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David Likens McCoy

David Likens McCoy
b. 30 March 1851, Kewanna, Fulton County, Indiana, to Isaac Newton and Eliza Jan (Martin) McCoy
d. 28 November 1919, Solomon, Kansas

m. 23 May 1877, Kewanna, Fulton County, Indiana
[–?–] Sellers
b. 15 April 1856, Kewanna, Fulton County, Indiana, to Samuel Ward and Sarah E. (Cannon) Sellers
d. 17 February 1932, Solomon, Kansas

Children with [—?—] Sellers:
• Edna Dell (1878-1879)
• infant (b. ca. 1880)
• Thaddeus (1880-1959) married (1) Mabel [–?–], (2) Rose Samuels
• Leonda Guy (1882-1962) married (1) Lou [–?–], (2) Ruth [–?–]
• Verl (1887-1926) married Helen G. Romberger
• Jay I. (b. 1888) married Minnie Cole (?)
• Orin G. (1889-1976) married Martha W. Engle
• Vera Junetta (b. 1893) married Elmer E. Clark

David and his family lived near Kewanna, Fulton County, Indiana, before moving to Solomon, Kansas. He worked as a laborer and as a farmer.

Submitted by:
Duane Schmidt
Lincoln NE
E-mail: schmidt_1@alltel.net

Robert Samuel Parkhurst

Robert Samuel Parkhurst
b. 2 February 1823, Henry County, Kentucky, to John and Abigail (Sellers) Parkhurst
d. 27 June 1911, Independence, Montgomery County, Kansas

m. 18 May 1842, Nineveh Township, Johnson County, Indiana
Lucretia Henry
b. 1822-23, Nineveh Township, Johnson County, Indiana, to John and Elizabeth (Musselman) Henry
d. after 1896, Independence, Montgomery County, Kansas

Children with Lucretia Henry:
• Abigail (b. 1843) married Lewis W. Hudiburg/Heidiburg
• Mary Elizabeth (b. 1844) married Iverson Ellis Utterback
• Matilda (b. 1849) married Richard Harvey DeMott
• Sarah (b. 1849)
• Lucinda Caroline (b. 1854) married William Edward Smith

John and his family moved to Johnson County, Indiana in 1826. As a youth, Robert received little education and except for three years he worked mostly as a farmer. In the fall of 1869, the family moved to Montgomery County, Kansas, where both Robert and Lucretia spent the rest of their lives.

Submitted by:
Jocelyn J. Wickens
Powells Point NC

James Newson Sellers

James Newson Sellers
b. 3 December 1817, Garrard County, Kentucky, to James and Mary “Polly” (Crawford) Sellers
d. 19 December 1882, Cumberland, Cass County, Iowa

m. about 1837, Putnam County, Indiana
Matilda Ann McCoy
b. 14 January 1822, Kentucky
d. 25 February 1885, Cumberland, Cass County, Iowa

Children with Matilda Ann McCoy:

  • William Harvey (b. 1838) married Marian Johnson
  • Sarah Frances (b. 1841) married [–?–] Sayles
  • Mary Abigail (b. 1843) married Merritt Higley
  • James David (b. 1847)
  • John Albert (b. 1849)
  • Nathaniel Crawford (b. 1852) married Mary Maria Keith
  • Granville Boone (b. 1854)
  • Lizzie Caroline (b. 1856) married [–?–] Jenison
  • Lucy Lucynthia (b. 1859) married Jake A. Smith
  • Hugh Thompson (b. 1864) married Cora Bell

James emigrated from Indiana in 1839 to Maries County, Missouri.

Submitted by:
Gladys Sellers Hedstrom
Wheaton MD

David McCoy

David McCoy
b. 2 May 1790, on the banks of the Catawba, Burke County, North Carolina
d. 25 March 1895, near Redlands, San Bernardino County, California

m. 21 December 1815, Casey County, Kentucky
Lucintha Davis
b. about 1797, possibly Casey County, Kentucky, to perhaps Landon Davis
d. 1877, Missouri

Children with Lucintha Davis:

  • Rebecca (b. 1817) married Abraham Langston
  • Matilda Ann (1820–1885) married James Nelson Sellers
  • Landon (b. ca. 1825–aft. 1895)
  • John A. (b. ca. 1833)
  • William Western (1835–aft. 1895) married Elizabeth [–?–]
  • David Hugh (1836–aft. 1895) married Susan Cargill
  • Lucintha (1838–1930) married William Thomas Morris

David immigrated to Indiana from Kentucky by 1820. He emigrated from Putnam County, Indiana, to Marie’s County, Missouri, about 1832.

On 4 December 1892, the San Francisco Daily Examiner ran a fourteen-inch long column on
David McCoy following his voting for Grover Cleveland at the age of 102.

Submitted by:
Gladys Sellers Hedstrom
Wheaton MD

Lucy Ann McCloughan

Lucy Ann McCloughan
b. 30 September 1851, Wayne Township, Kosciusko County, Indiana to Ira McCloughan and Catherine Sellers
d. 15 May 1936, Livingston County, Missouri

m. 25 December 1867, Livingston County, Missouri
Michael Lemon

Children with Michael Lemon:

  • Eugene Franklin
  • Mollie Gertrude
  • Katie Ann
  • Cora Belle
  • Oral Benton
  • Lura Lugene
  • Clarence M.
  • Maude Mae
  • Cressella

Submitted by:
Michael R. Darnel
Granger IN

Ira McCloughan

Ira McCloughan
b. 18 February 1819, Pennsylvania to Joseph H. and Elizabeth (McBride) McCloughan
d. 10 December 1866, Union, Livingston County, Missouri

m. 28 April 1842, Summit County, Ohio
Catherine Sellers
b. 22 October 1818, Portage or Summit County, Ohio, to George and Catherine [–?–] Sellers
d. 22 December 1880, Utica, Livingston County, Missouri

Children with Catherine Sellers:

  • Joseph Henry
  • John
  • Mary E.
  • Eliza Jane
  • Charles Wesley
  • Lucy Ann
  • Samuel Adam
  • Wilson Freeman
  • Willis Truman

Ira immigrated to Kosciusko County, Indiana, from Summit County, Ohio, in 1842. He moved to Livingston County, Missouri, in 1864/5.

Submitted by:
Michael R. Darnel
Granger IN