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Chapman J. Kneisley

Chapman J. Kneisley
birth: 11 May 1822 in Virginia to Jacob and Barbara [unknown] Kneisley
death: 6 Jan 1882 at Walkerton, St. Joseph County, IN
burial: North Woodlawn Cemetery, Walkerton, St. Joseph Co., IN

marriage: December 1846 in VA
Elsbeth Fry
birth: 21 June 1826, VA
death: June 1891, Walkerton, St. Joseph Co., IN
burial: North Woodlawn Cemetery, Walkerton, St. Joseph Co., IN

Children of Chapman J. Kneisley and Elsbeth (Fry) Kneisley:

  • George William Kneisley- b. 1848, d. 1920, m. (1) Julia M. Orange, (2) 1910, Cora (Gould) Kneisley (his brother Jacob’s widow)
  • Jacob Fletcher Kneisley- b. 1855, d. 1897, m. Cora Gould
  • John L. Kneisley- b. 1856, d. 1921, m. Ruth Inman
  • Daniel E. Kneisley- b. 1861, d. 1921, m. Dora Nancy Wilson
  • Kenneth Chapman Kneisley- b. 1864, d. 1889, m. Mary Melissa Hileman

Chapman J. Kneisley lived in:

  • Prior to migrating to Indiana, the Kneisleys lived in Shenandoah County, Virginia
  • 1860- Chapman Kneisley and wife Elisabeth lived in Pleasant Twp., LaPorte County, Indiana
  • 1870- Johnson Twp
  • 1891- Elisabeth (Fry) Kneisley lived in Walterton, St. Joseph County, Indiana

Other Information:

Most of the Kneisley children migrated to Michigan City, LaPorte County and lived in and around LaPorte and St Joseph counties.

Chapman’s brother Jacob Kneisley’s will (Shenandoah Co., VA Will Book W, p. 124-5) names their parents as Jacob and Barbara and says that Chapman’s brothers-in-law were James Ruddell and Henry Gochenour, both from Virginia.

Elsbeth’s will (LaPorte Co., IN Will Book D, p. 428-430) names her children and grandson Ralph Chapman Kneisley. Witnessing her will were L. C. Kneisley and B. M. Supinger of Virginia.

Submitted by:
Ralph Kneisley
Email: rkneisley@windstream.net


John Wesley Kimbel

John Wesley Kimbel
b. 8 May 1847, Ohio, to Daniel and Elizabeth (Cole) Kimbel
d. 30 January 1919, Leonidas Township, St. Joseph County, Michigan.

m/1. 19 December 1868, Marshall County, Indiana
Margaret E. Hissong
b. about 1851, Indiana
d. 25 February 1873, Menson Township, St. Joseph County, Michigan

m/2. about 1876
Anna J. White
b. 1860, Michigan, to Amos and Clarissa White
d. 28 September, Leonidas, Michigan

m/3. 22 June 1881, Three Rivers, Michigan
Louisa J. Lamphier March
b. 1859
d. April 1883, Manistee County, Michigan

Emma Augusta Brand
b. 27 August 1869, Auburn, DeKalb County, Indiana
d. 12 December 1952, Centreville, Michigan

Children with Margaret E. Hissong:
• Lilly M. (1870-1876)
• George Lee (1873-1929) married Theresa Pauline Henrietta Piotrasch

Children with Anna J. White:
• female infant (1878-1878)
• Wesley John (1879-1970) married (1) Clara J. Wagner Marsac, (2) Marigam A. Monroe Ramsey

Children with Emma August Brand:
• Charles (1887-1955) married Emma [–?–]
• Daniel (1888-1949) married Jeanette Baldwin
• Arthur (1891-1957) married Alma Emilia Giehne
• Vesta (1893-1920) married Valma N. E. Brown
• Ezra R. (1895-1903)
• Clifford (1897-1903)
• Leathia R. (1898-1903)
• Ola F. (1900-1961) married (1) Harry Inman, (2) James A. Jordan, (3) Howard Ellis
• Ralph (1902-1971) married Glennys Moughton
• Katie Marie (1904-1974) married Lester George McAmis
• Earl (1905-1981) married (1) Florence [–?–], (2) Emma Bavin

John was living in Fairfield Township, DeKalb County, Indiana, by 1853. He left from Bourbon Township, Marshall County, Indiana before 1873. He also lived in Etna Green, Kosciusko County, Indiana.

