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Thomas Mason

Thomas Mason
b. about 1792, North Carolina, to Thomas and Elizabeth Mason
d. 21 September 1865, Ironton, Sauk County, Wisconsin

m/1. 22 may 1815, Wayne County, Indiana
Griselda “Grizzel” Elliott
b. 1796, North Carolina, to Job and Orpha (Griffin) Elliott
d. 1830-31 in Indiana

m/2. 12 August 1831, Delaware County, Indiana
Mahala Puckett
b. about 1807, Surry County, North Carolina
d. Ironton, Sauk County, Wisconsin

Children with Griselda Elliott:
• Malinda (1825-1876) married Meredith Beeson
• Elihu married Elizabeth Collins
• Elliott (Eliot) married Gincy Jackson
• Edith married William Bates and/or Isaac Macy
• Mary married Thomas Addington

Children with Mahala Puckett:
• Nathan (1832-1912) married Elizabeth Weeks
• Gilla (b. 1834) married Will Bundy
• Thomas Elwood (1837-1914) married Martha Ann Bundy
• Clarinda (b. 1840)
• Isom (b. 1844) married Margaret Thomas
• James (b. 1846-died during Sherman’s march to the sea)
• Falitha (Talitha) (b. 1849) married George W. Ganfield
• Mahala (1851-1930) married John Fraser

Thomas came to Wayne County, Indiana, about 1814- 1815. They resided in Chester, Wayne County; Mississinewa Township; Delaware County; Pleasant Township; and Grant, Elkhart, and Randolph counties. He left the state in 1853 from Grant or Howard County. Thomas and Mahala were among the founding families of the Quaker settlement at Baraboo, Wisconsin. He was a minister.

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Leslie Hope
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Oscar Macy

Oscar Macy
b. 28 July 1829, Knox County, Indiana, to Obed and Lucinda (Polk) Macy
d. 1 November 1910, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California

m. 24 June 1873, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County
Margaret Elizabeth Bell
b. 2 December 1848, Millersburg, Ohio
d. 28 October 1891, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California

Children with Margaret Elizabeth Bell:
• Estell (b. 1874)
• Margaret Lucinda (1876-1908)
• Irene (1879-1902) married F.J. Whitney
• Alice Bell (b. 1882)
• Oscar Alexander (1884-1918) married Ella McLean

Oscar started west in the spring of 1850. He started from Bloomington, Monroe County, Indiana, overland to Columbus, then by railroad to Madison, by steamboat to Louisville, Kentucky, and another steamboat to St. Louis, Missouri, then by another boat to Kansas City, Missouri, where his parents and family met him. It then took them nine months to cross the plains.

He had a gold stake for a while. Then he became a printer for several publications. He was the Deputy Collector of Customs at San Pedro and a member of the Los Angeles City Council. Macy Street in Los Angeles is named for this family, since the only house on the street for many years was the Macy’s house.

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Christie Hill Russell
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Obed Macy

Obed Macy
b. 14 December 1801, Guilford County, North Carolina, to William and Mary (Barnard) Macy
d. 9 July 1857, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California

m. 17 October 1824, near Bruceville, Knox County, Indiana
Lucinda Polk
b. 6 January 1808, Knox County, Indiana, to Charles and Margaret (McQuade) Polk III
d. 3 August 1872, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California

Children with Lucinda Polk:
• Amanda (1824-1826)
• Urania (1828-1916) married David Williams Cheesman
• Oscar (1829-1910) married Margaret Elizabeth Bell
• Nancy (1832-1916) married Aphek Lorenzo Woodruff
• Lousia (1834-1896) married John Moran Foy
• Charles P. (1837-1850)
• Margaret (b. 1839)
• William (1841-1923)
• Obed (1843-1922) married Mary Teresa Sullivan
• Lucinda (1844-1926) married Samuel Calvert Foy
• Mary Jane (1849-1917) married Taliesin Evans
• Alice (1852-1854)
• Christina (1855-1856)

Obed came to Liberty, Union County, Indiana, in August 1818. He also lived in Bruceville and Oaktown, Knox County, Indiana, before emigrating in 1850. His son Charles died of cholera near the South Platte River on the California Trail. Obed was a medical doctor in Bruceville, and the first medical doctor in Los Angeles.

