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Nancy Reynolds

Nancy Reynolds
birth: 17 March 1827 in Lawrence County, IN to Richard Reynolds Jr. and Martha “Patsy” McAllister
death: 1 July 1931 in Schuyler County, MO
burial: Darby Cemetery in Schuyler County, MO

marriage: 4 Dec 1851 in Schuyler County MO
Jeremiah “Jerry” Gray
birth: 25 Dec 1833, IN to Jesse Gray and Nancy Rainbolt
death: 25 Jan 1909 in Schuyler County, MO
burial: Darby Cemetery in Schuyler County, MO

Children of Nancy Reynolds and Jeremiah “Jerry” Gray:

  • John J. Gray b.1854, IA d. before 1870
  • Sarah Jane Gray b.9 Nov 1854, IA d. 17 Mar 1947 Schuyler County MO, Husband, John Rush Heaton
  • Jesse R. Gray b 1857 Davis Co. IA, d 1915 Ellis, OK, Wife Louisa Norman
  • James Henry Gray b 14 Feb 1859 Downing, Schuyler County, MO d 7 Sep 1941 Schuyler County, MO Wife Lucinda “Lucy” Mary Shreve
  • Susan Caroline Gray b 19 Nov 1861 Schuyler County, MO d 29 Feb 1928 Lewis, KS Husband Albert R. Ray
  • Nancy Cora Gray b July 1864 Schuyler County, MO d after 1931 Portland, OR Husband Charles A. Rhodes
  • Lucetta Gray b July 1869, MO d 5 May 1954 Los Angeles, CA Husband Nicholas E. Fail

Ancestor here lived in:

Lawrence County, IN

Ancestor also lived in:
1850-57 Davis County, IA
1859-80 Schuyler County, MO
1910 Crawford, KS
1925 Lewis, KS
1930 Schuyler County, MO

Other Information:

Her grandchildren claimed that she chewed long green tobacco and smoked a pipe. They took turns lighting the pipe for her and she always remembered who had done it last, no matter how long it had been between visits. Her grandchildren also claimed that she was a full-blooded Indian. She still had dark hair at her death at age 104.

Submitted by:
Sandra L Norfolk

William Aaron Clark

William Aaron Clark
birth: 4 May 1791 in Wilkes, NC to David McKenzie Clark and Louisa Norfleet
death: 9 September 1869 in Heltonville, Lawrence Co., IN
burial: Clark Cemetery, Lawrence Co., IN

marriage: 12 November 1810
Rebecca Bales
birth: 13 October 1796 in Clay Co., KY to James Bales and Rebecca Bracken
death: 30 June 1872 in Owen Co., IN
burial: Clark Family Cemetery, Lawrence Co., IN

Children of Rebecca Bales and William Aaron Clark:

  • Abigail Clarke 1811-1870
  • Henry C. Clark 1814-1876
  • James Clark 1819-1901
  • John Clark 1816-?
  • David C. Clark 1823-1861
  • Polly Clark 1826-?
  • William David Clark, Jr. 1832-1861
  • Celia Ann Clark 1834-1854
  • Francis Marion Clark 1836-1864
  • Stephen Clark 1839-1867

Ancestor here lived in:

Lawrence County, Indiana

Other Information:

William was born in NC. He served in Captain Garland’s Kentucky Militia from Sept. 1, 1812 until Jan. 17, 1813. Buried at Clark Cemetery on private property in Lawrence Co IN
Pleasant Run Tn shp.
Served in War of 1812.
The numbers I have are-
Widows pension claim # 8444
Warrant # 25930-80-1855
William’s first land patent was in 1823 in Indiana which fits with him leaving Clay Co KY abt 1820.
service in Captain Garland ‘s Co Ky Mil from Sep 1, 1812 to Jan 17, 1813

Written in Lawrence County History: WILLIAM AND REBECCA CLARK settled in Pleasant Run Township, at the NE corner of Lawrence County. Lawrence County history records reveal WILLIAM CLARK as among the first 23 land entries in the township in 1820, which was made of 60 sections. Along Salt Creek in those early times, distilleries were an institution of common occurrence. One of the principal in the township was kept by William CLARK, familiarly called “Billy”. His was the frequent resort of the people, with their “little borwn jugs,” for in those days whisky was considered almost as necessary in the household as bread.

