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Charles R. Young

Charles R. Young
birth: 20 Jan 1861 in Sand Creek, Jennings Co., Indiana to George G. Young and Katherine (Unknown)
death: 3 Mar 1899 in Tetersburg, Tipton Co., Indiana
burial: Tetersburg, Tipton Co., Indiana

marriage: 1 Nov 1883 in Tipton, Indiana
Mary Caroline Staneart
birth: 30 Dec 1865 Tipton, Indiana to Harvey Anderson and Diana A. Teeter
death: 4 Apr 1943 in  Frankfort, Clinton Co., Indiana
burial: Indiana

Children of Charles R. Young and Mary Caroline Staneart:

  • Emma Frances Young  b. 22 Aug 1884, d. 9 Mar 1932, m.  Johnston A. Morelock
  • Clara M. Young b. 6 Apr 1887, d. May 8, 1907
  • Lena May Young b. 27 Mar 1892, d. 28 Sep 1982, m. John Pyle
  • Myrtle A. Young b. 29 Sep 1894, d. 3 Dec 1898
  • Mabel O. Young b. 6 Oct 1898, d. 28 Jan 1987, m. Arthur A. Teal

Ancestor Charles R. Young Lived In:

Charles R. Young lived in Indiana his entire life.

Other Information:

His mother came to America from France at the age of eighteen and lived to be ninety-four years old. She died just three days before her chance to vote.

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Pamela J. Sullivan
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Barbara Lein

Barbara Lein
birth: 18 Jan 1835, Selbitz, Bavaria to Johann Nicol Lein and Margaretha Bauer
death: 8 Dec 1893, Loogootee, Martin County, Indiana
burial: St. Paul’s Cemetery, Haysville, Dubois County, Indiana

marriage: 18 March 1856
Johann S. Huebner
birth: 13 Mar 1835, Wasserkraut, Bavaria to Johann Hubner and Kunigunda Lehren
death: 28 Jan 1892, Loogootee, Martin County, Indiana
burial: St. Paul’s Cemetery, Haysville, Dubois County, Indiana

County of Barbara Lein and Johann S. Huebner:

  • Anna Katherine, 1857-1913, m. Charles Harned
  • Henry, 1859-1861, n.m.
  • John, 1860-1936, m. Martha Matthewson
  • Martin E., 1862-1934, m. Rachel Fraim
  • Margaret, 1864-1952, m. John Allman
  • Anna, 1868-1963, m. Joseph McAtee
  • Harry, 1873-1903, m. Elizabeth Young
  • Philip, 1875-1913, n.m.
  • Augusta, 1878-1932, m. Wiliam Mosier

Barbara was born in Selbitz, Oberfranken, Bavaria. She arrived on the ship “Emma” with her sister Catherine on 22 October 1853. Her brother, Eberhardt, and mother, Margaretha (nee Bauer), came in 1861 after the death of their father, Johann Nicol.  Margaretha is buried immediately to the west of the Hubner plot. She lived in Haysville, Dubois County, Indiana (1853-1860) and Loogootee, Martin County, Indiana (1860-1893).

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Carol Collins
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Simon Peter Mason

Simon Peter Mason
b. 7 March 1834, Dearborn County, Indiana, to Jacob Daniel and Rebecca (Showalter) Mason
d. 3 February 1901, Southeastern Woods County, Oklahoma Territory (now Major County)

m. 28 October 1852, Howard County, Indiana
Elizabeth White
b. 1 March 1834, Hendricks County, Indiana, to Jefferson and Elizabeth (Alder) White
d. 1 February 1888, Sumner County, Kansas

Children with Elizabeth White:
• Mary Jane (1853-1919) married James Henry Coy
• Jacob Harvey (1856-1903) married Madora Alice Early
• Sarah Ellen (1857/58-1894) married Samuel Charles Burchfield
• Elizabeth Ann (1861-1899) married (1) William Harrison, (2) Joseph Francis Williams
• Martha Catherine (1863-1927) married Isaac Edward Millsap
• Joseph Howard (1866-1918) married Rhoda Alice Roberts
• Thomas Jefferson (1868-1924) married (1) Elizabeth L. Young, (2) Martha Isabel Gearheart
• James Franklin (1871-1952) married (1) Clara Durfella Coy, (2) Julia Clementine Turley
• Ida Mae (1875-1947) married Alfred Lewis Rice
• Charles Nelson (1878-1956) married Martha Susan Lozier

Simon’s grandparents were born in Pennsylvania and came to Dearborn County, Indiana, in 1818 and 1822. His parents moved to Ervin Township, Howard County, in 1850. In 1879, Simon moved his family to the Oklahoma Territory. He was a true pioneer, having “broke the sod” in both Kansas and the Oklahoma Territory. He made the Great Land Run into the Cherokee Outlet in September 1893 to stake his claim.

