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Enoch O’Brien

Enoch O’Brien
birth: 20 October 1829 in Brown, Ohio to Thomas O’Brien & Lucinda Kennedy
death: 25 March 1907 in Linton, Vigo, Indiana
burial: German Memory Hill Cemetery, Linton, Greene, Indiana

marriage: about 1850 in Clay, Indiana, United States
Elizabeth Ann Grass
birth: 29 January 1826 in Virginia to Peter Grass, Jr & Mary Dressler
death: 19 April 1865 in Center Point, Indiana
burial: Center Point Cemetery, Center Point, Clay, Indiana

Children of Elizabeth Ann Grass and Enoch O’Brien:

  • Alonzo Wilfred O’Brien 1852-1941 m. Josephine Arnold
  • William O’Brien 1854-? m1. Lydia Eichin m2 Emilie Eichen
  • John W. O’Brien 1855-1933 m1. Sarah Jennifer West m2. Emma E. Spencer
  • Enoch O’Brien 1856-1937 m. Sarah C. Cole
  • Lucinda O’Brien 1860-1941 m1. John D. Huber m2. Duffrild Green Halfhill
  • Florance Ann O’Brien 1852-1936 m. William Hickson Rice

Ancestor here lived in:

1850, Washington Twp, Clay, Indiana
1852 Center Twp, Marion, Indiana
1855 Bowling Green, Clay, Indiana
1860-1865 Center Point, Sugar Ridge Township, Clay, Indiana
1900-1907 Stockton Twp, Greene, Indiana

Other Information:


Submitted by:
Sharon Rice Barnes
Email: barnes@lclark.edu

John Lemuel Cockerham

John Lemuel Cockerham
birth: 1 Mar 1848, Brownston, Jackson Co., IN to Willam D. Cockerham and Elizabeth Ann Winkler
death: 24 jan 1924 at Harrison Twp, Knox Co., IN
burial: Brown Cemetery, Knox Co., IN

marriage: 1 Jan 1869 in Knox Co., IN
Alice Elmira Adams
birth: 27 Oct 1852 in Harrison Twp, Knox Co., IN to 2nd Lt. Eli Monroe Adams and Eleanor R. Adams
death: 19 Feb 1902, Harrison Twp, Knox Co., IN
burial: Brown Cemetery, Knox Co., IN

Children of John Lemuel Cockerham andAlice Elmira Adams:

  • Milton William Cockerham (1870-1953) m. Alice Lucinda St. Clair
  • James Arthur Cockerham (1872-1942) m. Mary Etta Osborne
  • Annabell Cockerham (1875-1901) m. Andrew R. Snyder
  • August Lemuel Cockerham (1878-1947) m. (1) Rosa Mae Lamb, (2) Lillian May Arnold
  • Nelle Genoa Cockerham (1882-1950) m. Louis James Johnson
  • Lena A Cockerham (1884-1959) m. (1) William Dallas Adams, (2) Claude McCormick Turner
  • Stella G Cockerham (1886-1973) m. Joseph Sinkler
  • Frankie Mondoza Cockerham (1889-1925) m. Allan Richard Reising
  • Glenn H Cockerham (1895-unknown)
  • Enid Emma “Susie” Cockerham (1898-1975) m. Walter L Ashdown

John Lemuel Cockerham lived in:

  • 1848-1864- Brownstown, Jackson County, Indiana
  • 1864-1924- near Pond Creek Mills in Knox County, Indiana

Other Information:

John Cockerham served in Company C, 137th Regiment of the Indiana Infantry. He enlisted 1 May 1864 and was discharged 8 May 1868.

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Carol Mathieson
Email: cmath59@yahoo.com


George Southwood

George Southwood
b. 28 April 1883, Huff Township, Spencer County, Indiana, to John Quincy and Helen (Arnold) Southwood
d. 15 April 1964, Cambridge, Henry County, Illinois

m. 24 April 1918, Rock Island, Rock Island County, Illinois
Helen Iva Lattin
b. 17 December 1892, Bradford, Stark County, Illinois
d. 29 April 1976, Rock Island, Rock Island County, Illinois

Children with Helen Iva Lattin:
• Delores M. (b. 1919)
• Duane E. (b. 1920)
• Donald G. (b. 1922)
• Dewey R. (b. 1924)

George emigrated in 1916 to Moline, Rock Island County, Illinois, to find employment at the Rock Island Arsenal, where he learned the saddler’s trade with the 7th Cavalry, U.S. Army. He worked there during WWI and again from 1936 until after WWII when he retired. Between employment periods at the arsenal, he worked at the Moline Tool Co. He retired to Henry County and operated a small farm. He and his wife are buried in the National Cemetery at Rock Island Arsenal, Illinois.

