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Benjamin Martin Sly, Jr.

Benjamin Martin Sly, Jr.
birth: 1781, New York to Benjamin Sly and Johanna Esther
death: 8 Oct 1851, Harrison County, Indiana

Joanna Green
birth: 30 Jun 1782, Canadaigua, Ontario County, New York
death: 1843, Harrison County, Indiana

Children of Benjamin Martin Sly, Jr., and Joanna Green:

  • Luther Sly, b. 1816, Canadaigua, Ontario County, New York; m. Mary Margaret Rockey

Benjamin lived in Harrison County, Indiana. He also lived in Ontario County, New York and Summitt, Ohio.

Submitted by:
James Sly

Thomas William Appleberry Sitzler

Thomas William Appleberry Sitzler/Sistler
b. 5 February 1824, Harrison County, Indiana, to John and Mary Ann (Appleberry/Moyers?) Sitzler/Sistler
d. 1 March 1918, Pope County, Illinois

m. about 1845, Monroe County, Tennessee
Ruth Moab Holloway
b. about April 1824, Monroe County, Tennessee, to Minter and Margaret (Pate) Holloway
d. 29 December 1862, Pope County, Illinois

Children with Ruth Moab Holloway:
• John Minter (1846-bef. 1850)
• John Frederick (1847-1917) married (1) Buena Vista Reubel, (2) Mary M. Williams
• Margery “Martha” (1850-1924) married William Jefferson Rodgers
• Jacob E. (1850-1910) married Mary L. Paisley
• Thomas William Appleberry, II (1853-1932) married Mary Elizabeth Rexer
• Matthew Pate (1855-1935) married (1) Loretta Farmer, (2) CanZada “Sadie” Maxwell
• George Allen (1857-1944) married Ida [–?–]
• James McClelland (1862-1932) married Mary Melissa Brush

The first four children were born in Tennessee and the later ones in Illinois.

Submitted by:
Carol Sue Robinson
Klamath CA

John Sitzler

John Sitzler/Sistler
b. 1783, Tennessee, to Henry Sitzler/Sistler
d. between 1835 and 1850, Mt. Vernon, Monroe County, Tennessee

m. about 1805, Sullivan County, Tennessee
Mary Ann Moyers
b. between 1790-92, West Virginia
d. 8 September 1864, Mt. Vernon, Monroe County, Tennessee

Children with Mary Ann Moyers:
• John, II (1811-1889) married Lydia McBee
• Naomi “Oma” (1812-1891) married Andrew Jackson Cook
• Henry E. (b. 1816) married Mary “Jane”
• [–?–]
• Thomas William Appleberry (1824-1918) (twin) married (1) Ruth Moab Holloway, (2) Margaret S. “Molly” Trovillion
• Mary Jane (b. 1824) (twin) married John A. Holloway
• Robert (b. 1830) married Cynthia Mowery
• Nathan K. (b. ca. 1831) married Cynthia Bishop

There may have been two other children born between 1815 and 1820.

John left Harrison County, Indiana, sometime between 1805 and 1812 for Sullivan County, Tennessee.

Submitted by:
Carol Sue Robinson
Klamath CA

Asbury Wilkinson

Asbury Wilkinson
b. 16 January 1818, Leipsic Township, Kent County, Delaware, to Parismus and Polly (Smith) Wilkinson
d. 17 January 1909, Lake Charles, Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana

m/1. 2 May 1843, Laconia, Harrison County, Indiana
Rachel Berry Beswick
b. to Phillip and Sally “Sarah” (Pitman) Beswick

m/2. 13 Sep. 1847, Laconia, Harrison County, Indiana
Mary Ann M. Beswick (Rachel’s sister)
b. 30 April 1825, Laconia, Harrison County, Indiana, to Phillip and Sally “Sarah” (Pitman) Beswick
d. 3 July 1892, Lake Charles, Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana

Children with Rachel Berry Beswick:
• Mary Rebecca (b. 1844)

Children with Mary Ann M. Beswick:
• Rachel H. (b. 1851)
• Emma (b. 1856)
• Belle (1862-1952) married (1) Peter C. Pryor, (2) Chester D. Dickinson

Asbury was living in Laconia, Harrison County, in 1842; in Posey Township, Switzerland County, in 1850; in Moore’s Hill, Dearborn County, in 1851; in Shelbyville, Shelby County, in 1856 and 1860; and in Columbus, Bartholomew County, Indiana, by 1862. It is not known when they left Indiana, but they were in Kingman, Kansas, in 1876. He was a graduate of DePauw University and a Methodist circuit rider, who began several churches.

