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Indiana McMonigle

Indiana McMonigle
b. 1843, Harrison County, Indiana, to Thomas J. and Matilda (Applegate) McMonigle
d. 1899, York County, Nebraska

m. 17 March 1861, Harrison County, Indiana
Alfred Grass
b. 1839, Harrison County, Indiana, to William and Priscilla (Crawford) Grass
d. about 1875, Harrison County, Indiana

Children with Alfred Grass:
• Francis Emmitt (1863-1916) married Mary Alice Watson
• William Emery (1865-1944) married Mable Ella Johnson
• John Edmund (1867-1955) married Louise Ramp
• Neva E. (1870-1935)

Indiana emigrated to York County, Nebraska, in the late 1880’s following some of her adult children. Watson families accompanied them from Harrison County.

Submitted by:
David L. McMonigle
Edgwater FL
E-mail: davemcmo@voyager.net

George Leech

George Leech
b. 13 April 1756, Parish Lusk, Dublin, Ireland, to George and Mary Sarah (Moore) Leech
d. 23 April 1827, Shawneetown, Gallatin County, Illinois

m. Spring 1781, Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania
Achsah Applegate
b. 10 February 1762, Bordentown, Burlington County, New Jersey
d. 17 March 1825, Shawneetown, Gallatin County, Illinois

Children with Achsah Applegate:
• Sallie
• Soloman
• Amira “Amy”
• Francis
• George, III
• Samuel
• Achsah
• Hannah
• Elizabeth

George Leech attended school and trained for the ministry in Dublin, Ireland. In 1774 at the age of 18, and with his 20-year-old brother, he came to America.

George fought in the American Revolution, serving from 15 August 1776 through 17 January 1781 under the command of Colonel Richard Butler in the Continental Line of the North Pennsylvania Regiment. During that period, he was brevetted to Captain by a resolution of Congress.

George emigrated from Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, in 1784 to Vincennes, Knox County, Indiana. While in Pennsylvania, George had studied law, and in 1805 he was appointed a Judge of the Court of Common Pleas for Knox County, Indiana.

Submitted by:
Hubert F. Leech
Warren MI
E-mail: hhubeanddot@aol.com

Peter S. Hunter

Peter S. Hunter
b. 2 February 1855, Indiana, to Aaron N.B. and Cynthia A. (Ramsey-Lawrence) Hunter
d. 9 March 1929, Ponca City, Oklahoma

m. 9 August 1874, Franklin, Johnson County, Indiana
Nancy E. Davison
b. 6 November 1856, Franklin, Johnson County, Indiana, to Richard and Eveline (Applegate) Davison
d. 27 January 1926, Ponca City, Oklahoma

Children with Nancy E. Davison:
• infant son (b. 1875)
• Willis Reece (1876-1932) married Suda Agness Baker
• Charles Edward (1879-1889)
• James Monroe (1880-1955) married (1) Ruth Stone, (2) Flora Jacobs, (3) Stella Renfro
• Ida May (1882-1952) married James M. Griffen
• Cora V. (1884-1886)
• Clara Edith (1887-1963) married Joseph P. Hogan
• Harry Ellsworth (1889-1908)
• Iva Myrtle (1892-1969) married (1) Jesse Barnes, (2) Charles Kulp
• Howard Anderson (1902-1964) married (1) Pearl Williams, (2) Ida I. Nickles

Submitted by:
Robert S. Hunter
Connersville IN

William Vail

William Vail
b. 18 December 1821, Hamilton County, Ohio, to Peter L. and Amy (Applegate) Vail
d. 10 October 1893, Albion, Nebraska

m. 7 March 1848, Franklin County, Indiana
Annabelle Moore
b. about 1829, Preble County, Ohio
d. 6 April 1903, Effingham County, Illinois

Children with Annabelle Moore:

  • Walter
  • Mary Ann
  • John
  • Minerva
  • Sarah
  • Henry Clay
  • William Samuel
  • Minnie
  • Clarence
  • Albert
  • Viola

William emigrated from Franklin County, Indiana, to Shelby County, Illinois, about 1852.

Submitted by:
Phyllis Wyckoff Arnold
Effingham IL

Francis Marion Payne

Francis Marion Payne
b. 26 October 1849, Clark County, Indiana
d. 4 November 1928, Bellingham, Washington

m. 19 June 1873, Saluda, Jefferson County, Indiana
Elizabeth Luella Wells
b. 23 July 1852, Saluda, Jefferson County, Indiana
d. 29 December 1907, Newton, Jasper County, Illinois

Children with Elizabeth Luella Wells:

  • Eva Grace (1874-1949) married James Lee Hesler
  • Estella May (1877-1975) married Albert Mellum
  • Claudia Laura (1880-1968) married Earl C. Applegate
  • Christina Florence (1883-1885)
  • Clyde Wells (1885-1952) married Balva May Mitchell
  • Winnie Luella (1889-1986) married Earl Palmer Hill
  • Edwin Francis (1892-1972) married Bertha Louise Adams

Francis and Elizabeth emigrated from Indiana to Newton, Jasper County, Illinois, after their
marriage in 1873.

Estella Mellum, Francis and Elizabeth’s second child, homesteaded a tract of land on Cyrus Island in Puget Sound, Washington, and later purchased an adjacent tract of 160 acres. She built her own cabin, as well as some of her furniture. Her father left Illinois to live with Stella at her island home after the death of his wife in Illinois.

Submitted by:
Marjorie P. Hoelzel
Wilmington DE