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Dr Daniel Emmett Barnett

Daniel Emmett Barnett
birth: 10 May 1875, Indianola, IL to Robert Edward Barnett and Mary Elizabeth Martin
death: 18 Nov 1942 at Homer, Rush Co., IN
burial: East Hill Mausoleum, Rushville, Rush Co., IN

marriage: 12 June 1901, Sidell, IL
Cora Lucretia McGinnis
birth: 21 Aug 1877 at Fairmount, IL to Lewis Abner McGinnis and Lavenia Hoak
death: 28 Mar 1961, Shelbyville, Shelby Co., IN
burial: East Hill Mausoleum, Rushville, Rush Co., IN

Children of Daniel Emmett Barnett and Cora Lucretia McGinnis:

  • Inez Love Barnett, b. 10 Aug 1902 at Ann Arbor, MI, d. 14 Aug 1987 at Kalamazoo, MI, m. 22 Aug 1927 to Gifford Upjohn at Rushvile, Rush Co., IN
  • Irma Lowene Barnett, b. 19 Feb 1904 at Ann Arbor, MI, d. Aug 1985 at Mesa, AZ, m. 30 Dec 1944 to Cyril Joseph Wittliff at Detriot, MI
  • Arthur R. “Doc” Barnett, b. 5 Nov 1906 at New Hartford, MO, d. 11 Feb 1987 in Shelbyville, Shelby Co., IN, m. 17 Aug 1940 to Hanne K Beck in Lafayette, Tippecanoe Co., IN
  • Frances Marie Barnett, b. 25 July 1911 at Homer, Rush Co., IN, d. 10 Aug 2006 in New Braunfels, TX, m. 18 Oct 1941 to Colin Campbell Macdonald in East Lansing, MI

Dr. Daniel Emmett Barnett Lived In:

  • 1875 – 1901: the Indianola and Sidell areas of Illinois
  • 1901 – 1905: Ann Arbor, MI, while attending University of Michigan Medical School
  • 1905 – 1906: Ludington, MI, where he had his first practice
  • 1906 – 1908 or 1909: New Hartford, MO, where he had his second medical practice in this rural area he described as the “Champ Clark area”, a reference to a long serving U. S. representative
  • 1908 or 1909 – his 1942 death: Homer, Rush Co., Indiana

Other Information:

Dr. Barnett was a classic country doctor who visited patients on horseback or by buggy, and later, by Model T. He was beloved by his patients, many of whom credited him with saving them or their loved ones during the epidemics of the times.

Fellow physicians regarded him as a gifted diagnostician. An Indianapolis surgeon once remarked that if the Homer doctor called to say he was sending over a patient, his staff was instructed to prepare the operating room, as Dr. Barnett was rarely wrong.

Stories of Dr. Barnett’s medical training, career, and family life were published in 2016 in daughter Frances Barnett Macdonald’s The County Doctor’s Youngest Daughter. Copies are available at: http://squareup.com/store/stolen-owl-press

Submitted by:
Patricia Macdonald Skillman
Email: trishskillman@gmail.com

Frances Marie Barnett

Frances Marie Barnett
birth: 25 July 1911, at Homer, Rush Co., IN to Dr Daniel E Barnett and Cora Lucretia (McGinnis) Barnett
death: 10 Aug 2006 at New Braunfels, TX
burial: East Hill Mausoleum, Rushville, Rush Co., IN

marriage: 18 Oct 1941 at East Lansing, MI
Colin Campbell Macdonald
birth: 26 Jun 1911 at Detroit, MI, to Edward Albert Macdonald and Ruth (Woodward) Macdonald
death: 6 Jan 1946, Denver, CO
burial: East Hill Mausoleum, Rushville, Rush Co., IN

Children of Frances Marie Barnett and Colin Campbell Macdonald:

  • Patricia Macdonald, b. 4 Apr 1943, m. Jerry Homer Skillman, b. 14 Jun 1940

Frances Marie Barnett Lived In:

  • 1911 – 1936: Homer, Rush Co., IN
  • 1931 – 1941: Ann Arbor, MI; Lansing, MI; Detroit, MI; Cleveland, OH (while attending university and graduate school)
  • Early 1940s: Homer, Rush Co., IN (while husband began military training)
  • Mid 1940s: Florida (husband’s Officer Training)
  • 1946 – 1962: Shelbyville, Shelby Co., IN
  • 1962 – 1995: Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN
  • 1995 – 2000: Witchita Falls, TX
  • 2000 – 2006: New Braunfels, TX

Other Information:

Frances’ memoir, The Country Doctor’s Youngest Daughter, was published in 2016 by Stolen Owl Press. Her 95 years of family stories paint a vivid portrait of the joys and heartbreak that defined the 20th Century.

