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Jeremiah Conwell 

Jeremiah Conwell 
birth: 28 May 1786, Sussex County, Delaware to John Conwell and Elizabeth Waller
death: 10 April 1867 Franklin County, Indiana
burial: Conwell Cemetery, Laurel, Franklin, Indiana

marriage: 1809 Sussex County, Delaware
Catharine Kendrick
birth: 7 May 1789 Sussex County, Delaware to William Kendrick and Lydia Robinson
death: 14 Feb 1866, Fayette County, Indiana
burial: Conwell Cemetery, Laurel, Indiana

Children of WIFE here and HUSBAND HERE:

  • Robert Kendrick Conwell 1786-1869 m 1836 Malinda Larch 1811-?
  • James A. Conwell 1812-1879 m 1833 Harriet Conner 1815-1883
  • Daniel Conwell 1814-1834
  • Lydia K. Conwell 1818-1897 m 1836 Robert Macklin 1812-1879
  • Robinson Conwell 1819-1906 m 1848 Caroline Butler 1829-1906
  • Hester Jane Conwell 1820-1878 m 1841 Thomas McIlvaine 1816-?
  • Deborough Susan Conwell 1822-1897 m 1839 Peter Fretwell Wright 1814-1883
  • Elias N. Conwell 1825-1847
  • Catharine Riley Conwell 1827-1912 m 1847 John Henderson
  • William Kendrick Conwell 1829-1891 m 1853 Eliza Jane Thomas 1832-bef 1880 and m 1871 May Jane Elam
  • Anna Mariah Conwell 1832-1916 m 1853 Capt Wm Lockwood Day 1829-1913

Ancestor here lived in:

  • Sussex Co. Delaware 1766 – before 1840
  • Fayette and Franklin County, Indiana bef 1840-death in 1867

Submitted by:
Leslie Bagwell

James Harmon

James Harmon
birth: 4 Feb 1797, Russel Co, VA to John L Harmon and Elizabeth Byrd
death: 11 Apr 1847 in Boone Co, Indiana
burial: Old Cotton Cemetery, Pike Twp, Marion, Indiana

marriage: 18 Feb 1816 in Franklin Co, Indiana
Philadelphia Dickerson
birth: 19 Aug 1797 in KY to Robert Dickerson and Nancy Booth
death: 6 May 1847 in Boone Co, Indiana
burial: Old Cotton Cemetery, Pike Twp, Marion, Indiana

Children of Philadelphia Dickerson and James Harmon:

All born in Marion or Boone counties, Indiana

  • Emily Harmon (1817 – 1887), m. 1837 William S Rodman
  • Mary Jane Harmon (1820 – 1855), m. 1836 John Stearns Shaw
  • Ruth Ann Harmon (1821 – 1882), m. 1846 James Dye
  • Robert John Harmon (1824 – 1900), m. 1844 Sarah “Sallie” Dye
  • William Alexander Harmon (1826 – 1881), m. 1847 Emma Elizabeth Miller
  • James Dickerson “Jay” Harmon (1828 – 1897), m. 1851 Martha Ann Cooper
  • Elizabeth Harmon (1829 – 1910), m. 1851 David M Hume
  • Granville Harmon (1831 – 1850)
  • Nelson S Harmon (1833 – 1906), m. 1853 Catherine Wilson
  • Francis Marion Harmon (1835 – 1862), m. 1856 Minerva Utterback
  • Philadelphia Harmon (1837 – 1911), m. 1856 Trougett Swaim
  • Drusilla Harmon (1841 – 1842)
  • Charles Harmon (1844 – 1915), m. 1873 Jane Victoria Brown

Locations where ancestor lived:

  • 1797- Born in Russell Co, Virginia
  • 1816- Married in Franklin Co, Indiana
  • 1820- Living in Marion Co, Indiana by 1820
  • 1834- Had land patents in Eagle Twp, Boone Co, Indiana
  • 1847- Died in Boone County

Other information:

James was married in Franklin County, Indiana, 1816, and was living in Marion County by 1820. He was one of the early settlers in Eagle Township, Boone County, his first land patents granted there in 1834. He did not sell his Marion County tract until 1837. He remained in Boone County until his death.

