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Silas Small

Silas Small
b. 25 September 1837, Center Township, Grant County, Indiana, to Joseph and Rhonda (Pierson) Small
d. 4 August 1896, Kankakee County, Illinois

m. 18 November 1861, Ironton, Sauk County, Wisconsin
Sarah Crawford
b. about 1839, Scotland
d. about 1898

Children with Sarah Crawford:
• Flora M. (b. 1862) married James E. Stephenson
• Barbara May (1864-1871)
• Elisa Jane (1868-1871)
• Ida May (b. 1872) married Isaac H. Antrim

Silas’ family came from Highland County, Ohio, before 1834 to Center and Mill townships in Grant County, Indiana, and left about 1851 for Sauk County, Wisconsin. The family were Quakers originally from Wales.

Submitted by:
Dolores Bussler
Livonia MI

Indiana McMonigle

Indiana McMonigle
b. 1843, Harrison County, Indiana, to Thomas J. and Matilda (Applegate) McMonigle
d. 1899, York County, Nebraska

m. 17 March 1861, Harrison County, Indiana
Alfred Grass
b. 1839, Harrison County, Indiana, to William and Priscilla (Crawford) Grass
d. about 1875, Harrison County, Indiana

Children with Alfred Grass:
• Francis Emmitt (1863-1916) married Mary Alice Watson
• William Emery (1865-1944) married Mable Ella Johnson
• John Edmund (1867-1955) married Louise Ramp
• Neva E. (1870-1935)

Indiana emigrated to York County, Nebraska, in the late 1880’s following some of her adult children. Watson families accompanied them from Harrison County.

Submitted by:
David L. McMonigle
Edgwater FL
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John Wesley Goldthwaite

John Wesley Goldthwaite
b. 28 October 1816, Fairfield County, Ohio, to John (1768-1829) and Mary (1785-1847) (Crawford) Goldthwaite
d. 13 November 1896, Salt Lake City, Utah

m. 4 June 1844, Grant County, Indiana
Mary Bedsaul
b. 25 June 1825, Connersville, Fayette County, Indiana, to Isaac and Katherine Bedsaul
d. 11 September 1853, Salt Lake City, Utah

Children with Mary Bedsaul:
• Caroline (1845-1893) married Daniel Wood
• Emily (b. 1849) married William Elmendorf
• John (1852-1853)

A set of twins was born in 1848 that did not live. All the children were born in Marion, Grant County, Indiana.

The family lived in Marion, Grant County, Indiana, before traveling to California in a wagon train in 1853. Mary died on the way west; baby John died three months later. John was a miner in California. After the Civil War, he moved to Ophir City, Utah. He was a probate court judge in Grant County, Indiana, in 1833.

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Marion G. Harcourt
Indianapolis IN
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Washington Marion Crawford

Washington Marion Crawford
b. 21 April 1838, Warren County, Indiana, to Nelson G. and Martha (Smith) Crawford
d. 23 August 1889, Fort Dodge, Ford County, Kansas

m. 4 March 1860, Warren County, Indiana
Mary Foster
b. 28 August 1842, Warren County, Indiana, to Zebulon and Caroline (Ostrander) Foster
d. 21 January 1929, Dodge City, Ford County, Kansas

Children with Mary Foster:

  • Ida Kate (1862-1934) married Alva O. Sherman
  • Judson Foster (1866-1949) married Josie Winifred Hammond
  • Carrie A. (1870-1886)
  • Lida A. (1871-1945) married Alvin Hamilton Lighter
  • Nelson Garfield (1881-1957) married (1) Cora B. Adams, (2) Grace Nicoll Stateler

The family left Warren County, Indiana, about 1885.

Submitted by:
Marcia Crawford Philbrick
Seneca KS
E-mail: mcphilbrick@hotmail.com

Dorothy Marguerite Spall

Dorothy Marguerite Spall
b. 5 April 1910, Jackson County, Indiana, to Arthur Morton and Minerva (Gassaway) Spall
d. 20 July 1991, Cincinnati, Ohio

m/1. 12 June 1928, New York, New York
Claude Crawford
b. 8 February 1896, Mooresville, Morgan County, Indiana, to George Philander and Jetty Francis (Carlisle) Crawford
d. 22 April 1980, Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana

m/2. 23 April 1970
James Dray
b. 11 December 1899
d. 21 February 1986

Children with Claude Crawford:

  • Claude, Jr.
  • Virginia

The Spalls moved to Indiana in 1820. Samuel Spall bought a farm of 80 acres in Jackson County in 1821, and most of the family remained in the area. The great-grandson of Samuel was the father of Dorothy. Her mother was also from Jackson County, the Gassaways having moved to Clark County, Indiana from Maryland by way of Kentucky. Nicholas Gassaway built one of the first Methodist churches in Indiana.

