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Mary Catherine Rauk/Rauck/Ronk/Ranck

Mary Catherine Rauk/Rauck/Ronk/Ranck
birth: 10 July 1798 in Somerset, Pennsylvania to John A. Ranck & Unknown
death: 30 March 1841 in Fayette, Indiana
burial: Smoker Family Cemetery, Abington, Wayne, Indiana

marriage: 28 December 1819 Montgomery, Ohio
Jacob Troxell
birth: 2 October 1797 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania to Abraham and Mary Rohrer Troxell
death: 6 April 1885 in Fayette, Indiana
burial: Robinson Chapel Cemetery, Fayette, Indiana

Children of Mary Catherine Ranck and Jacob Troxell:

  • Elizabeth Troxell 1820-1901 John Anderson Long
  • Joseph Troxell 1823-1845
  • John Troxell 1825-1911 1st m. Louisa Sampson 2nd m. Ann Elizabth Gruwell
  • Abraham Troxell 1827-1908
  • Levi Troxel Abt 1830-1871 Sarah J. Campbell
  • Jonathan Troxell 1833-1871 Eliza Jane Port
  • Jacob Troxell 1835-1906 Malinda Lynn
  • Mary Catherine Troxell 1837-1912 John Calvin Henry

Ancestor here lived in:

  • Waterloo, Fayette County

Other Information: Mary Catherine was born on 10 July 1798 in Somerset, Pennsylvania. The name of her mother is unknown. Mary Catherine and her sister, Elizabeth 1799-1825, were the only two children of her father’s first union. Her father remarried circa 1804 to Elizabeth Dumbaugh. About 1814, the family relocated briefly to Yadkin, North Carolina where Mary Catherine’s 4th step-sibling was born. By December 1819, the family had moved to Montgomery, Ohio where Mary Catherine wed Jacob Troxell. Although family records conflict on when the couple and their young children moved to Indiana, it was likely by 1829 where they lived on the west fork of the White River near Waterloo, Fayette, Indiana. It was there that husband Jacob worked to build a mill race. Mary Catherine died in Fayette, Indiana on 30 March 1841. The youngest of her eight children was four years old at the time of her death.

Mary Catherine’s step mother was Elizabeth Dumbaugh, born about 1812 in Pennsylvania. She was last found in the 1880 US Federal census suffering from rheumatism. She resided with her husband, John, in Buffalo, Union, Pennsylvania. The couple had the following children:
Jonathan D. Ranck 1805-1891 Hannah Saylor
Edmond Ranck 1807-1833
Hiram Amon Ranck 1812-1881 Clarinda
Nancy Ranck 1814-1878 Henry Long
Some family trees list Elhanan Ranck ?-1835 as a fifth child, however, that is unconfirmed. A Elhanan Ranck is found in the 1830 US Federal Census as a head of household in Center, Wayne, Indiana with five others in the household. He may have been the 20-29 year old male or the 15-19 year old male if he was born about 1810. There is a gap in the known siblings ages where he possibly fits. Also in the household was a male 60-69 and three females, 15-19, 20-29 and 60-69. An Indiana will is found for Elhanan probated on 7 October 1835 in Wayne, Indiana. It noted his wife, Elizabeth, and two brothers, Jonathan and Hiram. If Elhanan is in this family, his brother Edmond would have been deceased. There was no mention of his sister, Nancy, who would have been single. It is unknown who the others enumerated in the household were. If Elhanan was a step sibling of Mary Catherine and Eleanor, there was also no mention of them in the will.

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Lori Samuelson
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Jacob Troxell

Jacob Troxell
birth:  2 October 1797 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania to Abraham and Mary Rohrer Troxell
death: 6 April 1885 in Fayette, Indiana
burial: Robinson Chapel Cemetery, Fayette, Indiana

marriage: 28 December 1819 in Montgomery, Ohio
Mary Catherine Rauk
birth: 10 July 1798 in Somerset, Pennsylvania to John A. Ranck and Unknown
death: 30 March 1841 in Fayette, Indiana
burial: Smoker Family Cemetery, Abington, Wayne, Indiana

Children of Mary Catherine Rauk and Jacob Troxell:

  • Elizabeth Troxell 1820-1901 John Anderson Long
  • Joseph Troxell 1823-1845
  • John Troxell 1825-1911 1st m. Louisa Sampson 2nd m. Ann Elizabeth Gruwell
  • Abraham Troxell 1827-1908
  • Levi Troxell 1830-1871 Sarah J. Campbell
  • Jonathon Troxell 1833-1871 Eliza Jane Port
  • Jacob Troxell 1835-1906 Malinda Lynn
  • Mary Catherine Troxell 1837-1912 John Calvin Henry

2nd marriage:
Mary Jane Carlton Port
birth: 1805
death: 28 March 1844 in Fayette County, Indiana
burial: Green Cemetery, Waterloo, Fayette, Indiana.

