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Glen Roy Johnson

Glen Roy Johnson
birth: 21 Nov 1898 in Anderson, Madison county, Indiana to John Lafayette Johnson and Katie J Blazer
death: 18 Jan 1985 in Beavercreek, Greene county, Ohio
burial: Glen Haven Cemetery, Donnellsville, Clark county, Ohio

marriage: 24 Dec 1916 Anderson, Madison county, Indiana
Vesta Christena Wilt
birth: 7 May 1898 in Noblesville, Hamilton county, Indiana to Joe Wilt and Martha Jane Stern
death: 19 Jan 1984 in Dayton, Montgomery county, Ohio
burial: Glen Haven Cemetery, Donnellsville, Clark county, Ohio

Children of Vesta Christena Wilt and Glen Roy Johnson:

  • Glen Roy Johnson Jr 1917-2001 married Mary G. Van Tuyl
  • Genevieve Vesta Johnson 1920-1958 married John Frank Steffen
  • Mary Helen Johnson 1921-2009 married (1) Leslie W. Lovejoy (2) Eugene J. Amore
  • Lois Evelyn Johnson 1927-1927

Ancestor here lived in:

  • Anderson, Madison county, Indiana 1898-1924

Locations where person lived outside of Indiana: 

  • Fairborn, Greene County, Ohio 1924-1942
  • Orlando, Florida 1943-1945
  • Washington DC 1948
  • Wiesbaden, Germany 1951-1953
  • Kettering, Montgomery county, Ohio 1954-1959
  • Dayton, Montgomery county, Ohio 1960-1984
  • Beavercreek, Greene County, Ohio 1984-1985

Other Information: Entered military service in February 1918; basic training at Kelly Field in San Antonio, Texas; went to Ft. Omaha, Nebraska and trained with the Signal Corps (Balloon) and shipped out to France in July 1918. Retired from the US Air Force as a Colonel in Sep 1953.

Submitted by:
Wendy Littrell

Arthur Emanuel Rarey

Arthur Emanuel Rarey
birth: 9 Jul 1886, in  Kokomo, Howard Co., Indiana to Emanuel Rarey and Alice Randall
death: 19 Nov 1970 in  Elwood, Madison Co., Indiana
burial: Albright Cemetery, Kokomo Howard Co, Indiana

marriage: 7 Mar 1909 in Howard Co., Indiana
Hazel Fern Miller
birth: 24 Aug 1891 Tipton Co., Indiana to Albert Miller and Vilena Jane Pickering
death: 28 Mar 1975 in  Windfall, Tipton Co., Indiana
burial: Albright Cemetery, Kokomo Howard Co, Indiana

Children of Arthur Emanuel Rarey and Hazel Fern Miller:

  • Dorothy Marie Rarey b. 19 Nov 1909, d. Sept 14, 1988, m.  Frank Armstrong
  • Deva Madilena Rarey b. 18 Jun 1911, d. 9 Jul1995, m. Samuel T. Frazee
  • Marjorie Alice Rarey b. 15 Jul 1919, Living, m. Donald H. Morelock
  • Delton Eugene Rarey b. 17 Sep 1924, d. 11 Jan 1960, m. (1) Bonnie Lou Smith, (2) Mary Lou McCuan

Ancestor Arthur Emanuel Rarey Lived In:

He lived in Howard Co, and Tipton Co., Indiana the majority of his life.

Other Information:

At the age of sixteen, Arthur Emanuel Rarey’s mother died and left all the children orphans. He was sent to live with his Uncle John. He became a farmer and owned 80 acres that was bought during the depression. His son, Eugene was killed in a train accident and it was devastating for him to get over.
His daughter, Marjorie loves to tell how she spit down his collar, while milking a cow because he had too many times squirt her as he was milking.

