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Thorne O. Evans

Thorne O. Evans
b. 3 August 1895, Koleen, Greene County, Indiana, to Leonard A. and Myrtle Ann (Davis) Evans
d. 8 March 1969, Colton, San Bernardino County, California

m. 29 November 1923, Bedford, Lawrence County, Indiana
Lois Mildred Williams
b. 4 June 1894, east of Vernon, Jennings County, Indiana
d. 23 September 1959, San Bernardino, San Bernardino County, California

Children with Lois Mildred Williams:
• Eugene Barton
• Alfred Carleton “Bud”

The family left Indiana from Bedford in 1823.

Submitted by:
Joyse Ann Evans
Colton CA

Margaret Anne Dye

Margaret Anne Dye
b. 30 August 1850, Linton, Greene County, Indiana, to [–?–] and Elizabeth (Morrow) Dye
d. 17 May 1937, Effingham County, Illinois

m. 21 November 1867, Martin, Indiana
James Adams
b. 27 December 1844, Newark, Licking County, Ohio
d. 23 July 1950, Effingham County, Illinois

Children with James Adams:
• Vera Ola (b. 1870)
• Earnest (b. 1871)
• Elsa (b. 1873)
• Sarah B. (b. 1876)
• George (b. 1882)
• Fred (b. 1884)
• Rex (b. 1892)

Margaret left the state from Martin, Indiana, in 1869.

Thomas M. Drake

Thomas M. Drake
b. 2 February 1827, Rowan County, North Carolina, to Simon and Patience (Gregory) Drake
d. 2 March 1902, Choctaw Area, Indian Territory (Oklahoma)

m/1. 24 July 1851, Worthington, Greene County, Indiana
Sarah A. Smith
b. 1837, Indiana, to Anderson H. and Elizabeth (Syke) Smith
d. about 1870, Kansas

m/2. about 1871
Dice S. [–?–]

Rufina Folsom
b. to Judge Rufus and Salina (Wade) Folsum

Izo Roberts

Children with Sarah A. Smith:
• William Joe (1856-1922) married (1) Joanna [–?–], (2) Laura Arkanzada Hasty
• Mary (ca. 1858-1870)
• Worthington “Worthy” (aft. 1860-bef. 1890)
• twin sons (b. and d. on the trail westward)

Children with Dice S. [–?–]:
• Laura (b. 1871)

Children with Rufina Folsom:
• George W.
• John William
• Mable Sue

Children with Izo Roberts:
• Edith
• Rose

Thomas came to Indiana before 1840. The Drake family left Greene County, Indiana, for the area of the Five Civilized Tribes, Choctaw area, Indian Territory, about 1870. On the trail westward to Texas, twin sons were born and died, as did their mother Sarah.

Thomas mined coal in the area and was active in union organizations, as was his son William Joe. The children born to Thomas and Rufina were registered on the Dawes Commission Rolls as Native Americans. Thomas is buried in what is now Pittsburgh County, Oklahoma.

Submitted by:
Shirley Drake Maynard
Hampton VA

Philip Carpenter

Philip Carpenter
b. February 1836, Indiana, to Thomas and Nancy (Collum) Carpenter
d. after 1900, probably Texas

m/1. 23 January 1855, Greene County, Indiana
Elizabeth Ooley
b. 1839, Indiana, to Elijah and Sarah (Newton) Ooley
d. about 1875, Indiana

m/2. 15 September 1875, Greene County, Indiana
Hannah E. Sims
b. October 1847
d. after 1900

Children with Elizabeth Ooley:

  • Salina (1859–bef 1870)
  • Ithamar (1862-1944)
  • Sarah (1864-1941) married (1) Jacob Staggs, (2) John Heinrich Kaiser, (3) Linza L. Woods
  • America (1867-abt 1932) married I. W. Wright
  • Eliza E. (b. 1870)

Children with Hannah E. Sims:

  • James A. (b. 1877)
  • Martha J. (b. 1879)
  • Kalie (b. 1887)

Thomas Carpenter came to Indiana from Kentucky. Phillip left Indiana with the children of his first marriage and his second wife, Hannah Sims. In Missouri, Phillip and Hannah had James; in Arkansas they had Martha; Kalie was born in Texas in 1887. By 1900 they were living in Cedar Township, Polk County, Arkansas.

Submitted by:
Mildred Holmes
Marysville WA

Helen Marie Jeffers

Helen Marie Jeffers
b. 22 February 1922, Vigo County, Indiana, to Charles Harvey and Bessie Bell (Grissom) Jeffers
d. 9 September 2006, Stuart, Florida

m/1. 1940’s, Vigo County, Indiana
Harvey Knesek

Robert McWhirter

Children with Harvey Knesek:

  • Julia Ann (b. 1942) married Ray Rhein
  • Harvey, Jr. (b. 1944)
  • Linda (b 1948) married Ken Gailis

Helen’s father was a coal miner and farmer, whose father and grandfather had both lived in Indiana. They lived in Greene, Clay, and Vigo counties before leaving Indiana.

Helen graduated from high school in Riley, Vigo County, Indiana, and worked in Terre Haute. She met her first husband while he was a student at Indiana State Teachers College. He taught at various schools until he joined the General Motors Corporation and worked in Indiana and Illinois.

