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Andrew Teeple

Andrew Teeple
b. 23 March 1805, New York, to George and Anna (Brown) Teeple
d. 20 September 1882, Marshall Township, Louisa County, Iowa

m. 28 June 1827, Jefferson County, Ohio
Margaret Byers
b. or bapt. 4 September 1804, Erie County, Pennsylvania
d. 11 June 1893, Cairo, Iowa

Children with Margaret Byers:
• Anna (b. 1828) married (1) William Carpenter, (2) Norman Coon
• Eliza Jane (1830-1833)
• Martha (1832-1852) married Luther Carpenter
• Catherine (1834-1907) married Isaiah Hardin
• Harriet (b. 1836) married Joseph Stoops
• Sarah (1840-1928) married Samuel Coon
• Margaret (b. 1842) married George W. Brown
• Emiline (b. 1844) never married
• Mary Hiley (1846-1916) married James Mullen

Andrew bought land in 1838 in St. Mary’s Township, Adams County, Indiana. Sometime before the 1860 census they moved as they were in Pontiac Village, Livingston County, Illinois by then. After two of the daughters were married in Indiana, the whole family and sons-in-law moved on to Louisa County, Iowa, where Andrew remained.

Submitted by:
Ruth C. Eppler
Cheshine CT

Elijah Woodall

Elijah Woodall
b. 11 March 1836, Martin County, Indiana
d. 11 January 1922, Eads, Kiowa County, Colorado

m. 7 May 1857, Jasper County, Illinois
Erminda Carpenter
d. 16 September 1906

Children with Erminda Carpenter:
• [—?—] married H. G. Danhaver
• [—?—] married J. R. Proctor
• [—?—] married H. A. McKean

Elijah left Martin County, Indiana, about 1840.

Submitted by:
Dr. Eric C. Stumpf
Burr Ridge IL

Catherine Krunzen

Catherine Krunzen
b. 8 August 1838, Elkhart County, Indiana
d. 19 June 1921, Burlingame, Osage County, Kansas

m/1. 1855, Elkhart County, Indiana
William Carpenter
d. 26 October 1898, Osage County, Kansas

m/2. 10 July 1901, Osage County, Kansas
Basil Albaugh
d. 1903, Osage County, Kansas

Children with William Carpenter:
• Frank
• Alfred
• [–?–] married James Storms
• [–?–] married F. D. Burkdoll
• Nellie married [–?–] Blair
• Della married [–?–] Kempman
• Hattie married [–?–] Rigs
• Emma married [–?–] Midney

Catherine left Indiana in 1869 from Elkhart County, Indiana.

Submitted by:
Dr. Eric C. Stumpf
Burr Ridge IL

Philip Carpenter

Philip Carpenter
b. February 1836, Indiana, to Thomas and Nancy (Collum) Carpenter
d. after 1900, probably Texas

m/1. 23 January 1855, Greene County, Indiana
Elizabeth Ooley
b. 1839, Indiana, to Elijah and Sarah (Newton) Ooley
d. about 1875, Indiana

m/2. 15 September 1875, Greene County, Indiana
Hannah E. Sims
b. October 1847
d. after 1900

Children with Elizabeth Ooley:

  • Salina (1859–bef 1870)
  • Ithamar (1862-1944)
  • Sarah (1864-1941) married (1) Jacob Staggs, (2) John Heinrich Kaiser, (3) Linza L. Woods
  • America (1867-abt 1932) married I. W. Wright
  • Eliza E. (b. 1870)

Children with Hannah E. Sims:

  • James A. (b. 1877)
  • Martha J. (b. 1879)
  • Kalie (b. 1887)

Thomas Carpenter came to Indiana from Kentucky. Phillip left Indiana with the children of his first marriage and his second wife, Hannah Sims. In Missouri, Phillip and Hannah had James; in Arkansas they had Martha; Kalie was born in Texas in 1887. By 1900 they were living in Cedar Township, Polk County, Arkansas.

