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George F Roberts

George F Roberts
birth: 1887 in Bowling Green, Kentucky to Franklin and Mary (Whittaker)
death: 1951 in New Albany, Floyd Co, Indiana
burial: Kraft Charlestown Rd, New Albany IN

marriage: about 1895 in Bowling Green, KY
Nellie Roberts
birth: 24 Jan 1874 Erin, Houston, Tennessee to Martha Tunks
death: 8 Aug 1943 in New Albany, Floyd Co, Indiana
burial: Kraft Charlestown Rd, New Albany, IN

Children of Nellie Roberts and George F Roberts:

  • Jesse 1897 1 yr old
  • Marie 1897
  • Paul 1900
  • Virginia 1902
  • Harry 1903
  • Bertie 1906
  • Stanley 1908-1909
  • Chester 1911
  • Paul 1913

Ancestor here lived in:

New Albany, Floyd Co, IN

Other Information:

George Roberts passed long before I was born. Sadly, my grandfather passed when I was 9 so I don’t have any direct stories from him.

Submitted by:
Shelly Cleveland
Email: shelly2_2@hotmail.com

Benjamin Hall, Jr.

Benjamin Hall, Jr.
b. 3 November 1799, North Carolina, to Benjamin and Elizabeth (Newby) Hall
d. 6 November 1885, Wright County, Minnesota

m/1. 21 February 1822, Cambridge City, Wayne County, Indiana
Nancy Roberts
b. about 1802 to Benjamin and Mary Roberts
d. 1824

m/2. 25 December 1828
Priscilla Elsey

m/3. 29 May 1830
Esther Elsey

m/4. 7 September 1849
Elizabeth [–?–]

Children with Nancy Roberts:
• William (1822-aft. 1891)

Benjamin came to Indiana from North Carolina between 1811 and 1815. The family were farmers and Quakers. Benjamin followed his son William to Minnesota sometime after 1867 and was living with William when he died there in 1885.

Submitted by:
Fran Jutzi
Orange CA
E-mail: flj92868@yahoo.com

Simon Peter Mason

Simon Peter Mason
b. 7 March 1834, Dearborn County, Indiana, to Jacob Daniel and Rebecca (Showalter) Mason
d. 3 February 1901, Southeastern Woods County, Oklahoma Territory (now Major County)

m. 28 October 1852, Howard County, Indiana
Elizabeth White
b. 1 March 1834, Hendricks County, Indiana, to Jefferson and Elizabeth (Alder) White
d. 1 February 1888, Sumner County, Kansas

Children with Elizabeth White:
• Mary Jane (1853-1919) married James Henry Coy
• Jacob Harvey (1856-1903) married Madora Alice Early
• Sarah Ellen (1857/58-1894) married Samuel Charles Burchfield
• Elizabeth Ann (1861-1899) married (1) William Harrison, (2) Joseph Francis Williams
• Martha Catherine (1863-1927) married Isaac Edward Millsap
• Joseph Howard (1866-1918) married Rhoda Alice Roberts
• Thomas Jefferson (1868-1924) married (1) Elizabeth L. Young, (2) Martha Isabel Gearheart
• James Franklin (1871-1952) married (1) Clara Durfella Coy, (2) Julia Clementine Turley
• Ida Mae (1875-1947) married Alfred Lewis Rice
• Charles Nelson (1878-1956) married Martha Susan Lozier

Simon’s grandparents were born in Pennsylvania and came to Dearborn County, Indiana, in 1818 and 1822. His parents moved to Ervin Township, Howard County, in 1850. In 1879, Simon moved his family to the Oklahoma Territory. He was a true pioneer, having “broke the sod” in both Kansas and the Oklahoma Territory. He made the Great Land Run into the Cherokee Outlet in September 1893 to stake his claim.

