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Aaron Stanley

Aaron Stanley
birth: 28 May 1803, Guilford County, North Carolina to Michael and Mary (Gurley) Stanley
death: 4 May 1883, Spiceland, Henry County, Indiana
burial: Circle Grove Cemetery, Spiceland, Henry County, Indiana

marriage: 19 Jan 1826, Vigo County, Indiana
Mahala Stanley
birth: 6 Jan 1809, Stokes County, North Carolina to John and Elizabeth (Dicks) Stanley
death: 9 Mar 1870, Spiceland, Henry County, Indiana
burial: Circle Grove Cemetery, Spiceland, Henry County, Indiana

Children of Mahala Stanley and Aaron Stanley:

  • Eliza Jane Stanley (1827-1870). Md. 1848, Mordecai H. Unthank
  • Michael Stanley (1829-1904). Md. 1854, Lydia Jane Bell
  • Minerva Stanley (1831-1835)
  • Verling K. Stanley (1833-1915). Md. 1866, Josephine A. Talbert
  • Hannah A. Stanley (1837-1901). Md. 1857, Joseph W. Holloway
  • Martha E. Stanley (1840-1874)
  • Maria Emily Stanley (1844-1927). Md. 1870, John William Fawcett

Ancestor here lived in: Sullivan County, Indiana 1825-1827
Wayne County, Indiana 1827-1830
Henry County, Indiana 1830-1883

Guilford County, North Carolina 1803-1825

Other Information: Aaron and Mahala were members of the Society of Friends (Quakers). Aaron was a farmer, and owned much land in Spiceland.

Submitted by:
Ruth Stanley Kuntz

Argus Luster Ormsby

Argus Luster Ormsby
birth: 18 Feb 1894 in Wells Co., IN to Alonzo Eugene Ormsby and Mary Elizabeth Archbold
death: 24 Nov 1967, at Fort Wayne, Allen Co., IN
burial: Prospect Cemetery, Ossian, Wells Co., IN

marriage: 15 Jan 1920, Fort Wayne, Allen Co., IN
Leona Sophia Gallets
birth: 29 Nov 1898, at Alleghany Co., NY to Marcus H Gallets and Phoebe Mary Green
death: 29 Oct 1968, Fort Wayne, Allen Co., IN
burial: Catholic Cemetery, Fort Wayne, Allen Co., IN

marriage: 21 Apr 1924 in Michigan City, LaPorte Co., IN
Hattie Mary Buerkley
birth: 9 Jan 1897, Payne, Paulding Co., OH to Joseph and Mary E (Matthews) Buerkley
death: 5 Mar 1940, Richmond, Wayne Co., IN
burial: Prairie Grove Cemetery, Fort Wayne, Allen Co., IN

marriage: common law marriage
Edna Chloe Mann
birth: 8 Dec 1914, Darke Co., OH to William Harvey and Sarah Catherine (Wise) Mann
death: 20 May 2003, Fort Wayne, Allen Co., IN
burial: Prospect Cemetery, Ossian, Wells Co., IN

Children of  Argus Luster Ormsby and Leona Sophia Gallets:

  • Mary Carol Ormsby, b. 1918, d. 2013, m. (1) Kenneth Merriman Smith, (2) Donald Charles Fechner

Children of  Argus Luster Ormsby and Hattie Mary Buerkley:

  • Waneta Rae Ormsby, b. 4 Aug 1924, d. Living, m. (1) John Pershing McConnehey, (2) Samuel Forrester Cummick
  • Infant Son Ormsby, b. 4 Jun 1928, d. 4 Jun1928

Children of  Argus Luster Ormsby and Edna Chloe Mann:

  • Catherine Elizabeth Ormsby, b. 17 Dec 1935, Darke Co., OH, d. Living, m (1) Philip Jerome Wilson, (2) Francis William Merritt , (3) Ivan Harold Hurless, (4) Kenneth Alan Williams
  • Judith Elaine Ormsby, b 10 Jan 1941, Fort Wayne, Allen Co. IN, d. Living, m. Robert Erwin Richter
  •  Nancy Lou Ormsby. b. 24 Jun 1942, Fort Wayne, Allen Co., IN, d. Living, m. Keith Allan Henninger

