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James Stark

James Stark
b. 19 April 1839, Versailles, Ripley County, Indiana, to Elijah and Elizabeth (Johnson) Stark
d. 15 July 1921, Newburg, Jasper County, Iowa

m. 3 May 1864, Versailles, Ripley County, Indiana
Hester Ann Ludwick
b. 10 July 1845, to Jacob and Hester (Myers) Ludwick
d. 15 September 1927, Grinnell, Poweshiek County, Iowa

Children with Hester Ann Ludwick:
• William Cornett (1865-1929) married Sophia Jane Love
• Mary Elizabeth (1866-1944) married (1) Willis Eugene Newton, (2) Porter Y. Fuller
• Anna Florence (b. 1868) married Newton John Morgart
• Elijah Ludwick (1872-ca. 1950) married Isadora Strickland
• Clarence Howard (1876-1955) married Ida Elizabeth Green
• Edith Viola (1880-1918) married Clarence Grubb

James was a deputy treasurer of Ripley County under his father. He enlisted in the 68th Indiana Regiment in 1861. In 1869, he, his wife, and three young children left Ripley County by covered wagon for Jasper County, Iowa.

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Willis H. Lowrey
Colorado Springs CO
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Henry Rusher, Jr.

Henry Rusher, Jr.
b. 8 February 1795, Bedford County, Virginia, to William and Elizabeth (Brickey) Rusher
d. 14 April 1858, Raymond, Montgomery County, Illinois

m. 15 September 1815, Breckinridge County, Kentucky
Catherine Newton
b. 1798, Virginia
d. 27 March 1875, Raymond, Montgomery County, Illinois

Children with Catherine Newton:
• Jackson
• Mariah
• William P.
• Nancy
• Pleasant
• Martha Ann
• Sena Elizabeth
• Jacob Borders
• Lavisa Jane

The last four of Henry’s children were born in Indiana. He immigrated to Sullivan County, Indiana, about 1827 and left about 1840.

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Marilyn M. Alford
Tucson AZ
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Jacob Borders Rusher

Jacob Borders Rusher
b. 1836, Sullivan County, Indiana, to Henry and Catherine (Newton) Rusher, Jr.
d. 2 April 1872, Bourbon County, Kansas

m/1. 1856, Sullivan County, Indiana
Theodocia Rusher
b. about 1832, Sullivan County, Indiana
d. December 1857

m/2. 5 June 1858, Macoupin County, Illinois
Eliza Jane Adams
b. 11 December 1842, Macoupin County, Illinois
d. 13 August 1881, Arcadia, Crawford County, Kansas

Children with Theodocia Rusher:
• Henry S.

Children with Eliza Jane Adams:
• Carrie E.
• Maggie B.
• Lorenzo Dow “Bud”
• Ada
• Ulysses S. Grant
• Lavisa Jane

Jacob left Sullivan County, Indiana, in 1857.

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Marilyn M. Alford
Tucson AZ
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Francis Patrick Carr

Francis Patrick Carr
b. 12 January 1907, Kokomo, Howard County, Indiana, to Patrick J. and Blanche Eve (Record) Carr
d. 26 January 1980, Houston, Texas

m/1. 30 November 1930, Kokomo, Howard County, Indiana
Madge A. Oden
b. 24 May 1912 Miami County, Indiana, to Walter and Margaret Maude (David) Oden
d. 25 November 1986, Fulton County Indiana

m/2. 21 May 1954
Effie Lee Newton

Children with Madge A. Oden:

  • Patricia Armilda “Patsy” (b. 1931)
  • Mary Catherine (b. 1934)
  • Johannah Kay (b. 1939)

Francis Carr’s father, Patrick Joseph Carr, was born in Ireland and came to Kokomo, Indiana, from Trenton, New Jersey, in the late 1800’s to open the Great Western Pottery and later the Kokomo Sanitary Pottery. He came as the kiln man boss. He married Blanche E. Record in 1905, and they had two children Francis and Agnes.

Francis was educated in public and parochial schools of Kokomo, Indiana, and graduated from Jasper College/Academy in Jasper, Indiana, in 1925. After graduating, he worked at the Hoosier Iron Works. There he became associated with the International iron Moulders of North America. In 1929 he was employed by the Continental Steel Corporation. He was an active organizer of the Steel Workers of Kokomo and ran for City Councilman in 1938.

He moved his family to Houston Texas sometime around 1942 and was employed by the Sheffield Steel Company. He returned to Kokomo, Indiana, around 1947 because his wife was unhappy. He divorced in 1948 and moved in with his mother Blanche and sister Agnes, working as a waiter at Ko-San Luncheon which was owned by his mother. He returned to Houston Texas sometime after 1950 and worked as a guard for a security company. He married Effie Lee Newton on May 21, 1954. They had no children. Around 1955 he was out of work again so he moved to Lafayette, Louisiana to work as a plant manager for a small manufacturing company. In 1957 the plant was downsized and he returned to Houston to look for employment but then went back to Lafayette to open a car wash financed by his mother Blanche. The car wash was unsuccessful and after it closed, he and Effie moved to Arizona briefly. He eventually moved back to Houston where he took a job as a security field director until his death on January 26, 1980. He is buried in Forest Park Lawndale Cemetery.

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Kathy Anne Coppola
Kokomo IN
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Philip Carpenter

Philip Carpenter
b. February 1836, Indiana, to Thomas and Nancy (Collum) Carpenter
d. after 1900, probably Texas

m/1. 23 January 1855, Greene County, Indiana
Elizabeth Ooley
b. 1839, Indiana, to Elijah and Sarah (Newton) Ooley
d. about 1875, Indiana

m/2. 15 September 1875, Greene County, Indiana
Hannah E. Sims
b. October 1847
d. after 1900

Children with Elizabeth Ooley:

  • Salina (1859–bef 1870)
  • Ithamar (1862-1944)
  • Sarah (1864-1941) married (1) Jacob Staggs, (2) John Heinrich Kaiser, (3) Linza L. Woods
  • America (1867-abt 1932) married I. W. Wright
  • Eliza E. (b. 1870)

Children with Hannah E. Sims:

  • James A. (b. 1877)
  • Martha J. (b. 1879)
  • Kalie (b. 1887)

Thomas Carpenter came to Indiana from Kentucky. Phillip left Indiana with the children of his first marriage and his second wife, Hannah Sims. In Missouri, Phillip and Hannah had James; in Arkansas they had Martha; Kalie was born in Texas in 1887. By 1900 they were living in Cedar Township, Polk County, Arkansas.

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Mildred Holmes
Marysville WA
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