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James William Beckley

James William Beckley
birth: Muncie, Delaware Co., Indiana to Wilfred Beckley and Arvie Mull
death: 5 April 2014
burial: Gardens of Memory, Muncie, IN

marriage: 31 July 1963
Mirtha Acosta
birth: 27 June 1939 to Pablo Acosta Mena and Regla Dolores Suarez
burial: Maxville Cemetery, Randolph Co., IN

Children of James William Beckley and Mirtha Acosta:

  • Maria Dolores Beckley, b. 1965, m.(1) Adam Charles Bushong, (2) Paul Alex Barron
  • Luisa Lynn Beckley, b. 1968, m. Jeffrey Mayer
  • Ariana Beckley, b. 1969, m.(1) Tony Weiss, (2) Michael Dickerson

James William Beckley:

  • Muncie, Delware County, Indiana
  • Farmland, Randolph County, Indiana
  • Angola/Marion
  • Kokomo, Howard County, Indiana
  • Shipshewana, LaGrange County, Indiana
  • Arizona
  • Forbes AFB, Kansas
  • Fort Bragg and Pope AFB, Fayettville, North Carolina
  • Goose Bay AFB, Canada
  • Wilford Hall Medical Center, Lackland AFB, San Antonio, Texas
  • RAF Mildenhall/RAF Feltwell, England
  • AFB Riverside, CA

Other Information:

James William Beckley was a United Methodist Chaplain in the Air Force. He was my father and I am grateful for him and my mother who brought me into this world in Angola, Indiana. I am Once a Hoosier and Always a Hoosier as well. I will probably leave this world in Texas, but I am grateful for Indiana. My son is moving to INDIANA with is wife in April for a new job in Indianapolis. Isn’t it interesting that everything for my son is coming back to Indiana? :-)

Submitted by:
Maria D Acosta Brown


Arthur Emanuel Rarey

Arthur Emanuel Rarey
birth: 9 Jul 1886, in  Kokomo, Howard Co., Indiana to Emanuel Rarey and Alice Randall
death: 19 Nov 1970 in  Elwood, Madison Co., Indiana
burial: Albright Cemetery, Kokomo Howard Co, Indiana

marriage: 7 Mar 1909 in Howard Co., Indiana
Hazel Fern Miller
birth: 24 Aug 1891 Tipton Co., Indiana to Albert Miller and Vilena Jane Pickering
death: 28 Mar 1975 in  Windfall, Tipton Co., Indiana
burial: Albright Cemetery, Kokomo Howard Co, Indiana

Children of Arthur Emanuel Rarey and Hazel Fern Miller:

  • Dorothy Marie Rarey b. 19 Nov 1909, d. Sept 14, 1988, m.  Frank Armstrong
  • Deva Madilena Rarey b. 18 Jun 1911, d. 9 Jul1995, m. Samuel T. Frazee
  • Marjorie Alice Rarey b. 15 Jul 1919, Living, m. Donald H. Morelock
  • Delton Eugene Rarey b. 17 Sep 1924, d. 11 Jan 1960, m. (1) Bonnie Lou Smith, (2) Mary Lou McCuan

Ancestor Arthur Emanuel Rarey Lived In:

He lived in Howard Co, and Tipton Co., Indiana the majority of his life.

Other Information:

At the age of sixteen, Arthur Emanuel Rarey’s mother died and left all the children orphans. He was sent to live with his Uncle John. He became a farmer and owned 80 acres that was bought during the depression. His son, Eugene was killed in a train accident and it was devastating for him to get over.
His daughter, Marjorie loves to tell how she spit down his collar, while milking a cow because he had too many times squirt her as he was milking.

Submitted by:
Pamela J. Sullivan

Phillip M. Pickering

Phillip M. Pickering
birth: 13 Jan 1842 in Green Co. Tennessee to Jonathan Pickering and Jane White of Rheatown, Tennessee.
death: 19 Jan 1929 in Nevada, Tipton Co. Indiana
burial: Albright Cemetery, Howard Co. Indiana

marriage: 16 Nov 1866 in Alto, Howard Co. Indiana
Prudence Elizabeth Jackson
birth: 3 Apr 1846 in Jellico, Campbell Co. Tennessee to Benjamin V. Jackson and Sarah Mary Ayers
death: 3 Apr 1937 in Nevada, Tipton Co. Indiana
burial: Albright Cemetery, Howard Co. Indiana

