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Susan (Earl) Foutch

Susan (Earl) Foutch
birth: 1840 in Tippecanoe, Indiana to Nehemiah D. Earl and Elizabeth (Dimmitt) Earl
death: 1909 in Harrison County, Missouri
burial: Harrison county, Missouri

marriage: 1857 in Wapello, Iowa
Abraham Foutch
birth: 1833 in Fairfield County, Ohio to James and Mary (Feast) Foutch
death: 1901 in Harrison County, Missouri
burial: Harrison County, Missouri

Children of Susan Earl and Abraham Foutch:

  • Mary Elizabeth Foutch
  • Nehemiah Danforth Foutch
  • James Monroe Foutch
  • Alice Matilda Foutch
  • Cathrin Thursia Foutch
  • Lodeska Foutch
  • Albert Foutch
  • Samuel Foutch
  • Nelson Foutch*
  • Joseph Foutch
  • daughter Foutch
  • infant Foutch

Ancestor here lived in:

  • Tippecanoe County, Indiana (1839-1844)

Locations where person lived outside of Indiana: 

  • Wapello County, Iowa
  • Decatur County, Iowa
  • Harrison County, Missouri

Submitted by:
Teresa A Mills

Amos Neier

Amos Neier
birth: 25 February 1860 at Owen County, Indiana, to Samuel and Margaret (Fertig/Fertich) Neier
death: 22 September 1964 in Lafayette, Tippecanoe Co., IN
burial: IOOF Riverview Cemetery, Monitcello, White Co., IN

marriage: 10 Aug 1891, Jasper Co., IN
Alice Chrisenberry
birth: Sep 1869 in Indiana
death: 26 Jul 1956, at East Monticello, White Co., IN
burial: IOOF Riverview Cemetery, Monitcello, White Co., IN

Children of Amos Neier and Alice Chrisenberry:

  • Edith Neier, b. 30 Jan 1893, d. 2 Jan 1986, m. Harry Cunningham
  • Edgar Neier, b. 30 Jan 1893, d. 31 May 1973, m. Deva Marie Cochran

Edith and Edgar were twins.

Amos Neier Lived In (in order):

  • Born in Owen County, Indiana
  • Putnam County, Indiana
  • Jasper County, Indiana
  • White County, Indiana
  • Died in Tippecanoe County, Indiana

Submitted by:
Randi Richardson

Margaret Ann Hart

Margaret Ann Hart
b. 30 July 1848, Lafayette, Tippecanoe County, Indiana
d. 20 January 1931, Cimarron, Colfax County, New Mexico

m. Trinidad, Las Animas County, Colorado
William Rufus Whiteman
b. 17 March 1839, Pleasant Hill, Jackson County, Missouri, to Samuel Rufus and Talitha (Strode) Whiteman
d. 6 October 1930, Cimarron, Colfax County, New Mexico

Children with William Rufus Whiteman:
• Rufus Elmer (1872-1957)
• William Edwin (1874-1961) married (1) Stella Burns, (2) Lessie Tull
• Eva Frances (b. 1876) married John Livingston
• Alva Hugh (b. 1879) married Josephine Alery
• Benjamin (1881-1882)
• Mary Elizabeth (1883-1974) married (1) Henry “Pete” Gimson, (2) James Lail
• Clarence Raymond (1885-1967) married Clara Grace Brooke
• Laura Adela (b. 1888) married Louis Lastroh

Margaret left Indiana to teach in Nebraska. At age eighteen she left there to care for the children of her cousin and close friend, Sarah Elizabeth (Bergan) Whiteman, who had died in childbirth in Fountain, Elpaso County, Colorado. She married Sarah’s widower in Trinidad, Colorado, homesteaded at Ponil Creek in northern New Mexico, and lived in Ute Park, Roy, and Cimarron in New Mexico.

Margaret’s husband left home in Independence, Missouri, at age 13 to look for his father who had gone west to search for gold. Not finding him, he returned to Independence and at age 18, signed on as a freighter on the Santa Fe Trail. He later worked as a carpenter, was an accomplished fiddle player, worked as a lawman, and operated a toll road from Roy, New Mexico, to Burro Canyon

Submitted by:
Marilyn H. Whiteman
Estancia NM

Edward Julis Seymour

Edward Julis Seymour
b. 9 March 1826, Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky, to Felix and Caroline (Williams) Seymour
d. 6 March 1885, Judsonia, White County, Arkansas

m. 15 April 1856, Gray’s Summit, Franklin County, Missouri
Lucy Ann Rogers
b. 20 October 1834, Gray’s Summit, Franklin County, Missouri
d. 17 June 1919, Denver, Arapahoe County, Colorado

Children with Lucy Ann Rogers:
• Edward P.
• Lucy Jane
• Fanny Carson
• Caroline Amelia
• Rogers

Edward came to Romney, Tippecanoe County, Indiana, in 1836 and left in 1850.

