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Luther Sly

Luther Sly
birth: 2 Dec 1884, Jefferson County, Indiana to Benjamin Martin Sly and Caroline Mehne
death: 12 Aug 1947, Pokagon Township, Cass County, Michigan

Viola Delia Lewis
birth: May 8, 1896  Marcellus, Cass County, Michigan
death: Feb 1953 Niles, Berrien County, Michigan

Children of Luther Sly and Viola Delia Lewis:

  • Luther Armin Sly
  • Evelyn Sly
  • Donna Sly
  • Martin Sly
  • James Sly

Luther lived in Jefferson County, Indiana; Chicago, Illinois; Panama Canal Zone; San Diego, California; Decatur, Michigan; and Niles, Michigan.

Luther erved in USMC in Panama Canal Zone during construction of canal. He served one tour of duty in US Army and served in USMC during WWI.

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Allen Jasper Hart

Allen Jasper Hart
b. 10 January 1882, Salt Creek Township, Decatur County, Indiana, to James L. Marion and Harriett Jane (Shouse) Hart
d. 11 September 1957, Kiowa, Kansas

m. 14 February 1902, New Pennington, Decatur County, Indiana
Lou Ella Davis
b. 1 May 1881, Missouri, to David Arthur Thackrey and Anna Eliza (Hart) Davis
d. 3 August 1963, Jefferson County, Indiana

Allen was a farmer, and it is unknown when he left Indiana. Lou Ella had been committed to the Madison State Hospital on 2 September 1914, but Allen died in Kansas in 1957 before she died in Indiana in 1963.

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Irene Krieger
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John McElroy, II

John McElroy, II
b. to Robert and Matilda (Trout) McElroy
d. 6 April 1887, Kankakee County, Illinois

m. 11 February 1840, Jefferson County, Indiana
Margaret Crozier
b. to James and Mary (Woods) Crozier
d. November 1871, Kankakee County, Illinois

Children with Margaret Crozier:
• Sarah (1849-1920) married Ben Roberts
• George McKee (1852-1939) married Lydia Cooper
• Julia E. (b. 1854) married James Smiley
• James (1857-1948) married Melissa Ann Hoyt Cooper
• Mary Frances “Mace” (1858-1939) married John Blackstone Cooper
• John, Jr. (1861-1938) married Cora Jane Cooper
• Edwin McLellan (1864-1938) (twin) married (1) Belle Sullinder, (2) Magda T. Kopstad
• Elvina “Allie” (b. 1864) (twin) married Harry Watkins
• Wilbur (1868-1899) (twin)
• Willis (1868-1929) (twin) married Katie Mann

John came Indiana in 1830 as a boy. He moved to LaPorte County about 1854 and to Kankakee County, Illinois, in 1860. He was a farmer, a stock breeder, and a member of the Presbyterian Church.

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Sarah Ann Wright

Sarah Ann Wright
b. 20 March 1820, Jefferson County, Indiana, to Levy and Sarah Wright
d. 20 May 1865, Clarke County, Iowa

m. 29 November 1838, Jefferson County, Indiana
Robert Harvey Miner
b. 2 May 1818, Jefferson County, Indiana, to Robert and Martha (Skeen) Miner/Minor
d. 29 December 1896, Allendale, Worth County, Missouri

Children with Robert Harvey Miner:
• Sarah (1839-1895) married James B. Edwards
• Martha (1842-1845)
• Andrew (1844-1844)
• Olive Malissa (1845-1899) married William S. Moore
• Nancy Ellen (1847-1852)
• Levi Thomas (1850-1851) (twin)
• William (1850-1850) (twin)
• Mary Elizabeth (1852-1931) married William Henry Smith
• Louisa Jane (1855-1921) married T. Benton Boyd
• Sylvia Ann (1858-1860)
• Harvey Judson (Judd) (1862-1931) married Hattie Amanda Shaw

Sarah lived in Jefferson County, Indiana, before emigrating about 1855 to Iowa. Her father was born in Virginia, but came to Indiana from Kentucky.

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John M. Wallace

John M. Wallace
b. 7 July 1827, near Volga, Jefferson County, Indiana, to John (1798-1866) and Elizabeth Sarah “Betsy” (1800-1854) (Giltner) Wallace
d. 14 October 1915, Moscow, Latah County, Idaho

m/1. 17 December 1846, Indiana
Minerva Ellen Duffy
b. to William R. and Malissa W. Duffy
d. 1853, Indiana

m/2. 21 September 1854, Jefferson County, Indiana
Retta Ann Lawler
b. 25 May 1833, Jefferson County, Indiana, to Ausborn (1804-1871) and Elizabeth Neal (1808-1885) (Westbrook) Lawler
d. 17 October 1915, Moscow, Latah County, Idaho

Children with Minerva Ellen Duffy:
• infant son (d. 1848)
• Mary F. (b. 1849) married Thomas P. Harbaugh
• William D. (b. 1852)
• John Samuel (b. 1853) married Eliza Sarah Geneva

Children with Retta Ann Lawler:
• Allen Hale (1859-1897) married Augusta Louise Zastrow
• Charles C. (1860-1894)
• James Lincoln (1862-1930)
• Anna Gevene (1865-1948)
• Artie Cordelia (1869-1950)
• Ednora (1872-1872)
• Jennie E. (1874-1962)

John Wallace was a millwright and he built mills in Keokuk County, Iowa; Norton County, Kansas; and Kendrick, Latah County, Idaho. He emigrated from Jefferson County, Indiana, about 1855.

