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Anna Daggy

Anna Daggy
b. 1794, Virginia, to Jacob and Elizabeth (Michael) Daggy, Sr.
d. about 1860 or 1861, Kansas, Illinois

m. 25 February 1811, Virginia
Andrew Lockridge
b. 23 December 1790, Augusta County, Virginia, to Samuel and Elizabeth (Khale) Lockridge
d. 14 January 1874, Plymouth, Marshall County, Indiana

Children with Andrew Lockridge:
• John D. (1818-1902) married Malinda Harker
• Andrew J. (1822-1869) married Elizabeth G. Small
• William Henry (1826-1879) married Abigail Goff
• James Allen (1831-1914) married Lucy L. Whitmore
• Joshua (1837-1917) married Catherine Brown

Anna, a farmer’s wife, came to Henry County, Indiana, prior to 1830. By 1850, they were living in Green Township, Howard County, but in 1856 they left Indiana for North English, Iowa County, Iowa, during the cholera epidemic. Anna and her sons lived close to each other while in Iowa.

Around 1860 or 1861, while on the way back to Indiana, Anna died in Illinois before reaching the Hoosier state again.

Submitted by:
Joan Cole
Odessa MO
E-mail: jmcole@iland.net

Matthew Cowlin

Matthew Cowlin
b. 11 August 1840, Glassmoor, Whittelsey, Cambridge, England, to Joseph and Mary (Hancock) Cowlin
d. 24 September 1925, Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio

m. 1 July 1866, Muskegon, Muskegon County, Michigan
Maria E. Loomis
b. 28 April 1846, New York
d. 7 June 1894, Sheridan County, Nebraska

Children with Maria E. Loomis:
• Alice Jane (1866-1928) married James Alfred Stevens
• Laura May (1874-1951) married Clarence Albert Benedict
• Matthew Willard (1876-1951) married Lenore (Blain) Small

The family came to Hobart, Lake County, Indiana, from Cazevonia, Madison County, New York, in 1865 and they left in 1885 for Box Butte, then Sheridan County, Nebraska.

Submitted by:
Mary Alice Benedict Grindol
Galesburg MI

Silas Small

Silas Small
b. 25 September 1837, Center Township, Grant County, Indiana, to Joseph and Rhonda (Pierson) Small
d. 4 August 1896, Kankakee County, Illinois

m. 18 November 1861, Ironton, Sauk County, Wisconsin
Sarah Crawford
b. about 1839, Scotland
d. about 1898

Children with Sarah Crawford:
• Flora M. (b. 1862) married James E. Stephenson
• Barbara May (1864-1871)
• Elisa Jane (1868-1871)
• Ida May (b. 1872) married Isaac H. Antrim

Silas’ family came from Highland County, Ohio, before 1834 to Center and Mill townships in Grant County, Indiana, and left about 1851 for Sauk County, Wisconsin. The family were Quakers originally from Wales.

Submitted by:
Dolores Bussler
Livonia MI

Joseph Small

Joseph Small
b. 21 March 1815, Highland County, Ohio
d. 8 December 1903, Valton, Wisconsin

m/1. January 1834
Rhonda Pierson
b. 24 March 1814, Wayne County, Indiana
d. 1882, Wisconsin

Isabel Hammer Moon
d. 6 June 1896

Children with Rhonda Pierson:
• Zimary (b. 1835)
• Silas (b. 1837)
• Louisa (b. 1839)
• Elisabeth (b. 1847)
• Hannah (b. 1850)
• Benjamin (b. 1855)

The Small family were Quakers who originally came from Wales. Joseph emigrated from Highland County, Ohio, before 1834 and immigrated to Sauk County, Wisconsin about 1851.

All of the children were born in Indiana, except for the youngest.

During his later years, Joseph married Isabel Moon, who was the mother-in-law of one of his sons.

Submitted by:
Dolores Bussler
Livonia MI

Mark Davis

Mark Davis
b. 10 August 1800, Surry County, North Carolina, to William and Ann (Marshall) Davis
d. 20 June 1870, Flint, Mehaska County, Iowa

m. 27 May 1822, Richmond, Wayne County, Indiana
Rebecca Osborne
b. 7 October 1802, Guilford County, North Carolina, to David and Elizabeth (Thompson) Osborne
d. 24 August 1884, Laton, Rooks County, Kansas

Children with Rebecca Osborne:

  • Mary Ann (1823-1886)
  • William (1825-1850) married Rebecca Small
  • Rachel (1827-1901)
  • David (1829-1836)
  • Ruth (1832-1893) married Isaac Jay
  • Elizabeth (1834-1836)
  • Nathan (1837-1907) married Hannah Malinda Hutchens
  • Stephen J. (b. 1840)
  • Hiram M. (1844-1903)
  • Clarkson (b. 1847)

Mark came to Indiana before 1822, living in Wayne, Henry, and Grant counties, and emigrated in 1852 to the Little Baraboo Valley, Wisconsin, a Quaker settlement. He became one of the justices in the town of Woodland, Wisconsin, when it was formed in 1857. He was a Quaker preacher and sold land to the Baraboo Monthly Meeting for the Friendswood burial ground. The family moved on to Iowa in 1865. While he did not serve in the Civil War, two or three of his sons did.

Submitted by:
Leslie Hope
Santa Monica CA
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