Children of Phillip M. Pickering and Prudence Elizabeth Jackson:

  • Vilena Jane Pickering, b. 4 Sep 1867, m. Albert Miller
  • James Virlin Pickering, b. 23 Oct 1871, m. (1) Pearl Lizzie Johnson, (2) Della Fergeson
  • Charles David Pickering, b. 25 Dec 1875, m. Maggie M. Ferguson
  • Mary Myrtle Pickering, b. 2 Jan 1897, m. Harry. E. Farmer
  • Estella May Pickering, b. 14 Jul 1881, m. Fred C. Johnson

Ancestor Phillip M. Pickering Lived In:
Phillip and Prudence were both born in Tennessee but spent the majority of their lives in Indiana. All of their children were born and died in Indiana.

Other Information:

Phillip Pickering was ten years old when his family walked to Indiana from Rheatown, Tennessee. The family left Tennessee on November 1, 1852 and traveled for 27 days to Howard County, Indiana.
In the Civil War he enlisted with the Union Army, Company H of the 34th Indiana Volunteers and served all 5 years without any injuries. After the war, he and his brothers formed a club and sang at many rallies in Howard, Grant, Tipton and Madison counties. He was very involved in the Grand Army of the Republic.
Phillip and Prudence were the longest living Methodist in the county, and were honored in Tipton for the many years they served.

Submitted by:
Pamela Sullivan

Albert Miller

Albert Miller
birth: 14 Feb 1871 in Vevay, Switzerland County, Indiana to Elwood Miller and Judy Ann Porter
death: 15 Jan 1961 in Montpelier, Blackford Co., Indiana
burial: Albright Cemetery, Kokomo, Howard Co., Indiana

marriage: 16 Sep 1890 in Howard Co., Indiana
Vilena Jane Pickering
birth: 4 Sep 1867 in Alto, Harrison Co., Indiana to Phillip Mosenberg Pickering and Prudence Elizabeth Jackson
death: 22 Nov 1939 Center, Benton Co., Indiana
burial: Albright Cemetery, Kokomo, Howard Co., Indiana

Children of Albert Miller and Vilena Jane Pickering:

Ancestor Albert Miller Lived In:

Albert Miller lived in Indiana all his life.

Other Information:

He was a very soft-spoken man, but handsome if I can brag. He was a farmer and hard worker.
His grandfather, David Miller came with his family in 1808, to help pioneer our state.

Submitted by:
Pamela J. Sullivan

Andrew Jackson Adamson

Andrew Jackson Adamson
birth: 21 Dec 1817, in Wayne County, Indiana to David Adamson and Mary Ann Roberts
death: 27 Oct 1869 in Bremer County, Iowa
burial: West Point Cemetery, Bremer County, Iowa

marriage: about 1835 in Indiana
Rachel Ann Garner
birth: 25 Dec 1816 in Highland County, Ohio to Enoch Garner and Elizabeth Ratcliff
death: 23 Sept 1898 in Kokomo, Howard, Indiana
burial: Crown Point Cemetery, Kokomo, Howard, Indiana

Children of Rachel Ann Garner and Andrew Jackson Adamson:

  • Edom Adamson (1835 – 1885), m. 1860 Lydia Timmons
  • Enoch Reuben Adamson (1841 – 1910), m. 1868 Mary Elizabeth “Molly” Harmon
  • John W Adamson (1843 – 1864)  Died in the Civil War,  Battle of Kennesaw Mountain in Georgia
  • Sarah E Adamson (1846 – 1907), m. 1863 Seth W Beals
  • Mary Emily Adamson (1847 – 1929), m. 1866 Benjamin Franklin Learner
  • Rachel Ellen Adamson (1851 – 1855)
  • Andrew Fredrick “Fred” Adamson (1855 – 1923) never married
  • Hester “Hattie” Adamson (1857 – 1890), m. 1879 John Wesley Learner

Andrew Jackson Adamson Lived In:

  • 1817- born in Wayne County, Indiana
  • 1840 – 1850- Lived in Delaware County, Indiana
  • 1860- Lived in Taylor Twp, Howard County, Indiana
  • About 1863- The family moved to Iowa
  • 1869- Died in Bremer County, Iowa

Other Information:

Born in Wayne County, Indiana, Andrew Jackson Adamson was living in Delaware County in 1840 – 1850. In 1860, he was living in Taylor Township, Howard County, Indiana. The family moved to Bremer County, Iowa about 1863 and Andrew Jackson Adamson died there in 1869. He is listed on the U.S. Census Mortality Schedule in 1870. He died of heart failure. His widow Rachel and some of the children were back in Howard County, Indiana, living with her daughter in 1870. She lived there, in Kokomo, the remainder of her life.

