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Joseph Ward Talbott

Joseph Ward Talbott
b. 17 June 1876, Rising Sun, Ohio County, Indiana, to John Ulrey and Mary Jane (Williamson) Talbott
d. 14 December 1960, Russell County, Kansas

m. 18 December 1901, Russell County, Kansas
Elva Mitchell
d. May 1932

Children with Elva Mitchell:
• Zelda
• Joseph C.
• Mary Ann married [—?—] Schmitt
• Mildred married [—?—] Nye
• Betty Jo married [—?—] Jahn
• Joan married [—?—] Sechtem
• Edna Mae married [—?—] Wakefield
• Barbara married [—?—] Brown
• Frederick
• Marvin
• Mitchell Kenneth
• Bina married Doran R. Dole

Joseph moved from Ohio County, Indiana, to Russell County, Kansas, about 1900. He farmed for a number of years in the Kennebec Community south of the Smoky River, then lived in Bunker Hill, before retiring to Russell. He was the grandfather of 1996 Republican presidential candidate Robert J. Dole.

Submitted by:
John S. Dorrell
Indianapolis IN
E-mail: jsdorrell@cs.com

John Homer Lee

John Homer Lee
b. 31 August 1849, Knoxville, Jefferson County, Ohio, to William (1829-1909) and Mary A. (1829-1912) (Adams) Lee
d. 20 December 1898, Harrisburg, Saline County, Illinois

m/1. 9 March 1873, Rockville, Parke County, Indiana
Rebecca Adaline Mitchell
b. 30 December 1845, Parke County, Indiana, to William Durrow (1818-1898) and Sarah Foster (1818-1857) (Martin) Mitchell
d. 9 January 1879, Harrisburg, Saline County, Illinois

Julia Dove Cain

Children with Rebecca Adaline Mitchell:
• James William Reeder (1874-1896)
• Barthenia Rose (b. 1875) married Asa Parker
• John Baker (1877-1955) married Dollie Dorris

Children with Julia Dove Cain:
• Harry Caine (1888-1959) married Beatrice Crabtree

John came to Monroe County, Indiana, from Rockville, Jefferson County, Ohio, in 1869 with his parents and siblings. He left from Parke County, Indiana, to Mitchelsville, Saline County, Illinois, in 1877. He was a doctor in Harrisburg, Illinois. John served in Company G, 13th Regiment of Ohio Cavalry during the Civil War; his papers list his name as Homer J. Lee.

Submitted by:
Susan Lee Cook
San Diego CA

Edith Marie Forst

Edith Marie Forst/First/Furst
b. 15 December 1883, Wabash County, Indiana, to Frank and Fannie (Van Dyne) Forst
d. 10 February 1967, Plainwell, Allegan County, Michigan

m/1. 8 May 1914, Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio
Ernest W. Mitchell
b. 1894, St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada
d. 1970, Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan
divorced. 1924/25

m/2. 12 March 1925, Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan
John F. Johnson
b. 1 October 1888, Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan, to Robert and Nancy (McGarbey)

Children with Ernest W. Mitchell:
• Robert Forrest (b. 1914) married Evelyn N. Wilson

Children with John F. Johnson:
• Jeannette Marie (b. 1925) married David D. Anderson

Edith lived in both Lagro and Waltz townships in Wabash County, Indiana, before moving to Detroit, Michigan, in 1913. She is buried in Elmwood Cemetery at Wayland, Allegan County, Michigan, where she and her second husband bought their first home in 1941. She was 83 years old when she died.

Submitted by:
Shirley Mitchell Jones
Three Rivers MI

Logan D. Mitchell

Logan D. Mitchell
b. 4 June 1864, Heltonville, Lawrence County, Indiana, to Alexander (1832-1879) and Susannah (Norman) (1840-1917) Mitchell
d. 18 July 1944, Jackson County, Kansas

m. 14 May 1890, Whiting, Jackson County, Kansas
Anna “Annie” Moore
b. 8 January 1867, Miami County, Kansas
d. 4 June 1909, Geary, Blaine County, Oklahoma

Children with Anna “Annie” Moore:

  • Grace (1891-1892)
  • Frank (1892-bef. 1909)
  • Harry (1894-aft. 1910)
  • Thomas A. (1897-aft. 1944)

Logan left Indiana (the only one of his siblings to leave the Hoosier state) sometime between 1880 and 1890. He married in Jackson County, Kansas, in 1890, and his children were born there, but by 1900, they were in Bloomington, McLean County, Illinois, where he worked for the railroad. After his wife died in Blaine County, Oklahoma, in 1909, he returned to Jackson County, Kansas with his youngest son and moved in with a relative.

