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Edward Samuel Davis

Edward Samuel Davis
b. 22 May 1832, Goshen, Elkhart County, Indiana, to Mahlon and Julia Ann (Strain) Davis
d. 8 October 1912, Rubens, Jewell County, Kansas

m. 18 July 1864, Troy, Doniphan County, Kansas
Mary Ann Winder
b. 7 October 1839, Harrison County, Ohio
d. 19 May 1913, Montrose, Jewell County, Kansas

Children with Mary Ann Winder:

  • Edward Samuel, Jr. (1864-1926) married Anna Dahl

Edward lived in Goshen, Elkhart County, and in Warsaw, Kosciusko County, Indiana, before leaving the state in 1855 for Troy, Doniphan County, Kansas.

George C Pence

George C Pence
b. 20 November 1791, to Philip Pence
d. 15 June 1866, Hardin County, Iowa

m/1. 20 January 1812, Fayette County, Ohio
Sarah Windle
b. 18 November 1795, Shenandoah County, Virginia, to Peter and Rachel (Wolfe) Windle
d. 18 August 1854, Smith Township, Whitley County, Indiana

m/2. Iowa
Caroline Reese Danger
b. 17 September 1814
d. 5 October 1903, Hardin County, Iowa

Children with Sarah Windle:

  • Henry (1813-1892) married (1) Eliza Gradeless, (2) Mary Young
  • Eliza (1816-1883) married James H. Roussear
  • Abraham (1818-1897) married (1) Nancy Bucklew, (2) Sarah Hyre Humbarger
  • John (1823-1894) married (1) Sarah Strain, (2) Mary Jane Hazen
  • Absalom G. (1824-1875) married Clarissa Van Houten
  • Catherine (1827-1889) married Mickael K. Zorger
  • Willis F. (1828-1864) married (1) Mary Waugh, (2) Mary Burney
  • Elizabeth (1828-1864) married John Van Houten
  • Joseph (1831-1916) married (1) Susan Waugh, (2) Alice Henny
  • Jesse (1833-1843)
  • infant

The family came to Whitley County, Indiana, from Fayette, Ohio, in 1836. George moved to Iowa in 1856.

There were no children from his second marriage.

Submitted by:
Kay Hilliard
Columbia City IN

Edward Samuel Davis

Edward Samuel Davis
b. 22 May 1832, Goshen, Elkhart County, Indiana, to Mahlon and Julia (Strain) Davis
d. 8 October 1912, Rubens, Jewell County, Kansas

m. 4 July 1853, Warsaw, Kosciusko County, Indiana
Malinda Romine
d. 24 December 1863, Troy, Doniphan County, Kansas

Children with Malinda Romine:

  • Marcus J.
  • Milton

Edward emigrated about 1855 from Indiana to Doniphan County, Kansas, where he was elected the first county treasurer in 1859.

Submitted by:
Barbara Davis Van Hanken
Tulsa OK