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William Shettler

William Shettler
b. 30 June 1846, Ohio, to William F. and Hannah (Knight) Shettler
d. 16 June 1923, Ontario, San Bernardino County, California

m. 15 April 1877, Wilson County, Kansas
Martha Hannaman
b. 1858, Illinois
d. 1935 Fredonia, Wilson County, Kansas

Children with Martha Hannaman:
• Lola Mae “Lulu” (1877-1956) married William Phelps
• Irene Nona (1880-1957) married (1) [–?–] Horsley, (2) [–?–] Douglas
• Roy (b. 1883)
• Walter (1888-aft. 1951)

William came from Ohio in 1848 and lived in Pleasant Township, Grant County, Indiana, and Washington, Jasper County, Indiana. He homesteaded 160 acres in Duck Creek Township, Wilson County, Kansas, before 1880.

In 1906, William was unmarried and living in San Bernardino County, California. He made wagons, carriages, and was a rancher. William changed the spelling of his surname by dropping one “T” during his lifetime.

Submitted by:
Hilda Hemmingson Meryhew
Auburn WA

Elias Rich

Elias Rich
b. 15 March 1828, Randolph County, North Carolina, to Joseph and Anna (Moore) Rich
d. 10 June 1900, Neosho Township, Kingfisher County, Nebraska

m. 28 March 1849, Randolph County, North Carolina
Anna Winslow
b. 12 May 1823, Randolph County, North Carolina
d. Liberty Township, Grant County, Indiana

Children with Anna Winslow:
• Sophia Ann
• Elizabeth
• Ruth Ann
• Nathan
• Mary
• Amanda
• Elias Stanton
• Alson Winslow

The family came to Hamilton County, Indiana, in 1850 and lived there a short time before moving to Liberty Township, Grant County, Indiana, which Elias left in the 1870’s.

Submitted by:
Joan Jane Yale Shields
Marion IN

Frank Poppino

Frank Poppino
b. 8 August 1876, Indiana, to Johnson Seth and Phebe Ann (Arthur) Poppino
d. August 1945, Washington

m. October 1902, Grant County, Indiana
Aura Myrtle Moon
b. 26 February 1883, to Clinton and Lydia Jane (Wright) Moon

Children with Aura Myrtle Moon:
• Mary Alice (1903-died young)
• Mildred (1904-1968) married [–?–] Hyatt
• Melvin (1907-1972) married Esther Huff

The family lived in Morgan and Grant counties in Indiana before emigrating. Frank was a private in the Spanish-American War between April and November 1898.

Submitted by:
Mary Shannon
Monticello FL

Thomas Mason

Thomas Mason
b. about 1792, North Carolina, to Thomas and Elizabeth Mason
d. 21 September 1865, Ironton, Sauk County, Wisconsin

m/1. 22 may 1815, Wayne County, Indiana
Griselda “Grizzel” Elliott
b. 1796, North Carolina, to Job and Orpha (Griffin) Elliott
d. 1830-31 in Indiana

m/2. 12 August 1831, Delaware County, Indiana
Mahala Puckett
b. about 1807, Surry County, North Carolina
d. Ironton, Sauk County, Wisconsin

Children with Griselda Elliott:
• Malinda (1825-1876) married Meredith Beeson
• Elihu married Elizabeth Collins
• Elliott (Eliot) married Gincy Jackson
• Edith married William Bates and/or Isaac Macy
• Mary married Thomas Addington

Children with Mahala Puckett:
• Nathan (1832-1912) married Elizabeth Weeks
• Gilla (b. 1834) married Will Bundy
• Thomas Elwood (1837-1914) married Martha Ann Bundy
• Clarinda (b. 1840)
• Isom (b. 1844) married Margaret Thomas
• James (b. 1846-died during Sherman’s march to the sea)
• Falitha (Talitha) (b. 1849) married George W. Ganfield
• Mahala (1851-1930) married John Fraser

Thomas came to Wayne County, Indiana, about 1814- 1815. They resided in Chester, Wayne County; Mississinewa Township; Delaware County; Pleasant Township; and Grant, Elkhart, and Randolph counties. He left the state in 1853 from Grant or Howard County. Thomas and Mahala were among the founding families of the Quaker settlement at Baraboo, Wisconsin. He was a minister.

Submitted by:
Leslie Hope
Santa Monica CA

Samuel Carey Zombro

Samuel Carey Zombro
b. 4 February 1858, Urbana, Champaign County, Ohio, to John Thomas and Rebecca Hitt (Brown) Zombro
d. after 1920, Michigan

m. 1881
Edna Dillon
b. 1862, Indiana, to John Dillon
d. 1892, Benton Harbor, Berrien County, Michigan

Children with Edna Dillon:
• Charles (b. ca. 1882-1950)
• Richard (b. ca. 1885) married Ethyl [–?–]
• Jean Ingelow (1886-1964) married Howard Weld

The family lived in Marion, Grant County, Indiana, until leaving about 1915. Samuel was in charge of the Soldiers and Sailors farm near Marion, where he had a successful dairy herd. About 1910, he bought a dairy farm near Hot Springs, Arkansas, but had trouble getting financing, so the venture failed. He then had a peanut farm in the area. Samuel bought a farm in Wisconsin before WWII.

