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William Ransler Horton

William Ransler Horton
birth: 7 Aug 1892, in Lewis Township, Clay Co., IN to Francis Perry and Manerva (Tipton) Horton
death: 22 Jul 1966 at Elgin, Kane Co., IL
burial: Memorial Washington Reformed Presbyterian Cemetery, Elgin, Kane Co., IL

marriage: 12 Mar 1912, Greene Co., IN
Nellie Elizabeth Holmes
birth: 18 May 1893 Trinity Springs, Martin Co., IN to Harry Grant and Margaret Elizabeth (Carmichael) Holmes
death: 19 Mar 1980, at Elgin, IL
burial: Memorial Washington Reformed Presbyterian Cemetery, Elgin, Kane Co., IL

Children of William Ransler Horton and Nellie Elizabeth Holmes:

  • Francis Harold Horton: b. 1912, d. 2000, m. Mildred Marguerite French
  • Margaret Isabel Horton: b. 1916, d. 2005, m. John Sylvester Kelley
  • William Wayne Horton: b. 1918, d. 1988, m. Mary Charline Stockton
  • Alice Minerva Horton: b. 1920, d. 2012, m. Kenneth Lyman Thurnau
  • Eugene Perry Horton: b. 1922, d. 2013, m. Kathryn L Johnson
  • Phyllis Irene Horton: b. 1924, d. 2011, m. Lewis Egan Kelley
  • John Robert Horton: b. 1926, d. 2003, m. (1) Marjorie Alice Jay, (2) Jo Ann Miller
  • Walter Paul Horton: b. 1928, d. 1995, m. Barbara Jean Wishon
  • Ina Mae Horton: b. 1930, d. 2012, m. Edwin Ernest Ahrens

William Ransler Horton lived in:

  • 1892-1911: Lewis Township, Clay County, Indiana
  • 1912-1919: Midland, Greene County, Indiana
  • 1924-1928: Lewis Township, Clay County, Indiana
  • 1958: Jasonville, Greene County, Indiana

He also lived in:

  • 1919-1924: Bridgewater, Adair County, Iowa
  • 1928: Elgin, Kane County, Illinois
  • 1929: Huntley, McHenry County, Illinois
  • 1930: Plato Center, Kane County, Illinois
  • 1931-1932: Pingree Grove, Kane County, Illinois
  • 1933-1935: Elgin, Kane County, Illinois
  • 1935-1944: Plato Center, Kane County, Illinois
  • 1945-1946: Elgin, Kane County, Illinois
  • 1946-1947: St. Charles, Kane County, Illinois
  • 1947-1950: Udina, Kane County, Illinois
  • 1950-1957: Elgin, Kane County, Illinois
  • 1957-1958: Cabool, Texas County, Missouri
  • 1959-1966: Elgin, Kane County, Illinois

Other Information:

William Ransler Horton, youngest child and only son of Francis Perry and Manerva (Tipton) Horton, was born August 7, 1892, on a farm in Lewis Township, Clay County, Indiana. He attended school at a Coalmont School, brick schoolhouse near the farm, and also at the Wilson School. His parents were members of the Wilson Baptist Church, across the road from the farm. William Ransler Horton and his sisters remained very close all their lives and after William moved his family moved to Illinois there was a lot of visiting back and forth between them and the aunts and cousins “down home.”

Nellie and “Ranse” were married in March, 1911, and started housekeeping on the home farm. William Horton worked the farm and also worked part time in nearby coal mines. Their son Harold was born on the family farm in 1912. In 1916 they were living in Midland, a small mining town in Greene County, where Margaret and Wayne were born.

At Midland, William worked for the Monon Railroad. Wayne was born in 1918 and in 1919, when he was a baby, the family moved to Iowa. William had a cousin, Tom Brothers, who was working on a big farm in Iowa and encouraged the Hortons to also take a job out there.

Alice and Gene were both born in Iowa and then, sometime in 1923 or 1924, the family came back to Indiana and lived on the “Home Place” in Lewis Township where Phyllis was born in 1924, followed by John in 1926 and Walter in 1928.

