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Elihu Burton Bagwell

Elihu Burton Bagwell
birth: 26 Feb 1861, Independence, VA Hiram Burton Bagwell, Mary Emaline (Calloway)
death: 6 Jul 1940, North Manchester, Wabash Co, IN
burial: Pleasant Hill Cemetery, North Manchester, IN

marriage: 24 Feb 1884, Darke County, OH
Mary Elizabeth (Niswonger)
birth: 12 Mar 1861, Darke County, OH David and Anna (Peffley) Niswonger
death: 28 Dec 1928, North Manchester, IN
burial: Pleasant Hill Cemetery, North Manchester, IN

Submitted by:
Mike Davis

Alva C. “Bud” Spillman

Alva C. “Bud” Spillman
birth: 2 Aug 1920 at Seymour, Jackson Co., IN to Chester Spillman Sr and Ella Crane
death: 19 July 2000 at Washington, Daviess Co., IN
burial: Sugarland Memory Gardens, Washington, Daviess Co., IN

marriage: 24 Mar 1945, North Vernon, Jennings Co., IN
Agnes Janet (pronounced “Jeanette”)
birth: 27 Jan 1927 at Urbana, Wabash Co., IN to Melvin Horton and Iva Claytor, adopted by Robert and Agnes (Claytor) Moore

Children of Alva C. “Bud” Spillman and Agnes Janet:

  • Donald Spillman, b. 21 Nov 1948
  • Richard Spillman, b. 29 Sep 1952

Alva C. “Bud” Spillman Lived In:

  • 1920-27: Seymour, Jackson County, Indiana
  • 1927-1945: North Vernon, Jennings County, Indiana
  • 1945-2000: Washington, Daviess County, Indiana

Other Information:

Alva C. “Bud” Spillman was Chief Train Dispatcher for B & O Railroad, which later became CSX. He served eight years on the Washington School Board and was Republican Precinct Committeeman for over twenty years. Alva C. “Bud” Spillman also served on the Washington Board of Zoning Appeals for twelve years and was active in both the Christ United Methodist Church and the Washington community.

Submitted by:
Donald Spillman

Catherine Frantz Crill

Catherine Frantz Crill
birth: 19 May 1794 in Botetourt Co., Virginia to Peter and Catherine Garst Frantz
death: 3 Dec 1856 in Pleasant Township, Wabash Co., Indiana
burial: Cripe Cemetery, North Manchester, Wabash Co., IN

William Crill
burial: Cripe Cemetery

Children of Catherine Frantz Crill and William Crill:

  • John Crill b.1817, d. 1899
  • Sarah Crill Tridle b. 1820, d. 1905, m. Jacob Tridle
  • Barbara Crill Howett b.1822, d. 1885
  • Peter Crill b. 1823, d. 1886
  • Joseph Crill b. 1825, d. 1902
  • Catherine Crill Cowgill b.1826, d.1863
  • Mary Crill Hetler b.1828, d.1886

Catherine Frantz Crill lived in: Wabash County, Indiana

Other Information: She also lived in Botetourt County, Virginia. Catherine is contributor’s fifth great-grandmother.

Submitted by:
Vanessa Shafer

Mervin Aldean Cripe

Mervin Aldean Cripe
birth: 3 May 1919, Clinton Township, Elkhart County, Indiana to Clarence Ray Cripe and Edith Mae Swartz
death: 5 September 2002, North Manchester, Wabash County, Indiana
burial: Ulrey Cemetery, Kosciusko County, Indiana (beside Eel River Church of the Brethren on S.R. 14)

Constance and Mervin Cripe gravestone

Constance and Mervin Cripe gravestone

marriage: 20 August 1947, Gauley Bridge, Fayette County, West Virginia
Constance Maria Dewese
birth: 20 August 1927, Selma, Alleghany County, Virginia to Walter Osborne Dewese and Ada Kathryn Carter
death: 27 November 2009, North Manchester, Wabash County, Indiana
burial: Ulrey Cemetery, Kosciusko County, Indiana (next to Eel River Church of the Brethren on S.R. 14)

Children of Mervin Aldean Cripe and Constance Maria Dewese:

  • living child b. 1950
  • Peggy Jo Cripe b. 1951, d. 1959, buried Ulrey Cemetery, Kosciusko County, Indiana

Mervin Aldean Cripe lived on a farm in rural Clinton Township, Elkhart County, Indiana until he left home to go to college about 1938. He later lived in Kosciusko County, Indiana from 1954-1961 when he was pastor of the Eel River Church of the Brethren. He retired to the Timbercrest Retirement Home in North Manchester, Indiana in August 1993 and lived there until his death in 2002.

Mervin lived in Chicago, Illinois, while attending seminary at Bethany Theological Seminary (Church of the Brethren). He was pastor at the Swan Creek Church of the Brethren, near Wauseon, Fulton County, Ohio from 1949-1954. He was pastor for many years at the Brook Park Community Church in Brook Park, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland in Cuyahoga County. He lived there from 1961-1993.

Mervin attended Purdue University for three years from 1938-1941. He then participated in Civilian Public Service work for the duration of the war. He worked at the University of Maryland in the Dairy Department, spending time at College Park and at Bowie during his CPS days. By this time, he knew he wanted to be a minister, so he finished his college work at Bridgewater College in Bridgewater, Virginia in 1947. Here is where he met his wife. They had been introduced before, but got better acquainted while working together on a college play “The Corn is Green.” Mervin played Morgan Evans and Constance played Miss Moffat.