The Will of Andrew Jackson Adamson from [Bremer Co. Iowa, Will Book A, 1-2, 1856-1910, p 124-5]

I, Andrew J Adamson, Bremer County, State of Iowa, do make this my Will and testament.

To my Wife Rachel Adamson I will and bequeath all my property both real and personal, Except as herein after mentioned. To my son Edom Adamson I give in addition to what he has already received from Me One Hundred and fifty Dollars. To my Daughter Sarah E. Beals I give in addition to what she has already received from one hundred dollars. To my Daughter Mary E. Learner I give in addition to what she has already received from me one hundred dollars. To my Son Enoch R. Adamson I give in addition to what he had already received from me Four Hundred Dollars. To my Daughter Hester Adamson I give and bequeath Two hundred dollars. To my Son Andrew F. Adamson I give and bequeath One Thousand Dollars. And I hereby appoint and constitute Rachel Adamson and Enoch R. Adamson my Executors. The said same given to Enoch Adamson and Sarah E. Beals and Mary E. Learner to be paid by my Executors within the next five years after my death. The paid sums given to Hester Adamson and Andrew F. Adamson are to be paid to them upon the death of their Mother Rachel Adamson, or upon their becoming of lawful age.

Witness my hand this 9th day of October 1869.

Signed: A. H. Adamson

In presence of

E.L. Tharp

Jerome Burbank, M.D.

State of Iowa, Bremer County

One this 9th day of October 1869, before me a Notary Public in and for the above named County, personally came A. J. Adamson to me personally known to be the identical person whose name is affixed to the above and acknowledged the same to be his free act and deed.

Witness my hand & Seal the date last above written

{Seal} Jno G. Scoby, Notary Public

State of Iowa, Bremer County

Be in remembered that on this 15th day of February, 1870, the Will of A. J. Adamson deceased (being the prejoining written instrument) was duly proved and admitted to probate by the Circuit Court of Said County, according to law, and the Same was by Said Court allowed and established as and for the Will of A. J. Adamson deceased, which Will and this certificate are duly recorded in the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court.

Witness my hand and the Seal of the said Court hereto attached this 4th day of May, 1870.

{Seal} M. F. Gillet, Clerk Circuit Court

Submitted by:
Kay Haden

Enoch Reuben Adamson

Enoch Reuben Adamson
birth: 19 Feb 1841 in Delaware County, Indiana to Andrew Jackson Adamson and Rachel Ann Garner
death: 7 Jan 1910 in McAlester, Pittsburg, Oklahoma
burial: Rogers City Cemetery, Rodger, Benton, Arkansas

marriage: 18 Oct 1868 in Oregon, Holt, Missouri
Mary Elizabeth “Molly” Harmon
birth: 14 Jul 1849 in Boone County, Indiana to William Alexander Harmon and Emma Elizabeth Miller
death: 13 Sep 1912 in Rogers, Benton, Arkansas
burial: Rogers City Cemetery, Rodger, Benton, Arkansas

Children of Mary Elizabeth “Molly” Harmon and Enoch Reuben Adamson:

  • Lee Harmon Adamson (1869 – 1949), m. 1899 Anna Blake
  • Minnie M Adamson (1872 – 1927), m. 1894 Elias Ernest Musselman
  • Blanche Adamson (1877 – 1905), never married
  • Ray Weymouth Adamson (1855 – 1958), m. 1912 Mary May Harrison
  • Clair Donald Adamson (1892 – 1969), m. 1919 Lena B Dorough

Enoch Reuben Adamson Lived In:

