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John Hamman

John W Hamman
birth: 07 May 1846, Stark, Ohio, USA to John Hamman and Margaret Frick Hamman
death: 31 August 1900, Sherman, Nebraska, USA
burial: Litchfield Cemetery, Sherman, Nebraska, USA

marriage: 11 May 1871, De Kalb, Indiana, USA
Emaline (Emma) Sprankle
birth: 04 March1850, Stark, Ohio, USA to John Sprankle and Sarah Reed Sprankle
death: 12 April 1933, Marion, Oregon, USA
burial: City View, Marion, Nebraska, USA

Children of John W Hamman and Emaline (Emma) Sprankle:

  • Florence Hamman (1874-1879)
  • Everett Edward Hamman (1874-1961) m. Jenny Unknown
  • Joseph Hamman (1877-1935) m. Winnie Elizabeth Hill
  • Sarah Hamman (1879-1879)
  • Franklin James Hamman (1881-1956) m. Ollie May Morehead
  • Oliver Hamman (1882-1882)
  • Arthur Hamman (1884-1884)
  • Grace Valera Hamman (1890-1864) m. George Franklin Warford

John W Hamman lived in:

  • Stark County, OH
  • De Kalb County, IN
  • Sherman, NE

Submitted by:
Lina M Zerkle

Evline Lillian Layton

Evline Lillian Layton
b. 18 September 1878, Union Mills, LaPorte County, Indiana, to Seymour Charlie and Estella M. (Bement) Layton
d. 5 February 1929, Sedro Woolley, Skagit County, Washington

m/1. 12 September 1897, Ferndale, Whatcom County, Washington
Jacob Martin “Jake” Shetler
b. 11 November 1858, Kentland, Jasper County, Indiana, to Hezekiah and Nancy Ann (Sutton) Shetler
d. 19 August 1925, Ferndale, Whatcom County, Washington

m/2. 13 November 1922, Everette, Snohomish County, Washington
Gust Hill

Children with Jacob Martin Shetler:
• Minnie “Blanch” (1898-1957) married (1) Gus Anderson, (2) M. B. Webb, (3) Fred Smith, (4) Cliff Cook, (5) Floyd Challender
• Harry Layton (1899-1974) married (1) Violett Gorrie, (2) Nancy Isabell Johnson Graves
• William Cecil “Wooley” (1901-1928) married Estelle “Dollie” Belle
• Lester Earl (1903-1963) married (1) Vera Viola Heay, (2) Grace Minney (Hoffman) Williams
• Charles Semore (1905-1993) married Stella E. Duree
• Genevieve Estella “Neva” (1907-1990) married (1) Ross Best, (2) Jack Taylor, (3) Bernard Neustead, (4) Johnny Krieger
• Jacob LeRoy “Roy” (1909-1987) married Mary A. Knight
• Emma Garnetta (1911-1918)
• Pearl Ione (1915-1989) married (1) Earl Joseph DePew, (2) Karl Johan Algat “Al” Hemmingson, (3) Milton Storrs

Evline’s stepmother, Lois C. Layton, put her in an orphanage when her father died in 1889. At age 15, she was adopted by the George A. Monroe, Sr. family, originally from Michigan City, who now made their home in Ferndale, Washington. After her marriage, she began to wonder about her family. Her mother, Estella, had married John F. Neu, and was living in Omaha Nebraska. They were reunited in 1907. After her divorce in 1920 from Jacob Shelter, Evline became a camp cook for logging camp #9 above Hamilton, Washington.

Submitted by:
Hilda Hemmingson Meryhew
Auburn WA

Nancy Lame

Nancy Lame
b. 1804, Scott County, Kentucky, to Joseph and Mary (Bates) Lame
d. 1845, Louisa County, Iowa


m/2. 5 June 1828, Jefferson County, Indiana
Abraham Hill
b. 1807, Scott County, Kentucky

Children with Abraham Hill:
• Mary (1829-1856) married (1) John H. Stevens (1815-1853), (2) James [—?—] (b. 1834)
• Martha (b. 1831)
• James (b. 1834)
• Jessie (b. 1836)
• Rebecca J. (b. 1837)
• Margaret (b. 1840)

Nancy came to Jefferson County, Indiana, in 1807 and lived in Madison and Monroe townships in Jefferson County, Indiana, before emigrating in 1844.