Dorothy’s first husband worked for the Pennsylvania Railroad and the family moved 15 times, in and out of Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan. Her second husband owned a wrecking company and a business that sold used materials from work sites.

Submitted by:
Virginia Hipfel
Cincinnati OH
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William Vincent Tratebas

William Vincent Tratebas
b. 10 May 1839, Westchester Township, Porter Counter, Indiana, to Edmund and Hannah (Thomas) Tratebas
d. 6 March 1909, Kankakee, Kankakee County, Illinois

m. 13 December 1868, Valparaiso, Porter County, Indiana
Harriet Arvilla Sanders
b. 23 March 1851, Berrien Springs, Berrien County, Michigan
d. 14 January 1927, Fitzgerald, Ben Hill County, Georgia

Children with Harriet Arvilla Sanders:

  • Joseph Norman (1869-1942) married Estella Ann Crawford
  • Lovinna Irene (1872-1958)
  • Edmund A. (1876-1951)
  • Emma Jean (1880-1958) married Arthur A. Muller

William’s father, Edmund, was born in France, but was in the United States by 1834, when he married Hannah Thomas in Ohio. They moved to Porter County, Indiana, and Edmund is buried as a pioneer in the Chesterton Cemetery in Porter County.

A further documentation of this family can be found at the Allen County Public Library as well as in various other libraries around the state. The history of two mills in Porter County, which were the occupations of John Tratebas, I and John Tratebas, II, are included in this family history.

Submitted by:
Gladys M. Tratebas
Helmsburg IN
E-mail: tratebas@aol.com

Frederick M Tully

Frederick M Tully
b. 11 November 1848, New York, to William H. and Ann Janett (Bates) Tully
d. 25 November 1925, Long Beach, Los Angeles County, California

m. 15 December 1870, Kosciusko County, Indiana
Mary A. Chaplin
b. 26 October 1846, Washington Township, Kosciusko County, Indiana
d. 5 March 1934, Long Beach, Los Angeles County, California

Children with Mary A. Chaplin:

  • Bernice C. (b. abt. 1875) married (1) Lymann Crawford, (2) Frank Hovey
  • Dessa Oral (1877-1905) married Clarence A. Kennedy
  • Horton C. (1880-1957) married Helen H. Lysinger
  • Percy B. (b. 1882) married Bessie Anderson Clay

Frederick came to Indiana in the early 1860. The family emigrated from Indiana to Nebraska about 1878-1880. Their first two children were born in Indiana and the last two were born in Nebraska. Frederick and Mary are buried in Boone County, Nebraska.

Submitted by:
Jack B. Kennedy
Spokane WA
E-mail: darlene49@hotmail.com

James Newson Sellers

James Newson Sellers
b. 3 December 1817, Garrard County, Kentucky, to James and Mary “Polly” (Crawford) Sellers
d. 19 December 1882, Cumberland, Cass County, Iowa

m. about 1837, Putnam County, Indiana
Matilda Ann McCoy
b. 14 January 1822, Kentucky
d. 25 February 1885, Cumberland, Cass County, Iowa

Children with Matilda Ann McCoy:

  • William Harvey (b. 1838) married Marian Johnson
  • Sarah Frances (b. 1841) married [–?–] Sayles
  • Mary Abigail (b. 1843) married Merritt Higley
  • James David (b. 1847)
  • John Albert (b. 1849)
  • Nathaniel Crawford (b. 1852) married Mary Maria Keith
  • Granville Boone (b. 1854)
  • Lizzie Caroline (b. 1856) married [–?–] Jenison
  • Lucy Lucynthia (b. 1859) married Jake A. Smith
  • Hugh Thompson (b. 1864) married Cora Bell

James emigrated from Indiana in 1839 to Maries County, Missouri.

Submitted by:
Gladys Sellers Hedstrom
Wheaton MD

William Hogg

William Hogg
b. 8 May 1787, Antrim, Ireland
d. April 1880, Graysville, Putnam County, Missouri

m. 25 April 1839, Brown County, Indiana
Luanna Sparks
b. 16 May 1821, Estill County, Kentucky, to William and Nancy (Crawford) Sparks
d. 29 May 1910, Graysville, Putnam County, Missouri

Children with Luanna Sparks:

  • Francis
  • Susan
  • William
  • James
  • Nathaniel
  • Talton Emery
  • Oliver Perry
  • Alsalom
  • Edward
  • Aaron
  • Layton Cay
  • John Richard
  • Thomas

William immigrated to Indiana in 1837 and resided at Hamblen Township, Brown County, Indiana. He emigrated from Indiana in 1855 to Elm, Putnam County, Missouri.

Submitted by:
Michael R. Darnel
Granger IN