Submitted by:
Mildred Holmes
Marysville WA
E-mail: mildredwear@peoplepc.com

Lunda L. (Lester?) Bowerman

b. 7 March 1847, Powerstown (present-day Conneautville), Crawford County, Pennsylvania, to William Welling and Diadema (Lester) Bowerman
d. 19 May 1929, Odessa Township, Ionia County, Michigan

Darthula [–?–]
d. 25 October 1867, Taylor County, Iowa

m/2. 24 October 1870, Branch County, Michigan
Emily M. “Emma” Bowerman
b. 9 November 1840, Root, Montgomery County, New York, to Elisha and Mary Ann (Hoag) Bowerman
d. 30 July 1919, Quincy, Branch County, Michigan
dv/2. 1886, Hillsdale County, Michigan

m/3. 12 January 1887, Springport, Calhoun County, Michigan
Elizabeth M. “Lizzie” McGee
b. 11 August 1868, near Rice Creek, Clarence Township, Calhoun County, Michigan, to Myron and Harriet (Wilkes) McGee
d. 2 November 1945, Lake Odessa, Ionia County, Michigan

Children with Emily M. Bowerman:

  • Dora (1874-1953) never married
  • Mable (1878-1950) never married
  • Earl (1880-1962) married Jessie May Gillett
  • Blanch (1883-1965) never married

Children with Elizabeth M. McGee:

  • Beulah (1888-1916) married Howard Ray Klahn
  • Ralph (1891-1948) married Edna Grace Carpenter

Lunda was age 13 with his parents in Crawford County, Indiana, in the 1860 census, then returned to Meadville, Crawford County, Pennsylvania, where he enrolled in Company E, 103rd Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers on 3 March 1865.

He was honorably discharged on 25 June 1865 at New Berne, North Carolina. His pension application indicated that, besides Wisconsin, Iowa, and Michigan, he also lived in Indiana for about eight years and in California for about six years after the war.

Lunda and Lizzie lived in Anderson, Madison County, Indiana, and by 1891 were in Garrett, DeKalb County, Indiana. They purchased land in 1900 in Odessa Township, Ionia County, Michigan, where they remained.

Submitted by:
A. L. Bowerman
Howe IN

Elizabeth Jane Smitha

Elizabeth Jane Smitha
b. 1 April 1830, possibly Shelby County, Kentucky, to Fielding and Catherine Smitha
d. 12 February 1903, Kirksville, Adair County, Missouri

m. about 1845, possibly Anderson County, Kentucky
Charles F. Kennedy
b. 5 January 1820, Kentucky
d. 27 November 1898, Adair County, Missouri

Children with Charles F. Kennedy:

  • Mary (d. bef. 1919)
  • John W. (d. 1927) married Sarah E. Hagens
  • Walter N. (d. 1919) married Recie [–?–]
  • Seth F.
  • Joseph married Mary [–?–]
  • William H. (b. 1862)
  • Laura Belle married Joseph Carpenter
  • Susan married [–?–] Morgan

Jane, her husband Charles, and some of their children are buried in Llwellyn Cemetery near Kirksville, Adair County, Missouri. Although Jane’s tombstone reads Jane E. and she was known as Jane, the 1880 Missouri census lists her as Elizabeth J. Her letters home to her widowed mother’s Hendricks County, Indiana, residence, related many of the facts concerning Jane and her family. These letters are in the possession of the contributor.

Submitted by:
Mary Jane Shackelford Kaiser
Fort Wayne IN

Hiram Ritter

Hiram Ritter
b. August 1846, Oldham County, Kentucky, to Owen and Eliza (Pitcher) Ritter
d. 1907, Osage Township, Camden County, Missouri

m. about 1862, Kentucky
Mary J. (Carpenter) Thacker
b. February 1832, probably Shelby County, Kentucky
d. about 1901, Camden County, Missouri

Children with Mary J. Thacker:

  • Mary E. (b. 1864)
  • Charles (1869-1934) married Mary Nancy Anderson

Hiram emigrated from Owen County, Indiana, to Osage Township, Camden County, Missouri,
in 1885.

Mary had one child from a previous marriage, Alfred P. Thacker, born about 1853, in

Submitted by:
Barbara Drake Ritter
Hoisington KS

Charles Ritter

Charles Ritter
b. 17 May 1869, Spencer, Owen County, Indiana, to Hiram and Mary (Carpenter) Thacker Ritter
d. 29 September 1934, Linn Creek, Camden County, Missouri

m. 9 October 1889, Osage, Camden County, Missouri
Mary Nancy Anderson
b. 15 October 1873, Linn Creek, Camden County, Missouri, to Isaac Newton and Sarah K. (Waters) Anderson
d. 3 July 1966, Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri

Children with Mary Nancy Anderson:

  • Harvey Clyde (1891-1894)
  • Sarah “Sadie” Jane (1894-1984) married George Perdue
  • Emmett Allison (1896-1967) married Mildred Pearson
  • Elsie May (1898-1973) married John Overton Mahar
  • Bessie Ann (b. 1904) married (1) Arthur Pearson, (2) Ralph Gropp
  • Laura Frances (1906-1986) married Eugene Proctor
  • Lonnel Charles (1908-1979) married Delma Sene Hansen
  • Louie Myrtle (1911-1964) married William Van Vleet
  • Ralph Waldo (1913-1987) married Marie Donaldson
  • Mary Alice (b. 1919)

Charles moved to Osage, Camden County, Missouri, about 1885.