Submitted by:
J. Ralph Lindgren
Bethlehem PA
E-mail: jrl3@lehigh.edu

Ferdinand Hollingsworth

Ferdinand Hollingsworth
b. 24 May 1808, Knox County, Indiana, to Thomas and Mary Anne (Sartor) Hollingsworth
d. 26 May 1879, near Carthage, Jasper County, Missouri

m. 26 October 1836, Knox County, Indiana
Rebecca Hill
b. 19 April 1818, Knox County, Indiana, to John and Mary Ann (Clark) Hill
d. 23 April 1910, near Carthage, Jasper County, Missouri

Children with Rebecca Hill:
• Albert (1839-1908) married Janette Sartor
• Clark (b. 1841) married Mary [–?–]
• Thomas P. (b. 1845) married Samantha E. [–?–]
• John (ca. 1850-1878) married Harriet Lavina Sartor
• Mary A. (1852-1916) married Rush Smith
• Eliza Jane (b. 1854) married Thomas Dodson
• Everett (1856-1925) married Christina [–?–]
• Henry (b. 1858)
• Elliott (1860-1918) married Jennie E. Nickolson
• Hugh (b. 1861)
• Melissa (b. 1863)

Ferdinand served in Company B, Mounted Rangers in the Black Hawk War, 1832, from Oaktown, Busseron Township, Knox County, Indiana. The family lived in Knox County until emigrating in 1870.

Submitted by:
Christie Hill Russell
Paris IL
E-mail: christie@cartar.com

Samuel Piety Hill

Samuel Piety Hill
b. 31 December 1858, Bruceville, Knox County, Indiana, to George Washington and Indiana Ann (Piety) Hill
d. 13 April 1946, near Carthage, Jasper County, Missouri

m. 6 June 1886, Union Township, Jasper County, Missouri
Mary Ellen “Mollie” Burgoon
b. 29 January 1868, Grapevine, Tarrant County, Texas, to George B. and Letta Jane (Fortner) Burgoon
d. 14 August 1934, Carthage, Jasper County, Missour

Children with Mary Ellen Burgoon:
• Bruce (1887-1906)
• Lee Raymond (1888-1973) married Alice Curtis
• Frankie Faye (1891-1989) married Frank Leslie McRae
• Grace Mae (1893-1985) married (1) Chester Arizon Dipboye, (2) Luther Ellison
• Glenn George (1898-1989) married (1) Marie [–?–], (2) Adelaide M. Whitten
• Bernice Ellen (1899-1995) married (1) Joseph Mohl, (2) Ray Kibler
• Clayton Gaul (1901-1994) married Georgia Clara Janney
• Lawrence Chester (1903-1987) married Mary Elizabeth Garrett

Samuel’s parents came to Orange County, Indiana, from Tennessee in 1814. The family left Knox County, Indiana, in 1872. Samuel was a truck farmer and Justice of the Peace in Jasper County, Missouri.

Submitted by:
Christie Hill Russell
Paris IL
E-mail: christie@cartar.com

Abraham Hill

Abraham Hill
b. 1807, Scott County, Kentucky, to James and Mary (Cope) Hill
d. after 1880

m/1. 29 March 1826, Jefferson County, Indiana
Caroline Houston
d. before June 1828

m/2. 5 June 1828, Jefferson County, Indiana
Nancy Lame
b. 1804, Scott County, Kentucky, to Joseph and Mary (Bates) Lame
d. 1845, Louisa County, Iowa

m/3. 2 September 1847, Louisa County, Iowa
Cynthia Gregory
b. 1829, Indiana

Children with Nancy Lame:
• Martha (b. 1831)
• James (b. 1834)
• Jessie (b. 1836)
• Rebecca (b. 1837)
• Margaret (b. 1840)

Children with Cynthia Gregory:
• Laurinda (b. 1849)
• Byron Gregory (1850-1850)
• George W. (b. 1853)
• Secelia A. (b. 1857)
• Samuel H.C. (b. 1859)

Abraham lived in Monroe Township, Jefferson County, Indiana, between 1829 and 1844.

Submitted by:
J. Ralph Lindgren
Bethlehem PA
E-mail: jrl3@lehigh.edu

William Wallace Harper

William Wallace Harper
b. 29 October 1820, Knox County, Indiana, to William and Elizabeth (Dunn) Harper
d. 4 February 1888, Mount Valley, Labette County, Kansas

m. 24 October 1842, Knox County, Indiana
Mary Ann Hill
b. 14 November 1823, Knox County, Indiana, to John and Mary Ann (Clark) Hill
d. 8 September 1912, Carthage, Jasper County, Missouri

Children with Mary Ann Hill:
• W. (abt. 1843-bef. 1871)
• John S. (1845-1845)
• George Franklin (1846-1892) married Laura Alice Shick
• Eliza Jane (1848-1851)
• William B. (1851-1852)
• Mary Elizabeth (1852-1875) married Thomas Hollingsworth
• Rebecca J. (1852-1852)
• James W. (b. ca. 1856)
• Hannah L. (1857-1857)
• Rebecca J. (1857-1857)

The family emigrated from Indiana in 1871 with their three children (George, Mary, and James). William was a miller and the first mayor of Mound City, Kansas. He also served in the legislature about 1874.