Submitted by:
Patricia Macdonald Skillman
Email: trishskillman@gmail.com

Alberic Heyraud

Alberic “Albert” Heyraud/Heraud
b. 1871, Besseges, Dept. Ardeche, France
d. about 1960, Dept. Ardeche, France

m. 1896, Dept. Ardeche, France
Fanny Eugene “Jennie” Verrot
b. 9 September 1875, Dept. Ardeche, France, to August and Fannie (Roche) Verrot or Vearaut
d. 28 May 1922, Linton, Greene County, Indiana

Children with Fanny Eugene Verrot:
• Denise A. (1901-1973) married (1) Charley J. Barnett, (2) [–?–] Davis, (3) Willard Jent
• Fernaud (1903-ca. 1909)
• Mary Rose “Marie” (1905-1962) married (1) Amos Edwards, (2) [–?–] Tincher
• Audrey “Odette” (1909-1983) married (1) Joseph Bart Harrell, (2) Floyd May

The family came to the United States on 27 June 1903. They first lived in McDonald, Pennsylvania. They had two other children who died before 1910. Albert was naturalized in 1919 in Greene County, Indiana. He was a farmer and a coal miner. After his wife’s death, Albert returned to France. There he remarried and had another daughter. He was reunited with his American daughters in Detroit, Michigan, in the fall of 1952. Albert had forgotten most of the English he had learned, and they had forgotten most of the French they grew up with.

Submitted by:
Amos Edwards
Greenfield IN

Theresa Mary Goffinet

Theresa Mary Goffinet
b. 13 August 1875, Leopold Township, Perry County, Indiana, to Adolph and Mary Josephine (Rhodes) Goffinet
d. 20 August 1967, Winter Township, Sawyer County, Wisconsin

m. 18 October 1892, Leopold Township, Perry County, Indiana
Joseph Longly
b. 15 May 1864, Paris, France, to Hubert and Catherine (Harman) Longly
d. 5 June 1945, Winter Township, Sawyer County, Wisconsin

Children with Joseph Longly:
• Alfred (1893-1972) married Anna Johnson
• Clara Catherine (b. 1895) married Harold L. Barnett
• Joseph Henry (1896-1898)
• Catherine Helen (1898-1986) married Erhardt H. Huber
• Louis Joseph (1900-1945) married Victoria Huber
• Minnie Adeline (1902-1983) married John J. Eder
• Joseph Francis (1907-1990) married (1) Hazel Chase, (2) Isabell [–?–]
• Stella (1909-1994) married (1) Edmund Mark Haske, (2) Robert Ryan
• Elmer (1912-1935) married Esther Emma Kielbeau
• Wilma Marie (1915-1996) married Joseph Anthony Haske
• Raymond Louis (1919-1940) married Bernice Eleanor Golonka

Their youngest son was born in Winter, Wisconsin; all others were born in Leopold Township, Perry County, Indiana.

Submitted by:
Mary F. Crook
Kingman AZ
E-mail: mcrook@rraz.net

Jeremiah Madison Tucker

Jeremiah Madison Tucker
b. 25 May 1848, Adams Township, Madison County, Indiana, to Jesse and Mary Elizabeth (Judd) Tucker
d. 1924, Scottsville, Sullivan County, Missouri

m. 23 December 1869, Clay Township, Sullivan County, Missouri
Frances Sandiford
b. 1848
d. 1937, Sullivan County, Missouri

Children with Frances Sandiford:

  • William Madison (1870-1943) married Ida Myrtle Barnett
  • Effie
  • Ruanna
  • Harley E. (1883-1937)