Children of Mary Jane Carlton Port and Jacob Troxell:

  • Sara Ann Troxell 1843-1926 Robert Charles McGraw

Ancestor here lived in:

  • Waterloo, Fayette County

Other Information: Jacob Troxell was born 2 October 1797 in Lancaster Pennsylvania. By 1810, he, along with his family, had relocated to Bear Creek, near Miamisburg, Montgomery, Ohio. It was there, on 28 December 1819 that he married Mary Catherine Rauk. There is conflict in where the couple resided. Some sources note that the first three children were born in Montgomery, Ohio, however, there is a family genealogy that stated they relocated to Indiana in 1822. It is more likely that the couple relocated in 1829 to the west fork of the White River near Waterloo, Fayette, Indiana where they were building a mill race. In 1830, the family is found in Fayette, Indiana. Jacob’s first wife died in 1841; he remarried and continued to live in Waterloo, Fayette, Indiana through his death on 6 April 1885.

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Lori Samuelson
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James Gilchrist

James Gilchrist
birth: 04 Nov. 1798/99 – Scotland
death: 13 Oct. 1876 – Rochester, Fulton County, IN
burial: I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Leiters Ford, Fulton County, IN

marriage: 13 Aug. 1826 – Jefferson County, IN
Mary Anderson
birth: 08 Sep. 1799 – Johnstone, Dumfries, Scotland to Thomas Anderson & Elizabeth Bridget Beck
death: 01 Jan. 1877 – Rochester, Fulton County, IN
burial: I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Leiters Ford, Fulton County, IN

Children of James Gilchrist and Mary Anderson:

  • Elizabeth Gilchrist (25 Jan 1828 – 17 Jan 1835)
  • James Gilchrist (1832 – 1897)
  • Jennet Gilchrist (16 Jun 1835- 04 Oct 1865) m. 19 Jan 1860 in Rochester, Fulton Co., IN to Christopher Campbell
  • Thomas Gilchrist (14 Apr 1839 – 26 Apr 1926) m. 11 June 1862 in Fulton County, IN to Phoebe Keely

James Gilchrist lived in:

  • Recorded in both his first and second papers for citizenship, James Gilchrist was “a native of Lennockshire, Scotland (assumed Lanarkshire). He arrived at Port of Baltimore in late June 1821.
  • 1826 Jefferson County, IN
  • 1845 Fulton County, IN

Other Information:

James and Mary Gilchrist were members of the Carmel Associate Presbyterian Church in Hanover Township, Jefferson County, IN. Their first child, Elizabeth is buried in the cemetery there in the block of graves of the Thomas Taylor family, neighbors of the Gilchrists and also natives of Scotland.

Apparently James and Mary Gilchrist were well thought of in the Fulton County area where they lived. The obituary for James includes the following tribute:
“…Never was a neighborhood blest with more honest, accommodating
and useful neighbors than were Mr. and Mrs. Gilchrist. They died as
they had lived, loved and esteemed by all, and are at peace with God…”

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E. Ann Grubb
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John Newton Love

John Newton Love
birth: 28 Apr 1809, Stokes County, North Carolina to John Crook Love and Flora Campbell
death: 10 Apr 1869,  Martin County, Indiana
burial: Love Cemetery, Martin County, Indiana

marriage: 11 Nov 1834
Rachel Carrico
birth: 1 Oct 1816, Indiana
death: 22 Oct 1859, Martin County, Indiana
burial: Love’s Cemetery, Loogootee, Martin County, Indiana

Children of John Newton Love and Rachel Carrico:

  • Flora Jane, 1835-1902, m. Armaduke Moses Fraim
  • Milton H. 1842-1858
  • John Augustus, 1850-1909, m. Bridget Gump

John was a shoemaker, a Justice of the Peace (ca. 1852). He established Love’s Meeting House (Methodist) with his mother and siblings on her land. He married, at Rachel’s death, his cousin, Sarah Jane Love, had one son, William A. (ca. 1863).

John lived in Stokes County, North Carolina; and Daviess County and Martin County, Indiana.

