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Harry Evertt Warren

Harry Evertt Warren
b. 2 September 1883, Orleans, Orange County, Indiana, to Jackson and Clara (Worrell) Warren
d. 25 October 1956, Pengree, Bingham County, Idaho

m. 5 January 1908, Sedan, Chautaugua County, Kansas
Mable Edith Wells
b. 22 March 1887, Kapioma Township, Atchison County, Kansas
d. 1 October 1925, Wildcat Township, Elk County, Kansas

Children with Mable Edith Wells:
• Zella Mae (b. 1909)
• Vivian Clara (b. 1911)
• Beryl Bernice (b. 1912)
• Mildren Jeanne (b. 1916)
• James Jackson (b. 1925)

Harry emigrated from Orange County, Indiana, in 1884.

Submitted by:
LeAnne C. Wilson
Blue Springs MD

Frank Howell Neeld

Frank Howell Neeld
b. March 1881, New Albany, Floyd County, Indiana, to James W. and Catherine C. (Wells) Neeld
d. 1954, Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio

m. 8 June 1903, New Albany, Floyd County, Indiana
Catherine Ethel Edmonds
b. 1884, Jeffersonville, Clark County, Indiana
d. 16 October 1958, Euclid, Cuyahoga County, Ohio

Children with Catherine Ethel Edmonds:
• Catherine
• Agnes
• Lou
• Frank
• Lawrence
• Helena

The family left New Albany, Indiana, in 1915.

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Joel K. Waszak
Louisville CO
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John Webster Richison

John Webster Richison
b. 24 November 1837, Ohio, to John R. and Elizabeth (Cory) Richison
d. 20 April 1908, Muncie, Delaware, Indiana
bur. Beech Grove Cemetery, Muncie, Delaware, Indiana

m. 24 November 1859, Clark County, Ohio
Sarah Jane Ayars
b. 21 August 1840, Ohio, to Micajah Robbins and Margaret (Priest) Ayars
d. 3 June 1906, Muncie, Delaware, Indiana
bur. Beech Grove Cemetery, Muncie, Delaware, Indiana

Richison gravestone

Richison gravestone

John Webster Richison gravestone

John Webster Richison gravestone

Sarah Jane Ayars gravestone

Sarah Jane Ayars gravestone

Children of John Webster and Sarah Jane (Ayars) Richison:

  • George Andrew (1860-1940) married Cenith M. Schwyhart
  • Frank Albert (1862-1944) married Sarah Jane Davis
  • Silas Alva (1863-1917) never married
  • William Allen (1866-1936) married Sophy E. Wells
  • Charles Anthony, Sr. (1868-1944) married (1) Ardie Ellen Miles, (2) Emma Carolyn Green
  • Carrie Alice (1873-1944) married William A. Beard
  • Margaret Ann (1878-1965) married Ebenezer Sherman Secrest
  • Micajah Arthur (1882-1886)

John did not move to Indiana until sometime between 1870 and 1880. His mother had died in 1865 and by 1870 his father was living with John Webster. He relocated to Jay County first and taught school there for awhile. Later he moved his family to Delaware County, north of Muncie, where he spent his remaining years.

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Shirley Richison Fields
Avon IN
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Hezekiah Stout Denham

Hezekiah Stout Denham
b. Fall 1802, Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee
d. 1 May 1886, Mount Pleasant, Henry County, Iowa

m/1. 30 June 1824, Harrison County, Indiana
Winney Little/Littell
b. 1 January 1803, Georgia, to Reuben and Elizabeth Covington (Gormley) Littell
d. 20 April 1863, Columbus City, Iowa

m/2. 1864
Harriet Silley

m/3. 1871
Eliza S. Culver

Children with Winney Little/Littell:

  • daughter (1825-1829)
  • Penelope Jane (b. ca 1829) married (1) David Macdonald Little, (2) Patrick Dennis
  • Ursula Milon (1831-1901) married (1) Eli Lemuel Wells, (2) Richard C. Wells
  • William Jasper (1832-1869) married Esther M. Jeffries
  • Hugh Little (1835-1889 married Caroline M. Blosser
  • Reuben M. (1837-1895) married (1) Abigail Warn, (2) Eleanor M. Sheriff-Smith
  • Obediah E. (1839-1905) married Lucy Orman

Hezekiah arrived in Indiana from Virginia with his parent about 1817. He lived and married in Harrison County, Indiana, leaving there for Iowa between 1835 and 1837. At least five of his seven children were born in Indiana.

He was a Justice of the Peace, minister for the United Brethren Church, a farmer, and a tailor of clothing for doctors. He made beautiful button holes and created many quilts from fabric scraps until about four years before his death in 1886. He was a smoke and once accidently burned down his own home.