Submitted by:
Elizabeth Nash
Garden City KS

Bessie Lona Shireman

Bessie Lona Shireman
b. 6 October 1897, Mauckport, Harrison County, Indiana, to Henry Hardin and Addie (Huffman) Shireman
d. 18 February 1973, Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota

m. 23 May 1922, Owatonna, Minnesota
Landon Clifford Minor
b. 28 May 1889, Cherokee, Cherokee County, Iowa
d. 15 August 1975, Bozeman, Montana

Children with Landon Clifford Minor:
• Donna Faye married [–?–] Tesch

Bessie left Indiana in 1920.

Submitted by:
Donna Faye Minor Tesch
Bloomington MN

Indiana McMonigle

Indiana McMonigle
b. 1843, Harrison County, Indiana, to Thomas J. and Matilda (Applegate) McMonigle
d. 1899, York County, Nebraska

m. 17 March 1861, Harrison County, Indiana
Alfred Grass
b. 1839, Harrison County, Indiana, to William and Priscilla (Crawford) Grass
d. about 1875, Harrison County, Indiana

Children with Alfred Grass:
• Francis Emmitt (1863-1916) married Mary Alice Watson
• William Emery (1865-1944) married Mable Ella Johnson
• John Edmund (1867-1955) married Louise Ramp
• Neva E. (1870-1935)

Indiana emigrated to York County, Nebraska, in the late 1880’s following some of her adult children. Watson families accompanied them from Harrison County.

Submitted by:
David L. McMonigle
Edgwater FL

John Hays

John Hays
b. 5 May 1829, Harrison County, Indiana, to James and Mariah (Faith) Hays
d. 4 March 1903, Washington County, Iowa

m. 19 December 1850, Harrison County, Indiana
Melissa F. Jacobs
b. 17 April 1831, Harrison County, Indiana, to John P. and Sarah (McMonigle) Jacobs
d. 14 March 1909, Washington County, Iowa

Children with Melissa F. Jacobs:
• Florence (1851-1851)
• Walter Quinton (1853-1934) married Lora Ellen Smith
• Emmett (1855-1948) married Amanda Jane Campbell
• Oliver Morton Parker (1856-1948) married Martha Rozella Bales
• Andrew (b. 1858)
• John Harrison (1861-1947) married Nora May Warren
• Daniel Nelson (b. 1863) married Elizabeth Devine
• William Henry (b. ca. 1865) married Clara Jane Kimmel
• Joseph Decker (1866-1955) married Cora Ann Shaw
• Mark (1868-bef. 1947) married Mary J. Birka
• Ida Mae (1870-1892) married Thomas Devine
• Sarah (1872-1963) married John Wilson Davidson
• Samuel Conklin (1873-1947) married Martha Ann Devine

John and Melissa also had twin girls who died at birth about 1860.

John served in the Home Guards in Harrison County, Indiana, who took part in the Battle of Corydon during the Civil War. In 1868, he migrated to Washington County, Iowa.

Submitted by:
David L. McMonigle
Edgwater FL

Hezekiah Stout Denham

Hezekiah Stout Denham
b. Fall 1802, Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee
d. 1 May 1886, Mount Pleasant, Henry County, Iowa

m/1. 30 June 1824, Harrison County, Indiana
Winney Little/Littell
b. 1 January 1803, Georgia, to Reuben and Elizabeth Covington (Gormley) Littell
d. 20 April 1863, Columbus City, Iowa

m/2. 1864
Harriet Silley

m/3. 1871
Eliza S. Culver

Children with Winney Little/Littell:

  • daughter (1825-1829)
  • Penelope Jane (b. ca 1829) married (1) David Macdonald Little, (2) Patrick Dennis
  • Ursula Milon (1831-1901) married (1) Eli Lemuel Wells, (2) Richard C. Wells
  • William Jasper (1832-1869) married Esther M. Jeffries
  • Hugh Little (1835-1889 married Caroline M. Blosser
  • Reuben M. (1837-1895) married (1) Abigail Warn, (2) Eleanor M. Sheriff-Smith
  • Obediah E. (1839-1905) married Lucy Orman

Hezekiah arrived in Indiana from Virginia with his parent about 1817. He lived and married in Harrison County, Indiana, leaving there for Iowa between 1835 and 1837. At least five of his seven children were born in Indiana.

