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Jeremiah Conwell 

Jeremiah Conwell 
birth: 28 May 1786, Sussex County, Delaware to John Conwell and Elizabeth Waller
death: 10 April 1867 Franklin County, Indiana
burial: Conwell Cemetery, Laurel, Franklin, Indiana

marriage: 1809 Sussex County, Delaware
Catharine Kendrick
birth: 7 May 1789 Sussex County, Delaware to William Kendrick and Lydia Robinson
death: 14 Feb 1866, Fayette County, Indiana
burial: Conwell Cemetery, Laurel, Indiana

Children of WIFE here and HUSBAND HERE:

  • Robert Kendrick Conwell 1786-1869 m 1836 Malinda Larch 1811-?
  • James A. Conwell 1812-1879 m 1833 Harriet Conner 1815-1883
  • Daniel Conwell 1814-1834
  • Lydia K. Conwell 1818-1897 m 1836 Robert Macklin 1812-1879
  • Robinson Conwell 1819-1906 m 1848 Caroline Butler 1829-1906
  • Hester Jane Conwell 1820-1878 m 1841 Thomas McIlvaine 1816-?
  • Deborough Susan Conwell 1822-1897 m 1839 Peter Fretwell Wright 1814-1883
  • Elias N. Conwell 1825-1847
  • Catharine Riley Conwell 1827-1912 m 1847 John Henderson
  • William Kendrick Conwell 1829-1891 m 1853 Eliza Jane Thomas 1832-bef 1880 and m 1871 May Jane Elam
  • Anna Mariah Conwell 1832-1916 m 1853 Capt Wm Lockwood Day 1829-1913

Ancestor here lived in:

  • Sussex Co. Delaware 1766 – before 1840
  • Fayette and Franklin County, Indiana bef 1840-death in 1867

Submitted by:
Leslie Bagwell

William Francis Huber

William Francis Huber
birth: 6 November 1850, Fayette Co., IN to Levi Reed and Eliza (Dungan) Huber
death: 23 July 1919, at Quincy, Owen Co., IN
burial: New Union “Carolina” Cemetery, Owen Co., IN

marriage: 27 August 1868, Owen Co., IN
Julia Ann Query
birth: 17 November, 1851, Owen Co., IN, to Daniel and Susannah (Cox) Query
death: 23 March 1943, Owen Co., IN
burial: New Union “Carolina” Cemetery, Owen Co., IN

Children of Julia Ann Query and William Francis Huber:

  • Daniel Harvey Huber, b. 31 Mar 1870, m. Eliza Jane Frazier
  • John H Huber, b. Aug 1873, d. 25 Feb 1919, m. Nellie I. Hood
  • Charles Ross Huber, b. 15 Apr 1878, d. 11 Feb 1958, m. Tressie Pearl McCullough
  • Laura Angeline Huber, b. June 1881, d. after 11 Feb 1959, m. Wilbur F Davis
  • Bertha Huber, b. unknown, d. before 23 July 1919
  • Hattie F Huber, b. 4 Feb 1886, d. after 11 Feb 1959, m. Haskell Smith
  • Clara E Huber, b. 17 Sep 1889, d. 14 mar 1979, m. Ernest Mugg
  • Bert T Lee Huber, b. 1 Mar 1893, d. 29 Nov 1979, m. Bonnie Pearl Edward
  • Willie Huber, b. unknown, d. before 27 July 1950
  • Rose Huber, b. unknown, d. unknown

Ancestor William Francis Huber Lived In:

  • 1850 – Born in Fayette County, Indiana
  • By 1860 – death in 1919 – Owen County, Indiana

Submitted by:
Randi Richardson

Levi Reed Huber

Levi Reed Huber
birth: 26 November 1824, Lebanon Co., PA to Jacob and Sarah (Hollingsworth) Huber
death: 6 October 1899, Morgan Twp, Owen County, IN
burial: New Union “Carolina” Church, Owen County, IN

first marriage: 9 August 1846, Fayette County, IN
Eliza Dungan
birth: c.1829, IN
death: 1855, probably Fayette County, IN

second marriage: 23 June 1858, Owen County, IN
Margaret Carolina Lucas
birth: 3 Aug 1839
death: 3 Sep 1935

Children of Levi Reed Huber and Eliza Dungan:

Children of Levi Reed Huber and Margaret Carolina Lucas:

  • Theodore Manford Huber
  • Ines Rosetta “Rosa” Huber
  • Sarah Lewella “Ella” Huber
  • Zara Marie Huber
  • Mary Jane Huber
  • Jacob Marida Huber
  • Flora Belle Huber
  • Ethie May Huber, m. Walter Cadis Sanderson

Levi Reed Huber Lived In:

  • By 1850 – Fayette County, Indiana
  • At least 1858 – 1899 – Jordan Village, Morgan Township, Owen County, Indiana

Other Information: Levi Reed Huber also lived in Lebanon County, PA. He was the submitter’s great-great-grandfather. After the death of his first wife in 1855, he came to Owen County.