Submitted by:
Christie Hill Russell
Paris IL
E-mail: christie@cartar.com

James Nelson Martin

James Nelson Martin
b. 2 July 1911 to Nelson Oscar Martin and Carrie Elizabeth Condra
d. 24 Nov 1995 at Washington, Daviess Co., IN
bur. The New Veal Creek Cemetery

James Nelson Martin

James Nelson Martin

m. 26 May 1934 at Lawrenceville, IL
Lena Nova Stafford
b. to James Morton Stafford and Flora Lenora Horrell

Children with Lena Nova Stafford (dates ommitted for children living as of date of publication):

  • James Lee Martin, m1. Anna Marie Matthews; m2. Penelope Miller
  • Arthur Irwin Martin, m. Judith Lynne Hill
  • Charles Nelson Martin (1940–1940)
  • Clair Cecil Martin, m1. Donna Jo Colbert; m2. Connie Kay Reed
  • Billy Jo Martin, m1. Carla Jeanne Wadsworth; m2. Brenda Lea Berhman
  • Thomas Ralph Martin, m. Karen Lynn Burris
  • John Wayne Martin (1950–1950)

James Nelson Martin lived in Washington, Indiana, for most of his life. He and Lena lived on property previously owned by her father, James Morton Stafford.

Submitted by:
Phillip L. Martin (PYR@WOH.RR.com)
Monclova, OH

Alice Jean Davis

Alice Jean Davis
b. 10 December 1927, Ripley County, Indiana, to Raymond Lewis and Eva (Hacker) Davis
d. 4 April 2003, Tacoma, Pierce County, Washington

m. 10 February 1946, La Porte, Indiana
Dorris “Rufus” Mayfield Reeves
b. 24 October 1919, Elmo, Nodaway County, Missouri

Children with Dorris “Rufus” Mayfield Reeves:

  • Mary Madelyn (b. 1949) married David Bishop
  • Deborah Jean (1951-2002) married Gary M. Hill
  • John Charles (1956-2005) married Mischelle Lyons
  • Candace Jean (1964-2004) married Lanny Gilliam

Alice was born and grew up in Indiana. She met Rufus when she was working as a waitress at a hotel in Racine, Wisconsin. She was there visiting her aunt, Rachel Hacker Clark. Alice said she saw Rufus and dropped her tray. It was love at first sight.

After her marriage to Rufus, who was in the Air Force, Alice lived at several different Air Force bases before ending up in Tacoma, Washington, where she died.

Submitted by:
Irene Krieger
Batesville IN
E-mail: ihdkrieger@yahoo.com

John Wiseman

John Wiseman
b. 5 January 1800, Burkesville, Cumberland County, Kentucky, to James and Lydia Wiseman
d. 17 January 1882, Colfax, Whitman County, Washington

m/1. 8 February 1827, Harrison County, Indiana
Hannah Venner

m/2. 10 January 1841, Logansport, Cass County, Indiana
Catherine Van Doran

m/3. 14 December 1854, Linn County, Oregon
Catherine (Brown) Snith


  • Elizabeth married James Pearl
  • Catherine married Henry Rebhan
  • Sarah married Joseph Pearl
  • Daniel
  • Nancy Jane married Joseph McKinney
  • Lydia Ann married (1) Columbus Deal, (2) George Hill
  • James B.
  • Harriet L. married [–?–] Pollard
  • John Wesley married Bettie Jane Barton
  • Mary A. married [–?–] DeWitt
  • Hannah married Franklin Presley
  • William

John emigrated from Indiana in 1844 to Andrew, Missouri, and then moved to Linn
County, Oregon, in 1852. John’s father served in the Revolutionary War from Rowan County, North Carolina. He moved to Madison County, Kentucky, in 1792; to Cumberland County, Kentucky, in 1798; to Harrison County, Indiana, in 1813; and to Miami County, Indiana, in 1833.

Submitted by:
Robert D. Wiseman
Elkhart IN