Submitted by:
James M. Freed
Delaware OH
E-mail: jmfreed@midohio.net

John McElroy, II

John McElroy, II
b. to Robert and Matilda (Trout) McElroy
d. 6 April 1887, Kankakee County, Illinois

m. 11 February 1840, Jefferson County, Indiana
Margaret Crozier
b. to James and Mary (Woods) Crozier
d. November 1871, Kankakee County, Illinois

Children with Margaret Crozier:
• Sarah (1849-1920) married Ben Roberts
• George McKee (1852-1939) married Lydia Cooper
• Julia E. (b. 1854) married James Smiley
• James (1857-1948) married Melissa Ann Hoyt Cooper
• Mary Frances “Mace” (1858-1939) married John Blackstone Cooper
• John, Jr. (1861-1938) married Cora Jane Cooper
• Edwin McLellan (1864-1938) (twin) married (1) Belle Sullinder, (2) Magda T. Kopstad
• Elvina “Allie” (b. 1864) (twin) married Harry Watkins
• Wilbur (1868-1899) (twin)
• Willis (1868-1929) (twin) married Katie Mann

John came Indiana in 1830 as a boy. He moved to LaPorte County about 1854 and to Kankakee County, Illinois, in 1860. He was a farmer, a stock breeder, and a member of the Presbyterian Church.

Submitted by:
Tammy Wilson
Newton NC
E-mail: tym50@bellsouth.net

Carl Raymond Lemasters

Carl Raymond Lemasters
b. 23 October 1899, Greensburg, Decatur County, Indiana, to Carl Henry and Rusa Ann (Roberts) Lemasters
d. 28 February 1961, Hackettstown, Warren County, New Jersey

m. 23 October 1923, East Chicago, Lake County, Indiana
Cora Magdeline Eckel
b. 18 April 1903, Oldenburg, Franklin County, Indiana

Children with Cora Magdeline Eckel:
• Carl Edmond (b. 1927)
• Ronald Leon (b. 1929)
• Norbert Gene (1932-1932)
• Norman Daniel (b. 1935)
• Raymond Albert (b. 1942)

The first three children were born in Indiana. Carl then lived in Greensburg, Decatur County; Gary, Lake County; East Chicago, Lake County; and Rushville, Rush County, before emigrating in 1934.

Submitted by:
Raymond Lemasters
Hackettstown NJ

Isaac Van Doren Johnson

Isaac Van Doren “Ike” Johnson
b. 1 September 1863, Winchester, Randolph County, Indiana, to Elihu Theodore and Mary (McCracken) Johnson
d. 21 June 1942, Wichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas

m. 3 September 1889, Wichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas
Sadie Wilson McCrea
b. 19 April 1870, Peoria, Peoria County, Illinois
d. 2 December 1950, Ponca City, Kay County, Oklahoma

Children with Sadie Wilson McCrea:
• Carl Thomas (1890-1969)
• Margaret (1893-1968) married [–?–] Marshall
• Leonard L. (1897-1967)
• Patrick Albert (1897-1967)
• Theodore Ellihu (1900-1976)
• Mary Elizabeth (1903-1976) married [–?–] Hinton
• Alice Ruth (1905-1976) married (1) [–?–] Roberts, (2) [–?–] Sevier
• Howard Vann (1908-1986)

Ike left the state in 1883. He was a farmer. As soon as he’d saved up enough money to rent a farm, he was married. They moved to Wichita in 1940.

Submitted by:
Margaret Johnson Irwin
Goddard KS
E-mail: wirwin2527@aol.com

Mary Elizabeth Jacobs

Mary Elizabeth Jacobs
b. 6 January 1845, Dubois County, Indiana, to Elisha Peoples and Arena Carolyn (McCarty) Jacobs
d. 23 November 1923, Creek County, Oklahoma

m. 4 January 1866, Crawford County, Indiana
Anderson Ott
b. 10 September 1837, Washington County, Indiana
d. 26 August 1894, Fayetteville, Washington County, Arkansas

Children with Anderson Ott:
• John W. (b. 1863)
• Willard E. (b. 1871)
• Leora E. (b. 1874)

Anderson Ott served in Company K, 38th Regiment, Indiana Volunteers, 1862-63. His first wife was Sara Roberts (married 1857); they had two children, Mary and William. His second wife was Elizabeth Roberts (married 1865); they had no children. Mary Elizabeth Jacobs was his third wife. He took the family to Arkansas after 1874. In 1894 Anderson left Mary Elizabeth and his children, deserting them for nineteenyear- old Lizza Craig. When she had second thoughts about the relationship, Anderson killed Lizza, and then committed suicide. Eventually, Mary Elizabeth went to live with children in Oklahoma. She was able to obtain a widow’s pension for Anderson’s Civil War service.

