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Luta Lee Helton

Luta Lee Helton
birth: 15 APR 1868 in Tuscola, Illinois to Absalom Peter Helton and Elizabeth V. Clark
death: 12 OCT 1954 at Mary Alley Hospital, Marblehead, Massachusetts
burial: Linwood Cemetery, Haverhill, Massachusetts

marriage: 14 Jun 1893 in Indiana
Mark Shrum
birth: 26 JAN 1869 in Shoals, Martin County, Indiana to Frederick Orlando Shrum and Martha R. Horsey
death: 12 OCT 1954 in Marblehead Massachusetts
burial: Linwood Cemetery, Haverhill, Massachusetts

Children of Luta Lee Helton and Mark Shrum:

  • Merah Durham Shrum 1895 – 1972
  • Jeanette Matthews Shrum 1897 – 1988
  • Frederick Orlando Shrum 1902 – 1975

Ancestor here lived in:

  • 1876 – Shelbyville, Indiana
  • 1880 – 1897 Bloomington, Indiana
  • 1900 Patoka, Gibson, Indiana

Locations where person lived outside of Indiana: 

  • 1902 – 1940 Lynn Massachusetts
  • 1940 – 1954 Marblehead Massachusetts

Other Information: From the diary of her daughter, Jeanette Shrum. “My mother Luta Lee Helton was born in Peoria, Ill. Her grandfather was Andrew Helton, an Englishman who founded Heltonville, Ind. Her father was Absalom and her mother Elizabeth Clark. She had a brother who died young. Her Mother also died young and her father married again to Nannie Saunders.

Her father sent her to the fashionable St. Mary’s of the Woods because it was the only boarding school and I guess his new wife didn’t want her around. She spent her vacations with an aunt in Bloomington, Mrs. Seward, and an an aunt in Booneville, Mrs. Hatfield. Mother was happy at the convent & her father visited her often taking her chocolate candy which she was not allowed to have- She slit the lining of her skirt & put the candy there so the nuns wouldn’t discover it. The girls were all curious to know if the nuns had their heads shaved & my mother volunteered to find out. The nuns washed up in a cellar room & one day my mother hid in an ash barrell and found that the nuns did have shaved heads. She was especially fond of one nun who left the order and married. There were several Protestant girls and no attempt was made to convert them. They had leisure time while the others were learning the Catholic religions. They had no sports, not considered ladylike in those days but ever afternoon they could walk in the garden and a nun would bring a big tray with bread & mollasses – (considered good for them). We have a picture of Mother with her cousin Frank Hatfield that was reproduced 50 years later in the Bloomington paper and they happened to print it when she was there on a visit.”

Submitted by:
Jenny Hawran

Mark Shrum

Mark Shrum
birth: 26 January1869 in Shoals, Martin County, Indiana to Frederick Orlando Shrum and Martha R. Horsey
death: 30 June 1945 in 18 Clifton Ave, Marblehead, Massachusetts
burial: Linwood Cemetery, Haverhill Massachusetts

marriage: 14 Jun 1893 • Indiana
Luta Lee Helton
birth: 15 April 1868 in Tuscola, Illinois to Absalom Peter Helton and Elizabeth V. Clark
death: 12 October 1954 in Marblehead Massachusetts
burial: Linwood Cemetery, Haverhill, Massachusetts

Children of Luta Lee Helton and Mark Shrum:

  • Merah Durham Shrum 1895-1972 husband Oliver Goodell Pratt
  • Jeanette Mathews Shrum 1897-1988 husband Harold Potter Willett
  • Frederick Orlando Shrum 1902-1975 wife Helen Mary Newhall

Ancestor here lived in:

  • 1869 Shoals, Martin, Indiana
  • 1870 Halbert, Martin, Indiana
  • 1880 Washington, Indiana
  • 1887-1891 Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana
  • 1900 Patoka, Gibson, Indiana

Other Locations:

  • Lynn Massachusetts 1902-1940
  • Marblehead Massachusetts 1940 – 1945

Other Information:

This is from the diary of Mark’s daughter, Jeanette Matthews Shrum. “My father was born on a farm in Shoals, Ind. His mother was Martha Horsey and his father Frederick O. Shrum. There is a letter in the family bible telling of his birth and their decision to name him Mark – mainly because it was short & they did not give him a middle name. They both died in their 20’s of malaria – also a baby boy – and my father was taken to an uncle who had 10 children of his own and he was brought up by them. He had to work at an early age on his uncles brick yard. In high school his best friend was Fred Prow (later a dentist in Bloomington). One day they were talking and Fred said he was going to try for the county scholarship to I.U. My father who was quite cocky said, “It’s a good thing I’m not going after it because I would probably get it. Fred laughed at him as tho he didn’t have a chance – so my father went after it and won. He decided previously that he wanted to become a doctor. Once on a visit to a larger city he saw a doctor making his calls in a tall silk hat and he thought that would be great.

The summer before college he and Fred were sitting on a fence outside a dance hall & a very pretty, stylish girl danced by & my father said, “There’s the girl I would like to marry.”

Soon after he arrived in Bloomington, he was in a store when the same girl went by and he was determined to meet her. He discovered she was Luta Helton, living with her aunt and was one of the most popular girls around college. He joined Delta Tau fraternity and soon he was taking Luta to the college affairs. Then for some reason he left and went to Montana but before he left he told his roommate, Charles Hartloff, “Take care of Luta while I’m away.” Charlie did that so well that it was not long before Dad heard that they were engaged. Charlie was a weathly boy studying to be a doctor, too. Finally my father had a letter from my mother telling him all the news and at the end a P.S. “By the way Charlie & I have broken up.” It was miles to the nearest R.R. station and it was snowing but my father put barrel stoves on his feet and started walking to the train. When he arrived in Bloomington, Mother was a dance with another boy. He went to the dance, got a dance with her and asked her to marry him that night. He said he would go to her aunt’s & make arrangements. When she returned from the dance he had a minister there, who by the way said the marriage would never last, doing it in such a hurried manner. It did, however for over 50 years. Dad graduated in 1891 then go his MD from Louisville KY where they went the night they were married. He started practice in Ellesttville, Ind. where Merah was born. By that time doctors no longer wore silk hats.”

Submitted by:
Jenny Hawran

Jeanette Mathews Shrum

Jeanette Mathews Shrum
birth: August 4, 1897 in Bloomington, Indiana to Mark Shrum and Luta Lee Helton
death: March 3, 1988 in Salem Massachusetts
burial: Linwood Cemetery, Haverhill Massachusetts

marriage: June 19, 1920, Lynn, Massachusetts
Harold Potter Willett
birth: August 26, 1894 in Boston, Massachusetts to John Howard Willett and Fannie Estelle Potter
death: July 2, 1973 in Swampscott, Massachusetts
burial: Linwood Cemetery, Haverhill, Massachusetts

Children of Jeanette Mathews Shrum and Harold Potter Willett:

  • Jean Shrum Willett (1922-2016) husband Charles Burleigh Wellington
  • Martha Lee Willett (1928-2017) husband Robert Loehwing Horner

Ancestor here lived in: Bloomington, Indiana and Patooka, Gibson, Indiana 1897-1902, Indiana University 1916-1920

Other Information: Lived in Swampscott, Massachusetts

Submitted by:
Jenny Hawran

Walter M. Crowe

Walter M. Crowe
birth: 11 Mar 1862, Indiana (probably Owen Co.) to Jefferson and Amanda Ozena (Motsinger) Crowe
death: 24 Apr 1930, Bloomington, Monroe Co., IN
burial: Cuba Cemetery, Owen Co., IN