Submitted by:
Tommy Dale Tucker
Marion IA

Elizabeth R. Barker

b. June 1841, probably Hancock County, Kentucky, to Cornelius and Rachael (Barnett) Barker
d. 23 February 1913, Bald Knob, White County, Arkansas

m. 18 May 1862, Gentryville, Warrick County, Indiana
Joseph Isaacks
b. April 1841, Warrick County, Indiana
d. 27 May 1862, Barnard, Mississippi County, Missouri

Children with Joseph Isaacks:

  • Sarah R.
  • Valentine P.
  • Phebe J.
  • Jesse C.
  • Mary E.
  • Furrenda V.
  • Minna D.
  • Mina A.
  • George Harvey

Elizabeth came to Indiana about 1865 from Hancock County, Kentucky. She lived in Pigeon Township, Warrick County until 1888, when she left the state.

Submitted by:
Darlene Jeannette Scott Shawn
Norman OK

John Huff Dunkin

John Huff Dunkin
b. 20 January 1800, Pennsylvania, to Hercules and Sarah (Hough) Dunkin
d. 5 May 1875, Marion County, Iowa

m. 17 September 1842, Fountain County, Indiana
Elizabeth Sargent
b. 10 July 1817, Champaign County, Ohio, to George and Abigail (Rhodes) Sargent
d. 3 August 1890, Marion County, Iowa

Children with Elizabeth Sargent:

  • Sarah Jane (1843–1931) married William Williams
  • Amos Ross (1847–1924) married Etheline Barnett
  • Lucinda A. (1850–1933) married Christopher C. Sharon
  • John Sargent (1852–1910)

Submitted by:
Iris E. Grimmett
Sweet Home OR

Irvin Dickerson

Irvin Dickerson
b. 10 March 1842, to Samuel and Elizabeth (Barnett) Dickerson
d. 4 April 1917, Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, or Franklin, Johnson County, Indiana

m. 1865
Barbara Ann Surbur
d. May 1899, Marion County, Indiana

Irvin and Barbara Dickerson are buried at Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, Indiana. Irvin was the only one of the six Dickerson brothers who did not leave Indiana.

Submitted by:
Karen Dickerson Hillson
Belton MO

William H. H. Dickerson

William H. H. Dickerson
b. 8 November 1841, Boone County, Indiana, to Samuel and Elizabeth (Barnett) Dickerson
d. 10 April 1922, Liberal, Seward County, Kansas

m. 24 February 1864, Johnson County, Indiana
Nancy Ellen Paul
b. 30 August 1847, Marion County, Kentucky
d. 9 December 1923, Liberal, Seward County, Kansas

Children with Nancy Ellen Paul:

  • Laura (b. 1868)
  • William Thomas (b. 1869)
  • Spencer Barnett (b. 1874)
  • Robert (b. 1877)
  • Clinton (b. 1878)
  • Anna (b. 1882)
  • Blanche (b. 1884)
  • Charles (b. 1889)

William emigrated to Wintersville, Sullivan County, Missouri.

Submitted by:
Karen Dickerson Hillson
Belton MO

Spencer Barnett Dickerson

Spencer Barnett Dickerson
b. 27 December 1832, Franklin, Johnson County, Indiana, to Samuel and Elizabeth (Barnett) Dickerson
d. 12 July 1921, Galt, Grundy County, Missouri

m. 7 April 1853, Brown County, Indiana
Clarinda Moriah Sturgeon
b. 11 March 1834, Nashville, Brown County, Indiana, to Samuel and Elizabeth (Morgan) Sturgeon
d. 18 April 1917, Galt, Grundy County, Missouri

Children with Clarinda Moriah Sturgeon:

  • Raleigh J. (b. 1854)
  • John Spencer (b. 1856)
  • George Washington (b. 1858)
  • Mary Ellen (b. 1861)
  • Edward Franklin (b. 1864)
  • Delilah Jane (b. 1867)
  • William Henry (b. 1869)
  • Alvah Kurtis
  • Spencer Barnett (b. 1877)

Spencer resided in these Indiana counties: Brown, Lake, and Marion. He emigrated from Indiana in 1865 to Wintersville, Sullivan County, Missouri.

Submitted by:
Karen Dickerson Hillson
Belton MO