 Argus Luster Ormsby lived in:

  • Ossian Wells County, Indiana
  • Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana

Submitted by:
Judith E Ormsby Richter

Andrew Jackson Adamson

Andrew Jackson Adamson
birth: 21 Dec 1817, in Wayne County, Indiana to David Adamson and Mary Ann Roberts
death: 27 Oct 1869 in Bremer County, Iowa
burial: West Point Cemetery, Bremer County, Iowa

marriage: about 1835 in Indiana
Rachel Ann Garner
birth: 25 Dec 1816 in Highland County, Ohio to Enoch Garner and Elizabeth Ratcliff
death: 23 Sept 1898 in Kokomo, Howard, Indiana
burial: Crown Point Cemetery, Kokomo, Howard, Indiana

Children of Rachel Ann Garner and Andrew Jackson Adamson:

  • Edom Adamson (1835 – 1885), m. 1860 Lydia Timmons
  • Enoch Reuben Adamson (1841 – 1910), m. 1868 Mary Elizabeth “Molly” Harmon
  • John W Adamson (1843 – 1864)  Died in the Civil War,  Battle of Kennesaw Mountain in Georgia
  • Sarah E Adamson (1846 – 1907), m. 1863 Seth W Beals
  • Mary Emily Adamson (1847 – 1929), m. 1866 Benjamin Franklin Learner
  • Rachel Ellen Adamson (1851 – 1855)
  • Andrew Fredrick “Fred” Adamson (1855 – 1923) never married
  • Hester “Hattie” Adamson (1857 – 1890), m. 1879 John Wesley Learner

Andrew Jackson Adamson Lived In:

  • 1817- born in Wayne County, Indiana
  • 1840 – 1850- Lived in Delaware County, Indiana
  • 1860- Lived in Taylor Twp, Howard County, Indiana
  • About 1863- The family moved to Iowa
  • 1869- Died in Bremer County, Iowa

Other Information:

Born in Wayne County, Indiana, Andrew Jackson Adamson was living in Delaware County in 1840 – 1850. In 1860, he was living in Taylor Township, Howard County, Indiana. The family moved to Bremer County, Iowa about 1863 and Andrew Jackson Adamson died there in 1869. He is listed on the U.S. Census Mortality Schedule in 1870. He died of heart failure. His widow Rachel and some of the children were back in Howard County, Indiana, living with her daughter in 1870. She lived there, in Kokomo, the remainder of her life.

The Will of Andrew Jackson Adamson from [Bremer Co. Iowa, Will Book A, 1-2, 1856-1910, p 124-5]

I, Andrew J Adamson, Bremer County, State of Iowa, do make this my Will and testament.

To my Wife Rachel Adamson I will and bequeath all my property both real and personal, Except as herein after mentioned. To my son Edom Adamson I give in addition to what he has already received from Me One Hundred and fifty Dollars. To my Daughter Sarah E. Beals I give in addition to what she has already received from one hundred dollars. To my Daughter Mary E. Learner I give in addition to what she has already received from me one hundred dollars. To my Son Enoch R. Adamson I give in addition to what he had already received from me Four Hundred Dollars. To my Daughter Hester Adamson I give and bequeath Two hundred dollars. To my Son Andrew F. Adamson I give and bequeath One Thousand Dollars. And I hereby appoint and constitute Rachel Adamson and Enoch R. Adamson my Executors. The said same given to Enoch Adamson and Sarah E. Beals and Mary E. Learner to be paid by my Executors within the next five years after my death. The paid sums given to Hester Adamson and Andrew F. Adamson are to be paid to them upon the death of their Mother Rachel Adamson, or upon their becoming of lawful age.

Witness my hand this 9th day of October 1869.

Signed: A. H. Adamson

In presence of

E.L. Tharp

Jerome Burbank, M.D.