Submitted by:
Sally Kimbel
Troy MI
E-mail: swansall@123.net

John McRay Inman

John McRay Inman
b. about 1841, Indiana, to George and Nancy (Webster) Inman
d. 8 January 1929, Oklahoma

m/1. about 1861
Lucinda Richison
b. about 1847, Indiana, to James and Hester Richison
d. 11 August 1905, Hennessey, Kingfisher County, Oklahoma
dv/1. between 1875 and 1876

m/2. 18 January 1877, Cedar Grove, Franklin County, Indiana
Sarah Heap
d. 10 January 1929, Oklahoma

Children with Lucinda Richison:
• George (b. 1862)
• Hester A. (1864-1929) married William D. Shackelford
• James “Jim” (b. 1867) married Emma Crane
• Isaac “Ike” (b. 1870) married Rosa Copeland
• William “Bill” (b. 1872)
• Noah (b. 1875)

Children with Sarah Heap:
• Richard “Dee” (b. 1878) married Gertrude [–?–]

John and Lucinda lived in Mt. Spring, Baker Township, Martin County, Indiana, in the 1870 census. By the 1880 census, John, his second wife Sarah, their son Dee, and John’s son William were in Montague County, Texas, where John operated a saloon in Spanish Fort, Texas. John, Sarah, and Dee left Nocona, Texas after 1900 for Manitou, Oklahoma, where John operated a café. John and Lucinda’s sons, George, William, and Noah all stayed in Daviess County, Indiana, near Elnora, Indiana.

Submitted by:
Ileta Blades
Chickashe OK

John Inman

John Inman
b. March 1843, Indiana, to George and Nancy (Webster) Inman
d. 8 January 1929, Manitou, Tillman County, Oklahoma

m/1. circa 1861, Indiana
Lucinda Richards
b. about 1847, Indiana
d. 11 August 1905, Hennessey, Kingfisher County, Oklahoma

m/2. 18 January 1877, Cedar Grove, Franklin County, Indiana
Sarah Heap
d. 10 January 1921, Manitou, Tillman County, Oklahoma

Children with Lucinda Richards:
• George (b. 1862)
• Hester A. (b. 1864)
• James “Jim” (b. 1867)
• Isaac “Ike” (b. 1870)
• William “Bill” (b. 1872)
• Noah (b. 1875)

Children with Sarah Heap:
• Richard “Dee” (b. 1878)

The family lived in McCameron and Baker townships in Martin County, Indiana. John and Lucinda were divorced in 1875 or 1876. The 1880 census shows John, Sarah, Dee, and William in Montague County, Texas. John operated a saloon in Spanish Fort, Texas. After 1900, they moved to Manitou, Oklahoma, where John operated a café.

Submitted by:
Ileta Blades
Chickashe OK

James Inman

James “Jim” Inman
b. 8 December 1867, Martin County, Indiana, to John and Lucinda (Richison) Inman
d. about 1925, Los Angeles area of California

Emma Crane
b. February 1872, Texas

Children with Emma Crane:
• Lillian (b. 1893)
• Mary (b. 1896)
• Vent (b. 1898)
• Verda (b. 1900)
• Alvin (b. 1902)
• Lucille (b. 1906)
• Freda (b. 1908)
• Bessie Jim (b. 1910)
• Lorene (b. 1914)

While it is unknown when Jim left Indiana, he was in Texas by 1872. Between 1893 and 1896, he moved his wife and daughter to the Indian Territory of Oklahoma (Chickasaw Nation). They moved to Rush Springs, Grady County, Oklahoma, around 1909. In the 1920’s, most of the family, except Lillian and Mary who were married, moved near Los Angeles, Calfornia.

Submitted by:
Ileta Blades
Chickashe OK

Isaac “Ike” Inman

Isaac “Ike” Inman
b. 5 April 1870, Martin County, Indiana, to John and Lucinda (Richison) Inman
d. Oklahoma

m. 4 September 1889, Arthur, Indian Territory (now Oklahoma)
Rosa Copeland
d. Oklahoma

Children with Rosa Copeland:
• Ruby Estell (b. 1900)
• Mable (b. 1902)
• Earl (b. 1904)
• Joe (b. 1906)
• Juanita (b. 1908)
• Ethel (b. 1909)
• Lou Ellyn (b. 1912)
• Mildred (b. 1915)
• Edith (b. 1919)

It is unknown when Isaac left Indiana; however, he was in the Indian Territory of Oklahoma by 1889. The family later moved from the Indian Territory to Retrop, Oklahoma, in 1914.

