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Martin Millerborn Campbell

Martin Millerborn Campbell
birth: 1848 in Marion, Kentucky to Josiah Campbell and Mary Ann Overstreet
death: 1941 in Vigo County, Indiana
burial: Brown Cemetery, Pierson Township, Vigo, Indiana

marriage: 1872 in Hendricks Co, Indiana
Eva Ann Bailey
birth: 1853 in Shelby, Indiana to John Bailey and Catherine Emdy
death: 1946 in Marion Co, Indiana
burial: Brown Cemetery, Pierson Township, Vigo, Indiana

Children of Eva Ann Bailey and Martin Millerborn Campbell:

  • Tessie O Campbell 1874-1895
  • Mary Catherine Campbell 1875-1968 m .Tilman O. Bush son: Audry Lewis Bush
    John Louis Campbell 1877-1955 m Ethel Brown, children: Charles Louis, Edith Grace, Eva Alma, Francis Brown, Kenneth Boyd and Delbert Eugene.
  • Martin Otto 1881 1974 m Laura Blanche Brown, children: Juanita Lucille and Triby M.
    2nd wife Tressie Folsom Clark
  • Oliver D Campbell 1883-1961 m Pearl Trimmer children: Everett Wayne, Harold Edwin
  • Sarah Elizabeth Campbell 1890-1935 m Emmett Power children: Helen Marie, Vernal Emmett, and Victor Emil
  • Eva Ann Campbell 1892-1980 m Phillip Pratt children William Miller and Carl Richard
    James Marion Campbell 1895-1982 m Lois Copeland children: Oris Martin, Ruth Gladys, Virginia Dale, James Marion Jr., and Emmett Woodrow

Ancestor here lived in:

Indianapolis, Indiana 1863
Pierson Township, Vigo Co., Indiana 1870-1941

Other Information:

Martin headed to Illinois with family at about 15 years of age. When they arrived in Vigo County it was winter and they stayed with a farmer, working to pay for board. In the spring Martin stayed in Pierson instead of traveling on with family.

Submitted by:
BJ Campbell
Email: campbell5075@gmail.com

James Isaac Ghormley

James Isaac Ghormley
birth: 19 April 1772 in Cumberland, Pennsylvania to Hugh Ghormley & Mary Catherine Covington
death: 11 December 1850 in Wabash Twp, Parke, Indiana
burial: Hixon Cemetrry, Wabash Twp, Parke, Indiana

marriage: 1 November 1791 in Cumberland, Pennsylvania
Elizabeth Cunningham
birth: 9 June 1769 Cumberland in Pennsylvania to Charles Cunningham & Margaret Evans
death: 7 January 1856 in Mecca, Wabash Twp, Parke, Indiana
burial: Hixon Cemetery, Wabash Twp, Parke, Indiana

Children of Elizabeth Cunningham and James Isaac Ghormley:

  • Margaret Ghormley 1792-1850 m. John Brown
  • Jane Ghormley 1794-1879 m. Henry Brown
  • Michael Ghormley 1795-1875 m. Margaret Laverty
  • Elizabeth Ghormley 1798-1883 m. Samuel Laverty
  • Hugh Ghormley 1800-1808
  • Hannah Ghormley 1802-1858 m. Samuel Miles
  • Thomas C Ghormley 1804-1808
  • Mary “Polly” Ghormley 1806-1865 m. Aquilla Justice, Jr
  • Sarah Ghormley 1808-1835 m. William Hixon

Ancestor here lived in:

1830 New Albany, New Albany Twp, Floyd, Indiana
1840 Parke, Indiana
1850, Mecca, Parke, Indiana

Ancestor also lived in:

19 April 1772-1802 in Mifflin, Cumberland, Pennsylvania
1804-1808 Ohio

Submitted by:
Sharon Rice Barnes
Email: barnes@lclark.edu

George “Pete” Jefferson Brown

George “Pete” Jefferson Brown
birth: 20 September 1876 in Parke County IN
death: 6 July 1946 in Terre Haute IN
burial: Woodlawn Cemetery, Terre Haute, IN

marriage: 17 November 1896
Elizabeth Ann “Bessie” Isaac
birth: 1878 in Pontypridd, Wales Daniel Isaac, Elizabeth Jones Isaac
death: 30 August 1959 in Terre Haute IN
burial: Woodlawn Cemetery, Terre Haute, IN

Children of Elizabeth Ann “Bessie” Isaac and George “Pete” Jefferson Brown:

  • Drusilla Edith Brown Weiss 1898-1958
  • Mary K “Mayme” Brown Hawke 1899-1975
  • Georgina Brown Creekbaum 1902-1922
  • Daniel Brown 1908-1991