Submitted by:
Will Nicoll
Prairie Village KS

Joshua Routh

Joshua Routh
b. 15 January 1816, Brown County, Ohio, to Isaac and Sarah (Slout) Routh
d. 20 June 1881, Marion County, Iowa

m. 31 March 1836, Boone County, Indiana
Lydia Skeen
b. 25 February 1817, Highland County, Ohio
d. 5 March 1876, Marion County, Iowa

Children with Lydia Skeen:
• John (b. 1837)
• Sarah Ann (b. 1840)
• Isaac (b. 1842)
• Walker S. (b. 1845)
• Rebecca J. (b. 1849)
• Mary (b. 1852)
• Lydia (b. 1854)
• Malinda R. (b. 1858)
• Joshua (b. 1863)

Joshua came to Tippecanoe County, Indiana, in 1829 and left in 1855.

Submitted by:
Phyllis J. Miller
San Mateo CA

Christina Peterson

Christina Peterson
b. 29 April 1833, Orserum, near Grenna, Smaland, Sweden, to Peter and Anna Brita (Jonson) Peterson
d. 20 January 1907, Maple Plain, Hennepin County, Minnesota

m. 26 April 1856, West Point, Tippecanoe County, Indiana
Charles “Carl” J. Anderson
b. 23 October 1833, Grenna, Smaland, Sweden
d. 10 September 1921, Independence Lake, Hennepin County, Minnesota

Children with Charles J. Anderson:
• Alfred John (1857-1935) married Nellie Elizabeth Englund
• Theodore Emanuel (1858-1926) married Louisa Matilda Anderson
• Fred William (1861-1927)
• Oscar Amel married Anna Christina Johnson
• David Clarence (1866-1941)
• Anna Lydia (1868-1937) married Oliver Thompson
• Nancy Amelia (1871-1892)
• Medora Christine (1873-1953) married Erland Klas Lind
• Emma Charlotte (1875-1951) married Alton J. Stenseth
• Mary Josephine (1879-1916) married Bryant O. Benjamin

Christina’s family came to Indiana about 1852 via New York. She left the state between August 1856 and February 1857 for Red Wing, Goodhue County, Minnesota. Her son, Oscar Amel, changed his surname to Allen.

Submitted by:
Edith Grindstaff Anderson
Saline MI

Anna Brita Jonson

Anna Brita Jonson
b. 10 March 1806, Grenna, Sweden
d. 5 January 1869, Vasa, Goodhue County, Minnesota

m. 1829, Sweden
Peter/Pehr Peterson/Pehrson
b. 24 July 1807, Grenna, Sweden, to Par/Peter and Maria (Jaensdotter) Parsson, Sr.
d. 27 October 1854, West Point, Tippecanoe County, Indiana

Children with Peter/Pehr Peterson/Pehrson:
• Johan Peter (1832-1853)
• Christina (1833-1907) married Carl “Charles” J. Anderson
• Jonas (1835-1844)
• Inga Lotta (1838-1924) married Eric Norelius
• August (b. 1840)
• Charlie Carl (1843-1894)
• Jonas (1846-1896)

In 1852, the parents and six living children immigrated to the United States on the ship, Tanners. They settled in West Point, Tippecanoe County, Indiana, where Peter Peterson became the spiritual father to his fellow Swedes living in the area. He and his oldest son, Johan Peter, died in the cholera epidemic of 1853-54. After living in West Point for four years, the family moved to Red Wing, Goodhue County, Minnesota.

Submitted by:
Edith Grindstaff Anderson
Saline MI

Andrew Foster

Andrew Foster
b. 1809, Wayne Township, Adams County, Ohio, to Robert and Margaret (McCord) Foster
d. May 1873, Lewis Township, Holt County, Missouri

m/1. 29 January 1829, Wayne Township, Adams County, Ohio
Mary Wiley
b. 1810, Wayne Township, Adams County, Ohio
d. 1843, Union Township, Clinton County, Ohio

m/2. 13 February 1845, Union Township, Clinton County, Ohio
Sarah Lee
b. 1818, Union Township, Clinton County, Ohio
d. 1880, Lewis Township, Holt County, Missouri

Children with Mary Wiley:
• John A. (b. 1831)
• Mary A. (b. 1836)
• Nancy (b. 1840)
• John Branson (b. 1842)

Children with Sarah Lee:
• Sarah A. (b. 1845)
• Melissa (b. 1847)
• Andrew (b. 1850)
• Hannah (b. 1853)
• Malinda (b. 1856)
• Samuel (b. 1859)

Andrew immigrated to Indiana from Union Township, Clinton County, Ohio, in 1848. While in Indiana, he lived in District 52 Township, Huntington County, and in Tippecanoe Township, Tippecanoe County. He left Indiana in 1865.