Frank Rowe and Wes Edmonson had a 99-year lease on the Gordon Mine near Jasonville, Indiana. It was a slope mine and a wet one. William drove a mule team and hauled out the cars of coal in clothes wet up to his waist. Then he had to weigh the wagons of coal and sell them. He made 40 cents an hour.

Having outgrown the farm house, the Hortons moved again, this time to Elgin, Illinois, where their friends, the Clarence Flint family, lived. The first winter there, William worked for an ice house, chopping ice on the Fox river. He also worked as a farm laborer and then took a job as tenant farmer at Huntley. In 1930, the family moved to the farm south of Plato Center where Ina was born. Another move to the Pingree Grove farm in 1931. William Horton remained a farmer the rest of his working life.

Submitted by:
Maureen Kelley


Walter Cadis Sanderson

Walter Cadis Sanderson
birth: 3 Sep 1880, at Owen Co., IN to William and Mary (Cassida) Sanderson
death: 18 Dec 1968, at Brazil, Clay Co., IN
burial: Carolina Cemetery, Owen Co., IN

marriage: 28 Jan 1914, at Owen Co., IN
Ethie May Huber
birth: 12 Oct 1880, at Owen Co., IN, to Levi Reed and Margaret Caroline (Lucas) Huber
death: 26 Feb 1967, Spencer, Owen Co., IN
burial: Carolina Cemetery, Owen Co., IN

Children of Walter Cadis Sanderson and Ethie May Huber:

  • Billy Avon Sanderson, b. 15 Oct 1919, d. 12 Nov 1933, never married
  • Mary Marguerite Sanderson, Living, m. Owen Barnes
  • Estes Huber Sanderson, b. 12 Oct 1920, d. 16 Feb  1961, m. Cleota Nicoson

Other Information:

Walter Cadis Sanderson was born in Owen County but lived the majority of his life in Poland, Clay County, Indiana, about half a mile from the Owen County line. He died at the Clay County Hospital in Brazil, Indiana.

Walter and Ethie attended the Carolina Church in Jordan Village. The church was built by Ethie’s father, Levi. Ethie’s family lived not too far east of the church.

Submitter is related to Ethie aka Effie (Huber) Sanderson.

Submitted by:
Randi Richardson


Birch Evans Bayh

Birch Evans Bayh
birth: 29 Sep 1893 at Quincy, Owen Co., Indiana to Frederick C. and Metta Alice (Evans) Bayh
death: 26 Aug 1971 at Bethesda, MD
burial: Highland Lawn Cemetery, Terre Haute, Vigo Co., IN

marriage: 25 Dec 1923 in Vigo Co., IN
Leah Ward Hollingsworth
birth: 6 Sep 1897 in Indiana to John Harrison and Mary Katherine (Ward) Hollingsworth
death: 16 Oct 1940 in Washington, D.C.
burial: Highland Lawn Cemetery, Terre Haute, Vigo Co., IN

Children of Birch Evans Bayh and Leah Ward Hollingsworth:

  • Two children were born to this marriage, including Birch Evan Bayh II, former U.S. Senator from Indiana

Birch Evans Bayh Lived In:

Owen, Clay, and Vigo Counties, Indiana

Washington, D.C.

Other Information: Birch Evans Bayh and Leah Ward Hollingsworth were the grandparents of Evans Bayh, former Governor of Indiana.

There is no relation between this Indiana ancestor and the submitter.

