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Jesse Parmer

Jesse Parmer
b. 15 September 1789, Virginia, to Jesse and Rebecca Parmer
d. 18 November 1876, Jackson County, Iowa

m. 12 July 1814, Columbiana County, Ohio
Charity Pugh
b. 17 February 1796, Virginia
d. 18 August 1889, Jackson County, Iowa

Children with Charity Pugh:
• Aaron (b. 1815) married Catherine Davis
• Jesse (1818-1904) married (1) Sarah A. Davis, (2) Frances [–?–]
• Peter (1819-ca. 1864) married Catherine Davis
• Sarah (b. ca. 1820) married Levi Rolf
• Mary (b. 1822) married Daniel M. Robbins
• Belinda (b. 1826) married (1) Isaac E. Welch, (2) Joseph Larkins
• Nancy A. (b. 1837)

Jesse was an original landowner in Decatur County, Indiana, on 11 December 1834. It is unknown when he left Indiana. He was a veteran of the War of 1812.

Submitted by:
Francis Metz
Batesville IN

Harvey Welch

Harvey Welch
b. 1805, Orange County, North Carolina, to Joshua Welch and Fannie (Lester) Welch
d. 12 April 1888, New Boston Township, Mercer County, Illinois

m. 9 January 1834, Wayne County, Indiana
Rachel Woodward
b. 1813, Jefferson County, Tennessee
d. 16 August 1892, Ellis Township, Hardin County, Iowa

Children with Rachel Woodward:
• Amanda
• James B.
• William
• John
• Sarah
• Joseph
• Rachel
• Hartwell
• Lydia Ellen
• Patrick
• Mary Elizabeth
• Wiley

The family left Wayne County, Indiana, in 1856.

Submitted by:
Nadine D. Holder
Sierra Vista AZ
E-mail: nadin@c2i2.com

Margaretha Laura Magdalena Bauer

Margaretha Laura Magdalena Bauer
b. 13 June 1820, Birk, near Creussen, Bavaria, Germany, to Johann Nicolaus and Maria Barbara (Hereth) Bauer
d. 19 December 1891, Atchison, Atchison County, Kansas

m/1. 27 December 1843, Spencer County, Indiana
Henry Frederick Wilheim Racine
b. about 1812, Hannover, Germany,
d. 1847/48

m/2. 20 October 1848, Rockport, Spencer County, Indiana
Stephen Vogel
b. 8 February 1822, Affalterthal, Bavaria, Germany
d. 28 December 1880, Spencer County, Indiana

Children with Henry Frederick Wilheim Racine:

  • Louise Katharine (1843-1932) married George Wolfgang Kiefner
  • Henry (1845-1892) married Margaretha Lottes
  • Margaretha Barbara (1847-1935) married (1) John Busch, (2) Jacob Fella

Children with Stephen Vogel:

  • Catherine Anna (1849-1941) married Johannes W. Braun
  • George H. (1851-1914) married Frances Agnes Welch
  • Anna K. (1853-1855)
  • Mathais (b. 1855) married Magdalena Huebsch
  • Nicholas (1857-1945) married Augusta Emma Schwope
  • Kunigunda Julia (1860-1948) married Joseph Stengell
  • Anna Margaret (1862-1938) married Henrich J. Braun

Margaretha emigrated from Bavaria in 1839 to Spencer County, Indiana. All her children were born in Spencer County, Indiana, and it was not until sometime before 1888 she moved to Atchison, Kansas.

Her first husband fell overboard from a flatboat going down the Mississippi River and his body was never found. Both of her husbands were farmers

Submitted by:
R. Bruce Willstaedt
Townsville NC
E-mail: bwillstaed@nc.rr.com

Cornelius Mansfield Sweem

Cornelius Mansfield Sweem
b. 26 February 1813, Hamilton, Butler County, Ohio
d. about 1892, Parke or Montgomery County, Indiana

m. 23 November 1834, Butler County, Ohio
Penthacilla “Priscilla” Welch
b. 26 August 1813, Ohio
d. 13 March 1884 or 1885, Parke County, Indiana

Children with Penthacilla Welch:

  • Oscar D. (1838-1912) married Eliza C. Prior
  • Tilghman A. H.
  • Nancy
  • Eliza
  • Mary
  • Amanda
  • John Calvin

Submitted by:
Helen Magee
Hot Springs SD

Oscar Denreith Sweem/Swim

Oscar Denreith Sweem/Swim
b. 2 August 1838, Montgomery County, Indiana, to Cornelius and Penthacilla (Welch) Sweem
d. 3 March 1912, Greenwood, Cass County, Nebraska

m. 17 September 1859, Montgomery County, Indiana
Eliza C. Prior
b. about 1841, Indiana
d. 26 January 1864, near Crawfordsville, Montgomery County, Indiana

Children with Eliza C. Prior:

  • William Martin (b. 1860)
  • Francis Mansfield (b. 1862)

Oscar emigrated from Indiana before 1898 to Greenwood, Cass County, Nebraska. Oscar’s son, William, was serving as a deputy sheriff when he was shot at Rockville, Parke County, Indiana, on 25 April 1896. There were several other children by a second marriage.

Submitted by:
Helen Magee
Hot Springs SD

James W Cross

James W Cross
b. 1820, Ohio or Indiana
d. after 1875, possibly Osborne County, Kansas

m. 2 April 1837, Marion County, Indiana
Sarah “Sally” Jones
b. 24 March 1814, possibly in Guilford County, North Carolina, to Isaiah and Martha (East) Jones
d. 1887, Kansas

Children with Sarah Jones:

  • Eli
  • William
  • John married Hattie Welch (moved from Iowa to Kansas)
  • Martha
  • James
  • Isaac

James and Sally lived in Marion County, Indiana, and emigrated from there to Keokuk, Iowa, about 1845-1847.

Submitted by:
Barbara Mullendore Calvert
Caldwell NJ