  • 1841- born in Delaware County, Indiana
  • by 1860, the family lived in Taylor Twp, Howard Co, Indiana
  • 1861- enlisted in the Civil War from Kokomo, Howard, Indiana
  • 1865- joined his family, who had moved to Bremer County, Iowa
  • 1872 through 1880- lived near Kansas
  • 1880- Found in Chautauqua County, Kansas on the census
  • 1881- Settled in Pierce City (at the time, Peirce City), Missouri
  • Between 1884 – 1892- Moved to Rogers, Benton, Arkansas
  • 1910- Died in McAlester, Pittsburg, Oklahoma, buried in Rogers, Benton, Arkansas

Other Information:

Enoch Reuben Adamson was born about 1841 in Delaware County, Indiana and is with his family there in 1850. By 1860, the family lived in Taylor Twp, Howard County, Indiana. He enlisted in the Civil War in 1861 from Kokomo, Howard, Indiana. About 1863, while Enoch Reuben Adamson was serving in the war, his family moved to Iowa. He joined them there in 1865. He moved to near Kansas in 1872 and lived there until December of 1880. He is found in the 1880 census in Chautauqua County, Kansas. After a visit back to Kokomo to see family, he settled in Pierce City (Peirce City), Missouri in 1881. Sometime between 1884 and 1892, the family moved to Rogers, Benton, Arkansas.

Service records from NARA reveal Enoch Reuben Adamson enlisted 19 Apr 1861 at Kokomo, Howard, Indiana. He mustered in 22 Apr 1861 as a private in Company F (which became Co. D), 6th Regiment of the Indiana Infantry. He mustered out on 2 Aug 1861 after serving his three months. His age was given as twenty years. Enoch Reuben Adamson then re-enlisted in the 57th Regiment, Company G. He was a 1st Sergeant when he enlisted, a 1st Lieutenant when mustered out. The 57th was mustered in 18 Nov 1861.

There is a Pension File for Enoch R Adamson filed under Certificate #704100, Mary, Widow of Enoch R Adamson. On 19 Feb 1910, Mary Adamson applied for her benefits as the widow of Enoch R Adamson. She was living in Rogers, Arkansas at that time and her husband had previously received a pension. She states that Enoch was commissioned Lieutenant at Indianapolis on 12 Feb 1863. She was married as Mary Harmon at Oregon, Missouri on 18 Oct 1868 by J L Hatfield, VDM. She had been previously married nor had he. He died 7 Jan 1910 at McAlester, OK.

ADAMSON, E. R. – E. R. Adamson died Friday, January 7th in the hospital at McAlester, Okla. the result of pneumonia and complications. The body was brought to Rogers and funeral services were held Monday afternoon at two o’clock at the Presbyterian church and were conducted by the pastor, Rev. Arnett. Interment was in the Rogers cemetery. Mr. Adamson had been in charge of a Rock Island bridge gang the past three months with headquarters at Haileyville, Okla. Christmas Day he was sent to Shawnee to assist in clearing away the wrecked machine shops where a number of men were killed by the explosion of a locomotive boiler. He caught a severe cold and was ordered to the hospital January 1st. He rapidly grew worse and died before any of the family could reach him. “Col” Adamson, as he was familiarly known, was born February 19, 1854 at Kokomo, Howard county, Indiana. He grew to manhood there and served four years in the Civil War in an Indiana regiment. After the war he went to Missouri and October 12, 1870 was married to Miss Mary E. Harmon of Oregon, Mo. To them were born seven children, four of whom with their mother survive him. They are Mrs. E. E. Musselman of  Rogers and Lee, Ray, and Claire, who have been the past year at Quanah Texas. Two children died at Peirce City, Mo. and Miss Blanche died here several years ago. Mr. Adamson had been a Frisco employee for twenty-seven years, commencing about the time the Frisco company began work on the line south from Monett. He had always been in the bridge and carpenter department and in charge of a regular crew. The family moved to Rogers from Peirce City in 1890. In 1897 Mr. Adamson took charge of the Commercial Hotel of Rogers and owned it for about three years, although he was himself in charge and off the road for only one year. He was elected mayor of Rogers that spring and served with credit to himself and the town. For a number of years Mr. Adamson had owned a large fruit farm near Chester and a little over two years ago they moved down there to give it their personal supervision. Mrs. Adamson and the boys will retain the farm this year at least. Mr. Adamson was one of the most popular men that ever lived in Rogers and his list of friends was only limited by the number of his acquaintances. Big, jolly and with a hearty welcome for everyone, he was known from one end of the division to the other and the news of his sudden death will be learned with much regret by all. Mrs. Adamson and children request us to thank the friends who so kindly assisted her in preparing and conducting the funeral and for other kindnesses shown.   [“Rogers Democrat” – Rogers, Benton County, Arkansas, 13 Jan 1910] *

*It should be noted that Enoch Reuben Adamson’s birth date and place as well as the year of his marriage are incorrect in the obituary.