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Rosalie L. De Martino
Salem OR
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John Wells

John Wells
b. 4 March 1821, Gill Township, Sullivan County, Indiana, to Benjamin and Priscilla (Ridgway) Wells
d. 14 August 1903, Sullivan County, Missouri

m/1. about 1845, Sullivan County, Indiana
Rebecca Landers
b. to James Landers
d. between 1846 and 1852

m/2. 2 August 1853, Wayne County, Iowa
Mariah Elizabeth Cook
b. 21 July 1835, to Alfred and Rebecca Cook
d. 21 March 1920, Sullivan County, Missouri

Children with Rebecca Landers:

  • James (1846-1917) married Malissa Redding

Children with Mariah Elizabeth Cook:

  • Mary Jane (1855-1930) married Murl Kerns
  • Rebecca Priscilla (1856-1937) married Jacob Henry Hatfield
  • Isaac Alexander (1858-1954) married (1) Nancy J. Duncan, (2) Mrs. Hannah Franklin
  • Nancy Caroline (1860-1932) married George Miller
  • Benjamin A (1862-1896) married Jane Ellen Evans
  • Henry Morton (1864-1941) married Mary Catherine “Mollie” Lewis
  • Jacob Thomas (1866-1931) married Margaret E. “Mag” Evans
  • Laura Belle (1869-1952) married Martin G. Smith
  • Joseph Marrion (1871-1972) married Nettie Ann McDonald
  • Emma Cordelia (1875-1936) married John Frederick “Fred” Petre
  • Mildred May “Mid” (1878-1935) married Lee Roy Riley

John’s parents, Benjamin and Priscilla (Ridgway) Wells, married on 17 February 1813 in Bullett County, Kentucky. By the 1820 Federal Census, they were living in Gill Township, Sullivan County, Indiana, with five children. John was the sixth child of eight and the first born in Indiana.

After his first wife, Rebecca Landers, died, John took his young son and went to Iowa where he had a brother. He met and Married Mariah E. Cook and they moved across the border into Sullivan County, Missouri. They had eleven children with seven born in Missouri and four in Indiana (1856, 1862, 1864, and 1866). John told family members in later years that he made so many trips to Indiana and was so well known along the way that he could borrow cornmeal for bread making if the family supply got low and repay the lenders on his return trip.

They were in Indiana when the Civil War broke out and his 17 year old son, James, enlisted and served in Company H, 132nd Regiment, Indiana Infantry from 30 April 1864 to 7 September 1864. John is said to have been in the Home Guard during that time.

John was always a farmer. In later years he and Mariah settled in the small town of Pollock, Sullivan County, Missouri, in a house on land owned by his son Jake. John was a member of the Church of Christ and was instrumental in organizing the Church of Christ in Pollock. John was always a Republican while his father, Benjamin, was a strong Democrat who considered John a “black sheep.” John was totally blind in the final years of his life. He is buried in the Pollock Cemetery and his grave is marked by a tall spire tombstone.

Submitted by: 5363
Dorothy L. (Wells) Van Cleef
Lafayette IN
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Amos Windsor

Amos Windsor
b. 21 June 1801, Surry County, North Carolina, to Isaac and Anne (Riley) Windsor
d. 27 November 1873, Benton Harbor, Berrien County, Michigan

m/1. About 1823, probably Surry County, North Carolina
Mary McDaniel
b. 9 September 1805, Surry County, North Carolina
d. 1 August 1855, Lafayette Township, Allen County, Indiana

m/2. 1857
Anne Senner/Sonner

Children with Mary McDaniel:

  • Judah (b. ca. 1827) married John Bitner
  • Aquilla (ca. 1829 – aft. 1910) married Eleanor Bell
  • William R.
  • Frances married Elihu S. Wells
  • Elizabeth A.
  • Mary M.
  • Albert
  • unknown

Amos, the youngest son of Isaac and Anne (Riley) Windsor of Yadkin County, North Carolina, lived a few years in Virginia after marrying Mary McDaniel. Before 1840, Isaac moved his family, including his two oldest children, Amos and Mary, to Rush County, Indiana, where his family increased to at least six children.

In late 1848, Amos purchased 80 acres in Lafayette Township of Allen County, Indiana, and was living there with Aquilla, William R., Frances, Elizabeth A., and Mary M. at the time of the 1850 census. Sometime between 1860 and 1870, Amos and his second wife moved to Benton Harbor, Berrien County, Michigan. Amos, a farmer, died there of typhoid fever, at the age of 72.