James Harmon was born in Russell County, Virginia. His family moved to Pulaski County, Kentucky about 1804 and then to Hamilton County, Ohio in late 1810. He was in Indiana to marry in 1816.

James Harmon of Eagle Township, Boone, Indiana, made his will 7 Apr 1847; probate was 10 May 1847. He left the home farm (160 acres) to his wife. His sons Robert J, William A, and James D had previously received their portions of land. Sons Granville, Nelson S, Francis M, and Charles were to receive at age 21, $300 in cash or land, a horse, and a bed. Daughters Emily Rodman, Mary Jane Shaw, and Ruth Ann Dye had previously received their portion at marriage. Daughters Elizabeth and Philadelphia were to receive at age 21 or marriage, a horse, a cow, a bed, and a cupboard – his wife to be their guardian. Oldest sons Robert, William, and James to be executors and guardians of their younger brothers Granville, Nelson, Francis, and Charles. At the death of his wife, her portion to be shared equally among the heirs. (She died shortly after James.)

Submitted by:
Kay Haden

James F. Smith

James F. Smith
b. 2 July 1829, Franklin County, Indiana, to Thomas F. and Purthenah (Hughell) Smith
d. 16 February 1895, Eureka Springs, Missouri

m. 2 October 1850
Emily T. Caywood/Kaywood
b. 5 September 1830, Kentucky
d. 9 August 1886, Burden, Cowley County, Kansas

Children with Emily T. Caywood/Kaywood:
• Nancy Ann
• Elizabeth Jane
• John W.
• Parthena
• Louis A.
• William J.
• Mary
• Permelia
• Addie
• J. Monroe

James lived in Franklin and Madison counties in Indiana until moving to Kansas about 1865.

Submitted by:
Nancy A. Salmela
Waukegan IL

James Parmer

James Parmer
b. 25 February 1821, Columbiana County, Ohio, to Joseph and Ruth (Potts) Parmer
d. 11 May 1911, Jackson County, Iowa

m. 25 April 1845, Decatur County, Indiana
America Davis
b/ 25 May 1828, Franklin County, Indiana, to Asa and Susannah (Blue) Davis
d. 10 October 1904

Children with America Davis:
• Ruth Ann (1846-1923) married Robert Bradley
• Asa D. (b. 1851)
• Joseph (1853-1854)
• John (1853-1865)
• James Amos (1858-1942) married Lucy Victoria Jerman
• David (1860-1890) married Laura A. Roush

James moved to Iowa in 1865. He was a member of the Adventist Church.

Submitted by:
Francis Metz
Batesville IN

Lewis Leslie McShane

Lewis Leslie McShane
b. 25 April 1879, Mahalasville, Morgan County, Indiana, to Francis Marion and Nora Rachel (Cramer) McShane
d. 19 October 1955, Glenside, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

m. 5 August 1903, Olathe, Johnson County, Kansas
Lorena Ellis
b. 1 June 1871, Indiana, to Jesse and Evaline (Thomas) Ellis, Jr.
d. 20 March 1964, St. Petersburg, Florida

Children with Lorena Ellis:
• Lois Jessie (1904-1997) married Clarence Eugene Mason
• Doris Loreen (1907-1999)
• Marjorie Elizabeth Louise (b. 1914) married Carl Irving Wilbur

Lewis’ grandparents came to Indiana from Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, about 1830. They lived first in Harrison Township, Dearborn County, and later moved to New Trenton, Franklin County, Indiana in the 1840’s. Lewis left Indiana in 1881 for Gardner, Johnson County, Kansas. He later lived in Illinois and in Springfield, Massachusetts, before finally moving to Glenside, Pennsylvania.

Lewis was a teacher for a short time in Johnson County, Indiana, and married a teacher before joining Dodd, Mead & Company, where he sold encyclopedias for 20 years, but eventually left Dodd, Mead & Company. He moved to G & C Merrian & Company, where he became Vice President and a member of the board of directors.