Submitted by:
Randi Richardson

Christopher Bayh

Christopher Bayh
birth: 22 Oct 1836 in Germany to George Adam and Friedrika Catharine (Grauf) Bayh
death:  30 Jan 1916 at Patricksburg, Owen Co., Indiana
burial: Combes Cemetery, Quincy, Owen Co., IN

marriage: 13 Oct 1867, Owen Co., IN
Christina Grauf
birth: 12 Dec 1840 in Germany
death: 28 August 1896
burial: Combes Cemetery, Quincy, Own Co., IN

Children of Christopher Bayh and Christina Grauf:

  • William F. Bayh, b. 1864, d. 1928, m. Quincy Moss, m. Katie
  • John A. Bayh, b. 1867, d. 1966, m. Lavada Dunkin
  • Carolina “Carrie” Bayh, b. 1870, d. 1942, m. Albert Roscoe “Ross” Schuh
  • Frederick C. Bayh, b. 1871, d. 1934, m. Metta Alice Evans
  • Henry Herman Bayh, b. 1876, d. 1947, m. Mary N. Stevenson, m. Emma
  • Charles Bayh, b. c1876, d. before 1916
  • Anna Bayh, b. 1879, m. Roscoe C. Toliver
  • Norma E. L. Bayh, b. 1885, d. 1956, m. Daniel O. Newport

Christopher Bayh Lived In:

Owen and Clay Counties

Other Information: He also lived briefly in New York after his arrival from Germany. There is no relation between this Indiana ancestor and the submitter.

Submitted by:
Randi Richardson

Samuel B. Barnes

Samuel B. Barnes
birth: 14 November 1871, Owen Co., Indiana to Calvin and Mary (Haltom) Barnes
death: 28 April 1950, Poland, Owen Co., Indiana
burial: Zion United Church of Christ, Poland, Owen Co., Indiana

marriage: 6 Sep 1916, Owen Co., IN
Clara Schopmeyer
birth: 4 Jan 1882, Clay Co., IN to John and Sarah M. (Allunderf) Schopmeyer
death: 1951
burial: Zion United Church of Christ, Poland, Owen Co., Indiana

Children of Samuel B. Barnes and Clara Schopmeyer:

Samuel B. Barnes Lived In:

Samuel was thought to have lived his entire live in the Poland, Owen County area.

Other Information:

Samuel B. Barnes is the father of Owen H. “Barney” Barnes who was married to submitter’s cousin, Mary Marguerite Sanderson.

Submitted by:
Randi Richardson

James Ephraim Baugh

James Ephraim Baugh
birth: 9 January 1896, in Spencer, Owen Co., Indiana to John Thomas and Mary Estella (Stimson) Baugh
death: 20 December 1975, Clay Co., Indiana
burial: Riverside Cemetery, Spencer, Owen Co., IN

marriage: 7 January 1915, Owen Co., IN
Hazel Elizabeth Mason
birth: 28 Feb 1896, Owen Co., IN to Elwood U. and Emily (Bowne) Mason
death: 9 Sep 1986, Monroe Co., IN
burial: Riverside Cemetery, Spencer, Owen Co., IN

Children of James Ephraim Baugh and Hazel Elizabeth Mason:

  • Patricia Ann Baugh, m. Emery Joseph Nagy
  • Emily Elizabeth Baugh, b. 24 Sep 1920, d. 24 Sep 1920

James Ephraim Baugh Lived In:

James was born, raised, and died in Owen County, Indiana.

Other Information:
Built a house in 1936 on Highway 46 in Spencer, Owen County, Indiana. This home is the current residence of the submitter. The ancestor and submitter are not related.

Submitted by:
Randi Richardson

Henry Nees

Henry Nees
birth: 18 Mar 1910, rural Cory, Clay County, Indiana to William Thomas Nees and Mary Thomas
death: 5 Feb 1992, Clay County Health Center, Brazil, Clay County Indiana
burial: McCullough Zion Gummere Cemetery, rural Cory, Clay County Indiana

marriage: 22 Dec 1939, rural Cory, Clay County, Indiana
Carolyn Madella Scurlock
birth: 22 Dec 1921, Indianapolis, Marion County Indiana to Oscar Allison Scurlock and Myrle Elizabeth Lawrence
death: 24 Jun 2014, Meadows Manor East Nursing Home, Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana
burial: McCullough Zion Gummere Cemetery, rural Cory, Clay County, Indiana