Submitted by:
Marian (Cripe) Corya

John Emery Wixsom

John Emery Wixsom
b. 16 March 1864, Fayette County, Indiana, to Smith and Rebecca (Carver) Wixsom
d. 16 May 1945, Holland, Lucas County, Ohio

m. 22 October 1890
Doretta “Dora” Damschroder
b. 27 January 1871, Elmore, Ottawa County, Ohio, to Christopher H. and Mary Ann (Freese) Damschroder, Jr.
d. 20 January 1960, Holland, Lucas County, Ohio

Children with Doretta Damschroder:
• Ralph Louis (1893-1964) married (1) Edith Simmons, (2) Clara Leonhardt
• Clarence Emery (1896-1978) married Dorothy Marie Downs
• John Edgar (1898-1948) married Catherine Neiling
• Nellie Lee (1902-1974) married (2) Orrin Downs
• William Allen (1906-1945) married Ethel Ruth

John lived in Antioch (now Andrews), Huntington County; Peru, Miami County; and Ft. Wayne, Allen County, Indiana, before emigrating about 1905/6. His family had lived in Blackford, Wabash, and Madison counties before buying land in Huntington County. He went to Wood County, Ohio, and ran a quarry above North Baltimore. He then went to Kentucky to work in the oil fields and later came back to Lucas County, Ohio. He had also worked on the Wabash Railroad.

Submitted by:
Elizabeth Wixsom Pero May
Toledo OH

Maria Elizabeth Sutherland

Maria Elizabeth Sutherland
b. 21 October 1857, Logansport, Cass County, Indiana, to Zera and Maria Elizabeth (Dodds) Sutherland
d. 13 November 1915, Alma, Gratiot County, Michigan

m. 1 July 1873, North Manchester, Wabash County, Indiana
James Herschel White
b. 25 December 1846, Chatham, Medina County, Ohio
d. 11 September 1923, Alma, Gratiot County, Michigan

Children with James Herschel White:
• Fannie Sevilla
• Hiram Levi “Jake”
• James Gloyd
• Jessie M.
• Paul Sutherland

The last two named children died young.

Maria lived in Logansport, Cass County, and Larwill, Whitley County, Indiana, before emigrating in 1887. She was also known as Mariah.

Submitted by:
F. Norman Pottle
Berrien Springs MI

John Franklin Smyers

John Franklin Smyers
b. 7 October 1868, Wabash, Wabash County, Indiana, to John and Elizabeth (Conrad) Smyers
d. 4 June 1941, Benton Township, Hocking County, Ohio

m. 2 February 1893, Hocking County, Ohio
Anna Ebert
b. 20 December 1872, Hocking County, Ohio, to Isaac Newton and Orpha (Friend) Ebert
d. 11 January 1960, Hocking County, Ohio

Children with Anna Ebert:
• Clara (1895-1916) married Tracy Denton
• Mina (1897-1930) married Peter Schopp
• Judson Owen (1899-1973) married Effie Blacksten
• Mary (1904-1935) married Francis Tubbs
• Fredrick Marshall (1909-1964)
• Franklin Jacob (1912-1968) married Virgie Burgoon

The family originally came from Germany to Pennsylvania in the early 1800’s, then to Wabash County, Indiana. They moved to Hocking County, Ohio; back to Wabash County, Indiana, before 1868; and then back to Hocking County, Ohio. They were farmers.

Submitted by:
Ruby Bush
Lancaster OH

Lewis Riley Niccum

Lewis Riley Niccum
b. 20 September 1885, Wabash County, Indiana, to John and Mariah (Mallott) Niccum
d. 3 March 1960

m. 3 December 1907, Wabash County, Indiana
Marie Garst
b. Somerset, Wabash County, Indiana
d. Minneapolis, Minnesota

Lewis and Marie had no children. He was the 11th child of John and Mariah and died while on vacation in the west. He is buried in Ogan Cemetery in Wabash County, Indiana.

Lewis lived in Indiana until about 1927 when he transferred to Minneapolis, Minnesota, with the Honeywell Corp.

Submitted by:
Mary Jane Shackelford Kaiser
Ft. Wayne IN

Abigail Niccum

Abigail “Abby” Niccum
b. 28 February 1879, Wabash County, Indiana, to John and Mariah (Mallott) Niccum
d. 1 January 1961, Rumford, Maine

m. 20 July 1898, Wabash County, Indiana
Arthur Brewer
d. Maine

Children with Arthur Brewer:
• Elma Marie married Linwood Jordan
• Vernon (b. 1914) married Dorothy Tyler

Abby was the eighth child of John and Mariah. She lived in Wabash County and Elkhart County, Indiana until about 1910 when her husband was transferred to Portland, Maine, by the Indiana Paper Mill for which he worked.

Submitted by:
Mary Jane Shackelford Kaiser
Ft. Wayne IN

Jeannette Forst

Jeannette “Nettie” Forst
b. 20 September 1881, Wabash County, Indiana, to Frank and Fannie (Van Dyne) Forst
d. 27 May 1965, Wichita Falls, Texas

m. 30 July 1899, Wabash, Wabash County, Indiana
Alvah/Albert Sivits/Sibit
d. 2 June 1942, Enid, Oklahoma

Children with Alvah/Albert Sivits/Sibit:
• Vearl Marion (b. 1900) married Ida Mae O’Callaghen
• Edith Marie (b. 1913) married Melvin E. H. Smith
• Earl (b. 1915)
• Mearl (b. 1918)

Jeanette left Wabash, Waltz Township, Wabash County, Indiana, in 1913 and moved to Pensacola,
Florida. She later lived in Oklahoma, Arizona, and Texas as her husband was a railroader, which required several changes of residences.

Submitted by:
Mary Jane Shackelford Kaiser
Ft. Wayne IN