Submitted by:
Randi Richardson

Sylvanus Everett Huber

Sylvanus Everett Huber
birth: 22 May 1855, probably in Fayette Co., Indiana to Levi Reed and Eliza (Dungan) Huber
death: 7 April 1928, at  Rensselear, Jasper Co., IN
burial: Wheatfield Cemetery, Wheatfield, Jasper Co., IN

marriage: 18 November 1874 at Owen Co., IN
Louisa Neier
birth: 11 Janurary 1858, Owen Co., IN
death: 31 march 1907, Jasper Co., IN
burial: Wheatfield Cemetery, Wheatfield, Jasper Co., IN

Children of Louisa Neier and Sylvanus Everett Huber:

  • Willie Huber, b. 1875, d. 1876
  • Minne Alice Huber, b. 23 Aug 1877, d. 29 May 1948, m. James Montague Blankenship
  • Cora E Huber, b. 22 Sep 1879, d. 25 July 1959, m. Oliver Perry Hodge
  • Maude Huber, b. 3 April 1882, d. 19 April 1962, m. Greeley H Comer
  • Clara Huber, b. 13 Feb 1884, d. March 1985, m. Lewis Albert Grube
  • Ada Huber, b. 14 May 1887, d. after 19 April 1962, m. George J. Heil

Sylvanus Everett Huber  Lived In:

  • 1855 – probably Fayette County, Indiana
  • By 1860 – Owen County, Indiana
  • After 1874 – death in 1928 – Jasper County, Indiana

Other Information:
Ancestor is submitter’s maternal grandfather. He was raised by his stepmother, Margaret Caroline (Lucas) Huber.

Submitted by:
Randi Richardson

Julietta Cook

Julietta Cook
b. 28 November 1840, near New Point, Decatur County, Indiana, to Joseph Davis and Margaret Cook
d. 27 April 1923, near Great Falls, Montana

m/1. about 1861, probably Indiana
Frank Matthews
d. about 1869

William Isaac Graham
b. 28 February 1840, Kentucky
d. before 1915, Fayette County, Indiana

Children with Frank Matthews:
• Louisa A. (1862-1914) married John Pleasant Meyers
• Horatio (1870-1880)

Children with William Isaac Graham:
• William Thomas (1874-1955) married Frances Celia Preston
• Mary Lillie (1876-1955) married James Edward Meyers
• Jerry Frank (1879-1915) married Ida [–?–]
• Margaret Ethel “Maggie” (1882-1957) married George Thomas Peters

On 7 June 1880, a tornado destroyed the home of Julietta and William Graham near Orange, Fayette County, Indiana, killing Julietta’s young son Horatio, and seriously injuring Julietta. Years later, when she was widowed for the second time, she went to live with her son Will near Great Falls, Montana, where she eventually died in 1923.

Submitted by:
Irene Krieger
Batesville IN

John Emery Wixsom

John Emery Wixsom
b. 16 March 1864, Fayette County, Indiana, to Smith and Rebecca (Carver) Wixsom
d. 16 May 1945, Holland, Lucas County, Ohio

m. 22 October 1890
Doretta “Dora” Damschroder
b. 27 January 1871, Elmore, Ottawa County, Ohio, to Christopher H. and Mary Ann (Freese) Damschroder, Jr.
d. 20 January 1960, Holland, Lucas County, Ohio

Children with Doretta Damschroder:
• Ralph Louis (1893-1964) married (1) Edith Simmons, (2) Clara Leonhardt
• Clarence Emery (1896-1978) married Dorothy Marie Downs
• John Edgar (1898-1948) married Catherine Neiling
• Nellie Lee (1902-1974) married (2) Orrin Downs
• William Allen (1906-1945) married Ethel Ruth

John lived in Antioch (now Andrews), Huntington County; Peru, Miami County; and Ft. Wayne, Allen County, Indiana, before emigrating about 1905/6. His family had lived in Blackford, Wabash, and Madison counties before buying land in Huntington County. He went to Wood County, Ohio, and ran a quarry above North Baltimore. He then went to Kentucky to work in the oil fields and later came back to Lucas County, Ohio. He had also worked on the Wabash Railroad.

Submitted by:
Elizabeth Wixsom Pero May
Toledo OH

Joseph Henry Kubler

Joseph Henry Kubler
b. 22 July 1891, Connersville, Fayette County, Indiana, to Henry and Louise (Boegel) Kubler
d. 29 June 1969, Georgetown, Ohio

m. 24 July 1912, Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio
Lillian Hungler
b. 25 October 1895, Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio
d. 19 February 1979, Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio

Children with Lillian Hungler:
• Ethel (1913-1969)
• LeRoy (b. 1917)
• Jane (b. 1925)
• Floria (b. 1930)

It is unknown when Joseph moved from Fayette County, Indiana, to Hamilton County, Ohio.

Submitted by:
Kim Kubler Wolteman
St. Louis MO

John Wesley Goldthwaite

John Wesley Goldthwaite
b. 28 October 1816, Fairfield County, Ohio, to John (1768-1829) and Mary (1785-1847) (Crawford) Goldthwaite
d. 13 November 1896, Salt Lake City, Utah

m. 4 June 1844, Grant County, Indiana
Mary Bedsaul
b. 25 June 1825, Connersville, Fayette County, Indiana, to Isaac and Katherine Bedsaul
d. 11 September 1853, Salt Lake City, Utah

Children with Mary Bedsaul:
• Caroline (1845-1893) married Daniel Wood
• Emily (b. 1849) married William Elmendorf
• John (1852-1853)

A set of twins was born in 1848 that did not live. All the children were born in Marion, Grant County, Indiana.

The family lived in Marion, Grant County, Indiana, before traveling to California in a wagon train in 1853. Mary died on the way west; baby John died three months later. John was a miner in California. After the Civil War, he moved to Ophir City, Utah. He was a probate court judge in Grant County, Indiana, in 1833.

Submitted by:
Marion G. Harcourt
Indianapolis IN