Submitted by:
Donald G. Southwood
Davenport IA

Isaac Tilden Parker

Isaac Tilden Parker
b. 12 February 1828, New Garden, Wayne County, Indiana, to Jesse Horn and Sarah (Arnold) Parker
d. 30 August 1916, Howard Lake, Wright County, Minnesota

m. 24 September 1851, Arba, Randolph County, Indiana
Sarah Charles Morgan
b. 12 August 1831, New Garden, Wayne County, Indiana
d. 7 May 1887, Howard Lake, Wright County, Minnesota

Children with Sarah Charles Morgan:
• Hannah Etta (1853-1915) married Peter Wright, Jr.
• Emma Lauretta (1855-1937) married Lee Johnson
• Mary Etta (1858-1876)
• Luther Lincoln (b. 1860) married Emma DeWeese
• Georgia Marie (b. 1864) married Marsden McWooley
• Frederick Morgan (1866-1938) married Clarice Everett
• Charles Elwood Morgan (1866-1935) married Elizabeth Bryan

Isaac, Sarah, their six children, and three young grandchildren left Indiana in the early 1880’s in a covered wagon for Howard Lane, Minnesota.

Submitted by:
Naomi E. Purves-Adams
St. Paul Park MN
E-mail: naomipa@comcast.net

Gabriel Coroner Mauck

Gabriel Coroner Mauck
b. 9 June 1835, Luray, Page County, Virginia, to William H. and Keziah (Waite) Mauck
d. 8 February 1911, East Lynne, Cass County, Missouri

m. 26 September 1861, Newton County, Indiana
Mary Ann Yeoman
b. 16 August 1843, Rensselaer, Jasper County, Indiana, to Jared Benjamin and Mary Ann (Edwards) Yeoman
d. 16 June 1925, Harrisonville, Cass County, Missouri

Children with Mary Ann Yeoman:
• Martha Ellen (1862-1865)
• Joseph Hemingway (1864-1935) married Emma Baumgardner Huffer
• Mary Ellen (1866-1927) married William T. Arnold
• Emily Kissiah (1868-1957) married Elijah J. Griffith
• Reuben Henry (1871-1949) married Leona Upton
• Anna Lusilla (1875-1958) married William Martin Kirk
• Sarah Jane (1879-1942) married Paul Theim
• Alpha Ora (1883-1961)

Gabriel moved to Kansas about 1857 with his family, apparently leaving brother Francis W. behind in Indiana. He returned to Indiana, where he married and bought land in Jasper County in 1863 and in Newton County in 1864. He moved his family to Holt County, Missouri, in 1867, where they lived until 1893. Then they moved to Wright County, Missouri; the following year they moved again, this time to Cass County where they bought a home in the Pitts Chapel neighborhood.

Mary Ann’s aunt and uncle, Joseph D. and Sarah (Nowles) Yeoman, were the first white settlers in Jasper County, Indiana. Her great-grandfather, Stephen Yeoman, was a Revolutionary War veteran from New York. Six years after Gabriel’s death, Mary Ann moved to East Lynne with her unmarried daughter Alpha; they moved to Harrisonville in 1920.

Submitted by:
Nancy Covault Longworth
Indianapolis IN
E-mail: nightstick29@yahoo.com

Joseph Minor James

Joseph Minor James
b. July 1829, Shelby County, Kentucky, to William and Elizabeth (Turnham) James
d. 27 May 1911, Van Zandt County, Texas

m/1. 1 April 1853, Van Zandt County, Texas
Barbary Ann Whisenhunt
d. between 1881-1884, Van Zandt County, Texas

m/2. 1 October 1884, Van Zandt County, Texas
Amy Catherine (Arnold) Anderson

Children with Barbary Ann Whisenhunt:

  • John H.
  • Susan
  • Elizabeth
  • Joseph
  • Benjamin
  • Farmer
  • Alpha
  • Ira

Children with Amy Catherine (Arnold) Anderson:

  • Jesse Lee

Joseph emigrated from Kentucky to Indiana in 1830 with his parents. Between January and July of 1830, his brother John was born and it is believe that his mother died in childbirth. His father remarried and had two more children. He was granted a divorce in 1841 and then returned to Shelby County, Kentucky with his sons, Joseph and John, leaving the children of his second marriage with their mother in Indiana.