Submitted by:
Kay Haden

John Abel Baldwin

John Abel Baldwin
birth: 4 Jan 1844, Grant County, Indiana to Charles Phillip Baldwin and Rachel Lancaster
death: 1913, Amboy, Miami County, Indiana
burial: Amboy, Miami County, Indiana

married: 1868, Howard County, Indiana
Sarah Jane Hunt
birth: 1846, Randolph County, Indiana

Submitted by:
Christina Jane Baldwin Nicholson

Rueben Arletha Francis Horn

Rueben Arletha Francis Horn
birth: 15 Jul 1898, Alto, Howard County, Indiana to Jacob W. Horn and Indiana Lewrhetta Didana Rodman
death: 10 Oct 1956, Kokomo, Howard County, Indiana
burial: Crown Point Cemetery, Kokomo, Howard County, Indiana

marriage: 18 Apr 1923, Kokomo, Howard county, Indiana
Ida Lucielle Hull
birth: 1 Oct 1905, Noblesville, Hamilton County, Indiana to Moses Leander Hull & Laura Ellen Hushaw
death: 27 Jan 1985, Kokomo, Howard County, Indiana
burial: Crown Point Cemetery, Kokomo, Howard County, Indiana

Submitted by:
Jackie Dodd

William Cooper

William Cooper
b. 14 February 1832, Kokomo, Howard County, Indiana
d. 1907, Neosho Falls, Woodson County, Kansas

m/3. about 1869, Kentucky
Elizabeth (Murphey) Harness
b. 18 April 1846, Somerset, Pulaski County, Kentucky
d. 11 January 1911, Neosho Falls, Woodson County, Kansas

Children with Elizabeth (Murphey) Harness:
• Charles E. (1870-1935)
• Orah E. (b. ca. 1872)
• Elvira Jane (1873-1947)
• William, Jr. (b. ca. 1880)
• Anna B. (1884-1942)
• Ira (1887-1962)
• twin girls (b. ca. 1889-died shortly aft. birth)

William, a farmer, took his family by covered wagon from Indiana to Kansas, arriving in Neosho Falls on Christmas Day 1883. The wagon was drawn by two pair of oxen, of which Buck and Bright were his favorite pair. Horses were not used to pull such wagons because they required too much food, and mules were often too difficult to handle.

Submitted by:
Mary F. Peek McBride
Huntsville AL

Jacob Harvey Mason

Jacob Harvey Mason
b. 6 July 1856, Ervin Township, Howard County, Indiana, to Simon Peter and Elizabeth (White) Mason
d. 7 March 1903, southeastern Woods County, Oklahoma Territory (now Major County)

m. 14 December 1876, Howard County, Indiana
Madora Alice Early
b. 8 February 1876, Howard County, Indiana, to William and Catharine (Burchfield) Early
d. 15 February 1933, Meno, Major County, Oklahoma

Children with Madora Alice Early:
• Lova Ellen (1877-1942) married John Lee Lozier
• Mertie Catherine (1878-1972) married James Munkres
• Emma Elizabeth (1880-1948) married Thomas Melvin Freed
• Etta May (1882-1981) married George Benton Gander
• Anna Lulu (1884-1972) married Rhode Francis Montgomery
• Alma Arretta (1886-1909) married Clarence Curtis Burchfield
• Lester Edward (1888-1966) married Susie Ellen Wysong
• Lennie Virgil (1892-1949) married William D. Fyffe
• Bertha Olive (1895-1963) marred George William Nelson
• Clifford Clyde (1897-1982) married Ethel Lorena Morton
• Lonzo Russell (1900-1900)
• Harley Alfred (1902-1993) married Ardell Jane Wysong

Jacob was a true pioneer in Oklahoma Territory as he was the first person to farm the 160 acres of land on which he settled. In the small house in which they lived, the first term of school was taught, and they also boarded the teacher. The same room was donated to church services on Saturday and Sunday for three denominations–Methodists, Dunkers, and Adventists.

Submitted by:
James M. Freed
Delaware OH