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Carol Collins
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Maurice Edgar Tschupp

Maurice Edgar Tschupp
birth: 25 Jan 1892, Harrison, Elkhart County, Indiana to Adam Tschupp (1863 – 1935) and Lovina Ellen Martin (1867 – 1928)
death: 24 Jun 1975, Elkhart, Elkhart County, Indiana
burial: Prairie Street Mennonite Church Cemetery, Elkhart, Elkhart County, Indiana

marriage: 1912, Goshen, Elkhart County, Indiana
Bertha Anna Kurtz
birth: 26 Jun 1894, Goshen, Elkhart County, Indiana to Louis P. Kurtz (1855 – 1930) and Amanda Overholser (1866 – 1918)
death: 14 Mar 1956, Elkhart, Elkhart County, Indiana
burial: Elkhart, Elkhart County, Indiana

marriage: 26 May 1956
Mildred Marie Hoke Kurtz

Children of Maurice Edgar Tschupp and Bertha Anna Kurtz:

  • Edgar J Tschupp 1913 – 1957
  • Mabel Louise Tschupp Ritchart Horvath 1916 – 1998
  • Leanord Jasper Tschupp 1919 – 1919
  • Florence Marie Tschupp Campbell 1922 – 1985
  • George Edward Tschupp 1929 – 2004
  • Ralph Leroy Tschupp 1932 – 1993
  • Delores May Tschupp 1933 – 1933

Maurice lived in Harrison, Elkhart County, Indiana; Union, Elkhart County, Indiana; Washington, Elkhart County, Indiana; Concord, Elkhart County, Indiana; Baugo, Elkhart County, Indiana; and Elkhart, Elkhart County, Indiana.
Additional information about person: Spouse:

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John Tschupp

Ambrose Whitlock Smith

Ambrose Whitlock Smith
b. 2 January 1831, Vincennes, Knox County, Indiana, to James and Eliza (Jones) Smith
d. 22 October 1898, Portia, Lawrence County, Arkansas

m/1. 15 August 1853, Jefferson County, Kentucky
Sarah Ellen Kellar
b. 14 February 1834, Jefferson County, Kentucky, to Moses and Catherine Kellar
d. 22 June 1858, Jefferson County, Kentucky

Elizabeth [–?–]

m/3. 21 June 1862
Julia F. (Chadwick) Rainey
b. 1 June 1828
d. 20 January 1887

m/4. 23 January 1888
Laura Morill
b. about 1830

m/5. 14 September 1892
A. Baker
b. about 1842

Children with Sarah Ellen Kellar:
• Emma Hite (1854-1920) married Thomas Watkins Campbell
• Anna Ayres (1856-1890) married Edward Bryant Kellar

The Smith family left Knox County, Indiana, about 1834 for Rapides Parish, Louisiana. Ambrose’s parents had a cotton plantation, as well as a house in New Orleans. Julia Rainey had several children from her previous marriage that became part of his household. During his first marriage, Ambrose lived in Kentucky, but later took the children to Louisiana after their mother’s death. In 1859 he purchased land in Lawrence County, Arkansas. Shortly after the town of Portia was opened on the railroad, Ambrose moved there. He was a dry goods merchant, a druggist, and a land merchant.

Submitted by:
Steven E. Kellar
Overland Park KS

Robert McElroy

Robert McElroy
b. Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, to John and Margaret (Campbell) McElroy
d. 19 August 1874, Kankakee County, Illinois

m. about 1825, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Matilda “Amanda” Trout
d. 1891, Kankakee, Illinois

Children with Matilda Trout:
• John (1826-1887) married Margaret Crozier
• Amanda (b. 1827)
• Paul (b. 1829)
• Hannah (b. 1833)
• Isaac (b. 1835)
• Margaret (b. 1837)
• Hester “Hettie” (b. 1841)
• William (b. 1843)
• James (b. 1849)
• Sarah (b. 1851)

In 1830, the family came from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, to Jefferson County, Indiana. They moved to LaPorte County, Indiana, about 1854. They then moved to Kankakee County, Illinois, in 1860. Robert was a farmer. His parents came from Ireland to Pennsylvania about 1802; all their children were born in Pennsylvania.

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Tammy Wilson
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William “Henderson” Lewelling

William “Henderson” Lewelling
b. 23 April 1809/10, Randolph County, North Carolina, to Meshach (1787-1840) and Jane (1789-1835) (Brookshire) Lewelling
d. 28 December 1878, San Jose, Alameda County, California

m/1. 30 December 1830, Henry County, Indiana
Jane Elizabeth Presnall
b. 8 April 1815, Randolph County, North Carolina, to John and Hannah (Littler) Presnall
d. 7 March 1851, Milwaukie, Clackamas County, Oregon

m/2. 27 June 1851
Phoebe Eddy Grimes



Children with Jane Elizabeth Presnall:
• Alfred William (1831-1904) married Mary Elizabeth Campbell
• Mary (1833-1850) married William Meek
• Asenath (1834-1875) married John Bozarth
• Rachel “Hattie” (1837-1917/19) married (1) Seth Eddy, (2) Henry Charles Wilson
• Jane Harriet (1839-1872) married Henry Welch Eddy
• Hannah (1841-1917) married (1) Walter Wood, (2) William Bradbury, (3) Col. A. P. Hawes
• Levi (1843-1877) married Emma Eaton
• Albert (1845-1883) married Mary Gardener
• Oregon Columbia (1847-1912) married Emily Jane Norris
• Eliza Anne (1849-aft. 1925) married Isaac Wood

Henderson came to Indiana in 1822 with his father. He was in the nursery business with his brother John while in Indiana. He moved to near Salem, Iowa, by 1837 and opened a nursery there.