Ancestor here lived in:

  • Parke County, IN
  • Terre Haute, Vigo County, IN

Submitted by:
Vicki Schell
Email: disheveledprofessor@yahoo.com

Francois Jacquot

Francois Jacquot
birth: 12 Sept 1808 in Haute-Saone, France to Augustin Jacquot and Marguerite Bouche
death: 12 Aug 1874 in Lafayette Township, Floyd, Indiana
burial: St Mary of the Knobs, Floyd Knobs, Floyd, Indiana

marriage: 21 May 1833 Arcey, France
Marie Catherine Brocard
birth:30 May 1799 Belfort, France to Jacques Brocard and Magdelaine Bourgeois
death: 5 Oct 1872 Lafayette Township, Floyd, Indiana
burial: St Mary of the Knobs, Floyd Knobs, Floyd, Indiana

Children of Francois Jacquot and Marie Catherine Brocard:

  • Marie Theresa Jacquot b.1830, d.1907, m. Thomas Duffy
  • Emile Balthazare Jacquot b.1836, d.1837
  • Mary Catherine Jacquot b.1838, d.1902, m. John R. Brown
  • Philip B. Jacquot b.1842, d.1923, m. Barbara Schwab

Ancestor here Lived In:

  • 1808-1837 Chalonvillars, Haute-Saone, France
  • 1837-1874  Lafayette Township, Floyd, Indiana

Other Information:

Immigrated to the United States, arriving 16 May 1837 on the Ship Salem from LeHarve, France to New Orleans, Louisiana

Owned land in Mooresville:
Lots 8, 9 and 10 – section 19
Southeast quarter of section 20
Northwest quarter of section 29

Was a farmer and wagon maker.

Submitted by:
Patricia A. Tucker
Email: tuckerpatopus@gmail.com

Anna Daggy

Anna Daggy
b. 1794, Virginia, to Jacob and Elizabeth (Michael) Daggy, Sr.
d. about 1860 or 1861, Kansas, Illinois

m. 25 February 1811, Virginia
Andrew Lockridge
b. 23 December 1790, Augusta County, Virginia, to Samuel and Elizabeth (Khale) Lockridge
d. 14 January 1874, Plymouth, Marshall County, Indiana

Children with Andrew Lockridge:
• John D. (1818-1902) married Malinda Harker
• Andrew J. (1822-1869) married Elizabeth G. Small
• William Henry (1826-1879) married Abigail Goff
• James Allen (1831-1914) married Lucy L. Whitmore
• Joshua (1837-1917) married Catherine Brown

Anna, a farmer’s wife, came to Henry County, Indiana, prior to 1830. By 1850, they were living in Green Township, Howard County, but in 1856 they left Indiana for North English, Iowa County, Iowa, during the cholera epidemic. Anna and her sons lived close to each other while in Iowa.

Around 1860 or 1861, while on the way back to Indiana, Anna died in Illinois before reaching the Hoosier state again.

Submitted by:
Joan Cole
Odessa MO
E-mail: jmcole@iland.net

William J. Jones

William J. Jones
b. 13 January 1856, Vigo County, Indiana, to Nathaniel M. and Sarah Ann (Brown) Jones
d. 23 December 1933, Everett, Washington

m. 10 July 1877
Florence Belle Pierce
b. 21 June 1858, Riley, Vigo County, Indiana, to James F. and Sylvia (Lee) Pierce
d. 28 February 1947, Everett, Washington

Children with Florence Belle Pierce:
• Victoria Sarah (1878-1941) married (1) Centenary Roscoe “Ross” Jackson, (2) Daniel C. Joslin, (3) Fred Haley
• Nellie (b. 1880) married Charles Procise
• Sylvia (1886-1977) married Robert Verr McIntosh
• Charles M. (1889-1918) married Mamie Boyly
• Lula May (1891-1914)

William’s family was first in Indiana sometime between 1850 and 1853 and resided in Vigo County. Between 1900 and 1910, he moved on to North Dakota before another move to Washington. He was a farmer by occupation.

Submitted by:
Thomas P. Jones
Indianapolis IN
E-mail: genjones@juno.com

James Arthur Soules, Sr.