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Connie Wallace Dawe
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John Wallace

John Wallace
b. 4 May 1798, Iredell County, North Carolina, to John and Ruth (Barlow) Wallace
d. 26 August 1866, near Cottage Inn, Lafayette County, Wisconsin

m/1. 7 February 1823, Jefferson County, Indiana
Elizabeth Sarah “Betsy” Giltner
b. 31 March 1798, Bourbon County, Kentucky, to John Francis and Anne Elizabeth (Boyer) Giltner
d. 11 October 1854, near Volga, Jefferson County, Indiana

m/2. 12 April 1855, Lafayette County, Wisconsin
Eliza DeLong

Children with Elizabeth Sarah Giltner:
• Mary (1823-1850) married Richard Cox
• Okey (1825-1826)
• John (1827-1915) married (1) Minerva Ellen Duffy, (2) Retta Ann Lawler
• Elizabeth (b. 1829)
• Ben (1831-1867)
• James (b. 1834)
• Barnett (b. 1836)
• William (1839-1862)

Children with Eliza DeLong:
• Ada May (b. 1861)

John first bought land in Jefferson County, Indiana, in 1824; however, the first two children were born in Kentucky. The family lived in Jefferson County until about 1855.

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Connie Wallace Dawe
Arvada CO

William Henry Smith

William Henry Smith
b. 19 May 1846, Orleans, Orange County, Indiana, to Zebulon Collins and Mary Ann “Polly” (Moore) Smith
d. 7 November 1919, Douglas Township, Madison County, Iowa

m. 31 October 1869
Mary Elizabeth Miner
b. 11 May 1852, Jefferson County, Indiana, to Robert Harvey and Sarah Ann (Wright) Miner
d. 27 January 1931, Winterset, Madison County, Iowa

Children with Mary Elizabeth Miner:
• Fannie Grace (1871-1953) married Marcus James Boyce
• Edith May (1874-1952) married John F. Harrell

William Henry was a cabinet maker, a painter, a paperhanger, and sometimes built houses. He was called “Pilgrim” for a tune he used to whistle while working. His parents moved their family to Clarke County, Iowa in October 1855.

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Mrs. Helen M. Fridblom
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Jasper Newton Short

Jasper Newton Short
b. 29 June 1832, Switzerland County, Indiana, to Joseph and Frances (Cotton) Short
d. 16 July 1918, Wellington, Sumner County, Kansas

m. 23 October 1856 in Madison, Jefferson County, Indiana
Mary Jane Christie
b. 17 September 1837, Madison, Jefferson County, Indiana
d. 16 November 1923, Wellington, Sumner County, Kansas

Children with Mary Jane Christie:
• Charles Preston (1858-1921) married Emma Brady
• Joseph Warren (1859-1938) married Martha Colliver
• James Taylor (1862-1940) married Flora A. Epperson
• Ira Newton (1866-1942) married Mary Popplewell
• Frances Elizabeth “Fannie” (1870-1930) married Justus A. Davis
• Edgar Leroy (1873-1950) married Louie Brothers
• Jeanette “Nettie” (1873-1959) married Edward Spencer Shriver
• Jennie (b. 1880) married William Franklin Smith

Jasper first moved to Ripley County, Indiana, with his parents. After his marriage, he lived near Canaan in Jefferson County and then in Decatur County before moving to Kansas in 1868, where first he moved to Davis County, then to Haskell County, and finally to Sumner County in 1897.

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Richard Shriver
Ft. Wayne IN

Emily E. Poland/Polen

Emily E. Poland/Polen
b. 18 January 1837, Madison, Jefferson County, Indiana, to Clyde Washington and Hester E. (Cooperider) Poland/Polen
d. 2 December 1892, Aurora, Hamilton County, Nebraska

m. 9 April 1855, Azalia, Bartholomew County, Indiana
Mathias M. Clark
b. November 1834, Washington County, Indiana
d. 1 May 1912, Holsey, Linn County, Oregon

Children with Mathias M. Clark:
• George W.
• Albert M.
• Calvin W.
• John R.
• Charles E.

Emily lived in Jefferson and Bartholomew counties in Indiana, before leaving in 1873 for Bromfield, Hamilton County, Nebraska.

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Betty Louise Polen Schlechte
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Calvin Wesley Poland/Polen

Calvin Wesley Poland/Polen
b. 23 January 1834, Madison, Jefferson County, Indiana, to Clyde Washington and Hester E. (Cooperider) Poland/Polen
d. 4 April 1923, Opdyke, Jefferson County, Illinois

m. 12 October 1865, Bellair, Crawford County, Illinois
Olive Elizabeth Lathrop
b. 14 December 1843, Oxford, Butler County, Ohio
d. 2 April 1921, Opdyke, Jefferson County, Illinois

Children with Olive Elizabeth Lathrop:
• Margaret E.
• Clyde Washington
• Laura Sarah
• John Calvin
• Halleck Wesley
• Harriet Melissa
• Edward Clark
• Luella Leona

The family lived in Madison, Jefferson County, and near Columbus, Bartholomew County, Indiana. They left about 1864 for Giltner, Nebraska, and in 1865 settled in Opdyke, Jefferson County, Illinois.

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Betty Louise Polen Schlechte
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