Written in Lawrence County History: WILLIAM AND REBECCA CLARK settled in Pleasant Run Township, at the NE corner of Lawrence County. Lawrence County history records reveal WILLIAM CLARK as among the first 23 land entries in the township in 1820, which was made of 60 sections. Along Salt Creek in those early times, distilleries were an institution of common occurrence. One of the principal in the township was kept by William CLARK, familiarly called “Billy”. His was the frequent resort of the people, with their “little borwn jugs,” for in those days whisky was considered almost as necessary in the household as bread.

WILLIAM and REBECCA CLARK are found in 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850 and 1860 census’s in Lawrence Co IN, living in Pleasant Run Township. In later life, William farmed in Bartlettsville, Indiana until he died..

Submitted by:
Ellen Wilson-Pruitt

Benjamin Preston “B. P.” Crowe

Benjamin Preston “B. P.” Crowe
birth: 6 Aug 1872, Owen Co., IN, to Jefferson and Amanda Ozena (Motsinger) Crowe
death: 9 Jun 1941, Bloomington, Monroe Co., IN
burial: Valhalla Memory Gardens, Monroe Co., IN

marriage: 24 Oct 1896
Henrietta A. “Etta” Carter
birth: Jan 1874, Indiana
death: 30 Jul 1962
burial: Valhalla Memory Gardens, Monroe Co., IN

Children of Benjamin Preston “B. P.” Crowe and Henrietta A. “Etta” Carter:

  • Ferrell Carter Crowe (1897-2016), m. Margaret Anita Torphy
  • William Stanley Crowe (1900-1970), m. Amy Louise Carter

Benjamin Preston “B. P.” Crowe lived in:

Benjamin Preston Crowe was born in Gosport, Owen Co., IN. He continued to live in Owen County until about 1900 when he located in Bedford, Lawrence County, Indiana. He lived in Lawrence County until about 1930 when he was noted in Monroe County, Indiana, where he remained until his death in 1941.

Other Information:

This is not contributor’s ancestor. Benjamin worked much of his life as superintendent of a stone quarry in Lawrence County.

Submitted by:
Randi Richardson

Archie Wayne Freeman

Archie Wayne Freeman
birth: 3 Jun 1902, Freeman, Owen Co., IN to Joseph Press and Edna M (Pryor) Freeman
death: 2 Nov 1992 at Bark River, Delta Co., MI
burial: Gardens of Rest Cemetery, Delta Co., MI

marriage: 31 Dec 1919 at Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY
Lillian Hendricks
birth: 14 Feb 1900 in Hendricksville, Greene Co., IN, to Alonzo and Gracie (Abram) Hendricks
death: 3 Jun 1995 in Bark River, Delta Co., MI
burial: Gardens of Rest Cemetery, Delta Co., MI

Children of Archie Wayne Freeman and Lillian Hendricks:

  • Ruthana L Freeman, b. 2 Sep 1920, d. 26 Feb 2001, m. Mack W Eastburn, 30 Sep 1940
  • Lloyd Lavone Freeman, b. 23 Nov 1921, d. 26 Apr 1996, m. Lily Elizabeth Sundby, 7 Jun 1947
  • Kathryn Mae Freeman, b. 11 Jun 1923, d. 15 Oct 1993, m. Gerald Edward Borges, 4 Sep 1953
  • Betty Lu Freeman, b. 6 Sep 1925, d. 13 Mar 2003,  m. William Maddox
  • Richard Lee Freeman, b. 23 Feb 1929, d. 12 Mar 2008, m. Carol J. Freeman, 28 Jan 1950
  • Joan Carol Freeman, b. 22 Sep 1933, m. Ronald Charles Anderson, 18 Aug 1956

Archie Wayne Freeman lived In:

  • Owen County Indiana
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Escanaba, Delta County, Michigan
  • Florida

Other Information:

The Freeman family came from North Carolina to Indiana and in 1830, were living in Lawrence County. They moved to Owen County, where Archie was born, in 1933. Archie’s father, Joseph Press Freeman (born 1880 in Owen County) was a farmer. Archie’s brother, Herbert H. Freeman’s son Ronald still lives on the Freeman farm property.