After reading of Lewis and Clark’s adventures, he was determined to leave Iowa. In 1847, he took his cargo of living trees across the plains and over the Rocky Mountains to the Willamette Valley, the first cultivated or grafted fruit to reach the Pacific Northwest.

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Jacqueline Frank Strickland
Rockwall TX

Achelus Shedrick Key

Achelus Shedrick Key
b. 18 January 1842, Surry County, North Carolina, to William S. and Lydia D. (Jones) Key
d. 13 June 1930, Sharpsburg, Taylor County, Iowa

m/1. 31 December 1862, Surry County, North Carolina
Martha Ellen Whittaker
d. Indiana

m/2. 1 November 1868, Jasper County, Indiana
Mary Grubb
b. 19 November 1846, Jefferson County, Virginia, to Adam and Elizabeth (Mercer) Grubb
d. 19 February 1901, Grove Township, Taylor County, Iowa

m/3. 22 September 1901
Sarah Ellen Coe
b. 3 September 1873, North Carolina
d. 21 July 1969, Taylor County, Iowa

Children with Martha Ellen Whittaker:
• Samuel Jefferson (1865-1924) married Rose L. Gaudard
• James Lewis (ca. 1867-1961) married Blanche Davis

Children with Mary Grubb:
• Eliza Ellen (1870-1918) married John Wattie Campbell
• Cora Lee (b. 1872) married Elmer McLaughlin
• John Orman (1874-1957) married Goldie Cook
• Charles Lee William (1879-ca. 1950) married Ida Bell Crowe
• William (b. aft. 1880)
• Oscar Henry (1883-1967) married Ethel Mae Strum
• Rosa Edith (1885-1934) married Jerry Wilson

Children with Sarah Ellen Coe:
• Roxa Viola (1902-1961)
• Lloyd Amond (b. 1903) married Edna Weese
• Eunice May (b. 1905) married James A. Eller
• Lydia DeBose (b. 1907) married Russell Reynolds
• Bessie Maciel (1908-1944) married Elwin Brown
• Hollis Cecil (1910-1910)
• Hattie Dell (b. 1911) married Asa Tackett
• Royal Jackson (1914-1917)
• Lula Tessie (1917-1917)
• Dora Jessie (1917-1918)
• Mary Lessie (b. 1917) married William Terry

A. S. Key was a Confederate soldier in Company H, 11th Regiment, North Carolina Infantry (volunteers) from June 1861 for twelve months. He was wounded as part of Jackson’s campaign of the Shenandoah Valley on 25 May 1862. In June 1862, he was reported as being “absent without leave.”

Six months later her married his first wife. The couple most likely moved to Indiana between the births of their two sons, probably because of the harsh conditions in North Carolina after the war. Martha died, leaving him with two young children. While it is not known exactly when they came to Indiana, they left Jasper County in 1869.

He married Mary in Jasper County and their first child was born in Peoria, Illinois, where Mary also had family. By 1880, the family was in Grove Township, Taylor County, Iowa.

By the end of his life, A. S. had married three times and had twenty children, the last three being triplets. His name has also been spelled Achillus Sherdrick Key.

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Sandra L. Carter-Duff
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John Hays

John Hays
b. 5 May 1829, Harrison County, Indiana, to James and Mariah (Faith) Hays
d. 4 March 1903, Washington County, Iowa

m. 19 December 1850, Harrison County, Indiana
Melissa F. Jacobs
b. 17 April 1831, Harrison County, Indiana, to John P. and Sarah (McMonigle) Jacobs
d. 14 March 1909, Washington County, Iowa

Children with Melissa F. Jacobs:
• Florence (1851-1851)
• Walter Quinton (1853-1934) married Lora Ellen Smith
• Emmett (1855-1948) married Amanda Jane Campbell
• Oliver Morton Parker (1856-1948) married Martha Rozella Bales
• Andrew (b. 1858)
• John Harrison (1861-1947) married Nora May Warren
• Daniel Nelson (b. 1863) married Elizabeth Devine
• William Henry (b. ca. 1865) married Clara Jane Kimmel
• Joseph Decker (1866-1955) married Cora Ann Shaw
• Mark (1868-bef. 1947) married Mary J. Birka
• Ida Mae (1870-1892) married Thomas Devine
• Sarah (1872-1963) married John Wilson Davidson
• Samuel Conklin (1873-1947) married Martha Ann Devine

John and Melissa also had twin girls who died at birth about 1860.

John served in the Home Guards in Harrison County, Indiana, who took part in the Battle of Corydon during the Civil War. In 1868, he migrated to Washington County, Iowa.

Submitted by:
David L. McMonigle
Edgwater FL
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