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Fred Willard Taylor

Fred Willard Taylor
birth: 16 Dec 1886 in Young America, Cass, Indiana to John William Taylor and Mary Catherine Turner
death: 14 May 1968 in Hillsdale, Hillsdale, Michigan
burial: Toledo Memorial Park, Sylvania, Lucas, Ohio

marriage: before 1910
Ursula McCreary
birth: 07 January 1887 in Groomsville, Tipton, Indiana to Alfred Ross McCreary and Hannah Smith
death: 14 October 1982 in Sylvania, Lucas, Ohio
burial: Toledo Memorial Park, Sylvania, Lucas, Ohio

Children of Ursula McCreary and Fred Willard Taylor:

  • William Alfred Taylor Born 1910 Died 1995 Audrey Hilda Green
  • Marjorie Genee Taylor Born 1912 Died 1983 William James Thomsen
  • Mary Catherine Taylor Born 1917 Died 2002 Benjamin Adam Schultz
  • Winnifred Sue Taylor Born 1919 Died 1986 1. R. J. Garn 2. R. Stomatovich 3. R. Crabtree 4. P. Reitinger
  • Hannah Louise Taylor Born 1921 Died 1997 John A. McNeil
  • Richard Earl Taylor Born 1927 Died 2017 1. Shirley Anita Brewer
  • Living

Ancestor here lived in:

Fred Willard Taylor lived in Young America from birth in 1886
1900 to 1930 in Kokomo, Howard, Indiana
1938 South Bend, Indiana

Ancestor also lived in:

1930 Lucas County, Ohio
1940 Wheaton, Illinois
1955 Hillsdale, Hillsdale, Michigan

Other Information:

Fred worked in Brass companies his adult life. Working his way up from the line to being a supervisor. He worked for Bunting Brass, the Hale Chrome Co., and the Vacuum Can Co. He was an outdoorsman. At one time Fred left his family in Indiana, and went out to Soldier Summitt, Utah to try his hand at being a cowboy and possibly resettling his family there. That did not pan out well and he returned to his wife and 3 children. Fred and Ursula had 7 children and 30 grandchildren at the time of his death. The 30 grandchildren gave them 50 great-grandchildren, 56 great-great-grandchildren, and 21 great-great-great-grandchildren.

Submitted by:
Pamela Taylor-Bollinger
Email: pambo1945@hotmail.com

John Lemuel Cockerham

John Lemuel Cockerham
birth: 1 Mar 1848, Brownston, Jackson Co., IN to Willam D. Cockerham and Elizabeth Ann Winkler
death: 24 jan 1924 at Harrison Twp, Knox Co., IN
burial: Brown Cemetery, Knox Co., IN

marriage: 1 Jan 1869 in Knox Co., IN
Alice Elmira Adams
birth: 27 Oct 1852 in Harrison Twp, Knox Co., IN to 2nd Lt. Eli Monroe Adams and Eleanor R. Adams
death: 19 Feb 1902, Harrison Twp, Knox Co., IN
burial: Brown Cemetery, Knox Co., IN

Children of John Lemuel Cockerham andAlice Elmira Adams:

  • Milton William Cockerham (1870-1953) m. Alice Lucinda St. Clair
  • James Arthur Cockerham (1872-1942) m. Mary Etta Osborne
  • Annabell Cockerham (1875-1901) m. Andrew R. Snyder
  • August Lemuel Cockerham (1878-1947) m. (1) Rosa Mae Lamb, (2) Lillian May Arnold
  • Nelle Genoa Cockerham (1882-1950) m. Louis James Johnson
  • Lena A Cockerham (1884-1959) m. (1) William Dallas Adams, (2) Claude McCormick Turner
  • Stella G Cockerham (1886-1973) m. Joseph Sinkler
  • Frankie Mondoza Cockerham (1889-1925) m. Allan Richard Reising
  • Glenn H Cockerham (1895-unknown)
  • Enid Emma “Susie” Cockerham (1898-1975) m. Walter L Ashdown

John Lemuel Cockerham lived in:

  • 1848-1864- Brownstown, Jackson County, Indiana
  • 1864-1924- near Pond Creek Mills in Knox County, Indiana

Other Information:

John Cockerham served in Company C, 137th Regiment of the Indiana Infantry. He enlisted 1 May 1864 and was discharged 8 May 1868.

Submitted by:
Carol Mathieson
Email: cmath59@yahoo.com


Ernest Sidney Matson

Ernest Sidney Matson
birth: 25 Oct 1911, Ellettsville, Monroe Co., Indiana to Ulysses Sidney Matson and Ida Bell Turner
death: 13 Sep 1944 in World War II, Atlantic Ocean
burial: Presbyterian Cemetery, Ellettsville, Monroe Co., IN

marriage: 9 Nov 1940, Monroe Co., IN
Nellie Frances (May) Hazel
birth: 27 Dec 1912, Bean Blossom Twp., Monroe Co., IN to Obie Francis May and Rosa Dell Hughes
death: 10 July 1975, Bloomington, Monroe Co., IN
burial: Presbyterian Cemetery, Ellettsville, Monroe Co., IN

Children of Ernest Sidney Matson and Nellie Frances (May) Hazel:

  • Donald K. Matson b. 1943

Ernest Sidney Matson lived in:

  • 1911- 1944- Ellettsville, Monroe Co., Indiana

Other Information:

Ernest Sidney Matson and his son, Donald K. Matson, were both born at 104 W. Temperance St. (Hwy. 46) in Ellettsville, Monroe Co., Indiana. Ulysses S. Matson bought the property in 1896 and his grandson Donald K. Matson sold this property in 1998.