Family tradition said Logan had to leave Indiana because of a fight while playing cards. In a photo, his right arm appears to be damaged or paralyzed.

Submitted by:
Meredith Thompson
Avon IN
E-mail: mere@augustmoondesign.com

Levi Burton

b. 1767, Maryland
d. 1860, Des Moines, Iowa

m/1. 9 March 1803, Pittsylvania County, Virginia
Elizabeth Lansford
b. 7 January 1786, Pittsylvania County, Virginia
d. 1811, Harrison County, Indiana

m/2. 24 February 1812
Mary Mitchell

Children with Elizabeth Lansford:

  • Thomas (1804-1864)
  • Mary (1806-1886)
  • Nancy (b. 1808)
  • Isham (1811-1899)

The family came to Harrison County, Indiana, about 1810 and moved to Parke County around 1825. In 1842, they moved to West Point Township, Iowa, and in 1848 moved to Des Moines County, Iowa.

Submitted by:
Joe Wood
South Bend IN

Francis Marion Payne

Francis Marion Payne
b. 26 October 1849, Clark County, Indiana
d. 4 November 1928, Bellingham, Washington

m. 19 June 1873, Saluda, Jefferson County, Indiana
Elizabeth Luella Wells
b. 23 July 1852, Saluda, Jefferson County, Indiana
d. 29 December 1907, Newton, Jasper County, Illinois

Children with Elizabeth Luella Wells:

  • Eva Grace (1874-1949) married James Lee Hesler
  • Estella May (1877-1975) married Albert Mellum
  • Claudia Laura (1880-1968) married Earl C. Applegate
  • Christina Florence (1883-1885)
  • Clyde Wells (1885-1952) married Balva May Mitchell
  • Winnie Luella (1889-1986) married Earl Palmer Hill
  • Edwin Francis (1892-1972) married Bertha Louise Adams

Francis and Elizabeth emigrated from Indiana to Newton, Jasper County, Illinois, after their
marriage in 1873.

Estella Mellum, Francis and Elizabeth’s second child, homesteaded a tract of land on Cyrus Island in Puget Sound, Washington, and later purchased an adjacent tract of 160 acres. She built her own cabin, as well as some of her furniture. Her father left Illinois to live with Stella at her island home after the death of his wife in Illinois.

Submitted by:
Marjorie P. Hoelzel
Wilmington DE

David Parkhurst

David Parkhurst
b. 15 November 1783, Morris County, New Jersey, to Ezekiel and Abiel (Hathaway) Parkhurst
d. 6 September 1858, Effingham County, Illinois

m. about 1800, Kentucky or Tennessee
Jane Jenkins
b. about 1784, North Carolina, to Roderick and Nancy (Pack) Jenkins
d. 8 September 1858, Effingham County, Illinois

Children with Jane Jenkins:

  • William (b. bet. 1801/1804-bet. 1870/1880) married (1) Rebecca Russell, (2) Martha Jane Taylor
  • Ezekiel (1808-aft. 1879) married (1) Mary Dias/Dies, (2) Aletha McClanahan
  • Abigail (b. bet. 1804/1810) married (1) Asa Russell, (2) Micajah Kittell/Kitchell
  • [–?–] (b. bet. 1804/1810-bet. 1820/1830)
  • Cynthia (1809-1891) married Mark Mitchell
  • Mahala Jane (1811-1874) married David S. Mitchell
  • Roderick (1814-1863) married Charlotte Knight
  • Tryphenia (1816-bet. 1865/1868) married Major Mitchell
  • Mary (1820-bet. 1870/1875) married (1) Jacob Legan, (2) Andrew J. Davis
  • John W. (1823-1862) married (1) Mary Ann Nay, (2) Nancy [–?–]

David and Jane Parkhurst immigrated to Indiana in 1836 from Smith County, Tennessee. They resided at Nineveh, Johnson County, Indiana, and then moved in 1851 to Effingham County, Illinois.

Jane’s mother was either full-blooded or onehalf Cherokee Indian and was said to have had a very bad temper.

