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George C Pence

George C Pence
b. 20 November 1791, to Philip Pence
d. 15 June 1866, Hardin County, Iowa

m/1. 20 January 1812, Fayette County, Ohio
Sarah Windle
b. 18 November 1795, Shenandoah County, Virginia, to Peter and Rachel (Wolfe) Windle
d. 18 August 1854, Smith Township, Whitley County, Indiana

m/2. Iowa
Caroline Reese Danger
b. 17 September 1814
d. 5 October 1903, Hardin County, Iowa

Children with Sarah Windle:

  • Henry (1813-1892) married (1) Eliza Gradeless, (2) Mary Young
  • Eliza (1816-1883) married James H. Roussear
  • Abraham (1818-1897) married (1) Nancy Bucklew, (2) Sarah Hyre Humbarger
  • John (1823-1894) married (1) Sarah Strain, (2) Mary Jane Hazen
  • Absalom G. (1824-1875) married Clarissa Van Houten
  • Catherine (1827-1889) married Mickael K. Zorger
  • Willis F. (1828-1864) married (1) Mary Waugh, (2) Mary Burney
  • Elizabeth (1828-1864) married John Van Houten
  • Joseph (1831-1916) married (1) Susan Waugh, (2) Alice Henny
  • Jesse (1833-1843)
  • infant

The family came to Whitley County, Indiana, from Fayette, Ohio, in 1836. George moved to Iowa in 1856.

There were no children from his second marriage.

Submitted by:
Kay Hilliard
Columbia City IN

Blanche Matilda Bagley

Blanche Matilda Bagley
b. 25 December 1878, Mier, Grant County, Indiana, to Levi Charles and Susannah (Campbell) Bagley
d. 5 July 1968, Seattle, King County, Washington
m. 11 December 1897, Marion, Grant County, Indiana

Carey Denim Pence
b. 15 December 1867, Ohio, to Martin and Sarah (Flaugher) Pence
d. 23 December 1929, Seattle, King County, Washington

Children with Carey Denim Pence:

  • Ruth S.
  • Iris Carrie
  • Ethel
  • Edith B.

Blanche and Carey Pence emigrated from Mier, Grant County, Indiana, to Sickle, Dewey County, Oklahoma, in 1898 along with her father.

Submitted by:
Ruth Sheean
Mission Viejo CA

Levi Charles Bagley

Levi Charles Bagley
b. 7 May 1839, Marion, Mercer County, Pennsylvania, to Azor and Euphemia (Beach) Bagley
d. 5 May 1932, Labette, Labette County, Kansas
m. 17 May 1864, Marion, Grant County, Indiana

Susannah Campbell
b. about 1844, Washington Township, Grant County, Indiana
d. about 1887, Mier, Grant County, Indiana

Children with Susannah Campbell:

  • Sarah L.
  • Melissa
  • Versilla
  • Gracie
  • Blanche (1878-1968) married Carey Denim Pence (1867-1929)
  • Julia

Levi emigrated from Delaware County, Ohio, to Distict #97, Rush County, Indiana, about 1845. He emigrated from Grant County, Indiana, to Sickle, Dewey County, Oklahoma, in 1898.

Submitted by:
Ruth Sheean
Mission Viejo CA