The family crossed the plains in 1850, arriving at San Gabriel Mission on 1 January 1851. They camped two months at San Gabriel, and then moved to El Monte. In 1852, the family moved to Los Angeles, where Dr. Macy bought the Bella Union Hotel. They lived on the northwest corner of Los Angeles and Commercial Streets. Dr. Macy then procured a site on the Zanja Madre at what is now the corner of North Main and Macy Streets, where he built a low spreading building.

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Christie Hill Russell
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Lucinda “Pet” Macy

Lucinda “Pet” Macy
b. 21 December 1844, near Mariah Creek, Knox County, Indiana, to Obed and Lucinda (Polk) Macy
d. 2 November 1926, Pasadena, Los Angeles County, California

m. 7 October 1860, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California
Samuel Calvert Foy
b. 23 September 1830, Washington, D.C.
d. 20 April 1901, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California

Children with Samuel Calvert Foy:
• Samuel Calvert (1860-1860)
• Mary Emily (1862-1962)
• James Calvert (1865-1922) married Adell O’Melveny
• Oscar (1867-1867)
• Cora Calvert (1870-1920)
• Samuel Calvert (1873-1874)
• Edna Calvert (1875-1909) married Otto Henrich Neher
• Irma Calvert (1878-1896)
• Alma Calvert (1880-1900) married Thomas Lee Woolwine
• Florence Calvert (1883-1910) married Remington Olmsted

Lucinda’s family left Knox County, Indiana, in 1850 and settled in California in 1852. Lucinda enrolled in the city school of Los Angeles the very first day there was a public school there, after learning her A-B-C’s from the family Bible on the overland journey to California. Mr. Foy was in the cattle business and for five years they lived near Stockton. They moved to Los Angeles in 1865. Lucinda moved to Pasadena, California, in 1904.

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Christie Hill Russell
Paris IL
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Huldah Butler

Huldah Butler
b. 13 October 1776, Dinwiddie County, Virginia
d. 27 March 1813, Warren County, Ohio

m. 14 September 1797, Campbell County, Virginia
Latham Stanton
b. 14 July 1777, Guilford County, North Carolina, to William and Phebe (Macy) Stanton, Sr.
d. 11 March 1835, Fayette County, Indiana

Children with Latham Stanton:

  • Hepzibah (b. 1798)
  • Elizabeth Hunnicutt (b. 1800)
  • Gulielma (b. 1803)
  • Daniel (b. 1805)
  • William, Jr. (b. 1807)
  • Stephen Butler (b. 1809)
  • Mary (b. 1812)

Huldah came to Indiana from Campbell County, Virginia, a couple of years after the birth of her daughter Mary. She lived in the Cincinnati District of Union and Fayette counties in Indiana. When she moved to Warren County, Ohio, where she died, is not known.

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Jacqueline Frank Strickland
Rockwall TX

David Williams Cheesman

b. about 1819, Illinois, to Richard and Hannah Cheesman
d. 24 January 1884, San Francisco, California

m. 17 October 1849, Daviess County, Indiana
Urania Macy
b. 5 April 1828, Knox County, Indiana, to Obed and Lucinda (Polk) Macy
d. 17 March 1916, Medford County, Oregon

Children with Urania Macy:

  • Randolph (1850-1906) married Emma Shattuck
  • Frank Macy (1854-1931) married Margarita Morales Bracamonte
  • Charles Richard (1857-1884)
  • David Julia (b. 1861) married Margaret Starke
  • Urania (1863-1897) married Matthew Quade
  • Laura (b. 1872) married Edward S. Clark

David was a director of the U.S. Mint in San Francisco. He was an enthusiastic supporter of Abraham Lincoln and attended both inaugurations. He was the first Republican National Committeeman for California.

Submitted by:
Christie Hill Russell
Paris IL