Submitted by:
Col. James E. Foster
Austin TX

Clara Alice Dexter

Clara Alice Dexter
b. 2 February 1886, Morocco, Newton County, Indiana, to David Austin and Anne Marier (Howell) Dexter, Jr.
d. 28 March 1969, Pratt, Pratt County, Kansas

m. before 1903
Joseph Marion Swiger
b. 15 November 1877, Lafayette, Tippecanoe County, Indiana, to John and Sarah (Harvey) Swiger

Children with Joseph Marion Swiger:
• Barbara Ellen (1903-1984) married (1) Russell Chester Miller, (2) Newton Vincent Smith, (3) James Bodkins
• Margarete May (1904-1979) married Edward Joseph Hartke
• Lawrence Elmer (1907-1977) married Gertrude Peo
• Daisy Lorena (b. 1907) married Harold Edward Millard
• Jennie Blanch (1909-1998) married (1) Chester Bert Zimmerman, (2) Leo Stanley Owxzarski
• Sarah Evelena (1911-1994) married (1) Harry Novak, (2) Jesse Frank Odle
• Joseph Willferd (1914-1966) married (1) Irma May Walker, (2) Betty Lou Gunn
• Beatrice Louella (b. 1916) married Orran Zerber
• Benjamin Willard (1919-1961) married Marjorie Harris
• Florence Elizabeth (b. 1924) married Garl Figgins
• Mary Louise (b. 1931) married (1) Russell W. Vernard, (2) Denzil Patrick

The family lived in Tippecanoe, Lake, LaPorte, and Newton counties in Indiana. Clara left Michigan City after 1944. At the time of her death, she lived next door to her daughter Barbara. Joseph’s whereabouts after 1927 are unknown. Clara was granted a legal separation from Joseph on 3 April 1926 in LaPorte County. The divorce was granted 18 January 1927 in the same county. She was called Alice, her middle name, until after the divorce, when she began using Clara.

Submitted by:
Betty Odle Ramsey
Batesville AR

Jennie Mae Comer

Jennie Mae Comer
b. 1 December 1891, Rensselaer, Jasper County, Indiana, to William Cyrus and Sarah Jane
(Gleason) Comer
d. 2 June 1986, West Chicago, DuPage County, Illinois

m. 1 October 1920, Lafayette, Tippecanoe County, Indiana
Orval Hamilton Crisler
b. 10 October 1893, Mount Ayr, Newton County, Indiana, to William Addison and Clara Delilah (Hopkins) Crisler
d. 17 January 1986, West Chicago, DuPage County, Illinois

Children with Orval Hamilton Crisler:

  • William Orval (1922-2005) married Dorothy Helen Olson
  • Virginia Mae (b. 1923) married Leslie Alexander Simpson
  • John Edward (1924-1994) married June Freida Wilson
  • George Hamilton (1925-2000) married (1) Gloria Grover Murray, (2) Barbara Dee Bell
  • Emily Jeannette (b. 1927) married Lyle William Seefeldt

Jennie’s father, William Cyrus Comer, was also born in Indiana. Her mother, Sarah Jane “Jennie” Gleason was born in Michigan, but lived in Indiana as a young woman.

Jennie’s mother died following childbirth, and Jennie was sent to her maternal grandparents in Ottawa County, Michigan, to be raised there. She returned to Rensselaer, Jasper County, Indiana, at age nine in 1900 to live with her aunts, Mary and Lizzie Comer, at their boarding house on South Cullen Street. She stayed there until adulthood.

Jennie left Indiana in 1912 to attend nursing school in Chicago but returned again to Rensselaer to work as a registered nurse at Jasper County Hospital following her graduation. There she became re-acquainted with her husband-to-be and former classmate, Orval Hamilton Crisler. They married in 1920 and quickly were parent of five children.

In 1927, the family moved to Waukegan, Illinois. Later they moved to Chicago, then to Glen Ellyn, Illinois. Following her husband’s retirement, they moved to Dunedin, Florida. At her death at age 94, Jennie’s body was returned to Rensselaer, and she is buried there next to her husband of 65 years in Weston Cemetery.

Submitted by:
Leslie S. Hall
Waynesboro, VA