Archie was involved in early auto racing in Indianapolis. Archie moved his family to Milwaukee in 1930 after having five children born in Indiana. Archie worked in Milwaukee as manager of Milwaukee Truck Service, Inc. In 1947, the family relocated to Escanaba, Delta County, Michigan, where he was manager for Clairmont Transfer Company.

Archie enjoyed entertaining and golfing. After his retirement in 1967, he spent his winters in Florida.

Photo of Archie circa 1904

Archie c.1904

Archie and brother Herbert

Archie and brother Herbert

Herbert & Archie in Milwaukee

Archie and his race car

Archie Freeman and his race car, made of parts from a Model T “Fronty Ford”, c1927, Indianapolis

Archie age 53, 1954

Archie Wayne Freeman, age 52, 1954, Escanbana, MI

Archie and Lillian's 50th Wedding Anniversary, 1969, Escanaba, MI

Archie and Lillian’s 50th Wedding Anniversary, 1969, Escanaba, MI

Submitted by:
Cynthia Jane Freeman Gard

John Vestal Smith

John Vestal Smith
birth: 6 Nov 1831, Lawrence Co., IN to Peter Smith and Margaret (Ford) Smith
death: Odon, Daviess Co., IN
burial: Odon Cemetery, Odon, Daviess Co., IN

marriage: 24 Jun 1851, Lawrence Co., IN
Susan A. Collins
birth: Oct 1834, Monroe Co., IN or possibly in TN, to Samuel Collins and an unknown mother
death: 22 or 27 May 1908, perhaps in Mitchell, Lawrence Co., IN
burial: Mitchell, Lawrence Co., IN

Children of John Vestal Smith and Susan A. Collins:

  • Eva M Smith, 1853-1876
  • Erma Smith, 1853-1974
  • Josephine Smith, 1856?
  • Charles Smith, 1863?
  • Margaret Emmeline Smith, 1852-1874

John Vestal Smith lived In:

Near Bedford in Lawrence County and also in Mitchell, Lawrence County, Indiana.

Other Information:

“John V. SMITH, editor of the Prairie Scorcher, of Odon, Ind., was born November 7, 1831, in Lawrence Co., Ind.,near Bedford. He is one of a family of three sons and six daughters of Peter and Margaret(Ford) SMITH. John attended the district schools about three months during the year, and remained at home with his parents as long as he remained single. July 24, 1851, he wedded Susan A. Collins, daughter of Samuel Collins. Mrs. SMITH was born in Monroe County, Ind., about 1831. To their union nine children were born, all of whom are deceased. During the war Mr. SMITH became one of the “boys in blue”, enlisting in…” —History of Knox and Daviess County Indiana (Goodspeed Publishing: Chicago, 1886), p. 854-5.

“JOHN V. SMITH: Death of This Well-known Gentleman at His Home at Mitchell
The death of John V. Smith of Mitchell, which has been expected for many weeks occurred Monday afternoon. He had been ailing for a number of years with diseases contracted while serving in the late war, and recently the affliction fastened upon him that dread destroyer consumption. He had been confined to bed about one month previous to his death.

Mr. Smith was a native of Lawrence county, and was fifty-six years of age. He belonged to a large and prominent family in Lawrence county. In 1866, he removed to this county, settling at Odon, where he was engaged in the mercantile business for many years, and conducted a newspaper — the Clarksburg Spy. He continued in the newspaper business until his death.

The deceased was an untiring worker, and always was hopeful that he would recover from his illness. He was a genial gentleman and an honorable citizen. Many an eye in the village of Odon was filled with tears at the announcement that John V. Smith had passed away. He was a member of the 120th Indiana; belonged to the Grand Army of the Republic, and also was a Mason.
Of his immediate relatives who survive him, there are his wife, and brother Dr. D. J. Smith, of Odon. All the children of Mr. and Mrs. Smith preceeded their father to their eternal home.