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James M. Freed
Delaware OH
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Sarah Elizabeth Mullin

Sarah Elizabeth “Libby” Mullin
b. 31 December 1869, Rock Creek Township, Carroll County, Indiana, to Lewis and Nancy Jane (Young) Mullin
d. 19 February 1923, Superior, Mineral County, Montana

m. 29 April 1891, Camden, Carroll County, Indiana
Schyler Colfax Ray
b. 4 February 1869, Camden, Carroll County, Indiana
d. 5 May 1957, Missoula, Missoula County, Montana

Children with Schyler Colfax Ray:
• Daisy Margaret (b. 1892)
• Kate Elizabeth (b. 1893)
• Lois Anna (b. 1895)
• Julia Olive (b. 1899)
• Helen (b. 1901)
• Phillip Mullin (b. 1904)

The Mullin family immigrated to Indiana from Springboro, Warren County, Ohio, in 1831. Libby lived in Rock Creek Township and the town of Camden in Carroll County, Indiana, before leaving in 1909 to join her husband in St. Regis, Montana.

After the 1910 forest fire in which Libby and her family were refugees, she went to work for the railroad as a telegraph operator. Three of her daughters were also telegraph operators for the railroad. The West was a rugged, wild place at the time Libby Ray lived there, and it is said she never became reconciled to it. She always hoped to return to Indiana, and upon her death she was returned to be buried in Camden, Indiana, as was her husband.

Submitted by:
Ann Mullin Burton
Decatur MI

Benjamin Morris

Benjamin Morris
b. 7 October 1821, Clark County, Kentucky, to Wm. G. and Nancy (Young) Morris
d. 12 June 1905, Lothrop, Warren County, Iowa

m. 17 December 1846, Shelby County, Indiana
Artie Keck
b. 7 November 1827, Monongalea County, West Virginia to Daniel and Priscilla (Chew) Keck
d. 15 June 1979, Hooper, Dodge County, Nebraska

Children with Artie Keck:

  • Daniel T.
  • Annie
  • Willis G.
  • Marion F.
  • Allen M.
  • Riley
  • Dora
  • Clark
  • Greenlee
  • Elda

In 1825 at age four, Benjamin, the seventh of ten children, moved to Shelby County, Indiana, with his parents. In 1835 at age eight, Artie moved with her parents to Shelby County, Indiana. She was the second oldest of eight children.

The lives of the Morris family members in Shelby County are well documented. One son, Hamilton, sold land for the Morris Cemetery in Marion Township.

The Keck family is less well known. About the only tidbit of interest is that in February of 1859, The Shelby County Republican reported that Daniel Keck recovered a stolen horse that had gone missing for some time. It was found in Jackson Township where it had been “fenced.”

Benjamin and Artie moved to Warren County Iowa, in October 1853 with their first three children. Several of their relatives relocated to Iowa as well. Marion F. moved to Nebraska where his daughter and her son were born. All of these families were farmers and every move they made was concerned with better land opportunities.

Submitted by:
Jean Martinez
Newcastle, WY

Zacheus Lester Tripp

Zacheus Lester Tripp
b. 13 May 1834, Pennsylvania, to David R. and Elizabeth “Betsey L. (Osgood) Tripp
d. 15 April 1880, Butler County, Missouri

m. 28 February 1856, Union County, Kentucky
Nancy Johnson Blue
b. 1838, Henderson, Kentucky, to Uriah and Rachel (McKenny) Blue
d. 4 April 1884

Children with Nancy Johnson Blue:

  • William James “Will” (1856-bet. 1900-1910) married Manerva Alifore Keith
  • Lesteria A. (1858-1858)
  • Olive Bell (1860-1866)
  • Zacheus Olvy (1862-1878)
  • Mary C. (b. 1864) married Jackson Mabery
  • Naomi J. (1866-1866)
  • Fanny Allie (1867-1878)
  • Roxannah “Roxie” (1867-1940) married Martin J. Young
  • Rachel Susan (stillborn 1873)
  • Lenor Leota (b. 1874)
  • Joseph David (b. 1877)

Zacheus traveled to Indiana in 1838 at the age of 4, arriving in Evansville, Indiana, after riding down the Ohio River on a raft built by his father. Zacheus’ family was in Gibson County for at least a short time.