In 1844, Joseph and John received their portion of their Grandfather John Turnham’s estate as heirs of Elizabeth (Betsey) Turnham. The land was sold to the other heirs before Joseph and John accompanied their father to Texas after he was mustered out of the Army.

Joseph received a Mercer Colony Headright Certificate #552 for 320 acres in Kaufman County, Texas in 1850. He fought in the C.S.A. during the Civil War and was assigned to Company I, 11th Texas Infantry, Roberts’ Regiment.

During his lifetime, Joseph was a farmer but would occasionally preach at the New Hope nondenominational church built on land donated by his father. He is buried in Rock Hill Cemetery, Van Zandt County, Texas.

Submitted by:
Yvonne James
Mineola TX
E-mail: yajames@cox.net

Caroline Ermina Taylor

Caroline Ermina Taylor
b. 16 July 1854, Indiana, to William H. and Eunice (Day) Taylor
d. 12 August 1914, Coldwater, Branch County, Michigan

m. about 1880
Edwin L. Dunham
b. 12 September 1852, Penfield, Monroe County, New York, to Lorenzo A. and Ruth (Miller) Dunham
d. 29 January 1890, Coldwater, Branch County, Michigan

Children with Edwin I. Dunham:

  • Jesse Edith (1879-1961) married Frank Hall
  • Julia Grace (1880-1902) married J. Alton Wentworth
  • Bernice Adell (1882-1910) married Charles Edwin Arnold
  • Mark T. (b. 1883)
  • Blanche O. (b. 1885) married Robert Howard Watson

Caroline emigrated from Indiana about 1860 to Butler Township, Branch County, Michigan.

Edwin I. Dunham, a mechanic, was the first in his city to succumb to “La Grippe,” which developed into pneumonia. Dying at 37 years old, he left his wife with five young children, the oldest of whom was nine years old.

Submitted by:
Marilyn Lane
Mountain View CA

Roscoe Irving Stultz

Roscoe Irving Stultz
b. 2 April 1866, Huntington County, Indiana, to George and Mary (Yant) Stults
d. 3 May 1955, Cherokee, Iowa

m. 1 November 1891, Milford, Kosciusko County, Indiana
Fredonia Druckamiller
b. 25 April 1870, Milford, Decatur County, Indiana, to Harvey C. and Mary Jane (Arnold) Druckamiller
d. 8 April 1957, Eagle Grove, Wright County, Iowa

Children with Fredonia Druckamiller:

  • Paul Franklin (1892-1980)
  • Harvey Carlyle (1901-1965)
  • Mildred (1896-1975)
  • Marie (1898-1993)
  • Eloise B. (1903-1964)

Roscoe moved to Eagle Grove, Wright County, Iowa, in 1891.

Roscoe’s father, George Stults and his brothers, changed the spelling of their surname from Z to S when they moved to Indiana from Ohio. Roscoe changed the spelling back to a Z when he was married and moved to Iowa.
Submitted by:
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin E. Stultz
New Carrollton MD

Nathan Frank Knipe

Nathan Frank Knipe
b. 15 September 1804, Wythe County, Virginia, to Lanselot and Elizabeth (Jackson) Knipe
d. 14 May 1848, Carroll, Vermilion County, Illinois

m. 20 November 1825, Wythe County, Virginia
Mary Jane Rodgers
b. 18 October 1806, Wythe County, Virginia
d. 1851, Carroll, Vermilion County, Illinois

Children with Mary Jane Rodgers:

  • John Frank (1826–1909) married Mary Ann Smith
  • Elizabeth Jane (1829–1872) married John Mosier
  • Sarah (1831–1908) married James Merchant Keeble
  • William A. (b. 1832)
  • Mary (b. 1834) married John Arnold
  • Nathan J. (1836–1849)
  • Lanty (1838–1877) married Emma Ernest
  • Alexander (1841–1878) married Martha O. Rogers
  • Nancy Catherine (1844–1848)
  • Joshua (1847–1911) married Ameila Mirah Keeble

Nathan emigrated from Palmyra, Knox County, Indiana, to Carroll, Vermilion County, Illinois,
about 1835.

Submitted by:
Johanna Nigra
Georgetown IL