James Arthur Soules, Sr.
b. March 1862, Vigo County, Indiana, to Origen Brigham and Fraches Ann (Watkins-Draper) Soules
d. 14 September 1945, Bismarck, North Dakota

m/1. 20 October 1891, Vigo County, Indiana
Angeline Isabell Jones
b. 17 January 1866, Vigo County, Indiana, to Nathaniel M. and Sarah Ann (Brown) Jones
d. 3 November 1900, Vigo County, Indiana

Wilhelmina Neukom

Children with Angeline Isabell Jones:
• Frances Sarah (1892-1967) married Vincent Grimes
• James Arthur, Jr. (1895-1987) married (1) Connie Carlson, (2) Beth Carpenter Johnson

Children with Wilhelmina Neukom:
• Mary E. (1910-1972) married Powell J. Bing

This family was first in Indiana prior to 1826 and resided in Vigo County. James did not leave for North Dakota until after 1905. He was a businessman and elected county officer while in Vigo County, and later a businessman in North Dakota.

Submitted by:
Thomas P. Jones
Indianapolis IN
E-mail: genjones@juno.com

Andrew Teeple

Andrew Teeple
b. 23 March 1805, New York, to George and Anna (Brown) Teeple
d. 20 September 1882, Marshall Township, Louisa County, Iowa

m. 28 June 1827, Jefferson County, Ohio
Margaret Byers
b. or bapt. 4 September 1804, Erie County, Pennsylvania
d. 11 June 1893, Cairo, Iowa

Children with Margaret Byers:
• Anna (b. 1828) married (1) William Carpenter, (2) Norman Coon
• Eliza Jane (1830-1833)
• Martha (1832-1852) married Luther Carpenter
• Catherine (1834-1907) married Isaiah Hardin
• Harriet (b. 1836) married Joseph Stoops
• Sarah (1840-1928) married Samuel Coon
• Margaret (b. 1842) married George W. Brown
• Emiline (b. 1844) never married
• Mary Hiley (1846-1916) married James Mullen

Andrew bought land in 1838 in St. Mary’s Township, Adams County, Indiana. Sometime before the 1860 census they moved as they were in Pontiac Village, Livingston County, Illinois by then. After two of the daughters were married in Indiana, the whole family and sons-in-law moved on to Louisa County, Iowa, where Andrew remained.

Submitted by:
Ruth C. Eppler
Cheshine CT

Rebecca Jane Stephans

Rebecca Jane Stephans
b. 21 December 1839, Shelby County, Indiana, to Stacy and Sarah (Phares) Stephans
d. 8 April 1924, Houston, Texas

m. 6 July 1857, Franklin County, Kansas
James Cooper
b. 8 February 1839, near Marietta, Ohio, to John and Susanna (Brown) Cooper
d. 8 April 1912, Ceres, Oklahoma

Children with James Cooper:
• John Stacy (1857-1884)
• Sarah Ellen (1864-1870)
• Susanna Eulalie (1865-1950)
• Rebecca Naomi (b. 1866)
• Luvena Jane (1870-1870)
• Robert Matthew (b. 1870)
• Mary Elizabeth (b. 1872)
• Amy Lucy (b. 1874)
• Lillie Lucretia (1874-1887)
• Alice Louisa (b. 1877)
• Annette Mae (1878-1891)

Rebecca lived in Shelby County, Indiana, until about age 28. Her husband was a farmer and was in the Union Army. He was discharged at Jefferson Barracks, St. Louis, Missouri on 17 July 1865. He also worked as a stone mason and made the Land Run in the Oklahoma Territory. After the death of her husband, Rebecca Jane lived with her daughter S. Eulalie (Cooper) Eldred in Houston, Texas until her own death in 1924.

Submitted by:
Shirley J. Stedman
Marion TX
E-mail: vega711@juno.com

Joseph Ward Talbott

Joseph Ward Talbott
b. 17 June 1876, Rising Sun, Ohio County, Indiana, to John Ulrey and Mary Jane (Williamson) Talbott
d. 14 December 1960, Russell County, Kansas

m. 18 December 1901, Russell County, Kansas
Elva Mitchell
d. May 1932

Children with Elva Mitchell:
• Zelda
• Joseph C.
• Mary Ann married [—?—] Schmitt
• Mildred married [—?—] Nye
• Betty Jo married [—?—] Jahn
• Joan married [—?—] Sechtem
• Edna Mae married [—?—] Wakefield
• Barbara married [—?—] Brown
• Frederick
• Marvin
• Mitchell Kenneth
• Bina married Doran R. Dole

Joseph moved from Ohio County, Indiana, to Russell County, Kansas, about 1900. He farmed for a number of years in the Kennebec Community south of the Smoky River, then lived in Bunker Hill, before retiring to Russell. He was the grandfather of 1996 Republican presidential candidate Robert J. Dole.

Submitted by:
John S. Dorrell
Indianapolis IN
E-mail: jsdorrell@cs.com