His father died a few years after moving to Indiana but the rest of the family was intact when the 1850 census was taken. Six years later, Zacheus married and by 1860 most of his family members had died, including his first born daughter, Lesteria.

Zacheus joined the Union 8th Cavalry, Company H, in Henderson, Kentucky, on 13 September 1862 and mustered out on 23 September 1863, at Russellville, Kentucky. By 1870 he had moved his family to Ash Hill Township, Butler County, Missouri. He farmed there and had a cotton gin in 1875.

Submitted by:
Darlene McNeelis
Poplar Bluff MO

Karl George Krieger

Karl George Krieger
b. 13 December 1913, Shelbyville, Shelby County, Indiana, to Henry Louis and Pearl Susan (Young) Krieger
d. 11 May 1993, Huntington, West Virginia

m. 17 August 1940
Virginia Hall
b. 12 December 1915, Point Pleasant, Mason, West Virginia

Children with Virginia Hall:

  • Paul Thomas “Tom” (b. 1946) married Jacqueline “Jackie” Bernard
  • Karl Joseph (b. 1949) married Ellene Rose

Karl George was a banker and his wife was a kindergarten teacher. He is buried in Ridgelawn Cemetery in Huntington, West Virginia.

Submitted by:
Irene Krieger
Batesville IN
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Henry Louis Krieger

Henry Louis Krieger
b. 6 February 1878, Franklin County, Indiana, to Ernst August “Gus” and Anna Marie Engel (Wessel) Krieger
d. 9 July 1962, Huntington, West Virginia

m. 9 August 1905
Pearl Susan Young
b. 1 August 1883, Addison Township, Shelby County, Indiana, to John Fleming and Susan (Hall) Young
d. 29 September 1969, West Virginia

Children with Pearl Susan Young:

  • Margaret Marie (1906-1982)
  • Paul Ernest (1908-1988)
  • John Raymond (1910-1995) married Vera Tayler
  • Karl George (1913-1993) married Virginia Hall

Henry and Pearl moved to West Virginia sometime after 1913.

Submitted by:
Irene Krieger
Batesville IN
E-mail: ihdkrieger@yahoo.com

John Raymond Krieger

John Raymond Krieger
b. 5 May 1910, Shelby County, Indiana, to Henry Louis and Pearl Susan (Young) Krieger
d. 5 May 1995, West Virginia

m/1. 14 July 1934
Vera Tayler
b. 12 May 1909
d. 13 July 1981, West Virginia

m/2. 1980’s, West Virginia
Romana [—?—]

Children with Vera Tayler:

  • John Raymond (b. 1943) married Ann Peoples

John and Vera are both buried in the Woodmere Cemetery, Huntington, West Virginia.

Submitted by:
Irene Krieger
Batesville IN
E-mail: ihdkrieger@yahoo.com

William Francis Bigwood

b. 27 March 1853, Felicity, Clermont County, Ohio, to James Henry and Eliza A. (Young) Bigwood
d. 14 January 1906, Earlham, Madison County, Iowa

m. 31 March 1875, Rockville, Parke County, Indiana
Rachel Gertrude Nichols
b. 11 February 1856, Danville, Hendricks County, Indiana or Shelbyville, Shelby County, Indiana, to Thomas and Jane (Brown) Nichols
d. 22 June 1910, Valley Junction, Polk County, Iowa

Children with Rachel Gertrude Nichols:

  • Effie Jane (1876-1961) married Frank R. Libby
  • Zena Eliza (1878-1945)
  • Marjorie Frances “Madge” (1881-1963) married (1) Joseph Ficklin, (2) Doc Woolfrom
  • James Thomas (1884-1886)
  • Maggie May (1887-1931) married Henry Little
  • Ellis Nichols (1891-1909)
  • Maryanna Elizabeth (1897-1980) married Lyman Lyle Libby

It is unknown when William came to Indiana, but they moved from Parke County between 1900 and 1905. William was a stonemason. He was a member of the Silliman Lodge #66 and Knights of Pythias. He and his brother John were in White’s Band, which played for the laying of the cornerstone of the courthouse. Rachel Bigwood and daughters were admitted into membership at the Earlham Monthly Meeting in 1905. The Nichols family was Quaker.

Submitted by:
Robert J. Libby
Iowa City IA