Ernest Sidney Matson was Seaman 2nd Class in U.S. Navy

Submitted by:
Donald K. Matson
Email: dmatson876@gmail.com

Alvin Porter Cole

Alvin Porter Cole
birth: 4 Feb 1894, Dearborn County, Indiana to Joel DeVane Cole and Lucy Ann Palmer
death: 30 Jul 1962, Osgood, Ripley County, Indiana
burial: Oakdale Cemetery, Lot 243, Dearborn County, Indiana

m: 8 Oct. 1913, Dearborn County, Indiana
Tracie Elizabeth Seymour
birth: 21 Jul 1921, Switzerland County, Indiana to Levi H. Seymour and Alice Dora Turner

Children of Alvin Porter Cole and Tracie Elizabeth Seymour:

  • Vaina Lee Cole (b. 25 Jul 1914, Topeka, Kansas, d. 26 May 1988, Miami, Dade County, Florida) m. 30 Jan 1931, Ripley County, Indiana to Russell Heiderman
  • Meryl Wayne Cole (adopted) d. at 11 years old
  • Sarah Cole (died at 3 days old)

Alvin “Porter” Cole was a farmer, a park ranger at the Versailles State Park in early 50’s, and a mechanic for years at McCoy’s Garage in Osgood, Indiana. His latter work years was with the City of Osgood as a Town Marshall.

He lived on Maple Street, Osgood, Ripley, Indiana from 1930’s to 1970’s. He lived in Lakeland, Florida in mid to late 1940s.

He passed away with a heart attack. He never had any surgeries and didn’t believe in going to a doctor. He smoked a pipe mostly and rolled his own cigarettes when he desired one. He was a slender man of medium height, with almost black hair and dark dark brown eyes. He was always clean shaven. He wore suits of Brown on occasion and always wore a hat whenever outdoors.

Porter was dearly loved by his family, friends and all who he came in touch with in his work & everyday dealings.

Submitted by:
Rita Heiderman Sander
Email: ingengal@gmail.com

Oliver P. Morton Hickman

Oliver P. Morton “Mort” Hickman
b. 3 October 1862, Ray Township, Franklin County, Indiana, to John Barton and Mary Ann (Moody) Hickman
d. 5 January 1943, probably Olympia, Washington

m. about 1892
Emma Yocum
b. about 1872, Gays, Illinois

Children with Emma Yocum:
• Clyde William (ca. 1892-ca. 1893)
• Maude May (1893-1965) married George W. Kase
• John Thomas (b. 1895) married Elizabeth Maschener
• Dorsey (b. ca. 1900) married Kathryn Miller
• Pearl (b. ca. 1900) married Frank Turner
• George (b. ca. 1901)
• Tosso (b. ca. 1905)

Mort first went to Charleston, Illinois from Indiana, then to Gays, Illinois. At Gays, he worked on a farm, met his wife and married there. Later they moved to Linn County, Kansas, and still later he moved his family to Olympia, Washington.

Submitted by:
Irene Krieger
Batesville IN
E-mail: ihdkrieger@yahoo.com

Rachel Kenyon Turner

Rachel Kenyon Turner
b. 14 April 1897, Evansville, Vanderburgh County, Indiana, to Rev. James Wesley and Elizabeth (Woodfill) Turner
d. 10 February 1982, Akron, Ohio

m. 17 September 1924, Greensburg, Decatur County, Indiana
Donnell Riggs Shoffner
b. 22 May 1897, Franklin, Johnson County, Indiana
d. 27 January 1966, Port Huron, St. Clair County, Michigan

Children with Donnell Riggs Shoffner:
• Donnell Riggs (b. 1925)
• James Harry (b. 1928)

Rachel lived in Evansville, Indiana, the first few years of her life, then lived in Greensburg until 1924, when she married and moved to Port Huron, Michigan. In 1978, she left Michigan to live with her sons. She was a member of DAR.