Submitted by:
Barbara Drake Ritter
Hoisington KS

Elizabeth Rarrick

Elizabeth Rarrick
b. 7 December 1784, New Jersey, to Henry and Elizabeth (Roods) Rarrick
d. 12 November 1877, Monticello, Jones County, Iowa

m/1. 26 March 1801, Morris County, New Jersey
John Morss/Mors
b. 25 June 1780, Cayuga County, New York, to Benjamin and Irena (Mead) Morss

m/2. 1819
Benjamin Crouch
b. about 1776, Massachusetts
d. 1856, probably St. Joseph County, Indiana

Children with John Morss:

  • Anna B. (1802-1829)
  • Henry D. (1803-1817)
  • Elizabeth (1806-1896) married Chauncy Mead
  • Benjamin (1808-1892) married Sophronia Mead
  • Simeon (b. 1811) married Jane Manliff
  • John (1813-1814)
  • David A. (1815-1909) married Moriah Carpenter
  • Daniel (1818-1903) married Sarah Nancy Milliken

Children with Benjamin Crouch:

  • Ephraim (1821-1845)
  • Eleazer (1824-1892) married (1) Lucinda Matthews, (2) Ann Maria Wells
  • Nathan (b. 1827) married Susan Tracy

Elizabeth was one of eight children. She moved to Monticello, Jones County, Iowa, where she resided with her daughter Elizabeth (Morss) Mead until her death.

Submitted by:
Barbara Taylor Szabo
Osceola IN

Thomas Jefferson Murphy

Thomas Jefferson Murphy
b. 15 October 1814, Jennings County, Indiana, to Daniel and Nancy (Baker) Murphy
d. 10 February 1922, Siloam Springs, Benton County, Arkansas

m/1. 29 January 1863, Jennings County, Indiana
Mary Jane Lewis
b. 15 March 1848, Jennings County, Indiana, to Timothy B. and Mahala (Lett) Lewis
d. by January 1877, Jennings County, Indiana

m/2. 21 January 1877, Jennings County, Indiana
Mary Delanzo Carpenter
b. about 1859, to Watis and Anna (Graston) Carpenter
d. 18 March 1896, near Stockdale, Riley County, Kansas

m/3. 29 April 1899, Riley County, Kansas
Saphronia (Carpenter) Allison
b. 12 September 1855, to Watis and Anna (Graston) Carpenter

Children with Mary Jane Lewis:

  • Elnora (1864-1870)
  • Cora (b. 1867)
  • Minetta E. (b. 1870) married John S. Carpenter
  • Timothy Thomas (1871-1933) married Katie May Dobson
  • Nancy Mae (1873-1885)
  • Samuel Hall (1875-1942) married Ida Adelia Brundige

Children with Mary Delanzo Carpenter:

  • [–?–] (1878-1878)
  • Louella (b. 1879) married Warren W. Maloney
  • Ida Belle (1881-1954) married John S. Thomson
  • James Leland (1884-1973) married Lucinda Marietta Johnson
  • Frances A. (1887-11974) married Ace Applebee
  • Mabel Pearl (1888-1972) married Charles Anderson Trotter
  • Homer C. (1889-1967) married Ada M. Deckert
  • Howard (b. 1892) married Pearl [–?–]
  • Henry F. (1894-1970)
  • [–?–] (1896-1896)

Saphronia (Carpenter) Allison was Mary Delanzo Carpenter’s sister.

Thomas Murphy served in Company G, 145th Indiana Regiment, during the Civil War. He and his second wife Mary Delanzo (Carpenter) Murphy emigrated from Jennings County, Indiana, to Grant Township, Riley County, Kansas, in 1865. Mary and Saphronia were sisters. Thomas Jefferson Murphy claimed 21 children.

Submitted by:
Kevin L. Stilley
Manhattan KS
E-mail: trlrhouseman@aol.com