Submitted by:
Helen M. Bailey
Travelers Rest SC

Jarred Hickman

Jarred Hickman
b. 5 September 1859, Ray Township, Franklin County, Indiana, to John Barton and Mary Ann (Moody) Hickman
d. 3 January 1914, Kansas City, Kansas

Jarred was the wanderer of his family according to his brother, Ambrose. He never married but went to Chicago to work with his brother, Dan, for about two years. Then he decided to work his way west to California, working in harvest fields and at any other kind of work he could find along the way. The wanderlust kept him moving and he went to Kansas, then back to Indiana, again to Kansas, and eventually to Texas. The next time he returned to Kansas, he was a very sick man and only lived a short time. He is buried in Kansas City, Kansas.

Submitted by:
Irene Krieger
Batesville IN

Ambrose Hickman

Ambrose Hickman
b. 13 February 1867, Ray Township, Franklin County, Indiana, to John Barton and Mary Ann (Moody) Hickman
d. 26 May 1949, Lexington, Virginia

m. about 1893
Ella Frances Bromley
b. 1 April 1865, Linn County, Kansas
d. 1 November 1936

Children with Ella Frances Bromley:
• Anna Lee (1895-1976) married Ralph Bowen Linville

Ambrose left the farm in Indiana and moved to Kansas City where he got a job as a steam fitter with Armour Meat Packing Company. Because of ill health, he returned to Indiana for about a year before moving to another farm. He died at the home of his daughter in Virginia at the age of 82.

Submitted by:
Irene Krieger
Batesville IN

John Quincy Adams Hickman

John Quincy Adams Hickman
b. 6 December 1853, Ray Township, Franklin County, Indiana, to John Barton and Mary Ann (Moody) Hickman
d. October 1895, Illinois

m. about 1875
Mary Anna [–?–]
b. about 1855

Children with Mary Anna [—?—]:
• Amazette (b. ca. 1870)
• Ray (b. ca. 1870) married Ellen Sappenfield
• Clyde (b. ca. 1880)
• Francis (b. ca. 1880)

Submitted by:
Irene Krieger
Batesville IN

Oliver P. Morton Hickman

Oliver P. Morton “Mort” Hickman
b. 3 October 1862, Ray Township, Franklin County, Indiana, to John Barton and Mary Ann (Moody) Hickman
d. 5 January 1943, probably Olympia, Washington

m. about 1892
Emma Yocum
b. about 1872, Gays, Illinois

Children with Emma Yocum:
• Clyde William (ca. 1892-ca. 1893)
• Maude May (1893-1965) married George W. Kase
• John Thomas (b. 1895) married Elizabeth Maschener
• Dorsey (b. ca. 1900) married Kathryn Miller
• Pearl (b. ca. 1900) married Frank Turner
• George (b. ca. 1901)
• Tosso (b. ca. 1905)

Mort first went to Charleston, Illinois from Indiana, then to Gays, Illinois. At Gays, he worked on a farm, met his wife and married there. Later they moved to Linn County, Kansas, and still later he moved his family to Olympia, Washington.

Submitted by:
Irene Krieger
Batesville IN

James Monroe Hickman

James Monroe “Jim” Hickman
b. 8 July 1850, Ray Township, Franklin County, Indiana, to John Barton and Mary Ann (Moody) Hickman
d. 7 November 1922, probably Kansas City, Missouri

m. about 1875
Minerva Anderson

Children with Minerva Anderson:
• Tosso (1877-1931) married Lena K. Polter
• Katherine (1885-1969) married William Franklin Mason

In the fall of 1879, Jim, his family, the Andersons, and three other families left Indiana in covered wagons to make their fortunes in the West. After many months, Jim and his family settled in Rooks Bounty, Kansas but left there in 1888 for Boicourt in Linn County, Kansas. Jim owned a feed and grocery store in Boicourt for many years. He was always active in politics. After Minerva died, Jim went to Kansas City where Toss and Kate were and had a grocery there until he died in 1922.

Submitted by:
Irene Krieger
Batesville IN