State of Iowa, Bremer County

One this 9th day of October 1869, before me a Notary Public in and for the above named County, personally came A. J. Adamson to me personally known to be the identical person whose name is affixed to the above and acknowledged the same to be his free act and deed.

Witness my hand & Seal the date last above written

{Seal} Jno G. Scoby, Notary Public

State of Iowa, Bremer County

Be in remembered that on this 15th day of February, 1870, the Will of A. J. Adamson deceased (being the prejoining written instrument) was duly proved and admitted to probate by the Circuit Court of Said County, according to law, and the Same was by Said Court allowed and established as and for the Will of A. J. Adamson deceased, which Will and this certificate are duly recorded in the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court.

Witness my hand and the Seal of the said Court hereto attached this 4th day of May, 1870.

{Seal} M. F. Gillet, Clerk Circuit Court

Submitted by:
Kay Haden

Catharine Rottinghous

Catharine Rottinghous
b. 11 November 1870, Richmond, Wayne County, Indiana, to Bernard Friedrich and Margaret (Welsh) Rottinghous
d. 18 July 1964

m. 10 June 1866, Richmond, Wayne County, Indiana
Thomas J. Hathrow
b. 21 Jun 1873, Huntington, Huntington County, Pennsylvania
d. before 1964

Thomas and Catharine had no children. Her grandfather, Johann Rottinghous, came from Hanover,
Germany in 1848. He was naturalized in Richmond, Wayne County, Indiana, in 1852. The family remained there but by the 1920 census, Catharine was living in Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio, and working as a registered nurse at the Veterans’ Hospital in Dayton. She met her husband there, as he was also working at the hospital.

Submitted by:
Barbara Wohlhueter
Bradenton FL

Harvey Welch

Harvey Welch
b. 1805, Orange County, North Carolina, to Joshua Welch and Fannie (Lester) Welch
d. 12 April 1888, New Boston Township, Mercer County, Illinois

m. 9 January 1834, Wayne County, Indiana
Rachel Woodward
b. 1813, Jefferson County, Tennessee
d. 16 August 1892, Ellis Township, Hardin County, Iowa

Children with Rachel Woodward:
• Amanda
• James B.
• William
• John
• Sarah
• Joseph
• Rachel
• Hartwell
• Lydia Ellen
• Patrick
• Mary Elizabeth
• Wiley

The family left Wayne County, Indiana, in 1856.

Submitted by:
Nadine D. Holder
Sierra Vista AZ

Aaron Tucker

Aaron Tucker
b. June 1812, Rowan County, North Carolina, to Andrew and Levice (Rumley) Tucker
d. 31 October 1868, Oklahoma

m. 31 July 1841, Henry County, Indiana
Nancy Ann Long
b. 1814, Rowan County, North Carolina, to William Long

Children with Nancy Ann Long:
• Caroline (1841-1870) married Perry C. Judd
• Levica Ann “Vica” (b. 1844) married Oscar Lesher
• Walter Long (b. 1847)
• Mary Ann (b. 1850) married John Freeman
• Sarah J. (1853-1873)
• Aaron Douglas (1855-1936) married Marilla Annie Jerome

Aaron came to Wayne County, Indiana, in 1830. He also lived in Adams Township, Madison County, Indiana, from which he emigrated to Sullivan County, Missouri, in 1856.

Submitted by:
Diane Glidewell Fitzgibbons
Lee’s Summit MO

Joseph Small

Joseph Small
b. 21 March 1815, Highland County, Ohio
d. 8 December 1903, Valton, Wisconsin

m/1. January 1834
Rhonda Pierson
b. 24 March 1814, Wayne County, Indiana
d. 1882, Wisconsin

Isabel Hammer Moon
d. 6 June 1896

Children with Rhonda Pierson:
• Zimary (b. 1835)
• Silas (b. 1837)
• Louisa (b. 1839)
• Elisabeth (b. 1847)
• Hannah (b. 1850)
• Benjamin (b. 1855)

The Small family were Quakers who originally came from Wales. Joseph emigrated from Highland County, Ohio, before 1834 and immigrated to Sauk County, Wisconsin about 1851.