Submitted by:
Janet Smith
Bay City MI
E-mail: marinedad2@yahoo.com

John Henry Placke

John Henry Placke
b. 18 May 1874, Richmond, Wayne County, Indiana, to Harmon Henry and Elizabeth Wienker (Turner) Placke
d. 5 August 1928, Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio

m/1. 26 August 1894, Richmond, Wayne County, Indiana
Agnes Barbara Klett
b. 20 April 1874, Mossingen, Wurtemberg, Germany, to Johann Jakob and Maria Dorothea (Schnait) Klett
d. 11 July 1918, Springfield, Clark County, Ohio

m/2. August 1923
Rose Belle Cassel
b. 4 July 1865, Brookville, Franklin County, Indiana
d. 21 October 1957, Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio

Children with Agnes Barbara Klett:
• Walter Harmon (1895-1953) married Gertrude Catherine Lewe
• Mildred Dorothea (1896-1990) married John Joseph Schwartz
• Russell Edward (1897-1970) married Lillian Anita Williams
• Everett Henry (1899-1970) married Edith Elizabeth Durst
• Jeanette Elizabeth (1901-1992) married Arthur Ray Loyd
• Gertrude Katherine (b. 1903) married Joseph Vance Broderick
• Lawrence John (1907-1982) married Margaret Black
• Marie Barbara (1909-1982) married Harry Carl Frye
• Louis Jacob (1910-1984) married Mildred Irena Saylor
• Evelyn (b. 1912) married Harold Alva Kellis

Agnes immigrated to Indiana from Germany in 1883. The family left Indiana for Clark County, Ohio after 1912.

Submitted by:
Barbara Wohlhueter
Bradenton FL

Andrew Jackson Neel

Andrew Jackson Neel
b. 24 January 1863, Liberty Township, Delaware County, Indiana, to Isaac and Catherine (Turner) Neel
d. 2 April 1953, Riverside, Riverside County, California

m. 26 February 1890 (license date), Wichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas
Ida B. Ball
b. 14 November 1872, Richmond, Virginia
d. 20 July 1962, Riverside, Riverside County, California

Children with Ida B. Ball:
• Henry Homer (1890-1954) married Jessie McClain
• Eva Cecil (1892-1906)
• Bertha Edna (1895-1896)
• Eddie Orville (b.1899) married Verta Stierwalt
• Ina Mabel (1906-1974) married (1) Diamond Bell Phillips, (2) Hester Hernandez
• Elton Earnest “Jack” (1910-1987) married Velma Dickey
• Ethel Marie (b.1912) married Clifford Bryand Hicks

Andrew lived in Selma, Liberty Township, Delaware County, Indiana, until leaving the state in 1880 looking for adventure. He went to Dodge City, Kansas, then lived in Cheny, Kansas. He took part in the land rush in Oklahoma, farming in Woodward County, Oklahoma, before moving to California in 1920. He worked for the Santa Fe Railroad in Orange and Riverside counties in California.

Submitted by:
Virginia D. Neel
Sebring FL
E-mail: vneel@digital.net

George W Sanders

George W. Sanders
b. 24 Feb 1842, Ohio to William B. Sanders and Susan Estep
d. 10 Aug 1901, East Enterprise, Switzerland County, Indiana
bur. Bovard Cemetery, Cotton Township, Switzerland County, Indiana

George W Sanders and Susan Dunning gravestone

George W Sanders and Susan Dunning gravestone

m. 30 Sept 1864, Switzerland County, Indiana
Sarah Jane Dunning
b. 24 Apr 1842, Switzerland County, Indiana to Michael Dunning and Susanna Turner
d. 14 Mar 1926 at Cotton Township, Switzerland County, Indiana
bur. Bovard Cemetery, Cotton Township, Switzerland County, Indiana

Children with Sarah Jane Dunning:

  • Susan Sanders (1870–1927), m. Willard Theodore Bascom
  • Edwin Sanders (1865–1915), m. Edda G. Pickett
  • Mary B. Sanders (1867–1962), m. Harry M. Stow
  • Mariah S. Sanders (1873–1942), m. Elmer E. Ford
  • Walter Armstrong Sanders (1876–1949), m1. Kate Bell Heady; m2. Alice D. Durbin

Although born in Ohio, George W. Sanders and his family had moved to Cotton Township, Switzerland County, Indiana by 1850. After their marriage, George and Sarah Jane remained in Switzerland County until their deaths.

Submitted by:
Tina Lyons (genwishlist@gmail.com)
Fort Wayne, IN

Wilson Reese Turner

Wilson Reese Turner
b. 2 November 1852, Second District, Ohio County, Indiana, to Robert and Martha (Oxley) Turner
d. 25 November 1927, Greeley, Weld County, Colorado

Amanda [–?–]

m/2. 19 September 1886, Laramie City, Wyoming
Mary Edith Sharp
b. 14 May 1861, Burghley Park, Lincolnshire, England
d. 3 July 1953, Greeley, Weld County, Colorado

Children with Amanda [–?–]:

  • Brewster
  • Blanche
  • Virgil

Children with Mary Edith Sharp:

  • Elizabeth Mabel
  • Spencer Thurman
  • Elmer Page
  • Allan Cedric
  • Clarence Ernest
  • Clara Edith
  • Edgar Percival
  • Dorthea

Wilson resided at Rising Sun, Ohio County, Indiana. He emigrated to Chamois, Missouri, about 1872.

Submitted by:
Satia Tuner Goff
Seattle WA