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Hiram Walter Snider

Hiram Walter Snider
b. 23 October 1846, North Benton, Mahoning County, Ohio, to John and Elizabeth “Betsy” (Russell) Snider
d. 28 July 1918, Chelsea, Rogers County, Oklahoma

m/1. 28 April 1868, Bourbon, Marshall County, Indiana
Christena Gross
b. 1847, Ohio
d. Parsons, Kansas

m/2. 5 June 1890, Vinita, Craig County, Oklahoma
Annie B. Henry

Children with Christena Gross:
• Raymond (b. 1876)

Children with Annie B. Henry:
• Thomas Benton (b. 1892)
• Perry Edwin (b. 1893)
• Jerry Russell (1895-1909)
• Walter Isaac (b. abt. 1900)

Hiram came to Syracuse, Kosciusko County, Indiana, in 1853. He lived in Madison Township, St. Joseph County; Bourbon Township, Marshall County; and Scott Township, Kosciusko County, before leaving the state sometime after 1880. The family went to Telluride, Colorado.

After divorcing Christena, Hiram went to Vinita, Craig County, Oklahoma, where he met Annie. Annie’s father was one of the Cherokee participants in the “Trail of Tears” in the late 1830’s. In 1910, Hiram, Annie and the boys are in Rogers County, Oklahoma, living on their Cherokee Indian land allotment. By 1917, Hiram and Annie were separated, and he was living in Chelsea, Craig County, Oklahoma.

Hiram served in Company A, 35th Regiment, Indiana Volunteers during the Civil War. He enlisted at La Porte, Indiana. He filed pensions in 1881, 1883, 1898, and 1917. Annie filed as his widow in 1929.

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Shirley Miller Thompson
Etna Green IN
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Robert Samuel Parkhurst

Robert Samuel Parkhurst
b. 2 February 1823, Henry County, Kentucky, to John and Abigail (Sellers) Parkhurst
d. 27 June 1911, Independence, Montgomery County, Kansas

m. 18 May 1842, Nineveh Township, Johnson County, Indiana
Lucretia Henry
b. 1822-23, Nineveh Township, Johnson County, Indiana, to John and Elizabeth (Musselman) Henry
d. after 1896, Independence, Montgomery County, Kansas

Children with Lucretia Henry:
• Abigail (b. 1843) married Lewis W. Hudiburg/Heidiburg
• Mary Elizabeth (b. 1844) married Iverson Ellis Utterback
• Matilda (b. 1849) married Richard Harvey DeMott
• Sarah (b. 1849)
• Lucinda Caroline (b. 1854) married William Edward Smith

John and his family moved to Johnson County, Indiana in 1826. As a youth, Robert received little education and except for three years he worked mostly as a farmer. In the fall of 1869, the family moved to Montgomery County, Kansas, where both Robert and Lucretia spent the rest of their lives.

Submitted by:
Jocelyn J. Wickens
Powells Point NC

Lucretia Henry

Lucretia Henry
b. 1822/23, Nineveh Township, Johnson County, Indiana, to John and Elizabeth (Musselman) Henry
d. after 1896, Independence, Montgomery County, Kansas

m. 18 May 1842, Nineveh Township, Johnson County, Indiana
Robert Samuel Parkhurst
b. 2 February 1823, Henry County, Kentucky
d. 27 June 1911, Independence, Montgomery County, Kansas

Children with Robert Samuel Parkhurst:
• Abigail (b. 1843) married Lewis W. Hudiburg/ Heidiburg
• Mary Elizabeth (b. 1844) married Iverson Ellis Utterback
• Matilda (b. 1849) married Richard Harvey DeMott
• Sarah (b. 1849)
• Lucinda Caroline (b. 1854) married William Edward Smith

Lucretia and Robert’s five girls were all born in Johnson County, Indiana. Robert was a farmer and one of the proprietors of the New York Store in Franklin, the county seat.

In the fall of 1869, Robert, Lucretia, and a colony of 17 families, including all of their daughters and their families, departed Johnson County, Indiana, and drove their teams overland, taking about five weeks to reach Independence, Montgomery County, Kansas, about October 1869. It was still primitive and chaotic, with Indians still in the area and the first winter Robert housed his family in a hay house in which his horses were also sheltered. In the spring he started building a home and other buildings needed for farming. Being one of the pioneers of Independence, much of the land on which the city is built was once owned by him. He accumulated several hundred acres of land in his lifetime and was a stockholder in the First National Bank.

Submitted by:
Jocelyn J. Wickens
Powells Point NC

Elizabeth Laurel Henry

Elizabeth Laurel “Betty” Henry
b. 12 May 1923, Orchard Farms, Bloomfield, Greene County, Indiana, to William and Verna (Rogers) Henry
d. 5 April 2000, Tampa, Hillsborough County, Florida

m. 19 September 1944, Macon, Bibb County, Georgia
McKinley “Mac” Webb
b. 22 October 1916, Dorothy, Raleigh County, West Virginia, to Jesse and Nona (Brown) Webb
d. 18 March 1961, Tampa, Hillsborough County, Florida

Children with McKinley Webb:

  • Sue Ellen married (1) Robert Frank “Bob” Nunez, Jr., (2) Saxby Chaplin, II, (3) Charles Louis Bodishbaugh
  • James Thomas “Jim” married (1) Catherine “Kate” Llanes, (2) Gail Remmer Kelley
  • Janet Lynn married Robert Wayne Nelson
  • Jesse William “Bill” married Jana Lynn Keene

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Sue Webb Bodishbaugh
Tampa FL
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George C Pence

George C Pence
b. 20 November 1791, to Philip Pence
d. 15 June 1866, Hardin County, Iowa

m/1. 20 January 1812, Fayette County, Ohio
Sarah Windle
b. 18 November 1795, Shenandoah County, Virginia, to Peter and Rachel (Wolfe) Windle
d. 18 August 1854, Smith Township, Whitley County, Indiana

m/2. Iowa
Caroline Reese Danger
b. 17 September 1814
d. 5 October 1903, Hardin County, Iowa

Children with Sarah Windle:

  • Henry (1813-1892) married (1) Eliza Gradeless, (2) Mary Young
  • Eliza (1816-1883) married James H. Roussear
  • Abraham (1818-1897) married (1) Nancy Bucklew, (2) Sarah Hyre Humbarger
  • John (1823-1894) married (1) Sarah Strain, (2) Mary Jane Hazen
  • Absalom G. (1824-1875) married Clarissa Van Houten
  • Catherine (1827-1889) married Mickael K. Zorger
  • Willis F. (1828-1864) married (1) Mary Waugh, (2) Mary Burney
  • Elizabeth (1828-1864) married John Van Houten
  • Joseph (1831-1916) married (1) Susan Waugh, (2) Alice Henny
  • Jesse (1833-1843)
  • infant

The family came to Whitley County, Indiana, from Fayette, Ohio, in 1836. George moved to Iowa in 1856.

There were no children from his second marriage.

Submitted by:
Kay Hilliard
Columbia City IN

James W Murphy

James W Murphy
b. October 1850, Vienna Township, Scott County, Indiana, to John T. and Mary Ann Elizabeth (Smallwood) Murphy
d. 2 May 1906, Holcomb, Dunklin County, Missouri

m/1. 14 August 1877, Columbus, Bartholomew County, Indiana
Percillia A. Parks
b. 15 April 1855, Nashville, Brown County, Indiana, to Samuel and Dorcus (Henry) Parks
d. 22 December 1895, Donaldson Creek, Trigg County, Kentucky

m/2. 27 January 1897
Florence M. E. “Betty” (Walker) Wilkerson
b. to John C. and Amy Jane (Allen) Walker
d. 13 May 1906

Children with Percillia A. Parks:

  • Nannie M. (1879-1892) married (1) George W. Hawley, (2) James Whitt Dowlen
  • Effie Lena (b. 1883) married Thomas Rice Hagewood
  • Allie Elmire (b. 1885) married (1) Brown Hagewood, (2) Harrison Butcher, (3) [–?–] Grey, (4) John Inman
  • Margaret (or Emma) Elizabeth (1889-1933) married Columbus Collier Mathis Pascal
  • Lyman Arthur
  • Minnie Ruth

Children with Florence M.E. (Walker) Wilkerson:

  • Florence Lorene
  • Tryman Jessie
  • Janie (1902-1904)
  • Bodie Ophelia

The family left Bartholomew County, Indiana, about 1890 for Donaldson Creek Valley, Trigg
County, Kentucky. They left Kentucky for Ashland City, Cheatham County, Tennessee, about 1899. Next, the family moved to Holcomb/White Oak, Missouri, in 1904.

James and Betty both died in May 1906 of pneumonia caused by being in the river after their ferry caught fire. They left six young children. The oldest four girls, all of whom were born in Indiana, had married and stayed in Tennessee.

Submitted by:
Lela B. Murphy Winfree
Warren MI

Francis M Wade Lemming

Francis M Wade Lemming
b. 27 March 1861, Medina Township, Warren County, Indiana, to Ephraim and Ann (Henry) Lemmings
d. 26 July 1937, Pasadena, Los Angeles County, California

m/1. 27 June 1894, Warren County, Indiana
Mary Jane Crow
b. 1870, Jordan Township, Warren County, Indiana

m/2. after 1922, Los Angeles, California
Loretta [–?–]

Children with Mary Jane Crow:

  • Cora Inez (1895-1975) married Frank R. Martin
  • Fred Earl (1897-1947) married (1) Eva [–?–], (2) Edith V. “Nettie” Smith

Francis Lemming resided in both Medina and Jordan townships of Warren County, and in Shelby Township, Tippecanoe County, Indiana.

Wade Lemming left Indiana for the West in the 1880’s. In 1890 he resided in Newcastle, Wyoming Territory, and later the same year, near Cotopaxi, Colorado. He and his wife settled in Salida, Colorado, where their two children were born.

In the late 1890’s Wade was living in Denver, Colorado, where he was employed as chief lineman for the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad. But by 1905 he had returned to Indiana and was farming in Jordan Township, Warren County, where he remained until June 1918.

He left Indiana for the last time in 1918 and spent the last nineteen years of his life employed by the Christian Science organization in the Los Angeles, California, area. Mary Jane remained in Indiana and filed for divorce in 1922 on grounds of desertion. He died in Pasadena, California, and is buried in San Gabriel.

Submitted by:
Donald H. Ebbler
Glendora CA