Submitted by:
Marion G. Harcourt
Indianapolis IN

Clarence Roullan Jarvis

Clarence Roullan Jarvis
b. 24 November 1890, Blackford County, Indiana
d. 7 January 1919, Meuse, France

m/1. 24 January 1912, Grant County, Indiana
Lula M. Ice
b. 24 February 1894, Grant County, Indiana
d. 28 May 1979, Grant County, Indiana

m/2. 22 April 1918, Muskegon, Michigan
Leona Jewell

Children with Lula M. Ice:
• Sylvester (b. 1913) married Martha M. Yencer
• Vera I. (b. 1914) married Orel Asher Scott

Clarence left from Fairmount, Grant County, Indiana, after his divorce in 1915 and moved to Michigan. He enlisted in the military in White Cloud, Michigan on 3 June 1918. He served overseas from 23 July 1918 until his death. He was buried in Arlington National Cemetery on 26 June 1921. In 1926, Lula married Walter Hillsamer in Grant County.

Submitted by:
Marge Jarvis
Indianapolis IN

James Henry Horine

James Henry Horine
b. 20 March 1827, Jessamine County, Kentucky, to Dr. Jefferson Napoleon and Mary (Dean) Horine
d. 1896, Newell, Iowa

m. 24 February 1848, Grant County, Indiana
Rachel Davis
b. 19 July 1827, Henry County, Indiana, to Mark and Rebecca (Osborne) Davis
d. 21 June 1901, Newell, Iowa

Children with Rachel Davis:
• Mary Ann (b. 1849) married (1) [–?–] Thomas, (2) Nelson Sickles
• Ruth Ellen (b. 1851) married J.V. Mullenix
• Enoch M. (b. 1853) married Clementine Harvey
• Nancy E. (b. 1856) married William J. Mann
• George L. (b. 1858)
• Stephen David (1858-1931) married Lillie Mae Beeson
• Thomas Jefferson (b. 1861) married Etta Green
• John Mark (b. 1863) married Jennie Elizabeth Fyfe
• Rebecca Elizabeth (1866-1936) married (1) Willis Rockwell, (2) Marion Lawson Kinnamon
• Julie May (b. 1868)

James came to Delaware County, Indiana, with his parents in 1837. Next they lived near Kokomo in
Howard County. In 1852, the family moved to Friendswood, Sauk County, Wisconsin, where he was a farmer and owned a lime kiln and a quarry. In 1894, they moved to Newell, Iowa.

Submitted by:
Leslie Hope
Santa Monica CA

Nancy Gosnell

Nancy Gosnell
b. 23 March 1872, Elwood, Madison County, Indiana, to Alexander and Martha Elizabeth (Reeder) Gosnell
d. 11 November 1948, San Francisco, California

m. 29 June 1889, Grant County, Indiana
James Oliver Clevenger
b. 20 July 1860, Greene County, Ohio, to Jonathan and Nancy (James) Clevenger
d. 13 April 1928, San Francisco, California

Children with James Oliver Clevenger:
• Gladys Cary
• Raymand A.
• Ruie Muriel
• Frank
• Ruby Madge
• Robin Mary
• Ruth Gosnell
• Dorothy Isabel
• Rudyard James
• Theodore Matt
• Charlotte Mande
• Bonnie Mae
• Martha Lens
• Lenora Ann

Nancy lived in Elwood, Madison County, and Marion, Grant County, Indiana, before emigrating in 1916.

Submitted by:
Joan Jane Yale Shields
Marion IN

Margaret Goldthwaite

Margaret Goldthwaite
b. 15 January 1892, Marion, Grant County, Indiana, to Edgar Louis (1850-1918) and Candace Leah (1860-1956) (Zombro) Goldthwaite
d. 28 July 1969, Durham, North Carolina

m. 15 September 1922, Marion, Grant County, Indiana
Frank Byram Dilts
b. 4 August 1878, Ringoes, Hunterdon County, New Jersey, to William Fisher (1878-1933) and Amy (Swallow) Dilts
d. 10 June 1960, Durham, North Carolina

Children with Frank Byram Dilts:
• Elizabeth “Biz” (1923-1997) married (1) Wallace Goff Kibbee, (2) Carleton Williams
• Edgar Louis (b. 1929) married Shirley Sykes
• Charles Robert (b. 1931) married (1) Anne Marie Rogers, (2) Lynne Sherrerd

The family lived in Marion, Grant County, and Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, before emigrating about 1920. Margaret was a YWCA secretary in Indianapolis and in Los Angeles, where she helped found the Studio Club, a residence facility for star-struck young women of limited means. She was also a teacher of Latin, German and algebra. She was active in many civic organizations in Durham, North Carolina.

Submitted by:
Marion G. Harcourt
Indianapolis IN

John Wesley Goldthwaite

John Wesley Goldthwaite
b. 28 October 1816, Fairfield County, Ohio, to John (1768-1829) and Mary (1785-1847) (Crawford) Goldthwaite
d. 13 November 1896, Salt Lake City, Utah

m. 4 June 1844, Grant County, Indiana
Mary Bedsaul
b. 25 June 1825, Connersville, Fayette County, Indiana, to Isaac and Katherine Bedsaul
d. 11 September 1853, Salt Lake City, Utah

Children with Mary Bedsaul:
• Caroline (1845-1893) married Daniel Wood
• Emily (b. 1849) married William Elmendorf
• John (1852-1853)

A set of twins was born in 1848 that did not live. All the children were born in Marion, Grant County, Indiana.

The family lived in Marion, Grant County, Indiana, before traveling to California in a wagon train in 1853. Mary died on the way west; baby John died three months later. John was a miner in California. After the Civil War, he moved to Ophir City, Utah. He was a probate court judge in Grant County, Indiana, in 1833.

Submitted by:
Marion G. Harcourt
Indianapolis IN