Submitted by:
Pamela J. Sullivan

Phillip M. Pickering

Phillip M. Pickering
birth: 13 Jan 1842 in Green Co. Tennessee to Jonathan Pickering and Jane White of Rheatown, Tennessee.
death: 19 Jan 1929 in Nevada, Tipton Co. Indiana
burial: Albright Cemetery, Howard Co. Indiana

marriage: 16 Nov 1866 in Alto, Howard Co. Indiana
Prudence Elizabeth Jackson
birth: 3 Apr 1846 in Jellico, Campbell Co. Tennessee to Benjamin V. Jackson and Sarah Mary Ayers
death: 3 Apr 1937 in Nevada, Tipton Co. Indiana
burial: Albright Cemetery, Howard Co. Indiana

Children of Phillip M. Pickering and Prudence Elizabeth Jackson:

  • Vilena Jane Pickering, b. 4 Sep 1867, m. Albert Miller
  • James Virlin Pickering, b. 23 Oct 1871, m. (1) Pearl Lizzie Johnson, (2) Della Fergeson
  • Charles David Pickering, b. 25 Dec 1875, m. Maggie M. Ferguson
  • Mary Myrtle Pickering, b. 2 Jan 1897, m. Harry. E. Farmer
  • Estella May Pickering, b. 14 Jul 1881, m. Fred C. Johnson

Ancestor Phillip M. Pickering Lived In:
Phillip and Prudence were both born in Tennessee but spent the majority of their lives in Indiana. All of their children were born and died in Indiana.

Other Information:

Phillip Pickering was ten years old when his family walked to Indiana from Rheatown, Tennessee. The family left Tennessee on November 1, 1852 and traveled for 27 days to Howard County, Indiana.
In the Civil War he enlisted with the Union Army, Company H of the 34th Indiana Volunteers and served all 5 years without any injuries. After the war, he and his brothers formed a club and sang at many rallies in Howard, Grant, Tipton and Madison counties. He was very involved in the Grand Army of the Republic.
Phillip and Prudence were the longest living Methodist in the county, and were honored in Tipton for the many years they served.

Submitted by:
Pamela Sullivan

James Noble

James Noble
birth: 3 Feb 1801, Worcester Co, Maryland to Jonathan Noble and Nancy Driskell
death: 15 Nov 1881, Rush Co, IN
burial: Fairview Cemetery, Fairview, Rush Co, IN

marriage: 15 Apr 1824, Clermont Co, OH
Margaret “Peggy” Carnes
birth: 4 Jan 1803, Kentucky, to Josiah Carnes and Patience Marsh
death: 24 June 1869, Rush Co, IN
burial: Fairview Cemetery, Fairview, Rush Co, IN

Children of Margaret “Peggy” Carnes and James Noble:

  • Jonathan Noble, b. 1825, d. 1901, m. 1850 to Lucinda Jane Smith, b. 1831, d. 1907
  • Josiah Noble, b. 1826, d. 1894, m. 1848 to Amanda M. Gordon, b. 1831, d. aft 1900
  • Asenith Noble, b. 1829, d. 1857, m. 1852 to James R. Dunn, b. 1832
  • Harriet Noble, b. 1832, d. 1896, m. 1851 to Joseph W. Keaton, b. 1827, d. 1885
  • James H. Noble, b. 1834, d. 1865, m. 1859 to Sarah E. Story, b. 1838
  • William J. Noble, b. 1840, d. 1912, m. 1859 to Mary M. Pogue, b. 1842
  • Nancy E. Noble, b. 1843, d. 1919, m. 1865 to John B. Eaton, b. 1837 d. 1905

James Noble Lived In:

  • 1834-1881: Union Township, Rush County, Indiana

Other Information:

James Noble came to Indiana from Clermont County, Ohio, about 1834 with his wife Margaret (Carnes), whom he married in Ohio, and their children. He purchased land in Union township, Rush County in August and September 1834. He was a farmer. His brother Elijah’s family also came about the same time, along with their parents, Jonathan and  Nancy (Driskell) Noble. In the 1840 census, the three men are enumerated next to each other in Union township, Rush Co. (Another James Noble lived in Ripley township at the same time.) All of James and Margaret’s children are buried in Indiana. James’ brother Elijah moved his family to Madison County before 1850. Nancy Driskell Noble is buried in Fairview Cemetery, Rush County, and her husband Jonathan is buried in Starr Cemetery, Madison County beside Elijah.


