Joseph Small

Joseph Small
b. 21 March 1815, Highland County, Ohio
d. 8 December 1903, Valton, Wisconsin

m/1. January 1834
Rhonda Pierson
b. 24 March 1814, Wayne County, Indiana
d. 1882, Wisconsin

Isabel Hammer Moon
d. 6 June 1896

Children with Rhonda Pierson:
• Zimary (b. 1835)
• Silas (b. 1837)
• Louisa (b. 1839)
• Elisabeth (b. 1847)
• Hannah (b. 1850)
• Benjamin (b. 1855)

The Small family were Quakers who originally came from Wales. Joseph emigrated from Highland County, Ohio, before 1834 and immigrated to Sauk County, Wisconsin about 1851.

All of the children were born in Indiana, except for the youngest.

During his later years, Joseph married Isabel Moon, who was the mother-in-law of one of his sons.

Submitted by:
Dolores Bussler
Livonia MI

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