The remains of John V. Smith were placed in a vault at Mitchell, Tuesday. He was laid to rest with Masonic honors, of which order he was long a member. In about one week, the body will be taken to Odon, and buried in the graveyard near the village so long his home.”  —”JOHN V. SMITH: Death of This Well-known Gentleman at His Home at Mitchell,” Daviess County (Indiana) Democrat, 31 December 1887, p.1.
Submitted by:
Linda Farbry

Charles Lee Barton

Charles Lee Barton
birth: 17 Apr 1832, possibly in TN, OH, VA, IL, or NC
death: 15 Sep 1900 at Mitchell, Lawrence Co., IN
burial: Mitchell Cemetery, Mitchell, Lawrence Co., IN

marriage: 15 July 1867 at Mitchell, Lawrence Co., IN
Mary Elizabeth Alter
birth: 29 Dec 1844 at Allegheny Co., PA to David Mell Alter and Margaret Anna Ritner Alter
death: 15 Jan 1926, St Louis, MO
burial: Mitchell Cemetery, Mitchell, Lawrence Co., IN, in Charles’ plot but unmarked

Children of Charles Lee Barton and Mary Elizabeth Alter:

  • Delia (Dell) Lee Barton, b 1873, d. 1900, m. Aurora (Arra) Nelson Palmer
  • Gertrude J Barton, b. 1876, d. 1944, m. Perry M McBride

Charles Lee Barton lived in:

1867-1900: Mitchell, Lawrence County, Indiana

He also lived in Sneedville, Tennessee, the state of Ohio, and Paintsville, Kentucky.

Other Information:

Fought for the Tennessee Volunteers and the Union Army in the Civil War. Was promoted to Captain before being mustered out as an invalid in December 1862. He was a silversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker.

Extensive research has failed to reveal his parents’ names nor his birthplace. Contributor would welcome information.

Submitted by:
Linda Farbry

Maxine Dea Armstrong Arvin

Maxine Dea Armstrong
birth: 11 Apr 1917 at Trinity Springs, Martin Co., IN to John Sample Armstrong and Ila Sanders
death: 12 Feb 1993, El Paso, El Paso Co, TX
burial: Truelove Cemetery, Martin Co., IN

marriage: 26 Sep 1936, Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co., IN
Charles Robert Arvin
birth: 21 May 1914, Rutherford Twp, Martin Co., IN to James Albert Arvin and Bertha Zeta Kelley
death: 2 Jul 1974, Knox, Hardin Co., KY
burial: Truelove Cemetery, Martin Co., IN

Children of Maxine Dea Armstrong and Charles Robert Arvin:

  • John “Jack” Charles Arvin, b. 1939, d. 2015, m. Helga Beck
  • Living
  • Jan Marie Arvin, b. 1956, d. 2016, m. living

Maxine Dea Armstrong Arvin lived In:

Martin County, Indiana at Trinity Springs and in Rutherford Township. Her family home is now part of Crane.

She also lived in:

  • Wayne, Michigan
  • St. Albans, New York
  • Ft. Richardson, Alaska
  • Ft. Bliss, Texas
  • Tampa, Florida
  • Paris, France
  • Colorado Springs, Colorado

Submitted by:
Shannon Combs-Bennett

Joseph Leo Quinn, Sr.

Joseph Leo Quinn, Sr.
birth: 15 Nov 1878 at Newark, Essex Co., NJ to Hugh Quinn and Catherine McKee
death: 24 Aug 1943 at Long Hospital, Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN
burial: Cresthaven Cemetery, North Section, Bedford, Lawrence Co., IN

marriage: 24 Jun 1903 at Newark, Essex Co., NJ
Annie Moir McKechnie
birth: 17 Mar 1875 at Bannockburn, Stirlingshire, Scotland to George McKechnie and Mary Allan
death: 06 May 1937 at Bedford, Lawrence Co., IN
burial: Cresthaven Cemetery, North Section, Bedford, Lawrence Co., IN

Children of Joseph Leo Quinn, Sr.and Annie Moir McKechnie:

  • Joseph Leo Quinn, Jr. b. 1904, d. 1976, m. 1935 to Mary Emma Spivey
  • Kathryn Mary Quinn, b. 1906, d. 1986, m. 1947 to Frank Ballard Pope
  • James Quinn, b. 1912, d. 1972, m. 1942 to Margurite Eileen Hortense Bunch

Joseph Leo Quinn, Sr. lived In:

  • 1878-1914: Newark, New Jersey
  • 1914-1943: Bedford, Lawrence County, Indiana

Other Information:

JOSEPH L. QUINN, superintendent and general manager of the McLaren Mill of the Ingalls group in the Independent Limestone Mills of the Bedford district, learned his trade as a stone worker in the East, and his experience has been with a number of notable stone working organizations over the country.
Mr. Quinn was born at Newark, New Jersey, November 15, 1878, and is a son of Hugh T. and Catherine (McKee) Quinn. His father came from Scotland to America in 1872. He had grown up in the famous district of Paisley, Scotland, where he learned the trade of calico printer. He followed his trade at Newark for many years and is buried in the Holy Sepulcher Cemetery in that city. His wife, Catherine McKee, was a daughter of James and Sallie (Toner) McKee, who came to America in 1880. James McKee was a shoemaker living at Brooklyn, New York, and both he and his wife are buried in the Calvary Cemetery in that city. The children of Hugh T. Quinn and wife were: Hugh and James, now deceased; Rose, of Newark; Sarah, William, John, Mary, all deceased; Joseph L.; Stephen, of Newark, who married Alice Brennan; and Catherine, deceased.
Joseph L. Quinn was a student in Saint Michael’s School at Newark form the age of seven to fourteen. His people were in very modest circumstances and for that reason and because of his self reliant spirit he was working to earn money as a small boy, carrying and selling papers when not in school. After leaving school he became an employee of the Street Railway Company, being what was known as tow boy, having charge of the extra horse used to pull the street car up a hill. Mr. Quinn by attending evening classes made up many of the deficiencies of his education resulting from his leaving school so early. He began his apprenticeship as a stone cutter with Barney Gerberich, being with him two years, then spent a year with J. J. Spurr & Sons, and when that plant went on a strike he finished his apprenticeship with the Passaic Quarry Company of Avondale [Nutley, Essex County], New Jersey. After two years there he was employed as a journeyman by William Gray & Sons of Philadelphia, returned to Newark and was with the George Brown & Company there from 1903 to 1913, and during the last eight years of this period was planer foreman.
Mr. Quinn came to Bedford, the capital of the Indiana limestone region, in January, 1914. His first work here was as planer foreman in Mill No. 3, and from there he was transferred to the McLaren Mill of the Ingalls group as superintendent and general manager.
Mr. Quinn married, June 24, 1903, Miss Anna Muir Mckechnie, daughter of George and Mary (Allen) Mckechie. Her parents are buried in the Arlington Cemetery in New Jersey. Mr. and Mrs. Quinn have had four children: Joseph L., Jr., who after graduating from Bedford High School spent two years in Purdue University and is now assistant engineer of the City of Bedford; Miss Kathryn, a graduate of high school, is an employee of the Indiana Limestone Company; Russell is deceased; and James is a student in the Bedford High School. Mr. Quinn is a member of the Independent Order of Forresters and the Catholic Benevolent Legion, and the St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church.

The above biography is from: Roll, Charles. Indiana: One Hundred and Fifty Years of Development. Vol. 5. Chicago: Lewis Publishing Co., 1931.

Submitted by:
Pamela Quinn Gibbard

Isaac Wilson

Isaac Wilson
b. 25 August 1833, Indiana, to Robert and Nancy (Mobley/Moberly) Wilson
d. 23 May 1899, Boone County, Missouri

m. 2 December 1856, Boone County, Missouri
Sophia Jefferson
b. November 1836, Boone County, Missouri
d. 20 June 1928, Boone County, Missouri

Children with Sophia Jefferson:
• Julie Ann
• Laura Alice
• William Walter
• Charles Isaac

Isaac lived in Lawrence and Montgomery counties in Indiana, before emigrating to Livingston County, Missouri, around 1840, then to Boone County, Missouri, by 1850.

Submitted by:
Helen R. Wilson Wulff
Columbia MO

Lois Mildred Williams

Lois Mildred Williams
b. 4 June 1894, near Vernon, Jennings County, Indiana, to Smith Vernon and Frances Ann (Holsclaw) Williams
d. September 1959, San Bernardino, San Bernardino County, California

m. September 1823, Bedford, Lawrence County, Indiana
Thorne O. Evans
b. 3 August 1895, Koleen, Greene County, Indiana
d. 8 March 1969, Colton, San Bernardino County, California

Children with Thorne O. Evans:
• Eugene Barton
• Alfred Carleton “Bud”

They left Bedford, Indiana, in 1823.

Submitted by:
Joyse Ann Evans
Colton CA