The family of Ezekiel Parkhurst, David’s son, had a rather turbulent life. Cousins in Tennessee maintain that Ezekiel’s second wife murdered him after 1870 in Smith County, Tennessee, by putting poison in his coffee. She left quickly for Chicago after his death and was never charged with the crime. Later, one of Ezekiel’s sons, John C. Parkhurst, married Martha Younger, purported to be a sister of the Younger brothers who rode with the Jesse James gang. Another of Ezekiel’s sons, Robert S. Parkhurst, moved to Missouri, where his second wife, it is said, stabbed him to death, took his money, and escaped to Texas. Apparently Ezekiel’s family had a streak of bad luck, especially with second wives.

Submitted by:
Yvonne Parkhurst
Tacoma WA

Elvira Jane Mitchell

Elvira Jane Mitchell
b. 26 December 1858, Warsaw, Kosciusko County, Indiana, to Adam and Elizabeth Eve (Crumbaker) Mitchell
d. 8 February 1949, Wood River, Hall County, Nebraska

m. 20 October 1881, Zanesville, Muskingum County, Ohio
Christopher Frederick Babel
b. 17 October 1856, Washington, D.C., to Christopher Adam and Sophia (Ikler/Eikler) Babel
d. 1 January 1937, Zanesville, Muskingum County, Ohio

Children with Christopher Frederick Babel:

  • Allora Belle (b. 23 August 1882) married John Hoye
  • Charles Adam (b. November 1884) married Veda Hansen
  • Wilbur Roy (b. 15 November 1886) married Grace Brown
  • Frederick Ernest (b. 26 November 1888) married Hazel Wahl
  • William Wesley (b. 17 November 1890) married Pearl Jones
  • Inez Olive (10 April 1893–21 July 1973) married William Dee Highland
  • Gladys Catherine (b. 2 June 1898) married H. Kenneth Cates

Elvira emigrated from Warsaw, Kosciusko County, Indiana, to Muskingum County, Ohio.

Submitted by:
Karen Kellogg Mason
Mt. Vernon WA

John Homer Lee

John Homer Lee
b. 31 August 1849, Jefferson County, Ohio, to William and Mary Jane (Adams) Lee
d. 20 December 1898, Harrisburg, Saline County, Illinois

m/1. 9 March 1873, Rockville, Parke County, Indiana
Rebecca Adaline Mitchell
b. 30 December 1845, Parke County, Indiana, to William Durrow and Sarah Foster (Martin) Mitchell
d. 9 January 1879, Harrisburg, Saline County, Illinois

m/2. 17 August 1879
Julia A. Cain

Children with Rebecca Adaline Mitchell:

  • William Reeder (b. 1874)
  • Barthenia Rose (b. 1875)
  • John Baker (b. 1877)

Children with Julia A. Cain:

  • Harry Cain (b. 1888)

John came from Jefferson County, Ohio, in 1850. He lived in Owen County, Monroe County, and Parke County, Indiana. He left in 1877 for Mitchelsville, Saline County, Illinois. John was in the Ohio Cavalry, Company G, 13th Regiment, in 1864–1865. He was in the 7th U.S. Cavalry at Indianapolis in 1870–71. He taught school while in Indiana and became a physician after moving to Illinois.

Submitted by:
Susan Lee Cook
LaCanada CA

Charles Butcher

Charles Butcher
b. September 1848, Ohio, to Christian and Mary (Hofman) Butcher
d. 5 December 1902, Trego County, Kansas

m. 24 January 1869, Jay County, Indiana
Sarah Elizabeth Doty
b. Indiana
d. 1898, Trego County, Kansas

Children with Sarah Elizabeth Doty:

  • Anna L. (b. 1869) married Francis M. Epperly
  • Alma (b. 1871) married (1) [–?–] Smith, (2) Eli Davis
  • Cordelia Bell (b. 1873) married George Mitchell
  • James Madison (1875-1953) married Margaret Mae Cook
  • George Leslie (1878-1964) married Mary Grace Hays
  • Frances Lenora (b. 1880) married Francis A. Hayes
  • Charles (1883-1904)
  • Henry Cleveland (1885-1960) married Anna C. Snelling

Charles emigrated in 1882 from Green Township, Jay County, Indiana, to Ellsworth County, Kansas. He moved in 1891 to Trego County and homesteaded seventeen miles southwest of Wakeeney.

Submitted by:
Marilyn Eckman Rittel
Des Moines IA