He was a Justice of the Peace, minister for the United Brethren Church, a farmer, and a tailor of clothing for doctors. He made beautiful button holes and created many quilts from fabric scraps until about four years before his death in 1886. He was a smoke and once accidently burned down his own home.

Submitted by:
Rosalie L. De Martino
Salem OR

Thomas Jefferson Riley

Thomas Jefferson Riley
b. 26 February 1842, Mauckport, Harrison County, Indiana, to Henry S. and Mary “Polly” (Pennell) Riley
d. 28 January 1918, Meade County, Kentucky

m. 27 January 1875, Meade County, Kentucky
Harriet A. Finch
b. 25 June 1841, Meade County, Kentucky, to John and Frances (Froman) Finch
d. 12 April 1920, Meade County, Kentucky

Children with Harriet A. Finch:

  • Angeline “Annie” (1875-1909) married Clarence Eugene Frans
  • Martha “Mattie” Amelia (1877-1967) married James L. Frans
  • Siretta “Rettie” Glenn (1878-1968) married George Washington Singleton
  • Mary Elizabeth (1881-1978) married Richard Lavielle Edmonds
  • Edward (1887-aft. 1900)

Thomas’ family lived in Mauckport, Harrison County, Indiana, from about 1832 until about 1844, when they moved across the Ohio River to Meade County, Kentucky. The Riley farm was adjacent to the Finch farm, so Thomas and Harriet probably knew each other in childhood. Their marriage was the only one for each of them and both were in their thirties at the time of their marriage.

Thomas was a farmer. On 24 July 1863, he enlisted in Tennessee as a Private in Company E, 12th Regiment, Kentucky Cavalry, CSA, and served until his unit surrendered in Louisville, Kentucky, on 16 May 1865. During the Civil War, Thomas was captured near Paris, Tennessee, and later returned to service after a prisoner exchange. He received a pension for his military service in the CSA. After his death, his widow Harriet Finch Riley received a widow’s pension until her own death two years later. His service t the Confederacy was recently accepted by the United Daughters of the Confederacy. It is noted that Thomas was not a slaveholder.

Submitted by:
Mary D. Kraeszig
Zionsville IN

Augustus Bulleit/Boillett

Augustus Bulleit/Boillett
b. between 1803-1805, Alsace-Lorraine, France
d. after 1860, probably Louisiana

m. 29 April 1841, Harrison County, Indiana
Marie Julia Dulieu
b. 11 May 1820, Belgium, to Thiery and Marie Josephe (Alexandre) Dulieu
d. 31 October 1887, Corydon, Harrison County, Indiana

Children with Marie Julia Dulieu:

  • John Joseph (1844-1926) married Harriet Kiestler
  • Victor Henry (1848-1916) married Mahala Johnson
  • Mary Josephine (1849-bet. 1890/1900) married Anthony Daniel Kannapel
  • Amiel L. (1851-bet. 1910/1920) married Mary S. Fogel
  • Paul Constantine (1854-1926) married Sarah Jane “Jennie” Marsh
  • Rolalie (died in infancy)
  • Jule (died in infancy)
  • Augustus (died in infancy)
  • Frederick Alexander (died in infancy)

Augustus arrived in Indiana between 1836 and 1841. He was naturalized in 1841. Both the 1850 and the 1860 census list him in Harrison County, Indiana. He started a grocery in Lanesville, Harrison County, Indiana, but lost that business. He later opened a saw mill in Webster Township in Harrison County. Tradition says he died in a duel in Louisiana after delivering a load of lumber there.

Submitted by:
Lana Sutherland
Lebanon TN