Abigail Niccum

Abigail “Abby” Niccum
b. 28 February 1879, Wabash County, Indiana, to John and Mariah (Mallott) Niccum
d. 1 January 1961, Rumford, Maine

m. 20 July 1898, Wabash County, Indiana
Arthur Brewer
d. Maine

Children with Arthur Brewer:
• Elma Marie married Linwood Jordan
• Vernon (b. 1914) married Dorothy Tyler

Abby was the eighth child of John and Mariah. She lived in Wabash County and Elkhart County, Indiana until about 1910 when her husband was transferred to Portland, Maine, by the Indiana Paper Mill for which he worked.

Submitted by:
Mary Jane Shackelford Kaiser
Ft. Wayne IN

1 thought on “Abigail Niccum

  1. Jeanette Spaht

    My friend Margot and I became friends with Marie after she hired us to clean her home in 1981. What started as a cleaning job shortly became a close, treasured friendship. Once a week for nearly four years we not only cleaned her house but also had lunches, helped her with grooming, visited with her, listening to her stories about family but mostly about Loui and the wonderful times they shared. In fact, Marie gave Margot her Senora crank 78 record player with all her records, including the record she and Loui recorded at the 1904 St. Louis World Fair where they went on their honeymoon, “ Let Me Call You Sweetheart “. She gave me her white English China and her mothers white China pitcher. Every day I sit in her rocking chair purchased in 1904.

    How strange all this is. Margot moved to Oregon in 1995 and I actually moved to Oregon 2007 and live with Margot, we still talk about Marie frequently.

    Marie Niccum is no doubt one of the most memorable persons in my life, she was genuinely kind, sensitive towards others and gently of spirit.


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