Henry was born in rural Cory, Clay County Indiana to William Thomas Nees and Mary Thomas on Mar 18, 1910.  He was raised by his maternal grandparents Marion & Lydia (Hardin) Thomas from the time he was 2 years old due to his mother’s 2nd marriage.  He has 1 half brother and 3 half sisters on his mother’s side and 1 half sister on his father’s side.  He went to school in the Old Jeffers School house in rural Cory Clay County, Indiana from 1st grade to 8th grade.  While living with his grandparents he farmed.  He worked on the railroad for a while.  He was a coal miner with Peabody Coal Company after married where he worked until he retired.  He and his wife Carolyn owned and operated Ike’s grocery and gas station in Saline City, Clay County Indiana for a short while in the early 70’s and they also owned Nees’ Greenhouse in Saline City, Clay County Indiana sometime during his life time.  He played drums in The Double Eagle Band which went to different nursing homes, and some other places like the Saline City Labor Day Picnic.  He could also play the violin.  He was an avid fisherman.  A man of many talents he worked as an electrician for the Saline City Labor Day Picnic Association of which he was a member for several years.  He could also do carpenter work, and work on mechanics some.  He became a born again christian in 1975.  Attended Jefferson Baptist Church in Coal City for a while.

Submitted by:
Kay Katopodis

Hazel Marie Adams

Hazel Marie Adams
birth: 13 Jun 1902; Linton, Greene County, Indiana to Steve Adams and Alice Anderson
death: 8 Dec 1992; Brazil, Clay County, Indiana

married: about 1928
Harold D. Canine
birth: 14 Jun 1898; Putnam County, Indiana to Leonard Cornelius Canine and Dollie Dooley
death: 10 Oct 1977; Los Angeles County, California

Children of Harold D. Canine and Hazel Marie Adams:

  • Shirley A. Canine, born about 1929
  • H. David Canine, born after 1930
  • Jeanne L. Canine, born after 1930

Hazel lived in Greene County; Terre Haute, Vigo County (1930) and Clay County, Indiana.

Submitted by:
Marsha Ensminger

Benjamin Coleman Payne

Benjamin Coleman Payne
b. 3 January 1796, Dumfries, Prince William County, Virginia, to William B. and Ellenor (Coleman) Payne
d. 21 February 1886, Boone, Boone County, Iowa

m. 4 December 1823, Cumberland County, Maryland
Maria Bryan/Bryant
b. Maryland
d. 1840, Clay County, Indiana

Children with Maria Bryan/Bryant:
• William Benjamin
• James Robert
• Maria
• Mary
• Thomas
• Cornelia

Benjamin arrived in Indiana in 1831 from Cumberland, Allegany County, Maryland. He lived near Poland in Clay County until 1852 when he sold his land and moved his family to Boone County, Iowa. He engaged in a mercantile business and kept a tavern while clearing land for another farm.

As a youth, Benjamin worked as a hosteler at a hotel in Dumfries. When Robert Fulton wanted to test the power of steam propelling vessels on water, he met Benjamin, the hosteler, and invited him to be his guest on the trial trip to Alexandria.

Submitted by:
Lorraine Van Dolah
Wichita KS

Allen Eldon Maxwell

Allen Eldon Maxwell
b. 10 February 1830, Putnam County, Indiana, to John and Dorothy Maxwell
d. 25 September 1887, Union Grove, Gentry County, Missouri

m. 27 October 1853, Boone County, Iowa
Talitha Cagle
b. 1837, Clay County, Indiana
d. 8 July 1889, Gentry County, Missouri

Children with Talitha Cagle:
• Martha M. (1854-bef. 1862)
• Mary Ann (1862-1911)
• Andrew Johnson (1866-1940)
• Peter Sherman (1868-1910)
• Carrie Isabelle (1869-1948)
• Byrd Alonzo (1873-1941)
• Dora Etta (1875-1955)

The family left the state about 1851.

Submitted by:
Marilyn L. Elliott
Des Moines IA