissa J. (1867-1901) married Robert E. Edgington
• Mary (b. 1868)
• Ella E. (1870-1948) married (1) William Wilber, (2) John Hawkins
• Sarah B. (1873-1948) married Samuel Vance Kincaid
• Emma (1874-1906) married Albert Little
• Cora (b. 1877) married Charles A. Lambdin
• Thomas Middleton, Jr. (1880-1964) married Alma Edgington

Elizabeth left LaGrange County, Indiana, about 1853 for Crawford County, Illinois, where she married and lived for the remainder of her life.

Submitted by:
Sharon Howell
Greenwood IN
E-mail: sshowell@indy.net

Ira Stout Compton

Ira Stout Compton
b. 19 July 1810 Hamilton Co., Ohio
d. 7 May 1884 Montgomery Co, Indiana
bur. Bunker Hill Cemetery (formerly Stonebraker), Montgomery Co., Indiana

Ira Stout Compton

Ira Stout Compton

Martha Campbell
d. 1840 Montgomery Co., Indiana

m/2. 8 Feb 1849 Montgomery Co., Indiana
Judith Vaughn
b. 26 July 1821 Alamo, Montgomery Co., Indiana
d. 18 Oct 1893 Montgomery Co., Indiana
bur. Bunker Hill Cemetery (formerly Stonebraker), Montgomery Co., Indiana
*Ira was Judith’s second husband. Her first was William A. Stonebraker

Children with Martha Campbell

  • Hannah (1836-)
  • Jane (1838-)

Children with Judith Vaughn

  • Hampton (1850-)
  • Newton (1852-)
  • Leah (1854-)
  • Martha (1861-1930) m. James Wilson Lee

Ira was born in Ohio to Nathan Compton and Sarah Jane Hawkins. He was settled in Montgomery County, Indiana by the 1840s and married first, Martha Campbell, and then Judith Vaughn. Judith was the daughter of James Vaughn and Nancy Jones. Both Ira and Judith are buried at Bunker Hill Cemetery.

Submitted by:
Sandra Rackard
Mobile, AL
E-mail: SRackard@bellsouth.net

James Ezra Smith

James Ezra “Ed” Smith
b. 29 Oct 1891 Polk Twp., Monroe Co., Indiana
d. 3 July 1978 Clear Creek Twp., Monroe Co., Indiana
bur. Clear Creek Cemetery, Monroe Co., Indiana

James Ezra Smith

James Ezra Smith

James Ezra Smith gravestone

James Ezra Smith gravestone

m. 25 June 1908 Polk Twp., Monroe Co., Indiana
Cemilda Jane “Millie” Kinser
b. 14 August 1892 Polk Twp., Monroe Co., Indiana
d. 12 July 1971 Indian Creek Twp., Monroe Co., Indiana
bur. Clear Creek Cemetery Monroe Co., Indiana

Children with Cemilda Jane Kinser

  • Hershel (1908-1982) m1.) Helen Cuttright; m2.) Alma Bald
  • Vannie (1910-1995) m1.) Stacy White m2.) Frank Nethery
  • Dasel (1911-1979) m. Lori Shields
  • Lucille (1913-1989) m. Clarence Edward McCammon
  • James (1918-1998) m. Dorothy Waterford
  • Margaret (1922-1995) m. Herbert Dick
  • Joan (1929-) m1.) Louis Treman; m2.) Bill Fleetwood

“Ed” was the son of General Jackson Smith and Ada Norman. He spent his entire lift in Indiana and worked as a farmer and also in the stone quarries of Monroe Co. He married Cemilda “Millie” Kinser who was the daughter of William Manson Kinser and Elva Hawkins. They are buried together at the Clear Creek Cemetery in Monroe County.

Submitted by:
Mobie McCammon
Bloomington, IN
E-mail: m.mccammon@comcast.net

Orrin Lemuel Chapman

b. 6 April 1841, Door Prairie, LaPorte County, Indiana, to Reuben Gates and Matilda (Bryant) Chapman
d. 21 October 1919, Liberty Township, Woodson County, Kansas

m/1. 4 June 1862
Josephine Anderson
b. 1839, Pennsylvania
d. 15 August 1893, Lake County, Indiana

m/2. 25 December 1862, Lake County, Indiana
Almeda Augusta Chapman
b. 19 July 1841, Lorain County, Ohio, to Orvis A. and Electra Minerva (Buck) Chapman
d. 22 February 1915, Athol, Smith County, Kansas

m/3. 14 November 1869, Greenwood County, Kansas
Sarah M. Casner
b. 15 February 1851, Richland Township,
Washington County, Arkansas
d. 25 March 1886, Bethany, Harrison County, Missouri

m/4. 15 June 1876, Bloomfield, Davis County, Iowa
Mary Jane Shelton
b. 10 January 1856, Davis County, Iowa, to John and Nancy Ann Hawkins (Bagby) Shelton
d. 17 January 1918, Iola, Allen County, Kansas

Children with Almeda Augusta Chapman:

  • Omer
  • Azel Vanrensler (1866-1932) married Mrs. Matilda Ann Styles
  • Charlotte Cecilia “Lottie” (1868-1966) married Andrew Jackson Highland

Children with Sarah M. Casner:

  • Reuben (1872-1872)
  • Minnie Josephine (1873-1934) married Carl Frederick Sorensen
  • Thomas Jefferson (1876-1967) married Sara Emma Chance

Children with Mary Jane Shelton:

  • William Josiah (1877-1943) married Mabelle Wilkerson
  • LeTracey Ettie (1878-1880)
  • Jeannettie Matilda (1880-1965) married Isaac Terrell
  • John Orin (1882-1964) married Stella May Butler
  • Perry Jesse (1887-1969) married Magdalen Catherine “Betty” Bright

Orrin lived in Door Prairie, LaPorte County, and West Creek, Lake County, before leaving Indiana between 1864 and 1866.

Submitted by:
Kathryn Cox
Liberty Hill TX

Patrick E Woods

Patrick E Woods
b. 10 January 1822, Gibson County, Indiana, to John Woods
d. 1 December 1804, Richland County, Illinois

m. 4 June 1846, Gibson County, Indiana
Mary J. Hawkins
b. 20 June 1829, Indiana
d. 8 April 1914, Clay County, Illinois

Children with Mary J. Hawkins:

  • Eliza
  • Zachariah
  • Malinda married [–?–] Stanley
  • Benjamin
  • Elizah
  • Annie married [–?–] Pohoroff
  • William
  • Mary married [–?–] Slack
  • Martha married [–?–] Jackson
  • Sarah married [–?–] Breedlove
  • Rachel marrid [–?–] Carter

Patrick emigrated from Indiana in 1852 to Jasper County, Illinois.

Submitted by:
Randall M. Grove
Dix IL