She was a secretary at Electro-Motive, Train Division, General Motors, in Chicago, Illinois. She and her second husband, Robert McWhirter from Scotland, lived for a short time in Riley, Vigo County, Indiana, before both retired to Jensen Beach, Florida, where they lived for 24 years.

Submitted by:
Jack L. Snow
Forest Park GA

Elizabeth Laurel Henry

Elizabeth Laurel “Betty” Henry
b. 12 May 1923, Orchard Farms, Bloomfield, Greene County, Indiana, to William and Verna (Rogers) Henry
d. 5 April 2000, Tampa, Hillsborough County, Florida

m. 19 September 1944, Macon, Bibb County, Georgia
McKinley “Mac” Webb
b. 22 October 1916, Dorothy, Raleigh County, West Virginia, to Jesse and Nona (Brown) Webb
d. 18 March 1961, Tampa, Hillsborough County, Florida

Children with McKinley Webb:

  • Sue Ellen married (1) Robert Frank “Bob” Nunez, Jr., (2) Saxby Chaplin, II, (3) Charles Louis Bodishbaugh
  • James Thomas “Jim” married (1) Catherine “Kate” Llanes, (2) Gail Remmer Kelley
  • Janet Lynn married Robert Wayne Nelson
  • Jesse William “Bill” married Jana Lynn Keene

Submitted by:
Sue Webb Bodishbaugh
Tampa FL

Delitha Workman

Delitha Workman
b. 29 January 1845, Greene County, Indiana, to Noah and Elizabeth (Watson) Workman
d. 5 April 1889, Tolar, Hood County, Texas

m/1. 29 September 1859, Greene County, Indiana
James Alexander Martindale
b. 1836, Greene County, Indiana, to Ralph P. and Delilah (Davis) Martindale
d. 13 November 1864, Chattanooga, Texas


William Collins

Children with James Alexander Martindale:

  • Elizabeth (1860-1931) married Isaac Bingham
  • Delilia Anne (1863-1915) married Edmond F. Bingham

Delitha’s first husband, William, died during the Civil War. She emigrated after 1874 from Greene County, Indiana, to Hood County, Texas, with her third husband, William Collins, with whom she had ten more children.

Submitted by:
Betty Cox
Worthington IN

George Hull

George Hull
b. 20 September 1779, Virginia, to Samuel and Martha (Glover) Hull
d. 16 January 1855, Douglas Township, Boone County, Iowa

Hannah Rees

m/2. May 1834, Indiana
Lucy Farris
b. 5 June 1795, Kentucky
d. 10 August 1852, Boone County, Iowa

Children with Hannah Rees:

  • Jesse H. (1807–1873)
  • Hannah (b. 1810) married John Grogan
  • Amelia (b. 1811) married William Wright
  • William (1813–1875)
  • Nathan R. (b. 1817)
  • John (1818–1883)
  • Rewanna (b. 1819)
  • Samuel A. (1823–1889)
  • Nancy (b. 1824) married John Reeves
  • Isam Channel (1827–1873)

Children with Lucy Farris:

  • George W. (1837–1862)
  • Mary (b. 1838)
  • Jackson (1841–1927)
  • Martin (b. 1842)
  • Martha Jane (b. 1844) married Isaac Long

George immigrated to Indiana about 1822 from Licking County, Ohio. He lived in four Indiana counties: Sullivan, Greene, Clay, and Putnam. He emigrated from Indiana about 1826 to Schuyler County, Missouri.

George enlisted in the War of 1812 in Virginia and was a lieutenant. Sometime after the war, he followed other members of his family who were moving west. George was a devout believer in the Methodist faith. Upon settling in Iowa, he opened his home on Sundays for public classes and prayer meetings, which he conducted.

Submitted by:
Lorraine Van Dolah
Wichita KS

Anderson Freeman

Anderson Freeman
b. 23 April 1847, Greene County, Indiana, to Anderson and Mahalia Freeman
d. 12 March 1932, Clay County, Illinois

m/1. about 1870
Sarah B. Willis

m/2. 27 January 1876
Mary Martin
d. 13 September 1928, Clay County, Illinois

Anderson moved with his sister Nancy Jane from Indiana to Clay County, Illinois, when he was about sixteen years old.

Children with Sarah B. Willis:

  • Willis T.
  • Nancy Jane married [–?–] Hoke

Children with Mary Martin:

  • D. W.
  • William A.
  • Jesse T.
  • Julia A. married [–?–] Rodgers
  • John F.
  • Lottie B. married [–?–] Cantrell
  • Mary J.

Submitted by:
Dawne Slater-Putt from Clay County, Illinois, Roots, fall 1993, p. 70

Margaret Ann Dye

Margaret Ann Dye
b. 30 August 1850, Linton, Greene County, Indiana to John Alvadore Dye and Lucinda Hardin
d. 17 May 1937, Effingham County, Illinois

m. 21 November 1867, Martin County, Indiana
James K. Adams
b. 27 December 1844, Newark, Licking County, Ohio, to James and Sarah (Davis) Adams
d. 23 July 1930, Effingham County, Illinois

Children with James K. Adams:

  • Veva Ola
  • Earnest
  • Elsa
  • Sarah Bell
  • George
  • Fred
  • Rex

Margaret emigrated in 1867 to Effingham County, Illinois, along with her parents.

Submitted by:
Dorothy Ray Gibson
White Heath IL