(1) marriage: c1888-1890
Gertrude Haines/Haynes
birth: unknown
death: unknown

(2) marriage: 30 Jun 1904 in Gibson Co., IN
Martha A. (Thorn) Cosby Loumiller
birth: unknown, parents were William H. and Jemima (Cain) Thorn
death: 15 May 1944, in Gibson Co., IN

There are no known children of Walter M. Crowe and Gertrude Haines/Haynes

Walter M. Crowe lived in:

Walter Crowe was probably born in either Washington County, where his parents lived in 1860, or in Owen County, where his parents lived in 1870. He was a traveling musician who worked in Indiana and adjacent states. It’s possible he lived in the Chicago area about 1900, although he is not found there in census records. In 1910, he was in Gibson County, Indiana. Efforts to locate him in the 1920 census were not successful. In 1930 he was living in Monroe County with his brother, Benjamin.

Other Information:

This is not contributor’s ancestor. Efforts to locate the date and place of Walter’s first marriage to Gertrude Haines/Haynes, also a musician, were not successful. According to newspapers from Huntington, Indiana, Gertrude sued Walter for divorce in May 1894, and that divorce was granted in June 1894. On June 30, 1904, in Gibson County, Walter married his second wife, Martha A. (Thorn) Cosby Loumiller.

Submitted by:
Randi Richardson

Abraham E. Branum

Abraham E. Branum
birth: 18 Mar 1840 in Gibson Co., IN
death: 10 Sep 1942 at Dorris, Siskiyou Co., CA

marriage: 16 May 1861 in Miami Co., IN
Mary Ellander Hawes
birth: Oct 1840 in OH to Jacob Hawes
death: 1906 in WY

Children of Abraham E. Branum and Mary Ellander Hawes:

  • Sarah A. Branum, b. 1861, d. 1898
  • John Daniel Branum, b. 1862, d. 1931
  • Chrisana Branum, b. 1864, d. 1929, m. George McKay
  • Adelia Branum, b. 1856, d. 1871
  • Amanda M. Branum, b. 1867, d. 1927, m. Sylvester Staggs
  • Mary M. Branum, b. 1872, d. 1950, m. Robert C. Woolery
  • Buddie (Bertie) Branum, b. 1875, d. 1885
  • Rosa Branum, b. 1877
  • Marion Henry Branum, b. 1879, d. 1960, m. Sadie Whitehead
  • Nicholas Barney Branum, b. 1882, d. 1959

Other Information:

Abraham E. Branum was a farmer, grain rancher, and blacksmith. He lived to be 102 y 5 m 23 d.

Abraham and Mary Branum

Abraham and Mary Branum









Submitted by:
Nancy E. Groshong

Joseph Sumners, Jr.

Joseph Sumners, Jr.
b. 23 August 1809, Tennessee, to Joseph and Mary (Richey) Sumner
d. 26 May 1885, Clarion, Wright County, Iowa

m. 4 April 1833
Keziah Jourdon
b. 30 June 1812
d. 22 May 1876, Midland City, DeWitt County, Illinois

Children with Keziah Jourdon:
• John
• William
• Alfred “A.R.”
• Lavina
• James
• Frank
• Louisa
• Samuel

Joseph lived in Owensville, Gibson County, Indiana, from about 1819 until 1885, when he moved to Barnett Township, DeWitt County, Illinois. The spelling of the surname changed from Sumner to Sumners about 1819.

Submitted by:
Charles O. Campbell
Arlington VA

John Strickland

John Strickland
b. 1820, Gibson County, Indiana, to Arron and [–?–] Strickland
d. Wayne County, Missouri

m. 1 April 1841, Daviess County, Indiana
Jeanie “Jenny” White
b. 1822, Daviess County, Indiana
d. Wayne County, Missouri

Children with Jeanie White:
• William R., Rev. (1845-1922) married Mahalia Tennessee Garrison
• Mary Jane (b. 1850)
• John (1855-bet. 1875-79)
• Samuel (b. 1867)
• Elisha (b. 1853) married Martha E. ?iliso

It is unknown when John left Indiana.