All of the children were born in Indiana, except for the youngest.

During his later years, Joseph married Isabel Moon, who was the mother-in-law of one of his sons.

Submitted by:
Dolores Bussler
Livonia MI

John Henry Placke

John Henry Placke
b. 18 May 1874, Richmond, Wayne County, Indiana, to Harmon Henry and Elizabeth Wienker (Turner) Placke
d. 5 August 1928, Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio

m/1. 26 August 1894, Richmond, Wayne County, Indiana
Agnes Barbara Klett
b. 20 April 1874, Mossingen, Wurtemberg, Germany, to Johann Jakob and Maria Dorothea (Schnait) Klett
d. 11 July 1918, Springfield, Clark County, Ohio

m/2. August 1923
Rose Belle Cassel
b. 4 July 1865, Brookville, Franklin County, Indiana
d. 21 October 1957, Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio

Children with Agnes Barbara Klett:
• Walter Harmon (1895-1953) married Gertrude Catherine Lewe
• Mildred Dorothea (1896-1990) married John Joseph Schwartz
• Russell Edward (1897-1970) married Lillian Anita Williams
• Everett Henry (1899-1970) married Edith Elizabeth Durst
• Jeanette Elizabeth (1901-1992) married Arthur Ray Loyd
• Gertrude Katherine (b. 1903) married Joseph Vance Broderick
• Lawrence John (1907-1982) married Margaret Black
• Marie Barbara (1909-1982) married Harry Carl Frye
• Louis Jacob (1910-1984) married Mildred Irena Saylor
• Evelyn (b. 1912) married Harold Alva Kellis

Agnes immigrated to Indiana from Germany in 1883. The family left Indiana for Clark County, Ohio after 1912.

Submitted by:
Barbara Wohlhueter
Bradenton FL

Isaac Tilden Parker

Isaac Tilden Parker
b. 12 February 1828, New Garden, Wayne County, Indiana, to Jesse Horn and Sarah (Arnold) Parker
d. 30 August 1916, Howard Lake, Wright County, Minnesota

m. 24 September 1851, Arba, Randolph County, Indiana
Sarah Charles Morgan
b. 12 August 1831, New Garden, Wayne County, Indiana
d. 7 May 1887, Howard Lake, Wright County, Minnesota

Children with Sarah Charles Morgan:
• Hannah Etta (1853-1915) married Peter Wright, Jr.
• Emma Lauretta (1855-1937) married Lee Johnson
• Mary Etta (1858-1876)
• Luther Lincoln (b. 1860) married Emma DeWeese
• Georgia Marie (b. 1864) married Marsden McWooley
• Frederick Morgan (1866-1938) married Clarice Everett
• Charles Elwood Morgan (1866-1935) married Elizabeth Bryan

Isaac, Sarah, their six children, and three young grandchildren left Indiana in the early 1880’s in a covered wagon for Howard Lane, Minnesota.

Submitted by:
Naomi E. Purves-Adams
St. Paul Park MN

James Newby

James Newby
b. 16 November 1840, Cambridge City, Wayne County, Indiana, to Thomas and Rebecca (Hall) Newby
d. 10 October 1915, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

m/1. 14 April 1862, Cambridge City, Wayne County, Indiana
Mary Sarah Ann Sechrist
b. 19 October 1839, Germantown, Wayne County, Indiana
d. 30 April 1865, Germantown, Wayne County, Indiana

m/2. 1 November 1866, Wayne County, Indiana
Zella P. Sawyer

Children with Mary Sarah Ann Sechrist:
• Etta Elizabeth (1863-1944) married Harry Beecher Cottingham

James was in Company I, 36th Regiment of Indiana Volunteers. He was mustered in at Richmond, 16 September 1861, and mustered out at Indianapolis, 21 September 1864. During this time he was a sergeant, lieutenant, and a captain. It is unknown what year he left Indiana.

Submitted by:
Steve Hill
Rosselle IL