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Ernest Sidney Matson

Ernest Sidney Matson
birth: 25 Oct 1911, Ellettsville, Monroe Co., Indiana to Ulysses Sidney Matson and Ida Bell Turner
death: 13 Sep 1944 in World War II, Atlantic Ocean
burial: Presbyterian Cemetery, Ellettsville, Monroe Co., IN

marriage: 9 Nov 1940, Monroe Co., IN
Nellie Frances (May) Hazel
birth: 27 Dec 1912, Bean Blossom Twp., Monroe Co., IN to Obie Francis May and Rosa Dell Hughes
death: 10 July 1975, Bloomington, Monroe Co., IN
burial: Presbyterian Cemetery, Ellettsville, Monroe Co., IN

Children of Ernest Sidney Matson and Nellie Frances (May) Hazel:

  • Donald K. Matson b. 1943

Ernest Sidney Matson lived in:

  • 1911- 1944- Ellettsville, Monroe Co., Indiana

Other Information:

Ernest Sidney Matson and his son, Donald K. Matson, were both born at 104 W. Temperance St. (Hwy. 46) in Ellettsville, Monroe Co., Indiana. Ulysses S. Matson bought the property in 1896 and his grandson Donald K. Matson sold this property in 1998.

Ernest Sidney Matson was Seaman 2nd Class in U.S. Navy

Submitted by:
Donald K. Matson
Email: dmatson876@gmail.com

Edward D. Rushton

Edward D. Rushton
b. 1831, Hamilton County, Indiana, to George and Sarah (Needham) Rushton
d. Labette County, Kansas

m/1. 20 November 1852, Hamilton County, Indiana
Martha Devaney
b. 1838, Hamilton County, Indiana, to Abner and Martha Devaney
d. about 1872, Hamilton County, Indiana

m/2. 31 July 1872
Mary A. Titus
dv/2. 1877, Tipton County, Indiana

m/3. 10 July 1879, Tipton County, Indiana
Charlotte May

Children with Martha Devaney:
• John Justin (1855-1931) married Elizabeth Endicott
• Sarah (b. 1857) married Eli Martin
• Martha (b. 1859) married Alfred Bennett
• Eliza (b. 1862)
• Zeno (1865-1918) married Mary Harold
• Anna (b. 1867) married Charles Bole
• Edward (b. 1869)

Children with Mary A. Titus:
• Ida May (b. 1874)
• Grace (b. 1876)

Children with Charlotte May:
• Lovey (b. 1879)
• Cleveland (b. 1886)
• Charles (b. 1890)

Edward was a farmer, and he moved to Labette County, Kansas in about 1879. A brother, John Parker, had previously moved his family to Kansas as well.

Submitted by:
Rhonda Dunn
Nashville IN
E-mail: radunn1953@aol.com

Jemima Santee

Jemima Santee
b. 24 March 1777, Washington County, Pennsylvania, to George and [–?–] Santee
d. 8 December 1864, Mercer County, Illinois

m. 18 October 1794, Fayette County, Pennsylvania
Andrew Long
b. 10 May 1758, Warrington Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, to William and Elizabeth (Henderson) Long
d. 16 November 1835, Brownsville, Union County, Indiana

Children with Andrew Long:
• Phoebe (b. 1795) married William Retherford, Jr.
• Elizabeth (b. 1797)
• John (b. 1799) married Mary Hutson May
• Isabella A. (b. 1801) married David Honeyman
• Andrew H. (b. 1804) married Timandra Sparks
• Mary Ann (b. 1807) married Rezin Pratt
• William (b. 1810)
• Sarah (b. 1812)
• Jane (b. 1815)
• Rebecca
• Hugh A.

The family came to Union County, Indiana, in 1830 and left in 1835. Andrew Long was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. Sometime between 1828 and 1830, a wagon train moved out from Fayette County, Pennsylvania, and started west on the Cumberland Road. The people in this group are found in the 1830 census in Union County, Indiana.

Submitted by:
Nadine D. Holder
Sierra Vista AZ
E-mail: nadin@c2i2.com

Alberic Heyraud

Alberic “Albert” Heyraud/Heraud
b. 1871, Besseges, Dept. Ardeche, France
d. about 1960, Dept. Ardeche, France

m. 1896, Dept. Ardeche, France
Fanny Eugene “Jennie” Verrot
b. 9 September 1875, Dept. Ardeche, France, to August and Fannie (Roche) Verrot or Vearaut
d. 28 May 1922, Linton, Greene County, Indiana

Children with Fanny Eugene Verrot:
• Denise A. (1901-1973) married (1) Charley J. Barnett, (2) [–?–] Davis, (3) Willard Jent
• Fernaud (1903-ca. 1909)
• Mary Rose “Marie” (1905-1962) married (1) Amos Edwards, (2) [–?–] Tincher
• Audrey “Odette” (1909-1983) married (1) Joseph Bart Harrell, (2) Floyd May

The family came to the United States on 27 June 1903. They first lived in McDonald, Pennsylvania. They had two other children who died before 1910. Albert was naturalized in 1919 in Greene County, Indiana. He was a farmer and a coal miner. After his wife’s death, Albert returned to France. There he remarried and had another daughter. He was reunited with his American daughters in Detroit, Michigan, in the fall of 1952. Albert had forgotten most of the English he had learned, and they had forgotten most of the French they grew up with.

Submitted by:
Amos Edwards
Greenfield IN

Henry Bingaman

b. 28 January 1811, Garrard County, Kentucky, to Christian and Jenny (Proctor) Bingaman
d. 19 January 1874, Monroe County, Iowa

m. 15 September 1831, Orange County, Indiana
Louisa May
b. May 1811, Henry County, Kentucky
d. 1853, Orange County, Indiana

Children with Louisa May:

  • Mildred
  • Christian
  • Margaret
  • Mary
  • Rebecca
  • Amanda
  • William
  • Lovina

Henry came to Indiana about 1815 and lived in Crawford and Orange counties before emigrating about 1855.

Submitted by:
Doris V. Bond
Indianapolis IN

Christian Bingaman

b. 8 June 1833, Leavenworth, Crawford County,
Indiana, to Henry and Louisa (May) Bingaman
d. 18 March 1904, Columbia, Marion County, Iowa

m. 2 September 1852, Orange County, Indiana
Amanda Ann Collins
b. 7 May 1833, Indiana
d. 16 March 1914, Marion County, Iowa

Children with Amanda Ann Collins:

  • Henry
  • Susan
  • William
  • John
  • Samuel
  • Daniel
  • James
  • Isaac
  • Rachel
  • Robert

They left Orange County, Indiana, in 1855.

Submitted by:
Doris V. Bond
Indianapolis IN