Submitted by:
Lisa Douglas
Nipomo CA

William C. Rutledge

William C. Rutledge
b. 16 August 1794, Mine Run, Baltimore County, Maryland
d. 1 June 1872, Littlerock (formerly Black River), Thurston County, Washington

m. 6 March 1818, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
Margaret Moore
b. 3 March 1792, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
d. 8 October 1858, Tumwater (formerly New Market), Thurston County, Washington

Children with Margaret Moore:
• John C. (b. 1818)
• William Moore (1820-1900)
• Rachel Jane (b. 1822)
• David Moore (b. 1823)
• Catharine Ann (b. 1825)
• George Washington (b. 1827)
• Margaret Jane (b. 1829)
• Thomas Elliott (1831-1909)
• Andrew Jackson (b. 1833)
• Rachel Amanda (b. 1834)

The family came to Gibson County, Indiana, about 1840, then to Robb Township, Posey County, Indiana, about 1850. They left the state in 1851.

Submitted by:
Laine Romero
Olympia WA

Thomas Elliott Rutledge

Thomas Elliott Rutledge
b. 6 March 1831, Zanesville, Muskingum County, Ohio, to William C. and Margaret (Moore) Rutledge
d. 28 September 1909, Littlerock, Thurston County, Washington

m/1. 24 July 1856, Tumwater, Thurston County, Washington
Louisa Margaret Shotwell
b. 5 May 1839, Clermont County, Ohio
d. 24 February 1877, Littlerock (formerly Black River), Thurston County, Washington

m/2. 11 June 1882, Littlerock, Thurston County, Washington
Nancy Luella Miles
b. 13 November 1844, Pleasant Plains, Iowa
d. 3 March 1925, Littlerock, Thurston County, Washington

Children with Louisa Margaret Shotwell:
• William Thomas (b. 1857)
• Ellen Margaret (b. 1859)
• Emma (b. 1861)
• Marion Francis (b. 1863)
• John Franklin (b. 1866)
• Effie Belle (b. 1868)
• Leonard Moore (b. 1870)
• George Washington (b. 1872)
• Rollin Charles (b. 1873)

Children with Nancy Luella Miles:
• Thomas Albert (b. 1883)
• Lois Iola (b. 1884)

Thomas came to Gibson County, Indiana, about 1840. He also lived in Robb Township, Posey County, Indiana, before leaving the state in December 1851.

Submitted by:
Laine Romero
Olympia WA

James Arthur Pierson

James Arthur Pierson
b. 21 February 1880, Somerville, Gibson County, Indiana
d. 30 November 1951, Kalispell, Flathead County, Montana

m. 29 October 1906, Britton, Marshall County, South Dakota
Kathryn Mabel Bacon
b. 3 October 1885, Black River Falls, Jackson County, Wisconsin, to Adoniram and Harriet (Sheffer) Bacon
d. 28 November 1962, Kalispell, Flathead County, Montana

Children with Kathryn Mabel Bacon:
• Arthur Niram (1908-1973) married (1) Helen Elizabeth Pelkey, (2) Thelma Bolster
• Grace Harriet (1910-1979) married (1) Kenneth Dern, (2) James L. Schmauch
• George Merwin (b. 1914) married Pauline Mildred Grorud
• Alice Mary (1918-1995) married (1) Egil Ollie Engebretson, (2) Sherman Joval Norby
• Clyde Perlie (1923-1993) married Evelyn M. Dahler

James left Indiana about 1899. He homesteaded in North Dakota in 1906. He farmed most of his life along Chanta Peta Creek, near Bucyrus, North Dakota. The post office of Pierson in Adams County, North Dakota (1898) was named for him, and he was the postmaster; it was discontinued in 1914. He and Kathryn separated 25 July 1928, at which time she moved to Kalispell, Montana. She was a logging operations cook. He moved there to live with his oldest daughter shortly before his death.

Submitted by:
Ardell J. Casey
Kalispell MT