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Gretel Smith
Garrett IN
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William Allison Wood

William Allison Wood
b. 1 November 1860, Liberty, Henry County, Indiana, to Benjamin and Eugene (Hodgson) Wood
d. 29 December 1954, Osage County, Oklahoma

m. 28 February 1886, Wilson County, Kansas
Emma Jane Routh
b. 4 August 1866, Henry County, Indiana, to Milton and Elizabeth (Stanley) Routh
d. 5 August 1954, Osage County, Oklahoma

Children with Emma Jane Routh:

  • Ora Elizabeth (1887-1949) married Warren Cress
  • Della May (1888-1939) married Clifford Wells
  • Gladys (1891-1922) married Ray Rex
  • Rex (1893-1958) married Fannie Kamm
  • John Franklin (1897-1960) married Faye Cole
  • Moses (1895-1984) married Marie Kamm
  • Oval (1900-1972) married Bertha Clyde Edmundson
  • Pauline (June 1902-December 1902)
  • Dorothy (1904-1929) married Marion Hall
  • Oren Milam (1909-1950) married Margaret Fanning

William Wood’s father emigrated from Ohio to Delaware County, Indiana, with his parents. After his parents died in 1875, the orphaned William lived with the Milton Routh family in Henry County, Indiana, and moved to Wilson County, Kansas, with them in 1880. In 1886,
William married the Routh’s daughter Emma Jane.

Submitted by:
Jean Wood Cobb
Lynchburg VA

James Harvey Wells

James Harvey “Harve” Wells
b. 31 May 1834, Clark County, Indiana, to James and Malinda (Owens) Wells
d. 13 July 1902, Sangamon County, Illinois

m. 8 July 1852, Sangamon County, Illinois
Margaret Jane Sackett
b. 25 December 1834, Sangamon County, Illinois
d. 20 February 1914, Salisbury, Sangamon County, Illinois

Children with Margaret Jane Sackett:

  • Levi Marion
  • Harriett Ellen
  • Mary R.
  • James Harvey
  • Lelia
  • Richard R.

James was one of five children born to James and Malinda Wells. His father died in 1851 when James was just 16 or 17 years old, and his mother is said to have also died when James was young. James married at the young age of eighteen and started with little or nothing. Through hard work he became a large land owner in Sangamon County, Illinois.

Besides being a farmer, James was a musician with a beautiful tenor voice. To supplement the family income and buy land, he would sing and provide music for various events in the evenings and on weekends. His work caused him to travel so much that sometimes he would swim his horse a mile and even two across rivers and streams to avoid the longer distances roads presented.

James built a fine home near Salisbury, Illinois, with a spiral staircase right in the middle of the house. All the floors were of alternate pieces of ash and walnut. No boards with knots were acceptable. When his grandchildren would play in the basement, they would look up, looking for knots in the wood.

Submitted by:
Sharon Hohimer
Chatham IL

Jacob Smith

Jacob Smith
b. 4 April 1844, Putnam County, Indiana, to James and Sarah (Hotsapiller) Smith
d. 17 May 1923, Mayes County, Oklahoma

m. 1 February 1871, Spencer Township, Owen County, Indiana
Caroline Owen
b. 24 April 1851, Indiana, to Daniel and Phebe (Walker) Owen
d. 22 June 1901, Mayes County, Ohio

Children with Caroline Owen:

  • Luther (1872-1954) married (1) Lou Alice Dugger, (2) Pearl Wells
  • Millard (1876-1968) married (1) Samantha Greathouse, (2) Nellie Schooley
  • Dessie (1878-1957) married Robert Hope
  • Della (1881-1933) married William Lewis Greathouse
  • Effie (1882-1975) married Okley Osteen
  • Mable (b. 1885)
  • Orvil (1887-1975)
  • Nola (1889-1959) married Eudous Dugger
  • Esca Earl (1891-1927) married Varillah Gobble

Submitted by:
Geneva Dugger Taylor
Ft. Gibson OK

Elizabeth Rarrick

Elizabeth Rarrick
b. 7 December 1784, New Jersey, to Henry and Elizabeth (Roods) Rarrick
d. 12 November 1877, Monticello, Jones County, Iowa

m/1. 26 March 1801, Morris County, New Jersey
John Morss/Mors
b. 25 June 1780, Cayuga County, New York, to Benjamin and Irena (Mead) Morss

m/2. 1819
Benjamin Crouch
b. about 1776, Massachusetts
d. 1856, probably St. Joseph County, Indiana

Children with John Morss:

  • Anna B. (1802-1829)
  • Henry D. (1803-1817)
  • Elizabeth (1806-1896) married Chauncy Mead
  • Benjamin (1808-1892) married Sophronia Mead
  • Simeon (b. 1811) married Jane Manliff
  • John (1813-1814)
  • David A. (1815-1909) married Moriah Carpenter
  • Daniel (1818-1903) married Sarah Nancy Milliken

Children with Benjamin Crouch:

  • Ephraim (1821-1845)
  • Eleazer (1824-1892) married (1) Lucinda Matthews, (2) Ann Maria Wells
  • Nathan (b. 1827) married Susan Tracy

Elizabeth was one of eight children. She moved to Monticello, Jones County, Iowa, where she resided with her daughter Elizabeth (Morss) Mead until her death.

Submitted by:
Barbara Taylor Szabo
Osceola IN