Submitted by:
Zola Troutman Noble

John Emery Wixsom

John Emery Wixsom
b. 16 March 1864, Fayette County, Indiana, to Smith and Rebecca (Carver) Wixsom
d. 16 May 1945, Holland, Lucas County, Ohio

m. 22 October 1890
Doretta “Dora” Damschroder
b. 27 January 1871, Elmore, Ottawa County, Ohio, to Christopher H. and Mary Ann (Freese) Damschroder, Jr.
d. 20 January 1960, Holland, Lucas County, Ohio

Children with Doretta Damschroder:
• Ralph Louis (1893-1964) married (1) Edith Simmons, (2) Clara Leonhardt
• Clarence Emery (1896-1978) married Dorothy Marie Downs
• John Edgar (1898-1948) married Catherine Neiling
• Nellie Lee (1902-1974) married (2) Orrin Downs
• William Allen (1906-1945) married Ethel Ruth

John lived in Antioch (now Andrews), Huntington County; Peru, Miami County; and Ft. Wayne, Allen County, Indiana, before emigrating about 1905/6. His family had lived in Blackford, Wabash, and Madison counties before buying land in Huntington County. He went to Wood County, Ohio, and ran a quarry above North Baltimore. He then went to Kentucky to work in the oil fields and later came back to Lucas County, Ohio. He had also worked on the Wabash Railroad.

Submitted by:
Elizabeth Wixsom Pero May
Toledo OH

Walter Long Tucker

Walter Long Tucker
b. 23 February 1848, Adams Township, Madison County, Indiana, to Aaron and Nancy Ann (Long) Tucker
d. 25 July 1930, Bristow, Creek County, Oklahoma

m. 19 June 1881, Forsyth, Taney County, Missouri
Vandalia Hopper
b. 26 June 1865, Mercer County, Missouri
d. 24 December 1939, Bristow, Creek County, Oklahoma

Children with Vandalia Hopper:
• Elmore Meredith
• Aaron Marion
• Walter, Jr.
• Nancy Ratha
• Levisa Ellen

Walter left Indiana in 1857 for Clay Township, Sullivan County, Missouri.

Submitted by:
Tommy Tucker
Marion IA

Mary Ann Tucker

Mary Ann Tucker
b. 22 June 1850, Adams Township, Madison County, Indiana, to Aaron and Nancy Ann (Long) Tucker
d. 22 February 1936, Payne County, Oklahoma

m. 6 December 1880, Everton, Dade County, Missouri
John William Freeman
b. 8 April 1850
d. Jennings, Pawnee County, Oklahoma

Children with John William Freeman:
• Zerah
• John William, III

Mary Ann left Madison County, Indiana in 1857 for Sullivan County, Missouri.

Submitted by:
Tommy Tucker
Marion IA

Jesse Tucker

Jesse Tucker
b. 22 September 1807, Rowan County, North Carolina, to Andrew and Luvisa (Rumbley) Tucker
d. 2 June 1889, Clay Township, Sullivan County, Missouri

m. 1838, Adams Township, Madison County, Indiana
Mary Elizabeth Judd
b. 25 September 1823, Reddies River, Wilkes County, North Carolina
d. 29 April 1904, Clay Township, Sullivan County, Missouri

Children with Mary Elizabeth Judd:
• Linville
• Amelia
• Jeremiah M.
• Mary (twin)
• Nancy (twin)
• Jesse, Jr.
• Charlotte
• Sarah L.
• Margaret
• John W.

The first five children were born in Madison County, Indiana; the remainder were born in Sullivan County, Missouri.

Jesse came to Indiana in 1831-32 from possibly Ohio. He left in 1857 for Missouri.

Submitted by:
Tommy Tucker
Marion IA

Aaron Douglas Tucker

Aaron Douglas Tucker
b. 9 February 1855, Adams Township, Madison County, Indiana, to Aaron and Nancy Ann (Long) Tucker
d. 6 November 1936, San Diego, San Diego County, California

m. 19 February 1885, Everton, Dade County, Missouri
Marilla Anne Jerome
b. 4 July 1869, Everton, Dade County, Missouri
d. 28 January 1961, National City, San Diego County, California

Children with Marilla Anne Jerome:
• Zoie
• Eva G.
• Ela Jarome
• Benjamin Goodman
• Kyle Willard
• Howard Aaron
• Joseph Reese
• Marion Irvin
• Harold
• Ross Leonard

Aaron left for Clay Township, Sullivan County, Missouri, in 1857.

Submitted by:
Tommy Tucker
Marion IA