Submitted by:
Nancy K. Kilbourn
Thousand Oaks CA
E-mail: dushavo@aol.com

Thomas M. Drake

Thomas M. Drake
b. 2 February 1827, Rowan County, North Carolina, to Simon and Patience (Gregory) Drake
d. 2 March 1902, Choctaw Area, Indian Territory (Oklahoma)

m/1. 24 July 1851, Worthington, Greene County, Indiana
Sarah A. Smith
b. 1837, Indiana, to Anderson H. and Elizabeth (Syke) Smith
d. about 1870, Kansas

m/2. about 1871
Dice S. [–?–]

Rufina Folsom
b. to Judge Rufus and Salina (Wade) Folsum

Izo Roberts

Children with Sarah A. Smith:
• William Joe (1856-1922) married (1) Joanna [–?–], (2) Laura Arkanzada Hasty
• Mary (ca. 1858-1870)
• Worthington “Worthy” (aft. 1860-bef. 1890)
• twin sons (b. and d. on the trail westward)

Children with Dice S. [–?–]:
• Laura (b. 1871)

Children with Rufina Folsom:
• George W.
• John William
• Mable Sue

Children with Izo Roberts:
• Edith
• Rose

Thomas came to Indiana before 1840. The Drake family left Greene County, Indiana, for the area of the Five Civilized Tribes, Choctaw area, Indian Territory, about 1870. On the trail westward to Texas, twin sons were born and died, as did their mother Sarah.

Thomas mined coal in the area and was active in union organizations, as was his son William Joe. The children born to Thomas and Rufina were registered on the Dawes Commission Rolls as Native Americans. Thomas is buried in what is now Pittsburgh County, Oklahoma.

Submitted by:
Shirley Drake Maynard
Hampton VA
E-mail: MaeMay510@aol.com

William Hall

William Hall
b. 5 December 1822, New London, Howard County, Indiana, to Benjamin and Nancy (Roberts) Hall
d. after 1891, California

d. 1891, Minnesota

The Hall family were farmers and Quakers. They came to Indiana between 1811 and 1815 from North Carolina. William served as a Union soldier and moved on to Minnesota around 1867. His father joined him there a short time later. After his father died in 1885 and his wife died in 1891, he moved to Pasadena, California, with his children and grandchildren.

Submitted by:
Fran Jutzi
Orange CA
E-mail: flj92868@yahoo.com

David Bacon McGrew

David Bacon McGrew
b. 29 Feb 1832 Ohio
d. 16 Jul 1910 Sullivan, Indiana
bur. Stephens Cemetery, Pierson Twp., Vigo Co., Indiana

David Bacon McGrew

David Bacon McGrew

David Bacon McGrew gravestone

David Bacon McGrew gravestone

m. 5 May 1859 Lewis, Vigo Co., Indiana
Rebecca Ellen Saltsgiver
b. 16 Sept 1837 Ohio
d. 12 Apr 1922
bur. Stephens Cemetery, Pierson Twp., Vigo Co., Indiana

Children with Rebecca Ellen Saltsgiver

  • Mary Florence (1860-1931) m. John Stickels
  • Nathan Alfred (1863-1951) m. Effie Armilda Trimble
  • Nevada Victoria (1865-1924) m. Richard H. Cochran
  • Eliza Jane (1868-1943) m. Winter Lovette Kimbel
  • Cora Anise (1870-1892)
  • Edward Huston (1874-1952) m. Ruth Rozelle Roberts
  • Emma Grace (1877-1963) m. Zachariah Jones

David was born in Ohio to Nathan McGrew and Mary Huston. After spending a time in Iowa, he returned to Indiana by 1870, settling in Patricksburg before finally moving to Vigo and then to Sullivan counties. He married Rebecca Ellen Saltsgiver who was the daughter of Joseph Saltsgiver and Maria Davis Kail. They are both buried at Stephens Cemetery in Vigo County.

Submitted by:
Jennifer Cruse
Terre Haute, IN
E-mail: jencruse@msn.com