Submitted by:
Ileta Blades
Chickashe OK

Hester A. Inman

Hester A. Inman
b. 30 October 1964, Mount Springs, Baker Township, Martin County, Indiana, to John and Lucinda (Richison) Inman
d. 31 August 1921, Grady County, Oklahoma

m. 21 October 1888, Texas
William Dewitt Shackelford
b. Bowling Green, Missouri
d. 25 February 1937, Grady County, Oklahoma

Children with William Dewitt Shackelford:
• Maud (b. 1889)
• Mattie (b. 1891)
• Otie D. (b. 1893)
• Otie B. (b. 1893)
• Lou (b. 1896)

Sometime after 1880, Hester went to Texas with others to help care for their children. After her marriage, she lived in Nocona, Texas. In 1897, the family moved to Bailey, Indian Territory, Oklahoma. William drew land in the Kiowa-Comanche Indian Reservation near Rush Springs, Oklahoma. He paid $14.00 for the 160 acres. They lived there the rest of their lives.

Submitted by:
Ileta Blades
Chickashe OK

James M Dawson

James M Dawson
b. 5 April 1832, Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, to Matthias and Nancy (McIlvain) Dawson
d. 1 June 1904, Ames, Cloud County, Kansas

m. 15 May 1856, Union County, Indiana
Sarah Margaret Laflin
b. 28 June 1840, Connersville, Fayette County, Indiana, to William and Mary (Tevis) Laflin
d. 21 April 1918, Clyde, Cloud County, Kansas

Children with Sarah Margaret Laflin:

  • Ella Francis (1859-1876) married Lee Means
  • Elmer Morton (1863-1936) married Ella Query
  • Georgia Ann (1865-1891) married Will Patterson
  • Clara Alice (1867-1899) married Grant Frederick
  • Lucilla (1869-1915) married George Headley
  • Sarah Cyntha (1874-1875)
  • James Arthur (1886-1973) married Alice Waunita Inman

Submitted by:
Karen Pickett
Burlingame KS
E-mail: karepickett@hotmail.com

Lucinda Richison

Lucinda Richison
b. about 1847, Indiana, to James and Hester Richison
d. 11 August 1905, Hennessey, Kingfisher County, Oklahoma

John McRay Inman
b. March 1843, Indiana, to George and Nancy (Webster) Inman
d. 8 January 1929, Manitou, Tillman County, Oklahoma

m/2. about 1880
Andrew Flummerfelt
b. 1854, Indiana

Children with John McRay Inman:

  • George
  • Hester A.
  • James
  • Isaac
  • William
  • Noah

Children with Andrew Flummerfelt:

  • Charles
  • Frank
  • Edward
  • Samuel
  • Effie

John Inman lived in McCameron and Mountain Spring in Martin County before leaving Indiana between 1870 and 1880. Lucinda lived in Dye in Martin County and in Elnora in Daviess County before leaving Indiana after 1900.

Submitted by:
Ileta Blades
Chickasha OK

James W Murphy

James W Murphy
b. October 1850, Vienna Township, Scott County, Indiana, to John T. and Mary Ann Elizabeth (Smallwood) Murphy
d. 2 May 1906, Holcomb, Dunklin County, Missouri

m/1. 14 August 1877, Columbus, Bartholomew County, Indiana
Percillia A. Parks
b. 15 April 1855, Nashville, Brown County, Indiana, to Samuel and Dorcus (Henry) Parks
d. 22 December 1895, Donaldson Creek, Trigg County, Kentucky

m/2. 27 January 1897
Florence M. E. “Betty” (Walker) Wilkerson
b. to John C. and Amy Jane (Allen) Walker
d. 13 May 1906

Children with Percillia A. Parks:

  • Nannie M. (1879-1892) married (1) George W. Hawley, (2) James Whitt Dowlen
  • Effie Lena (b. 1883) married Thomas Rice Hagewood
  • Allie Elmire (b. 1885) married (1) Brown Hagewood, (2) Harrison Butcher, (3) [–?–] Grey, (4) John Inman
  • Margaret (or Emma) Elizabeth (1889-1933) married Columbus Collier Mathis Pascal
  • Lyman Arthur
  • Minnie Ruth

Children with Florence M.E. (Walker) Wilkerson:

  • Florence Lorene
  • Tryman Jessie
  • Janie (1902-1904)
  • Bodie Ophelia

The family left Bartholomew County, Indiana, about 1890 for Donaldson Creek Valley, Trigg
County, Kentucky. They left Kentucky for Ashland City, Cheatham County, Tennessee, about 1899. Next, the family moved to Holcomb/White Oak, Missouri, in 1904.

James and Betty both died in May 1906 of pneumonia caused by being in the river after their ferry caught fire. They left six young children. The oldest four girls, all of whom were born in Indiana, had married and stayed in Tennessee.

Submitted by:
Lela B. Murphy Winfree
Warren MI